Beauty Masks- Self or Mommy & Me

Natural Avocado Face Mask Ft Amber

I am really happy to be a mother again. I know some people would say that I am older and that I probably should have been done having children. But hey, what can I say? I have a lot of love to give and out there in the world the way that it is? It’s hard to find people that will really love you. So I always say, make your own family. Let that family consist of people that you love, people that you connect with on a deep level, and friends of all kinds that are loyal and constant. Family doesn’t just have to be blood relation. And since, most of the families these days don’t get along anyway, it’s kind of hard to make this kind of deep connections with your blood relations anymore anyway. Having my new daughter in my life has been a true joy. I get to share with her my teachings and help her to grow up to be the type of person that she should be, outside of social conditioning, stereotypes and archetypes.

Heard of being a spiritual teacher and also a parent, setting a good example for others. My daughter Amber had just recently started a 30 day no make up challenge. There are only a few of us partaking in the challenge. But it is still something really good for others who do come across it, to participate in. Or, to at least make themselves feel better in knowing that they don’t always have to put on a costume every day. It helps others to know, that they can love themselves just the way they are.

It also helps in spiritual parenting because it teaches your child that they can feel good about themselves naturally, as well as with cosmetics too. I am always trying to set a good example in diet and hygiene well. Even though my baby is small, she still likes to feel included. This gives me a wonderful opportunity to introduce good health and beauty processes. Right now we are learning yoga baby style, in addition to also taking care of our skin. It really makes her feel special. If you include your children and your activities to, they will also grow up feeling good about themselves. Since we have busy schedules as parents, even just a few minutes of including them in something, can mean all the world.

Beauty night! Adree kept making my mask slide over lol. It was a good laugh considering I look more like I had come out of a horror movie LOL

Here we are with our masks on. The other night Adree had the 14 karat gold facial mask while I used a hydrogel mask. We spend 1 hour each night with our beauty regime. We have a tight schedule with my having to work from 5:00 pm until 1:00 am 5 days a week. You also have to micromanage and squeeze other tasks for my job and, throughout my day with the baby including time for trance work and meditation. It is not easy but I get it done. With 6 hours (adding trance in between) of solely mommy and me time, I can certainly do a lot of things with her. Education, exercise, exploring and adventure, as well as our beauty routines. Here are a few snapshots of me and Adriel with our masks. I’ve also included snapshots of the masks them selves. We also do an eye mask twice a week, the one I’m using was a gift from my friend Bella. (Thank you, we love you!)

This eye mask was great. After working overnight it added moisture to my eyes making me feel refreshed.

Try them. They’re pretty cheap, and fun as an activity for you alone or you and “the girls” in your life. Doing this also helps promote feelings of confidence and self-esteem. There’s nothing like having a facial mask and really feeling important.

The gold tones, tightens and adds a vibrant glow to your skin. I have used it myself.
Hydrogel masks are scary looking and they are very itchy. My skin often feels a lot better after an hour of use rather than right after taking it off.

