Week of December 16- December 22

A week of pondering. This card represents a great deal of thought it is leading to words maybe some underlying emotions it needed to be released. It is getting towards the holiday season and this is where a lot of people who have lost a loved one or spend the holidays alone, start to have a bit of a breakdown. Only that the people again are stressing about money worries and how they’re going to end up pulling things together after the holiday. Some Rishi had somebody to share it with. This is all building up within a person making it very difficult to gain clarity than the thought process because of all of the responsibilities that are placed upon them. There are just too many priorities at this time. It’s nice when you have somebody by your side to help you, but many sadly don’t.

No this doesn’t have to be totally negative though. I always look at things on the flipside and this card is showing us that we still have the ability to look at everything that we are wearing about, think about how to do things differently next year. This way maybe next year will be less stressful and less lonely.

Has somebody has hurt you, which is what this card also represents. Maybe reconciling and talking to them no matter how much time has gone past, can help. Many people are expect a door in the face so to speak, when they try to approach a person that they had a falling out with. He will be surprised how many people are open to forgiveness and reconnecting time during this time of year.

This card reveals a lot of tears, to much to swallow back, and hiding it all will create angerAnd attention. There have been rumors created in News, that will never go away now. It is hard to ignore them but they have helped you to grow after all have they not? This week is a time to get out what you need to say in the most loving of ways. If the person on the receiving end does not like what you have to say reacting negatively or hostile, then you will know that this is someone that does not really care much to work things out. Otherwise, they will listen to your point of view whether they thought you were wrong or right or not, and they would want to accommodate you in making you feel better. Have you ever heard of the saying that “if it’s true love, then you would be loved even when they know that you are wrong? That’s right, full acceptance shows love, and the love is blind… not seeing the shortcomings of a person. It’s like they can do no wrong. Well that is how it is supposed to be when you love somebody. Of course you’re going to knowledge when they do wrong or when there seems to be a problem, but together it’s working it through without making it a big deal. And if somebody cares about you will certainly want to close out any old wounds as well.

All of this in mind, no matter how you feel, I don’t give up. Many people have been feeling drowned by the darker energies and deceptive propaganda of the world. Even I myself just recently had a person steal my predictions. Sometimes makes me feel a little helpless as well because heaven speaks to me, not them. And yet they gain Publis city claiming visions that are not their own. This breaks my heart because I don’t want thing from it, I just want respect. I can’t see people using spirituality or heaven, as a way to launch themselves into fame or fortune. Please be aware of false psychics. Nevertheless, thats besides the point and the idea of this post is, don’t let anything bring you down or take you away from your beliefs, or your dreams. Life is hard and it’s going to have a world of hurt with it but if you stay strong you can get beyond anything..


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