By The Day: September 7, 2020

What a thing to ponder! What am I talking about? Our last exercise. In that, many thought deeply about where they would be had they not found spirituality. I gave a few ways to question it, to provoke deeper thinking. Today, we start our week on the dreaded Monday! Admittedly, Mondays are not a lot of peoples favorite day of the week. It is a day in which the hustle and bustle of the week begins and everyone is trying to jump back into the physical energy that they need, from relaxing over the weekend. As an angelic soul, one week is but one day for me being here. I never do really know what day I’m on unless I actually seek it out or have someone remind me. And even still if somebody tells me it’s a Monday, it’s still feels just like the Monday that past, and without any time in between that I sometimes get very lost as to anything that happens during the time in between. But I will still remember a lot of things. But for many today? They are forgetting a lot of details. That is especially in regards to the day before. This brings me to our motivation of the week…. memories.

Memories make up who you are. They become a part of the higher self as they’re collecting all of the data of your experiences through you. And therefore, you add more and more wisdom. Each experience you have had, has added wisdom to your higher self is a full record of all experiences from every character you have ever been. That also includes the people, events and places involved. In each individual life, you collect memories that define the character of whom you were, who you are, and who you will become. But time has sped up a great deal and the days seem here and gone in half the time. Why? In channeling Earth, I discovered the exact causes, as well as reasons for many other things. There’s a lot to explain in that regard. We’ll talk about it all at another time on my site The Church of I.M. For now, our focus is on memories.

Your mental album

Your higher self is made up of all of the elements of your journey yes. However that doesn’t shine through in each individual life as every person is born you’re forgetting who they were in last life and the life before that, and that… You get the picture. I always say, your real soul is not made up of the influences here, nor is it told who to be by upbringing, religion, or even peers who coerce you somehow to get involved in bad habits or trends. Nevertheless it’s not wrong to say that parts of those things become a part of who you are nonetheless. For those who are seeking to find their real self, they have to start with understanding who their real higher self is. Then they have to see who they are as this “Self” in this lifetime in order to compare their soul contract to the life that they are living now. Does it seem as if they’re right on track? Or have they gone completely in another direction? The idea is that the obstacles in this world are projected to add tests and strength to a person, so that they can walk their path of higher self. But a person has a know what the path is, in order to do so. And not everybody ever realizes the lessons behind things. Because people are waking up, it seems to be that now more than ever before, people are starting to lose their memories. If you can’t remember many details of earlier life than you won’t recall as to whether your life was on track or not. You won’t grow from what you’ve been taught, or remember the things that had meaning, simply because life is moving too quickly now. If that’s the case, then there’s a good chance you’re probably not going to reach that awakening that you’re longing for. And awakening means you’re awake, you remember… 

In the amazing photo album of your mind, there are beautiful life lessons, both great and small that have such prolific meaning that you are meant to use that to find your life purpose and understand the meaning of your life. Even those lessons while remembered, are missed as many people seem to think that every day things are just a basic part of life. Some fail to see that certain situations of either a great positive or negative quality, have a meaning in their lives. Most of all, many are forgetting all of that.

Your tasks:

Mediate on the past memories and ask yourself what each one meant. How did it give you purpose. Does it seem you too, have become forgetful? From what you can gather, do you seem to be i I higher self path fulfilling your soul’s contract and purpose? Or not? What is your greatest memory? Can recall your what your worst memory was and why it was the worst? You are an amazing machine with your own flash drive built in and the memories in that are the experiences that make you who are as a character in this life. Get to know yourself and see meaning in so much!

If you don’t know what your life purpose or what you’re soul contract is, come by my website and get a reading to find out more. I also do readings on specific situations in your life to help you find out the purpose of them. The reading is called “Why”.


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  1. Whoever gets the new articles can you please share on the fb group even if not a link just a heads up because it was so nice when we used to be notified in the group because now Im not always aware when new stuff is posted. Thanks all and hope everyone is well!


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