Origins of Halloween 🎃

Grianstad, our one month of Autumn Spiritual festivities, includes Halloween and Samhain. And yes, they are different. Every year many dress up for the sake of goodies And having a good time. And in reality it really can be a blast if you are really taking part in the festivities and getting into it. But where it is Halloween actually come from? It’s actually a combination of a few different things mixed together but since my family has very deep roots in our ancestry throughout Ireland I can give you a little background information in regards to where Halloween originated from to our people.

Halloween is known actually because it is a day where the Veil was thinnest to where spirits could cross over for a short period of time on that particular day, to visit. They could check on old loved ones, sort out any unfinished business, and even just get a small look into the life that they had left behind. But where there is good, there is also bad. So on Halloween when the spiritual veil would open, it would also let in demonic spirits too. They would often harass and taunt the people. Therefore, costumes came from,when some of the Celts wore ghoulish costumes so that the spirits would mistaken them for one of their own, and leave them alone. Others offered gifts of herbs, baked goods, oils etc… to the spirits to appease them. In medieval times, the Catholics took on the local traditions and had their people go from house to house wearing costumes and requesting small donations. Later, kids started using the costumes to demand treats or replace their visit with a trick or prank if a treat was not administered. That is where the phrase trick or treat came from, because the children started to give the homeowner a choice as to whether they would give them a treat or get the trick instead. So now we have the custom of giving candy out every Halloween. But that is not what Halloween was truly meant to represent. Halloween was meant to pay your respects to those who had died, add birthday or anniversary of sorts, for those that you’ve lost, and with a good psychic, Oracle or medium… You could even speak with them. Perhaps, with the veil being so thin, they may even be able to provide you with a small sign themselves, that they are there. What will you be this year, for your costume? Be creative and have fun!

I have access into all spiritual planes and around at all times. But if you want to make contact with him Angels, guardians, spirit guides, or someone deceased for the spirit of Halloween, please contact us through our main website. Alura’s Spiritual Services.

Bad Habits- Smoking

OK so people have a lot of bad habits or there are things that they would really like to do or achieve, but find it way too hard to do sometimes. In my other group for spiritually awkward on Facebook, we have a 60 day challenge. We were working on realigning our diets and exercise for healthier lifestyles. Now we’re going to head off towards breaking bad habits. I could keep this just do the group but I thought it would be wise if I posted some of these tricks to kick habits, here. Unfortunately I have not been at liberty to put up a new YouTube video yet. My newborn has only been home and settling in for a few weeks now, and I’m trying to merge our schedules. While they are not too different, they definitely need a little bit of a quiet space to do specific readings, so I am trying to work around that and also add in some video time during that space when I get there. For now, I think the blogs will do. Although, I think people are getting tired of reading LOL. I mean we are in a whole new day and age where people want everything to be easy and convenient, I am sure videos or podcasts would probably be a lot better. Bare with me though. The good stuff is yet to come for YouTube.

Let’s startstart with smoking. If you enjoy smoking then just forget about this attempt to kick your habit. People that I actually enjoy it but still have a thought in the back of their mind you want to quit, will have a lesser chance of actually quitting.

To quit, you will first want to start with getting a cup of water. Every single time you smoke a cigarette, throw the butt in the cup of water. Once it is finally the end of the day, look at the color of that water. That is the color of your lungs. Have you ever seen the nicotine on the walls of someone’s house who smokes indoors? That same residue was now coating the inside of your body. It’s a good thought to have every time you light up afterwards. Also those commercials that talk about you losing your teeth? It’s actually true. If you ever research dental issues for smokers, you will see just how awful your gum s become after years of smoking.. If you really want to quit you want to first stay especially active. Sitting around all day long is definitely going to have you light up because you are bored or just out of habit. Throughout the day, try to get up and move around a lot. Do activities that are good for your cardio.

