To give, is to receive?

Greetings dear reader, life is always so much easier when you have reached a path of being enlightened. Everything just seems to work out always so perfectly, and anything that doesn’t, does eventually. In the meantime, things that go wrong don’t seem to bother you anymore while enlightened and so things are still going good… in a sense.

I’m always talking about virtue. In a previous article where I talked about what it takes to be the definition of a righteous man, I included how always being there for people no matter how it affects you is so important. I went on to give an example. Let’s relate back to that first, before I go into something really wonderful that happened to me.

The virtue is applied in this verse from the Christian scriptures;

“Do not worry about those things, for our God in heaven will take care of you”.-

Matthew 6:25

The example from that article was:

“Most men, sit at home on Sunday for sports. One man sits at home on Sunday watching football and receives a call that his cousin’s car broke down 40 miles away, and he needs someone to come get him. Most would tell their cousin, that they had plans and that it was too far. Perhaps, they did not have enough gas, or some other excuse would come up, about how they could not help… Some would not even answer the call. A virtuous man would forget about football and use his last $20 for gas to rescue his cousin. Some people would ask, “What am I supposed to do if I use my last $20 to help him? How will I get through the week”? I’ll use the gas up, going to get him. I’ll be without money and gas to get myself to work. Many people worry about themselves first. That’s the point. A virtuous man would not worry about himself. And because of that, heavens reward will always be that, they get help when they need it in return. Sometimes a virtuous man’s faith will be tested.

I want you to see an example in real life.

Faith is Gold

When I put that article up, I don’t think many people could really wrap their mind around how true it is. Many would still like to look at things in that “human way” of thinking about things. Others say; “Well what if Heaven doesn’t help me in time? Why make my life harder if I know that there is a possibility that I may get stuck after helping somebody else”? Today, there are many people that I still try to mentor just in getting them to look at things a little differently, so that they can benefit from the great blessings that come from heaven. I give them great examples, just like the one from my previous article above. They still hang onto the same doubt that time and time gets in their way. I have always said in one of my quotes:

“The opposite of faith is doubt. When somebody doubts, it’s means that they’re questioning something, and questioning means that they don’t believe fully. Faith, is believing fully.”

Alura Cein 2018 (Various Creative Content)

“Even just a small thread size of doubt will ruin the manifestation of good things”. Faith is truly like gold because it brings a great deal into a person’s life. When you have faith in heaven, then you don’t have to worry about anything. You already know that no matter what, everything‘s going to work out for you…even if it isn’t at the moment. Therefore, you get peace and tranquility. Faith also brings reassurance. This releases anxieties that you may be feeling, just knowing through your faith that everything will work out for you. Faith strengthens your intentions. When you are in need of something, if you truly believe in it (belief is faith and trust) then you will strengthen the intention of attracting whatever it is that you need.

When you are trying to pull something into your life, for the laws of manifestation it is certain that the law of attraction must come first. Therefore, adding thoughts that heaven will help in the manifestation process strengthens the attraction aspect of bringing your request into reality. With that, you get what you are in need of , at some point. There are some rules that apply though.

For one, and there are a lot of things that go into a person’s spiritual journey, that they can’t just assume that everything that they want and believe heaven will bring, is going to happen. It really is all about living according to their higher self journey. Once a person learns what that consists of, they can start to map other things out, for their life. Then it all kind of integrates perfectly. This doesn’t exclude others who may not be on that journey though. Heaven knows when a person is in absolute need of some thing, and if they agree, the heavens will help to bring it. And so, it’s not so much as having faith in the fact that heaven will bring what you’re asking for… It’s more so in having faith that heaven will bring what they feel that you are in need of… Whatever that is.

