A cure for Cancer: A story of grief and of a miracle

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I would like to dedicate this article and my new services package to my father.

My father was a Vietnam veteran. He regretted it every day of his life. He hated that he had to go into that war, and witness all of the things that the Americans and Vietnamese people had to go through. My father had told me that they drafted him. They had drafted his younger brother too. He went to the main office and begged them to let him take his younger brother’s term as well. As long as he could get his younger brother sent home to their mother, he didn’t really care. He was willing to sacrifice his own life for His little brother.  I heard a lot of stories about the war. But the one thing that my father brought home with him from it was not only the anguish and traumatic experiences that he would have to carry for the rest of his life, but also the fact that some of the chemicals used in that were had infiltrated his body, which he would pay a price for later on. Agent orange would be not only a killer during the war, but also in all of the soldiers long after. My father was a heavy smoker and with the chemical already in his genetics now, it was almost as if there wasn’t really any hope for him from the start.

In October of 2009, my father had been playing on the floor with my son Noah, wrestling around with him. My two eldest children didn’t have a father growing up, and my own father was the closest male role model that they would get. I had a son. There were things that only a guy could really do with him at times. I’m sure that that sounds very stereotypical, but believe me I’ve done everything with my boy, that any man could do. Baseball, wrestling, you name it. But it was nice to sometimes see a male figure in his life, doing those things with him too.

 It was on that very same day in October which I’m referring to that my father had been wrestling around with Noah for such a time that he had started coughing pretty hard. He had always had a terrible smokers cough, even from as far back as I can remember. Yet there was something different about it this time. I knew something was wrong. I looked to the heavens and as I went into my spiritual communications instantly, they told me that this who is the first sign is it coming. Of what coming? The cancer that they had warned me about when I was a child. My father was going to be diagnosed with cancer soon.

I told my dad that he needed to get checked out. He didn’t go to the doctors a whole lot, but he did go when he needed to. But only when he felt that he needed to. If he didn’t think so, nobody could convince him otherwise. This time though, he listened to me. He just knew something was wrong. He didn’t go right away. It took some time before he got around to actually making the appointment and keeping it. He works so very much and didn’t want to take a day off even to go to the doctors for himself. He knew that missing just one day of work would really hurt the family financially. I was in school attending college myself. I didn’t have a job yet. Raising my kids and trying to get a higher education for the future, was time consuming enough among many other things that I had going on in my life at the time. But he did finally go. He went that following year which was only just a few months away.

I remember the day that my parents came back from that appointment. It was like none of us were surprised but yet we were devastated. When people hear the word cancer, they think of death immediately. The only other option was for them to remove the cancerous area in his lungs. They told him that it was a 50-50 chance of survival on the operating table because of his heart troubles too. We were sitting in the car when they offered the operation and told him that news. I remember we all sat there in silence just at one with each other, in the worry and sadness that my father was feeling. After a while of it being quiet, my father told us that he was going to take the risk. He explained that either way he was going to die from the cancer. He said; “Why not take a 50% chance of extending my life so that l could live a little longer with all of you. The way that I look at it is that I will just die sooner if I don’t do it and if I die on the table, then at least I won’t have to suffer through the cancer then. Either way it’s a win-win“. 

I supported him in his decision but it was really hard to watch him go through that operation and the aftercare. My mother did take very good care of him at that time and I just stayed to the side in case she needed me for support while caring for her husband. They said that my father was in the clear for now. But I knew very well that cancer was in his soul‘s contract to leave this lifetime. It would only be a matter of time before it returned.

In 2015, I was playing around with a microscope at the kitchen table. I was looking at samples of everyone’s blood in the house just out of curiosity. Since I am called a “soul blueprint reader”, and I have the ability to look into the Akasha there are many things that I’ll be able to see that many other people don’t. There are things that all see, that many people never will. When looking at the blood, I could see the essence in it. When it came to my fathers, I could see the cancer was there. I told him that I could see that the cancer was back and flourishing through his blood. And he was quite surprised but he trusted me as an angelic, that he decided that he would listen yet again. He went back to the doctors and they definitely confirmed that the cancer had returned.