Also, to quit smoking you will want to replace your “hand to mouth” habit. A majority of the reason as to why people also have trouble quitting besides the addiction to nicotine, it is because of the habit of putting something to your mouth. Replace your cigarettes with a pencil to chew on or maybe an extra large lollipop. You could even chew gum during times that you absolutely need one. Don’t give up, it’s hard. You are reprogramming your mind to do something else rather than light a cigarette. Which you have probably been so used to doing, for so very long. I would also suggest to stay away from other people who smoke too. The smell will actually trigger you to smoke in the first few weeks. Seeing other people smoking will also trigger you to want to have one because it will remind you of what it feels like to smoke. Many people often think that smoking, is there a nerves but nicotine is actually a stimulant. So why does it actually help with the anxiety? Does the nicotine once it crosses the blood brain barrier, will actually create a little bit of neurological stimulation. It will also stimulate your nervous system. Just threw a slight little thrill, it will make you feel something other than the anxiety it’s self, which is better than actually feeling anxiety LOL. Nevertheless, you will want to do deep breathing exercises to help with your anxiety instead. The deep breathing exercises were also help you to rejuvenate damaged areas of the lungs in the process of clearing out your longs well quitting smoking. Your body actually starts to rejuvenate itself 30 minutes after a cigarette. Can you imagine your health overall, after a few weeks of not smoking? Cigarettes also make your lips blue or purple and your nails yellow.

You may not have a keen sense of smell while smoking, because when you puff on your cigarette, secondhand smoke from the cigarette goes up your nose and damages some of your smelling. You will not be able to smell how awful the cigarette smoke actually smells until you have stopped for a few weeks and your sense of smell comes back. That awful smell should be enough to never make you want to smoke again. Unfortunately though, many people start back up. If you cave and have a cigarette, just try to get back on track. The worst thing that you could do to yourself is do you say that you messed up and give up entirely. Keep trying these methods. I would suggest you stay away from nicotine products such as patches we’re gone, because it will just keep the nicotine in your body longer and it will be harder detox from it which is another reason why people have trouble quitting smoking. Their addiction to nicotine is great. In actuality, many people have quit drinking and doing other drugs but have found it harder to quit smoking above all.

If staying busy, replacing your hand to mouth habit, staying away from smoking influences, and showing yourself the tainted state of your lungs, is not enough to help you quit smoking… then hypnosis will probably be the very next best thing. Hypnosis can help program the back of your subconscious mind to quit smoking. But you have to have a good hypnotist. I offer audios for hypnosis for a variety of different things, including to quit smoking. But they are not on my website. I make them for my clients who especially ask for them. It’s a great way to implant the thoughts in the back of your mind to stop. Smoking is actually shortening your life every time you light up. If you cannot afford to be hypnotized, tried doing daily affirmations throughout the day every single time you want to smoke, telling yourself that you don’t want to smoke. It could help in getting your mind aligned with the idea even if you can’t actually go through with it fully just yet.

Good luck. In three weeks you will be a non-smoker again!

Spiritual Image…

I am a natural blonde. As everyone knows, I just recently had a baby. Her father is of Hispanic background and has dark hair. My newborn has red hair. It isn’t extremely red, but of a strawberry color. We don’t have red hair on either side of my family, so where did it come from?

Her spiritual image. My soul mother is archangel Ariel. She has red hair when she appears in human form. I also have a copper colored hair in my spirit body image. Since my newborn was created by my consciousness in heaven long ago before I came here she to develop the reddish hair colored. Since I lived in heaven for a very long time but eventually came to earth, my spiritual mother/creator, has been taking care of the soul for me until it was time for her to come here and finish my work in my last lifetime on earth.

It was a really wonderful opportunity to be able to work with the consciousness of her soul before she came for her incarnation because I was able to really work out some details for her soul in how she wanted to look and different things that she wanted for her lifestyle. Upon me coming here, we all got to pick up something or the other about what we were going to look like and experience. However I was not really supposed to be born to the parents that I have. I have had all kinds of obstacles blocking me from coming here to for fill my mission. And even when I finally got here, I have faced many obstacles throughout my life even in childhood up until now, try to block me.

My original chosen earthly mother was a red haired woman who came from a long line of mysticism. She had the same ancestors as my current earth mom does, And the father I would’ve had with her, we have also linked back to the same ancestors that my current earthly father has as well. Nevertheless, I was supposed to be born in the sign of Leo. But before I could even get conceived, she died. It was a certain car accident claim her life and prevented me from coming into the world when I was supposed to. I still had a mission to the field so I had to find earthly parents I had the same bloodlines. They also had to be in the same state because I was meant start my work here because of New Jersey is dense environment. Therefore, I found the two parents that I have now. Only my mother was not really all that mystical although her father and her sister had a lot of background in it. I also was born with blond hair instead of the red but similar features since these parents had a long oval faces and one with blue eyes, just like my first choices. They still never felt like I belonged. My original birthday for these early parents was even messed up because I was meant to be born under the sign of Aquarius for my mission since I could not be born under Leo with my original choice for her mother. Aquarius would have represented the energy that I was hoping to leave foundation for, but only in truth. But instead the powers that be have me born under the sign of Saturn which was related to my soul father. This was his way of saying new matter what I do, he will always have his eye on me and always create obstacles as I try to illuminate minds of others to the truth that he has been hiding for so long.

