By the Day: September 3, 2020

Today’s thoughts:

I think with this new project being started, many of you who are following along are probably just beginning the project from the post on the 1st of September. That was for the activity which asked you to write to someone that you care about. However, even with some still working on it or even just catching up… we can’t neglect that motivation is needed daily.

Today, I want everyone to think about how far they have come in their growth. Even if you haven’t come to the greatest extent in your journey, you have grown a great deal. Many people focus upon how far they haven’t gone, or how far they still have left to go. Often times people are their very own worst enemy. Stop listening to shadow Self today, and list all of the changes that you have made within yourself throughout the process of your spiritual seeking.

Additionally, Who would you had been had you not been led this way? What if you had never started a spiritual journey at all? Or what have you had had another teacher? Who would you be today? How would life be for you? How would your relationships with loved ones be? How would your awareness be? Grab a journal. Sit down by a lake or under a favorite tree and write down the answers in your journal. This will help you to see a great and positive realization that you need to remind yourself of, from time to time. What realization? That life could’ve taken you in any direction without awareness or pursuit of your spiritual path. The spiritual journey and the awareness developed in it, lead you to making more positive choices and in becoming a better person. Imagine had you not ever opted for that opportunity? Think about the habits that you had? The attitudes that you carried? Think of how you went through life each and every day back then. Even though many people still want to go as far as they can, you can never forget how far you’ve already come.

I hope you’re following the French theme too , for fun!


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