Father Time makes a visit

In 11 days at 4:44 we will be paid a visit by old Father Time. That’s right! Saturn will appear brightest and closest to our planet in a line up. This has great spiritual significance.

Actually it’s called the opposition. When Saturn is almost directly opposite the Sun in the sky it looks like its closest but it’s an illusion. Since the Sun reaches the furthest below the horizon at midnight, the opposite point will be the highest in the sky, at the same exact time. That’s when Saturn passes by that, making it also appear to be brightest in the sky. It also comes a bit closer to our planet. This happens because when Saturn lies opposite like that… the Sun in the sky, and our solar system are lined up so that the three seem single file. That’s right, Saturn, the Earth and the Sun too, all form a perfect line with the Earth in the middle. This happens on the same side of the Sun as Saturn. This is spiritually important because Time will be sped up even more than usual! It also appears as “wormwood” a sign of the times. You will want to see my new article on http://www.alurasangels.com for the information on that, because it gets deep. I’m always following the signs of the times. For those under the zodiac of Capricorn which Saturn rules, get ready for good luck, opportunity, and needing to balance with all of the energy from this portal! The time of the event starts at 21:27 ending at 4:44! 21+27=48, 4+8= 12. Not only that, 4+4+4=12 as well! 12+12=24, and 4+2=6. 6 is the number of points on the star tetrahedron which symbolizes Saturn! What’s more is that it rises 9 degrees above the southeastern horizon and when we add 6+6+6, which is the number of the perfect triangle in the center representing the all seeing eye… it equals 18 in which 8+1=9. Imagine that! It shows that we have significance surrounding 6 and 9! 9 means unity of the both sides. With duality being momentarily held still, it opens a true portal. Remember the nine gates? This is it. Something will come through as a huge vibration that is actually a consciousness, a soul. But bigger than you can imagine. Recall my predictions on dark consciousness? Well this is bigger! And it’ll add to the changes in the world and society. The material world will find much infiltration. I said we may be in Aquarius but the consciousness for the Age of Capricorn is also slowly being introduced. If you don’t understand refer to my courses at truthology.teachable.com

So prepare as time changes yet again, and not just time literally but time as in the ways of the world that we are in too. Saturn is the great architect of the world and a new world is what we is being built! Keep your eyes on the 2020 elections too! We may have a strange candidate who has a ton of support who may contribute to major changes in sexuality in the world later as well. Lots of hidden stuff going on there! Get your magic going! Saturns line up is the best time ever!


One thought on “Father Time makes a visit

  1. Not sure how well deal with even faster time hopefully my head doesnt spin off LOL. GREAT ARTICLE THANK YOU!


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