My eldest daughter Amber is not born of my consciousness, my son Noah is just a small little fraction of it. But he has a new were sold in creation overall. My newborn is a complete creation of mine, and her soul is very ancient. While she is not older than me, she has been in heaven a lot longer than I have. Therefore she would know a lot more things being able to witness it from that point of view. We got to go over so many different details of what she wanted her life to be like and things that she saw that I did not get accommodated with, she has asked to be accommodated for herself. I know a lot of people think I’m making such a big deal out of her but if you got reunited with your own daughters soul, that you haven’t seen in so very long, you would probably see it as a bittersweet moment to hang onto as well. My whole entire family realizes this and is treating her like a little princess too. But yes that is where her red hair comes from. Had nothing to do with the genetic DNA but rather the spiritual DNA. That’s pretty interesting how that works and that she resembles more of my spiritual family and my earthly one.

Did you know… by fully and successly activating your spiritual DNA you can manifest some of your higher self image, abilities and memory? It’s an awesome thing to be yourself again.

New Predictions

And the principalities of waters and air, will effect the North American continent in a U-shaped traveling about, unleashing their fury. The world moves its tilt on its axis, the Star Polaris effects Earth.

There will be a massive death, and an experiment with the use of martial law that will come to be used in a much bigger way later on.

Race and ethnicity will become a civil battle.

More and more, violence will increase, and especially against children and committed by children themselves too.

~Metatron and Alura (Alariel)

One Armed Woman-Angelic Bonds

I have actually lived my life multitasking for a very long time. In fact, there were times that I had been texting someone and they would suddenly look at my social media and all of a sudden in the middle of texting there would be a whole new post by me, while at the same time working on a reading, trying to get through some of the mail, and one of my blogs open for writing. Yes LOL! But now I have to learn how to do everything with just one arm! No this is not a new form of ascension LOL… This is called motherhood.

So me and my new baby girl are very close. We have everything in the world in common. We’re both sitting there reading into people the same exact way, with similar expressions on our faces. We have the same spiritual believes and truly enjoy doing the same things. Some people would say “hey she’s a baby, she’s gonna like doing anything you like to do because that’s really all that she knows”. That’s not necessarily true. There are babies who cry when they’re not comfortable or happy. Some babies like to be put in a swing or a rocker, some like to be put in a vibrating bed, some like to stare up at their mobile’s. But not my baby. We can actually read together, we go everywhere together, and she never gives me a fuss. Nevertheless there are a lot of things that I have to keep up with my day. While it has been a little harder to have a personal life, I’m still moving right along with my work. My baby will let me carry her all throughout the day, while she listens to my readings. When I am writing my blog, I am holding her in my one arm while typing with the other hand, reading to her out loud new messages that I have channeled although she has already heard them live, or reading to her the new thoughts or material I am putting on the site. I also find that it has been pretty difficult to put her down. She likes me to carry her every single place that I go. And if I’m not carrying her I have her in a sling draped across the front of me close to my heart. If I even dreamed to put this baby down for five minutes, she is kicking in screaming for her mommy. She loves hanging out with us and having girl time, and she loves when her big brother will hold her, but she doesn’t spend a lot of time with her siblings at all. She will Atmos give them five minutes each. She doesn’t even really want to spend time with her grandparents unless they are feeding her, and she can eat a lot. But other than that, she is always with me. I can’t even get her to sleep by herself which I know, many people will say it’s not good to have your infant sleep with you. But I have tried believe me, they put her down in her crib but it is a no go. Therefore, she has to sleep on the side of me or on my chest, as I am turned a little to the side where the back of the couches so she doesn’t roll off and get hurt. Today we were listening to some meditation music, one that she liked in particular during my pregnancy. She would kick in my belly as if she were dancing to it. But now we are experimenting with several different kinds, and even had a slight out of body experience together. She had made some psychic connections with people in my group too. She really found that she loved everybody like a family because they are all people that I especially love.