Having faith in that, there is a great deal of reassurance that everything is going to be OK. If you have exact requests and it’s crucial to your life or some area of it for some reason, then heaven is going to know that and try to help as much as they possibly can. There are many outlets in which heaven will work through to get your request to you. This leads me to my short story of something amazing that happened to me lately. My life isn’t short of these wonderful miracles because of my absolute faith. But then again, I have a very deep knowledge in how heaven works and so, it’s a little easier for me to apply these divine understandings. I so want for everyone else out there, to enjoy their lives and to not have to worry about all of the stress that it brings. Sometimes the worry is more unnecessary than you know. Applying Virtues to your path, can truly help you in more ways than you can imagine. Just faithfulness it’s self alone as a virtue, works wonders in bringing forth so many blessings. Like I said above, faith brings serenity, strength, hope, positive anticipation, reassurance, and feeling assured. When that faith in something actually manifests what you were in hopes of, the blessings are unlimited with guarantee that the situation is fine. There are no worries, fears, struggle, or dismay.

Heaven always shows me.

Just to provide an example of my own faith and the blessings that it brings, I want to tell you a little story about something that happened to me recently. As many know I’ve been working a side job which is incredibly hard for me naturally. As an ultra sensitive oracle to be out and about around specific energies can really take a toll on me. Especially, when those energies come from people that are just cruel or a product of this world and its system. I have been trying to earn a little side money in order to save up so that I can accomplish a few goals that I have.

I didn’t just get the second job for the reason of saving up. My second reason for getting it was to inspire others that may find it difficult to work as well. There are a variety of different reasons as to why people feel that they can’t go out into the working world. Perhaps they have health issues like fibromyalgia or chronic pain. Some have social anxiety. Others, just feel as though they’ll never make enough money at any minimum wage job anyhow, to survive. They have an outlook that speaks on how they feel; that they’ll just be out there for hours an hours a week slave driving themselves for a small amount of pay… that probably won’t be able to cover all of their living expenses anyhow. And so, they would rather opt for government payments. Can you blame them? Still, sometimes it’s better to get out there and still work a job even despite any of those reasons. Being out at work causes me a great deal of chronic pain in certain circumstances, and it is pretty horrific, that I could compare it to arthritis in addition to feeling extremely drained. There is this feeling of being so intoxicated and drained that I can’t even keep my eyes open and I feel like my entire body got hit by a car. But I’m going to keep pushing through because I want to be an inspiration to others. I want them to know that sometimes despite all of the negative things that they might feel or go through, doing what they have to do to get to the accomplishment of their goals, is sometimes the best thing to do. Life is full of unpleasantries, and to get anywhere, one can’t just sit around and wait for things to happen to them.

As a Heavenly being I could certainly manifest enough money if I really wanted to, to accomplish any of the things that I want. But I see it as a form of abuse, to use my spiritual gifts and abilities to manifest material things for myself. I don’t know of any other heavenly being that would do so. Therefore, I am going to try to accomplish my goals just like any other human being here. I hope others can find motivation end encouragement through my example. The heavens know exactly what I’m doing and what my intentions are and they never forsake me. This is where I get to my most recent miracle.

