Weekly Wise- Vol: 4

Divine love and many greetings of gods undying blessings to all of you, the reader. This is yet again our weekly wisdom provided by the insight of the heavens. I am going to throw a card out there to verify that it is indeed the energy surrounding everyone. Pretty soon I will not be using any cards at all, and basing these readings off of my own psychic and spiritual vision.

This week I could see that a lot of people have money matters on the mind. Why not? The holidays are right around the corner after all. We talked about this a little bit last week, in the previous forecast. A lot of tension is rising surrounding the attempt to please loved ones in getting things that they have requested or things that you merely think that they will like.

With so many families having a hard time in finding enough financial resources to ensure that they are able to get a little something for every person that they care about, it’s getting stressful. It’s also very hard for other people to know what to buy one another, because they’re not in touch with each other anymore. Looking at the world around us people are so very distant and withdrawn even within the family home, nobody really knows what to get one another except a bunch of gift cards. It’s nice to give a gift card of course, but remember when we used to buy presents because we thought of an individual and saw an item that was so perfect for them! We knew that person and through our heartfelt sincerity, wanted to get something for them that we knew they would really love or need? Well, things aren’t like that anymore. I’m sure in many families that still exists, but for the most part everybody is just trying to get something to where they can’t go wrong, and make sure that it’s quick and convenient as well. Gift cards fall into that category. I won’t be doing the gifting cards this year. Said I’m going to actually set the example and buy a little something that I know each person will absolutely love and actually has sentimental meaning. Whatever other people want to do, that is up to them. I’m not judging anybody, only saying my opinion for myself, that I have always thought gift cards are nice but maybe a little something more personal and see her? And that’s what I intend on doing. Why stress about how much of an amount of money to put on that gift card in order for the person not to think that you’re cheap but also not to break your pockets? Since when did buying something nice for somebody really matter, that the price? It’ll be real fantastic idea to actually put some thought into something, whether it cost a little or a lot, the appreciation and gratitude from the person that looks like that gift and realizes in that instance that you saw something in them that inspired you to buy that gift is priceless. Nevertheless, many people are struggling in the financial areas but as you can see this card is upright!

A twist to things and further insight….

When of the Ace of pentacles is in its upright position, that’s usually an indication that finances are going to be A-OK. Then what’s all the hubbub bub? Well, this card doesn’t necessarily mean what many people think. Just because it is associated with the earth and Money matters, doesn’t always mean that it reflects the financial situation alone by itself. This card promises that yes, you are going to get through the holiday season just fine. So don’t stress out. When you put your heart into something and heaven sees that, then you get rewarded in all different types of ways. Perhaps maybe you are rewarded with the joy that you feel in seeing that you made other people happy? Or maybe this season is about being charitable for you, and through lots of charitable donations helping those in need, heaven then turn helps you.

God did say after all, not to worry about what you’re going to eat, what you’re going to wear or where are you going to lay down your head. This is a very real quote to live by and while it goes far beyond this surface meaning here, adopting it as it is stated without further interpretation, can really do a world of change in your life in the way that you cope with stressful situations.

My friend Bella and I have gone on some trips together that were very necessary for her spiritual development, me being a friend but also her spiritual teacher. We had both had to spend a lot of money in our transportation, and paying halves for everything. But we’re not rich people, hardly. In fact we struggle just like everybody else even though many people might think that we have a lot of money because we do keep up with ourselves nicely in our appearances. It was true that neither of us really had much to go on and only had brought a certainAmount of money just to be able to afford the necessities of our travels. When we went to New York, we were out shopping like crazy or going out to lavish dinners. We did walk around some shops and try clothes on, but a majority of the time we were just walking around buying absolutely nothing or confined to our Airbnb, talking about spirituality and bonding. With that, any money that we did use, went towards feeding the children we brought along. and I think that was probably the most expensive thing about the trip itself was that we had to feed three children. At the end of the trip we were both broke. She was still pretty new in her studies at the time, and she started to get a little nervous because when it came time to go home, she was heading back to her hometown with no money left. It was the same case for me. expressing her worries, she had also said to me;

“Ally, why aren’t you even a little bit upset? You are absolutely broke now too, but you haven’t said a word about it. Aren’t you worried”?