My Diet & Feeding baby

I used to live as a breatharian. That is where a person does not consume food because they can take energy from the environment and transmuted into anything that they need energetically that they would have gotten from nutrition and food. All things are energy anyway, everything shares the same code. However, after having my baby I do have to eat. But even in the past while growing up I have had a lot of issues with food. My stomach really hurts, I have had bouts of IBS, nausea, and because my body does not work the same as other people, I would eat and it would not be easy to rid my body of food that I ate through using the restroom. Pardon me, I’m just trying to relay the experience here. As I had grown, I just adopted living off of energy, and I did that for several years. But while I was pregnant, I did have to take in some nutrition. At first, I wasn’t. But people were telling me it may be wise to do so, just for the sake of the doctors outlook on everything. Living off of energy, I did still very much drink water though. But out carrying my baby I started to add one meal a day. It was hard on my body. With the rarest blood type in the world, I had all kinds of issues that I had even before, start to pop up. I have a lot of allergies. After the baby was born, I had a sugar fit and ate a lot of chocolate and peanut butter. But I I stopped. Recently, going to the doctors, I told him everything. My doctor said that the craving for peanut butter came from being protein and iron deficient. He had told me that it was one thing for me to live off of energy, but as soon as the baby came into my body, she started to take whatever nutrients that I had for myself, for herself to grow. I had something called intrauterine growth restriction to begin with, so she was just taking extra to try to help herself to grow faster and stronger. That depleted my body of any kind of iron or protein that I had to begin with. Well eating the chocolate even through earlier age is in my life, I have always had adverse reactions. As an angelic so I gain weight superfast and I lose it superfast to. But he had told me that the sugar acts like this:  blood sugar will rise as the carbohydrates from the candy are digested. The pancreas can releases a hormone that tells the body to produce glucose from something in the muscles. Then, my liver releases that into my bloodstream. Later on that somehow breaks the protein from my muscles down into amino acids. The amino acids were needed for the baby to grow. That also explains why I had the craving after she was born too, it was natures way of saying I needed to produce amino acids in my breast milk for the baby to grow after birth as well! It made perfect sense. However, I finally got rid of the chocolate and the peanut butter. My doctor told me I have many allergies because my body operates differently from others. I’m sure that is the case for everyone as each person is unique. But I have a lot of sensitivity is here more than likely because of my soul type and my blood type. Apparently, I am allergic to lectun, gluten, iodine and iron. Which most foods contain. Choosing the lifestyle to live off of energy alone, was my own spiritual way of telling myself not to eat because of all of the dangers that were lurking in the foods. It’s really strange though because the body desperately needs iron. So they are trying to help me build a new immunity to this.

Now my diet consists of one small meal a day, for now. I’ll return to breatharian life later once the baby is weened. I am eating a low iodine, low lectin, gluten free diet. I can have onions, mushrooms, broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, leafy greens, squash, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots and asparagus, berries, citrus fruits, pineapple, cherries, apples, fish, seafood, eggs, meat and poultry, as well as fats from olive oil, avocado. But I can’t have the fish due to the iodine and meat or poultry? I refuse to eat. I can also pressure cook to lower the lectins in my diet as well. I’m sticking to avocado, hemp tofu, and pressurized brown rice occasionally. Ehhh. Lots of water. Tea, always! No more coffee doctor says, as it is a bean. Beans contain lectins. I can’t totally avoid them though. They’re everywhere. No more cheese for me either, darn it.

For baby…

Well, generally say to not feed your baby food until 4 months when cereals are introduced. Not me! I flipped the script. I started introducing foods to my baby at two months, feeding banana and applesauce. At 3 months I added cereal into the bottle.

My baby is breastfed. The best nutrition that a mother can provide! However, she did take soy formula too, in between feeds. It’s a good source of proteins which are the building blocks of development. I also now provide tea to my baby for antioxidants. I found a product that now has both soy and tea, and she loves it! Me too! It’s delicious. Bolt House Farms, Vanilla Chai.

At this point, I’m a working, single mother. I need less mess but optimal nutrition. So now in addition to the above diet, Adree also eats one third of a package from Plum Organics.

I squeeze a little into her mouth, and it’s not messy! As she gets older, she’ll eat more of the package but they do have tons of selections. Totally raw vegan.


I have to say, I feel better already and my skin is incredible along with cell rejuvenation healings that I’m doing since I broke out with my hormones adjusting. I’m also losing weight this way with weight loss spells too. My baby? She grew 3 1/2 inches in a months and she’s very healthy. No mess clean up too! Babies feel limited as they are aware to some degree but my baby is angelic too and advanced. She wants to do things herself, feed herself, and try what I eat. So variety helps. If your baby gets diarrhea or nausea then discontinue the trial food. Don’t ever give your baby peanut butter until you have them tested for allergy.

Spiritually Awkward- My account with Alura

By Brian Ceruba
“Dear Ally, I am writing to you by email even though I know that I could probably get in touch with you in other ways because I would like to submit my story here, where as other ways would not permit me to. I remembered that you had mentioned needing collaborators for your Spiritually Awkward website. And since many of us in your group are trying to help others to find you or understand you as a spiritual teacher, I thought that alongside of my new reviews on your business page on Facebook, that I would perhaps write my short story to tell people about my account with you. I was going to post it in our group, but I did not want to put such a long story into a post. I’m not a professional writer so please forgive any errors and if this story is not acceptable then by all means don’t feel obligated to publish it. I just want people to really know what it’s like to know you. Talk to you soon and please text me to let me know your thoughts. -Bri

“Hi readers. This is my deepest thoughts and experiences with Alura Cein. This is a true review and testimonial. I know most of you have only worked with Alura online, and I thought it would be cool to talk about what it’s like seeing her in person.

