Gluten Free

As most know, I’m a “pick & taster” when it comes to eating. I’ve maintained a breatharian diet for the most part but Life is also about the experience. The senses create memories and so I will have a bite or few, of things brought by my kids or visitors in order to taste and enjoy the moment with them. When I do actually sit and have a small amount of food though, I made sure to eliminate the ingredients of gluten and sugar. During a visit with my friend though, I did accidentally add sugar to my coffee out of habit in the past times that she was here when I used to eat a lot of sugar. She hadn’t been here in so long, that it felt like old times. But I immediately recognized my mistake, and after tasting a few sour patch kids that she had bought, I returned to my sugar-free diet without guilt since I was more proud that I caught myself.

I removed gluten from my diet back in January which was around the same time that I gave up sugar totally. I had to ween off of sugar over time. I don’t have addictions, I only choose what I want to do. I have the ability to remove anything in my life at any time in regards to addictive substances such as the caffeine and sugar that I used to use. I still take a little caffeine though in my tea and coffee. I go through cycles of drinking tea for a few weeks, and coffee for another few. I love making them and switching recipes. It’s been both successful and rewarding when it comes to my tea making on my online store. I’m a wizard in herbs and botanicals that I can even make special custom orders for any need. Coffee is a treat for me. But yes, as of December 2019, it’s been all about eliminating sugar and replacing it with Stevia. I’m even growing my own stevia plant in my garden.

I eliminated gluten from my diet back in July of 2016. It was hard to keep things going with buying gluten free products only throughout time, so I didn’t push the change too much onto my family. Almost everything has gluten in it anyhow. I hadn’t strictly removed it until September 2019. It was a process of enforcing it, but everyone slowly got used to the taste. I love the taste of gluten free products much more. Now we don’t use gluten in our foods.

It’s a big transition to change the entire pantry but having awareness helps. They have an aisle at most Shoprites and Targets if you are looking for gluten free products. The above photo contains my favorite snacks for the kids. The taste is fuller without gluten and it’s healthier since the gluten can cause major health issues. It hurts your digestive system. It can then cause sluggishness and more fat. All three of those symptoms can cause heart problems. I also noticed that it causes extra belly fat.

I challenge any one reading this to eliminate gluten and sugar for three weeks and see how you feel on the start of the fourth week.

Whenever the body detoxes itself from anything, meat, sugar, alcohol, anything… you will feel a little under the weather, just be aware if you do try to clean out gf diet. Without eating, I wondered why I felt so bad when I did eat a tiny something. It was the sugar hand gluten. It feels great!


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