Whenever there’s a natural disaster that occurs and affects a lot of people for the worst, my heart goes out to them. I always try to find a way to help. With the recent tragedy of the tornado in Kentucky, a lot of people died and lost their homes right before Christmas season. Having unconditional love means that I always put myself in the shoes of other people. When hearing about the natural disaster, I thought of all of those poor families that would be with out for the holidays. I also thought about how hard it would be for them to start their lives over again. I see how difficult it is even for some of my students who are just trying to go up a level in becoming more successful in their life, without even having to start all over again. I can definitely imagine how much harder it’ll be for a lot of these people to start all over again out there in Kentucky. They would have to replace their entire homes, their belongings, and for some things… they are irreplaceable. Some lost lives, their family members. What was even more sad about it, is that it all happened right before Christmas time. A lot of people asked me “why God would allow these types of things to happen to people”? While I have a very extensive answer for that, I won’t go into it here. Still, I just couldn’t do nothing. I counted my money to see what I had, that I could send in as a donation. Unfortunately, I only just had enough for the holidays myself. As a parent, I didn’t want to let my kids down for Christmas, but how many other Christmases have they had? We were poor ourselves for a very long time in life. I didn’t have a job when I was going to college and I was lucky enough that my father was supportive to me during that time. But I didn’t take advantage of it. I accepted the roof over my head and the food that he provided on the table. I never asked for clothing, or any other costly thing. But he was gracious enough to provide my children with some gifts at Christmas time. When I got on my feet and started my mission, I did a little better. I was able to support myself and my children. There has always been this illusion to others, that I make a lot of money. But that’s not true at all. I live a very humble life. I used to get all of my clothing at thrift stores when I was in college because I didn’t have money of my own. That hasn’t changed. I still shop at secondhand stores, and I never buy anything namebrand. I don’t go to the beauty salons except maybe to get my nails done on occasion, once in a while. The truth is, I don’t really own any asset or anything of value because I don’t buy that type of stuff. I even used to chastise my best friend when she would spoil me with some gifts of luxurious cost. I always felt that while she was trying to bless me with something nice, the amount of money that she spent on a handbag could’ve gone toward a charity instead. But I understood her intention and I was always grateful for the kindness that she showed me. She always told me there was nothing wrong with me having a little bit of luxury once in a while, for everything I do for other people. But I just never looked at it that way. I feel that I’m here to help others, and it doesn’t put me above anyone else in this world that I should have anything better than anyone else because of it. Instead, I’d rather live humbly and give. That’s what I do. And so for Christmas this year, that’s what I did again.

I am not publishing this because I want to praise. Everything that I write about is merely just to serve as a lesson and example to others. With that, any extra that I had for the holidays after my bills were paid, I gave to the charity associated with helping the victims of the Kentucky tornado. My children may have felt negatively about that, but I doubt it. I taught them well. They understand already that there are more important things in life than presents. But should there had been anyone that felt salty about not receiving something on the holiday, then allow it to be a lesson to them, but there are others out there that are in more need. But I don’t think that that would be the case.

With two toddlers though, it does make it a little harder. They are as virtuous as they come, being small. All children are innocent up until a certain age. I’m sure they probably wouldn’t have cared. But the sentimental quality in me, thought about how this is their first real Christmas that they could actually remember, and that I wouldn’t have anything. But it didn’t worry me, it was just a passing thought. I was most assured in the choice that I made to give the donation that I did. Nevertheless, it seems that the earthly powers and energies really like to bully me. Knowing that I gave everything I had, some spiritual interference set in. Bills that I thought that I still had time to pay, started coming in. Then our shower broke down. After that, our refrigerator. It didn’t take long for my phone to break again as well. Lucky enough, I know someone that knows a little bit about appliances and so I asked them to come take a look at the refrigerator. But I was told, there was no way to fix it and that we would need to purchase a new one. Refrigerators aren’t cheap. The next thing that I had to do was to go and have my phone looked at. I was told that it was shot. It was a little baffling because I had just gotten the phone not long ago. I was certain I would at least be able to hang onto it for a little while. I’m pretty bad with technology. I go through several laptops a year, let alone cell phones. But I’d been extra careful and I figured that the new phone would last me. The technician told me that there was nothing he could do to fix it. Even upon asking him whether the manufacturer could do something, he told me: “Probably not”. Another expense!

But I didn’t give up in the face of defeat. I already knew what was happening. The only way to really hurt someone is to knock them when they’re down. The Spiritual powers bringing this wave of bad luck must have thought that I was down, to hit me where they thought it would hurt. They knew that I had given all that I had to the charity and there wasn’t really anything left for me to use financially, to fix these issues. Without a refrigerator the food would rot, and without having a place to keep any new food that I could buy… It would waste my money and probably get rotten too. Then I would be stuck buying takeout for everybody instead. Me? When it comes to food, I’m good. I don’t really need any food, but everybody else here does. Takeout can get a little pricey after a while, and that would definitely just add to the financial problem.