No. I wasn’t. I had to explain to Bella that God always looks out for us. He knows what we need and because of that he will never allow us to go without. We went on that trip because it was Desny for the two of us to become his closest sisters and for her to grow spiritually for greater change in her life in all areas of it. And so, why would God send the two of us on this mission only to set us up for failure? He wouldn’t. And that’s what most people don’t recognize. They automatically start to worry about the things that they don’t have or the things that they want to have, delicious out about different situations in their lies but they don’t realize that maybe those things are happening to teach them a greater lesson. When it comes to money, if you’re using it for exactly what you need and you end up with out… You can be sure that heavenly father is not going to let you struggle. He’s going to make sure you have exactly what you need. So why even bother worrying? It’s a total waste of time. After explaining this to her, she looked at me with very surprised eyes because nobody had ever explained it like that to her before. I then explained to her that we would both get back the same amount that we had spent, who other resources once we had gotten home, as a blessing from above because we listened to our heavenly father in booking the trip to meet up so that we could do this divine spiritual work within her. We would also be blessed because we had perfect faith in perfect trust that everything would work out. You see, stressing, is a form of expressing doubts. You’re stressing because deep down inside you are doubting that something is going to work out. Doubt is the opposite of faith. And without faith, works are dead. But if you believe that you are doing exactly what you were supposed to or that you were doing something beautiful for somebody else, and after following through you put your faith and trust in God… You will find that he ensures that you have all of your necessities. This works and many other scenarios too. But the point is, if you are trying to be the very best person that you can be and you have perfect faith and trust in God above, that he will always be there to prove that your faith is righteous. He uses you, to prove that he himself is real, through confirming your belief, your faith, and your trust in him. If people knew the truth and how deep this really all goes, there would be a lot less people struggling in the world. The reality around you is a projection of your higher self but with many interferences. Since your higher self is working on this divine mission and path to accomplish your spiritual lessons, clear out your karma and learn from the mistakes, fulfill life purposes, and to transcend human nature into total virtue, then your higher self is then aligned with the most high God because, that is exactly what he wants for everybody to accomplish throughout their journey no matter where you are in the universe. He just wants everyone to expand in wisdom, purity, holiness of spirit, and to finally get up out of 3-D because the greater that you grow upward, the closer and closer you get back to returning to him. With that in mind, there will be many opposing forces to try to keep you from that. Stress and doubt are definitely some of those forces.

So the lesson in the “Weekly Wise” for this week is about gaining an abundance through the Ace of pentacles. Perhaps it’s not the type of abundance you may be thinking about. The weekly card is saying that while there may be some stressful situations coming up in many different departments of your life, and especially surrounding the holiday season, there’s no need fret. And said allow him to guide you into having an abundance of faith. And let him show you as he desires to, that he’s not here to let you down but instead to uplift you. Put your heart and soul behind your gifts and don’t worry about spending too much or getting what other people may be demanding of you. It’s true you may not want to let somebody down but you have to live within your means to.

For others this week, The card may very well be an indication of some abundance financially coming your way. Love will be good, if finances will be in a good place, and your career proposes no huge issues. Even in regards to family, after a long time is everybody keeping to themselves, Christmas shopping can bring everybody together. Therefore, family life will even be abundantly pleasant. Bonuses, raises, promotions, are all going to be delivered to those who deserve them throughout the month. But this week for many of you who were diligently seeking employment, you are going to find a job. for others who are just beginning the search for a new job environment, you may have a little bit of a delay at first but some opportunities will somehow just drop right into your lap.

This is the good news represented by the Ace of pentacles upright. Just don’t forget that you are blessed in more ways than just materialistically. The Ace of pentacles is a coin which consists of heads and tails. This means that any form of abundance, or opportunities, will have their positive or negative side. It’s up to you to determine the outcome. It is a very good chance that you could take whatever good things are given to you, and use them the wrong way I’m risking everything. Or you can flip that coin and end up with a heads up, and do everything the right way with a positive result later on. Maybe you need some advice? This queen can provide you with a lot of wishes come true and also a lot of ideas and how to make your wishes come true. But it doesn’t have to be a gamble. You can make sure that your investment is legitimate by having the proper advice. Duality is in everything and how you keep your mindset will help determine which side of duality you head off into. Life is a risk when you do not have insight or heavenly guidance. When you do, life becomes much more. It becomes a chess game that you can master. Good luck this month, and I hope that all of you enjoy your blessings that are delivered to you from heaven. Please remember, don’t stress out about anything. Your fate is in the hands of heaven. What is meant for you will happen, and what isn’t…won’t. Acceptance is a great way to eliminate stress in times of hardship, delays or struggles. Just keep in mind that maybe things are exactly how they are supposed to be for the time being, even if less favorable. Patience, and faith will help you to finally attract that better time in your life, toward you. With all, do all things from your heart and try to enjoy the holidays that are coming up ahead.


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