So knowing Ally most of my life it’s always been intimidating b/c while we were crazy and ruthless little boys, she was always the little innocent girl down the street with the platinum hair looking like an albino and shit lol. I thought she was majestic, but I thought I was too ignorant to be her friend and I would just ride by on my bike staring at her. It gave me the weirdest feeling that time stopped. She would just stop playing and stare back too. Then, one day me and my family were at our church. I was so embarrassed of my religion at school or in front of my friends. My mother would dress me up in these snazzy suits and I thought to myself “Man if the kids at school saw this”! I had been going there since I was born. Ally’s aunt joined our church when I was 5. All of those years I had only seen Ally in the neighborhood out front of her house, always playing alone and everybody made fun of her because she always seem to be talking to her self. It was weird but I later found out that she had been talking to God in spirit all of those times. So didn’t really seem too weird after all when I learned of that. But then one day I was at my church right before the service started and I saw her walk in with her aunt. She had on a really pretty white dress with lace around it and I just thought how much she looked like an angel. Even tho our religion didn’t talk about Angels much. I never got to tell her that though. But yeah, I was hiding in the back from her because I wanted her to think I was one of the cool kids who rode his bike around the neighborhood and not some church geek. Of course she saw me tho.

A few months later, she was going up to the front of our church to the Elder conducting the service and calling him out. She must have been about 8 years old then. I forget what she said, but I know that it silenced our elder and he had no response and after, she was not allowed to attend anymore unless by sitting in the women’s area for breastfeeding their babies where it’s isolated and there is a speaker for them to hear the service while out of the main hall. I stopped seeing her come at all later the following year. I was told to stay away but my father and some of the elders still seemed pretty interested in her. My father later told me that it was because she had predicted many things about the elder and the world behind the closed doors of his office many times. And she was refusing to get baptized by their church. She had also said something along the lines that they were false because they had said only certain people in the church were chosen and she had known that there were others out there not a part of the church, who were. I thought she was very interesting. With my dads approval I started talking to her when I saw her around the neighborhood. We became instant friends. I only hung out with her when I felt lost or my family had issues, but I started trying to make her cool and introduced her to my friends. And that’s it! That’s how I met her. It is also a fact that since my mother is a Jehovah’s Witness, is very good friends with her aunt. My father too, was involved in the LDS church system he was also involved in freemasonry which had been handed down to him by his father who had known Alura’s grandpop. It is really a small world.

We had a lot of fun childhood adventures and my mom started to really love her. I noticed my mother even dyed her hair blond too after a year of meeting her which I thought strange. One time one of the kids in the neighborhood was trying to jump me and she walked right up to him and although I cannot remember what she said, she stopped the boys straight in his tracks. Afterwards, I think he realized that he just got played by a girl on a higher intellectual level and was kind of confused and didn’t know how to react. He started to lunge at her and she just chased him away, chasing him about three blocks LOL. He was an older kid and a bully we all dreaded but she scared him with truth.

She really helped me and my family in her just being there. She gave advice and gave even my dad a run for his money on theology. The elder from the church, he would not let her back but he used to come over to our house just to talk with her. I thought that was pretty interesting as well. Anyhow, I thought I would give my historical account of how we met. I disappeared several years later because I ended up getting caught up with the wrong crowd of people and that is where I met my ex-wife.Ally also moved on with someone too. I joined a lodge and in college, a fraternity and after, my life fell apart Because the lady that I was with was truly a rotten individual. Forgive me because I know that Alura says that I should always be kind but in this case I just can’t be LOL

Present day:

I finally started the process of my divorce, I started reaching out to find Ally but she had moved several times. I know that she had dreams of helping other people, so one day I just took it upon myself to look her up on the Internet and there she was! With all of these blogs, ratings and then her website. All of a sudden I emailed her and we were back to being friends as if there had been no time missing. That was back in 2014. Since then she has helped me to quit a powerful drug addiction, heal as much as I could from my divorce, get better at my parenting, reconnect with some of my relatives who I had problems with throughout the years, work through the grief of losing my father, and some very deeply rooted emotional issues from my birth mother having died when I was small. It has also taken all of my religious beliefs and studies and turned them upside down sending me down a spiral of truth and inner questioning with her teachings and visions.