Then without a cell phone, I’d probably have trouble working. I use my cell phone for most things when it comes to my job. The Audio recorder that I use for readings is on it. I have access to all of my apps and orders on the phone. I’m able to use talk to text to answer people back, when I’m in a hurry. And I have to take WebCam sessions and calls for local clients that choose not to come to my home for their appointments because of personal reasons that they have at times. Without a cell phone, I’d be limited to having to work on a laptop, and let’s face it, I can’t take the laptop everywhere that I go. I could, but how am I going to reply to emails while walking around at a store if I have to run errands? And if my little ones are noisy, it’s going to be a little harder to relocate room to room to find quiet and privacy for sessions. After my phone broke, my son’s cell phone also got destroyed. Walking back from a friends house he had to cross the main road to get home and it fell out of his pocket into the middle of the busy street. You can probably guess what happened next right? That’s right. It got ran over. It was still usable, but it was greatly damaged. It’s usually easy to fix the screen when it breaks, but the back of his phone had suffered from some severe damage too. It was going to cost a little bit to fix that too. Both the back and front of the phone had a lot of cracks in it and while he could still use it, the screen was busted up as well, making it hard to really see the digits that he needed to punch in, to dial out to anyone. He also couldn’t read anything as well.

It would cost so much to fix the problems that had happened. As for the shower, that would cost a little bit too, but it wasn’t as big of a deal as a refrigerator replacement would be. The heavens have taught me a variety of different skills so that I can fend for myself and fixing some pipes in the bathroom for the shower, is definitely in my résumé so to speak. Therefore, I was able to figure out a cheap way of fixing that issue. If you have problems like that that occur during a time where tools and resources are lacking, it would definitely test any other person‘s faith. Not for me. I saw it as a way to spite the powers that be, that were trying to really bring me down. I wasn’t questioning my decision to give what I had for that charity. Nothing in the world could make me question it. These problems are temporary, while those people in Kentucky have very real problems that may last for quite some time. I would much rather deal with the financial burden of having to fix these problems during a time where I may have had a bit of a financial struggle, then to see people go without at Christmas time. I wanted to contribute to helping them get back up on their feet. So, even though I would have to go through some hardship, the spiritual interferences really couldn’t bully me like they had wanted to. They just get pleasure out of trying to provoke any kind of hardship or struggle in my life. But I never give them the satisfaction because I am so sure in my decision making when it comes to being virtuous and giving, that no matter what negative forces could be brought my way, I know with great faith that I’m still going to be OK at the end of it. My faith tells me, that heaven is going to provide. Even if they didn’t, then it would definitely show my family that they needed to be more appreciative of the things that we have. I don’t think they always focus on how fortunate they are to have a working refrigerator, or to have use of cell phones. These are things that have just become a part of conventional American life in society, that it seems normal for them.

I remember from my few past lifetimes, when we didn’t have electricity, or any means of communication other than a letter and a messenger. I had the ability all of my life to look back at a time where we couldn’t travel abroad at great speed but rather we would have to take days, weeks or even months to get somewhere on a journey. And so I am always greatly appreciative of the things that I have, knowing what it’s like not to have them… whether in my past life times when these types of things didn’t exist, or in my earlier life when I was poor… I have always held a surplus amount of gratitude in my heart for anything that I have that makes life easier.

I know that a lot of people don’t have the ability to look back into their past lifetimes the same way, in order to appreciate the things that they have today. And that’s why when these types of things happen in my life where some of the conveniences stop being convenient, I see it as a way to show my kids how grateful they should always be to have what they have. And so you see, while the spiritual interferences are really trying to shove me around and bring me down, they never do. I have great faith, knowing that heaven is going to help me in someway. Whatever way it is that they choose to help me, I gladly accept. I don’t question it, and if it’s in a small way, I never tell them that I wished it had been more. I’m always just content with whatever they provide because I’m so lucky to have them provide at all. I love heaven with all of my heart.

