Thanksgiving Activity Week 2


Last week, to show gratitude for all of the clothes that the heavens had given us throughout the year, we went through our closets, kid’s rooms (those of us moms), and any storage. In doing so, we took what we found and sent it to places for the needy that give it to those in need for free. Hey, the heavens gave us what we needed to wear and plus. Obviously, the body changes, weight is gained or lost, or maybe you just plain out don’t feel confident in something, especially kids. So why have it laying around the house? Giving to those in need can be rewarding, and helps you to clean & organize your home. The gratitude that a person struggling financially feels when they walk into a place a get a new shirt or outfit, when they needed it most. Especially, when it’s a decent clothing donation.

I remember working at a homeless shelter and seeing clothing with lots of stains all over it and a holes on it. And I thought I understand that it’s nice you donate what you have and that people should be grateful for anything, but they are human beings.But why should they have to walk around in stained up, holed clothes, just because they’re having a difficult time? So if you’re a little late on the donating, make sure that what you’re giving to the homeless is wearable, decent and good. Remember to treat others as you would have them treat you, if it were you in that situation.

This week, go through your cupboards or pantries and see what you have in there that you know you’re never going to eat. You know those cans of beans that you buy that nobody ever uses? Yep, we all have them! And hey, if you’re lucky like me, you will live with your mother who doesn’t keep track of the food she has already and buys like three of the same thing LOL. We must have had like six boxes of stuffing for the longest time.

Nevertheless, gather what you have. Send over some nice donations of food to your local charity pantry or take them to a soup kitchen yourself and see if you can help distribute food to those in need while also donating a nice box of it. Hey, you don’t have to be a superhero. Even if you just donated a loaf of bread and a few cans of something, it would be so very much appreciated by heaven. But the point is to give, to show that we’re thankful for the things we were given. God bless you all!


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