It is very hard to find God in this world. I don’t know about any of you but I would like to say that on my own behalf that I have many times tried to connect with God. I have done many rituals and psychic activities for many years in my fraternity and lodge. I have been seeking a way to connect believe me. But I have never felt as close to God, as I do when I have Alura in my life. The love there is so pure and I often feel so accepted even when she knows that my thoughts are very negative. Sometimes I use her as a motivation and I feel that if I strive to make her proud of me then I know that I am making God proud. I use her as a physical symbol of God here. If I did not have her I do not know where I would be. I think I would feel very lost and godless.

In my session at Alura’s yesterday and altho it went by fast, I asked a lot questions about life and the courses. There were so many questions that my questions started asking questions lol! I was there for a few hours but I tell you, it felt like five minutes. She made me feel very welcome. Walking through the door I was cleansed with incense and then we kneeled to say a prayer. She had the room very dark but there had been some tiny string lights and some candles that were lit all over. I sat down at a round table by the window where there were flowers freshly cut in a vase that really gave off a nice aroma and a feeling of welcome. She then took my hand across the table and sent me a loving vibration that then just opened me up to where I began talking about all of the things that bothered me. It just felt so natural to open up about everything with her. I felt like I could even tell her my deepest darkest secrets. She then started shuffling cards and laid them out on the table in which I selected three. However, even though I have studied the tarot myself, I definitely did not recognize the meaning in the definitions that she were using for the cards and it was just the regular rider Wyatt deck. She had a whole new way of reading that really went down into the depths of my soul.After the card reading which took about 30 minutes, I just sat there like I was part of the family and spoke with her children who were very interested in me being there. They already know me but they seemed really friendly and inviting just like Ally. They made me feel like I was part of the family and even offered for me to stay for dinner. I definitely took them up on the offer. We had a vegetarian pasta dish but it was ordered out since she had been using most of her time to guide me. Have to admit I did cry when I first got there which is not very manly but it still was very emotionally overwhelming. Then I got to meet the infamous baby LOL

Adree is something else! The baby is so very alert and aware that she seemed to understand everything that I said to her. She even made facial expressions and gestures that indicated communication with me. I was not allowed to hold her but when I cried towards leaving, she put her hand out for to reassure me. The entire time she sat on Ally’s lap and seemed very interested in what we were talking about. She was very quiet and well behaved but we did not talk about anything too adult like or deep while she had been in the room for that short period of time. She and Ally have an amazing dynamic and I could definitely tell that Adree had been seeing spirits walking about the room because she would look off into the distance and go into a stare much like Ally does when “seeing”. Ally would ask her if she had been seeing someone and the baby would look back at her as if to say yes and then look back in the direction of where the spirit was. I have to also say that Amber was very supportive and caring. Even though it was supposed to be more of a private session, Amber had come in several times offering me something to drink and had seen I was upset and asked if I was OK and then I just felt really open to talk with her too. I swear it felt like they were the family I should’ve had.

I have to admit though I do know her parents but I never really felt too comfortable with them. They seem like they are in a whole other paradigm then Ally and her children. But she really loves her parents and even took me up to say hello and then the takeout arrived. She had paid for everything. She would talk very excitingly to her parents kind of telling them basically every little thing in the world, in which they didn’t really seem much to care. In fact they were just pretty much staring at the television the entire time that she had been talking, but even though she was being a ignored as I stood there watching, she just continued showing such a vibrant amount of love and continued trying to connect with them and pull them out of the trance that they were in from their television. Her parents were nice though and they did greet me. There had even been a few times that we were eating dinner at the table and she was reviewing her social media and there are a couple of girls in our group on Facebook that I am aware of. She had seemed so happy to see some of their posts. I asked her, you really care about these people don’t you? She said that she loved everybody with all of her heart. She did tell me that there were a couple of people in her group that she really had a lot of faith in it that they were going to make it. Although she did not tell me who those were. I think I will just have to observe and take a lucky guess. I have one or two in mind.