And so I write this to inspire others to maybe look at things the same way? Not every bad thing that happens, has to be a bad thing. It could serve as a lesson of how to handle things a little differently later, or to be more prepared over something. Or it could be a reminder of sorts, to be more grateful for things. But the point is, Heaven never will forsake you or leave you in a bad situation if you have strong faith. In the more positive way that you look at things, with faith, that positive outlook will bring a more positive result. Nothing will shake my faith. I know that to give, is to receive. The problem is is that many people think that if they give, they’re going to get back, the same way. That’s not always the case. But you will receive. That’s the truth..

And I received…

After the spiritual powers threw some interferences at me in the form of difficulty, it didn’t last very long. I held strong in my faith, and I expressed the reminders and lessons to my family, that I felt were behind things. It was simple, they had to learn to appreciate the conveniences. My son, had to learn that his cell phone is a privilege, not a necessity. And because of that, maybe to take better care of his. But if the negative powers trying to get me to question anything, it didn’t work. There is nothing that they could’ve done to make me question the gift that I gave to those people. I knew in my heart that my heavenly kin would look out for me at some point. I would just have to deal with the issues at the time and to allow nature to take it’s course from there. Whatever would be, would be. If I had to live without a refrigerator and phone, then I would have to live that way. Sure I was trying to save up to accomplish my goals, but if it meant that I had to take from my savings to fix the problems when I had enough, then I would have to do that. It’s the responsibilities of life. I’ll get where I’m trying to go with things, when I meant to get there. I always know that I will receive some kind of help one way or the other and that I’m not delayed, if I am meant to accomplish things by a certain time. It’s just about belief that’s all. It’s that simple.

Just yesterday, I was sitting at my laptop and getting ready to type out confirmation report when a notification came in for a payment. The amount, was one that made me think I was going to have a lot of Healings and Readings to do and that I would probably be booked over the holiday. This was great! The payment was just enough to fix all of the problems and have a little left over for the holidays. I would even be able to put a little bit back into my savings to start over again. I couldn’t believe that I got this lucky break for such a big order! And just the excitement of knowing that I’d be able to help somebody spiritually, really had me rejoicing. But I wasn’t only just blessed to had received this amount through the order! It wasn’t an order at all! Someone kindly just gave it to me! They added in the note that it was a blessing and a gift for all of the help that I had provided for them throughout the time that I had known them as well as the things that I do for other people.

I cried in total joy after I read that note. The gift came just a couple of days before the holidays too! I was able to get the refrigerator fixed, and my son’s phone. Mine will have to wait because the issue is a little bit more extensive, but at least these other burdens were taken care of. I’ll also be able to surprise my kids with some gifts when the 25th comes about. This person rescued me without even knowing anything about my situation. They just felt obliged to send in a gift of financial help, and it just so happened to be at the perfect time. Think about that. See? Heaven will never forsake you. They will always do the best that they can to help. I know that heaven is always watching me in my efforts to help other people. They’ve seen my virtues, my selflessness, my honesty, pure heart, and unshakeable faith. It’s because of that, they have always come through for me whether at the moment, or later on. Even though the gift doesn’t rescue me from all of the things that I need help with, it certainly came at a time when I needed it the most. And here I am, back up on my feet. I also got to help so many other people out there in Kentucky with my own money. So everything worked out so wonderfully. I’m so grateful to this person for what they did for me. It’s so nice to know that somebody cares.