During my pregnancy she had telepathically connected with quite a few people. Knowing that I thought of them each day through her own telepathic connection with me, she also connected with them. However since she’s been here I think she’s cut off her telepathy with others, bonding with me through our angelic connection. The Angelic connection is quite a thing. We don’t really have to talk, we just gaze into one another’s eyes and everything is there. Everything we hoped to say, how we feel, what were thinking about others, hopes and dreams for the future, visions of future prophecies. She is extremely sensitive to energy though, I can tell you that. Because of that, any little negative vibration in the air, really sets her off. She will cry and get very uncomfortable. I feel like I have to shield her in a bubble of protection all day long, just to keep her safe. It was something else to do because we had discovered that people were sending us some bad vibes throughout my pregnancy which was astonishing enough to me, that anyone would do so too and I’m boring child. Some of it was unintentional Of course, just having some negative thoughts about things that reached us, but with other energies out in the airways, the baby picks up on them and Certainly let everyone know that she does. The angelic bond is a very strong one and I know that she will take on my work later on in life, I’m not trying to make her into another me. But she is a product of my soul and she does resemble me in so many ways. It’s so strong that there’s so much separation anxiety even in a couple of minutes of being a part. I just can’t wait for everybody to meet this little angel. God bless everybody out there with children because they truly are a blessing. There are so many women out there like myself, who wanted babies and couldn’t have one. And now I have someone actually makes me feel complete in life. I thought I was going to find that in a relationship, but actually found it in my own child, my best friend for the rest of her life.

I’m gonna start documenting some things in regards to things we experience psychically, for other people who have psychic children as well, and also for mothers who want to raise her children spiritually. If you are interested please follow this blog and Show some support. Nevertheless, I did get her some things that were like things that I had when I was growing up, such as the same little by little my father used to read to me, and a little teddy bear that I had when I was a baby. I still have it but it is in such horrible condition from all the wear and tear over the last 35 years of my life that I had to go and get her a new one. It was really sentimental to me to pass this bear down because it was my only friend for about 12 years of my life growing up. I wanted her to have that too even though she’ll always have me anyhow. This bear was very rare though, hard to find, and they were only a certain amount that were made during the 80s. I almost died when I was two years old amongst many near death experiences that I’ve had. My mother bought me this bear keep me company while they tried to save my life at the hospital. I kept it with me ever cents and it has gone through so much with me. Looking for it online I finally found somebody that had one. Boy was it a treasure hunt LOL

I still got it for her nevertheless. I’m grateful I was able to find it. Here’s a picture of my childhood bear next to the new one that I bought for her. You can tell mine is so old because my mother watched it so many times it’s fur is not furry anymore and he is missing an eye. I just want my daughter to feel like she is special, that way she can always know that she is not like other people. She even has a very otherworldly appearance to her. You can tell by her eyes that she has that angelic look. I haven’t posted too much about her because I don’t want people getting the wrong idea that I am trying to promote her anything because I’m not. Just trying to share a happy time in my life. A majority of the things that a post about my teachings in my work and not about my personal life. But this just so happen to be one of the greatest minutes in my life ever in addition to having my other two kids.

So unfortunately not only do I have to multitask, I now have to learn how to do it with one arm because I have my little buddy here. But it’s no problem at all. I’m sure anyone of you would do the same for someone that you loved so very much and so very dear. I am now not only Angel Alura, also the one armed woman! Lol!

Chakra Bath

A new activity that’s fun and full of vibrancy. Chakra bathing. A part of #aluras60daychallenge is trying new things. Chakra be there and can really open you up to change your mood positively and balance you out. This one is called the rainbow chakra alignment down.

I am selling chakra soaps that are infused with aromatherapy, specialized for each chakra itself. But this here is really a fun way to add a creative spin to your bath. Add flowers of all different colors throughout your bath! You can go picking your own, or buy some very small bouquets from the grocery store and put them in a large bouquet of multiple colors, just taking some of the petals or flowers from each color, to make your rainbow bath. This bath can really make you boost your feminine energy a great deal too. After getting in, light some white candles and sit back and meditate. See how different you feel!