By the end of the evening I had felt this warm sensation of motivation in my heart. She had given me a very friendly and kind hug to send me on my way and made me a little satchel full of mixed stones inside a white gift bag that also had a candle, some incense, and a little charm necklace that had been blessed in it. I haven’t received the gift in years LOL. I really felt even more encouraged by that point to want to continue fighting for myself in my life. I often go through really deep state of depression. I feel utterly isolated and many times I end up having some very negative thoughts come into my mind. Sometimes it triggers my addiction. I also have left a lot of my older friends because they still engage in the same type of behaviors that I have just fixed my life from. So I really do not have anybody but I have reconnected with my family a bit. We are still working on it though. I don’t really think will ever be a wholesome family but at least we can it out as friends. There are many times that I am alone and there’s nothing else to do but just sit back and stare at the TV or play around on my phone. I have another Facebook account under a different name and which all of my childhood friends are on there. Sometimes I just look at the feed and I think to myself how close minded and asleep everyone seems. Many of them are posting about their arguments with their partner, selfie’s, pictures of their food, and so many other mundane things. I am really getting tired of seeing pictures of girls sticking out their asses. I don’t understand why they think guys like that so much. Sure some of it seems kind of hot but to be honest with you it really gets old and you guys aren’t just all about sex you know? I mean we are, but we also have intellect too… LOL That’s when I come onto my other Facebook and I use that account to connect with Ally and her friends. I still have not revealed to my family that I have abandoned our traditional beliefs. Especially since I have two different religious systems on either side of my family. It was very strict growing up. Maybe that was why I was so rebellious.

Anyhow nobody in Ally’s group really talks to me much and I know that my mouth sometimes kind make people feel offended, even though I don’t mean any harm. But I still like seeing the dynamic of her group and reading the posts because every single person in that group is totally interesting. I definitely love reading more spiritually-based material and the people in her group are really spiritual. They don’t post about stupid stuff. I mean I’m not trying to sound like a judge mental asshole here but I definitely have seen enough selfie’s and food pictures LOL. Being in the group has given me motivation because she does a lot of activities there to help people have something to do and look forward to that not only stimulates the mind, but the spirit and physical activity. Some of her activities even try to bring families closer. I really have to say that even though I don’t have a personal relationship with any of the people in her group I don’t feel too much of an outsider. Somehow I just feel like by being there I am a part of a family. It’s so weird.

Escorting me out of the door, I really didn’t even want to go home. I felt like I was leaving myself at her house if that makes any sense. But I wanted to go home and make my own house feel warm like hers. I’m a divorced dude so I live by myself and I don’t really have much warmth or decoration in the house. So I stopped by the store and picked up a couple of things and even lit the candle up, that she gave me. I really felt a change in the environment. That candle really had a lot of her essence in it and it definitely felt like she had filled my home. I am not a worshiper of Ally here. But I am definitely and I witness to the fact that she is not an ordinary person. Her entire existence is based upon helping other people to change or to even heal. But I think her main objective is just to spread that love. I’m still working on opening myself up to love but I hope one day that I will be able to spread it a little bit myself. I don’t know how, but I sure hope that I can give back what has been given to me through this honor of having such a friend and a teacher.”

Well there it is. That is my account of how I know Alura. I definitely highly recommend her not because I known her since childhood or anything, because anybody can just be friends with someone who is a spiritual teacher and have their own beliefs. There are all sorts of friends who gather but have different backgrounds spiritually. I recommend her because, I have witnessed miracles that she performed as we were growing up, I have seen her predictions come true time and time again for me myself on a personal level, and out there in the world, and her teachings truly speak to the inner core of truth with in every spiritual being. Really hope to get to know the people in her groups. I’m sure they are reluctant because I am a close friend and they may not know what to say to me. But it would be wonderful to really make some close friendships. But I don’t really use my Messenger for that. I’m looking for more of a group dynamic so I hope I can get some good conversations going in her group. Nevertheless you should go see Alura. She is not really the stiff that many think her to be. In truth she is an eccentric goofball with a big heart but she takes her teachings seriously.