The most amazing thing about it is, I hadn’t mentioned anything publicly about what was going on in regards to some of the troubles that I was recently experiencing here. I had only just posted a blog entry about looking for a second job in hopes of saving up to accomplish some goals. But I hadn’t mentioned anything about needing to fix my refrigerator or giving everything I had to a charity that I had nothing left. I actually wasn’t even going to say anything about it until all of this happened. I thought to myself how this could really prove to people that bad situation, can serve a purpose but also that with faith, you don’t have to be afraid of anything happening in your life. You don’t have to worry about struggling for very long, if you have faith then heaven will come through for you. And if you really have real true faith, they will. You just have to be accepting of what they want to provide. A part of having faith, is applying all of the other virtues with it as well. That includes being humble, selfless, patient, kind. It includes perseverance and endurance. And there are a lot of situations in life where you’ll need to have those things in order to get through them. Even if you’re like me, trying to achieve some goals but experiencing some setbacks… The virtues can help you through it all. Being selfless and charitable is some thing that heaven values above all things. They give to others, through each of us. Like I always tell my students, beings that are still in heaven, live at a higher frequency. They don’t have physical bodies. They can visit for a short period of time only. But they do send others like myself, to do a world of good here. In the meantime, where there are people all over the world that go through the trials of life…heavenly beings can only help where they can find a physical set of hands. They can only find that physical set of hands through people that are open to the divine through the use of virtues in their entirety. When you are working on applying the virtues in your life, Heaven uses them as a doorway to provide higher good not only in your own life but the others.When you are generous, you are acting on behalf of heaven. When you exhibit faith, you are acting on their behalf as well too because you trust in them. That trust shows them that you’re not here for yourself. And through that, many blessings can become bountiful in your life. You receive not only blessings, but you also will give them. It’s the even exchange through the forces of light.

Closing, with gratitude

After reading this, I hope that you can see how being enlightened really does help your outlook toward things in your life. There’s so much more that goes into that as well too. Right now I’m trying to teach others through my life coaching and my courses, that there are so many things that happen in a persons day, that when you are enlightened… You can handle anything the correct way. It provides a new perspective, in a way that you would never even imagine. While you’re on your way toward enlightenment, using the virtues can be key in helping you get there. There are so many things that you’ll need to learn in regards to using the virtues in so many different ways. Hopefully as you do so, you can look in the face of hardship with great courage and faith, and not allow it to bring you down but instead gain some thing from it… Wisdom and strength. I hope that you can find contentment as well, and anything that is provided for you in the form of any blessing in your times of need whether big or small. I hope that that contentment brings you serenity and peace. I hope that you can also see, that faith gives, all by itself. This article was written with the great hope and intention of inspiring other people to give without thinking about how that will affect them because you are doing a great deed by heaven when you are generous and so they will do a great deed toward you when you need it most. Most of all, I hope that you can see how your path in using Virtues while trying to reach enlightenment, is your greatest protection against any of the hardships of life. Faith is your great magnetic shield.

I close this article with such gratitude in my heart toward the person that helped me, and for heaven because I know that it was through them, that this person felt inclined to shoot a nice gift my way. That gift helped me more than they could ever know and I don’t think that there are any words really that could express to them, how grateful I truly am. It’s not every day that you see people give beyond themselves and so seeing that in somebody else yesterday really did warm my heart and add hope that maybe there are more people out there that are good. They may be rare and a few, but they exist and I’m getting to meet more and more of them as time goes by. That was the whole reason why I even opened up about who and what I am publicly to begin with. It was and is my greatest desire to connect with others that have a great love of goodness and of heaven. I’m getting that privilege and honor as long as I do this work, and what’s more is that I even get to mentor other people toward being the good that they really wish that they could be and see in the world, both. This is truly an amazing journey that I am on being here on this planet. I can tell you that there’s far more darkness and evil that I have seen while being here. But for the goodness that I get to see in the small population of people that I see in my lifetime, it definitely outweighs all of that. And I am not just talking about the people that do good things for me. I’m talking about people that I’ve seen that have done so many wonderful things for other people, and causes that they fight for… that are truly worthy to fight for. From small kindnesses to great ones alike, it’s truly a gift just in itself, to meet people that have a good heart. I’m thankful for everyone that I’ve had a chance to meet along the way, and I am so thankful that heaven has given me the honor and privilege to meet all of you.

For now, I just wanted to express my gratitude also to the individual that really showed me an act of selflessness, in helping me during a time that I was in need of it. I am so rejoiceful. But I do want to add that had that gift never came, I think I would still be just as rejoiceful, just the same. Why? Because I know that I did something good in giving to the victims of the tornado. Even if I couldn’t handle my own problems at the time, I know that I gave a great gift to people that needed it more than me. But it is so amazing how light circles back around isn’t it? Always keep your faith and walk in virtue.

This is what a life of virtues is all about.


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