I wasn’t going to let my father die this time. Not next time either. I had two more chances to extend his life and spend more time with him. I started healing him immediately. I had been doing cancer healing for other people already, they had come to me from different places around the nation for my spiritual services. So far a few of them were successful at that time. I started asking the heavens what reasons they would have for a healing for cancer to not be successful? I learned so much within that year. Everything that I learned, used to heal my father. And so everything seemed to be in a good place yet again, at least at the end of 2015. I told my father that he had to quit smoking though. He still hadn’t done that yet. I had thought of it as he was being disrespectful to them by continuing to smoke after they had helped me to heal him. Saving his life quite a few times already, they thought that he should stop risking his life then. I told him that if he didn’t quit smoking that they would definitely not prevent his cancer from returning again in the future. If he did quit smoking though, that may be the last and final diagnosis there, in 2015.

He didn’t quit…..

When the year 2017 came, The cancer returned again. I was very busy with my business and had a lot of things going on at the time but as with the other warnings that I had given my father in the past… I had done so yet again. His energy was feeling heavy and very draining for me, being of higher vibrational energy. I knew just at that, that his cancer had returned. He was getting check ups after he had been diagnosed again in 2015, ongoing throughout the years up until 2017 anyway. They detected it shortly after I had mentioned it to him myself. He had told his doctors how I had helped heal him and the moments that I had diagnosed him myself with cancer psychically. They were quite amazed at what my father was telling them. Many of them wanted to meet me. Yet something was different about the 2017 diagnosis.

I knew that this was the final time that he would be diagnosed with cancer. I remembered the warning that the heavens had given to me back in 2015, as a message that they wanted to be given to my father. I certainly relayed the message when I told him that he had to quit smoking. But he didn’t listen. And so the cancer returned and there would be no further healing this time. As benevolent as the heavens are, a person must not take advantage of their kindness. And while I know my father was very sorry that he did, he certainly was taking those healings and the fact that heaven had saved his life a few times already, for granted. He understood it too and he finally decided that he wanted to quit even though it was too late. I think that he tried to quit also, in a state of panic hoping that perhaps if he at least quit even after the diagnosis that later was better than never, maybe they would heal him once again? Maybe they would see that he had still listened even though he didn’t do it immediately and still heal him? And then the last, he never smoked again after that. But it was too late.

The last diagnosis of cancer had gone from being lung cancer, into bone cancer. He had slowly gotten worse over time. It was a devastating thing to watch. I stayed by my fathers side the entire time, wanting to be of assistance to my mother who had to take care of him yet again. It was her duty to do so, but there was no doubt that it was hard. For the most part, my father hid his feelings and his symptoms. There were times that he didn’t even look as if he were dying. I know that it bothered him in the back of his mind though. And I know that there were many times that he sat there throughout the day with it at the surface of his thoughts, just eating away at him knowing that he would die any day. It was a struggle for him emotionally and mentally. He had even mentioned wanting to go through with assisted suicide just to get it over with. I talked him out of that though because I felt that perhaps maybe, just maybe, there was something that I could do? But every time I tried to ask for another chance for my father‘s life, The heavens would just merely tell me that it was his time to go.

My father passed away October 5, 2019.

I remember that time so clearly as if it just happened recently. It haunts me. I channel deceased people all of the time and I see the pain that they went through, at their time of death. I see even the pain that they go through in their afterlife, for some of them. For many, they thought that if my father passed away that it would be easier for me because I could still talk to him, just Spiritually instead of physically now. But that thought never made me feel better. To communicate with him Spiritually would be a gift yes, but what about being able to just sit next to him and talk to him about anything, any given moment? Or to just see his face every morning? Or to say good night and that I loved him every night? Nothing would ever be the same again.

I had gone on a cross-country trip to quickly visit a few people and to also try to stop by a few of the best cancer hospitals around the nation. I knew that I didn’t have a lot of time and so I try to get it all done within a few weeks. I knew that time was running out by that time as I went on that trip in September. The heavens  had warned me years before, that my father would die in the month of October. When The cancer had turned from lung cancer into bone cancer and then it went into stage four, I knew that it was going to be that October of that same year. They had given him the diagnosis in February 2019. In February, I knew that I still had the rest of the year left, but while on my trip in September, I was anxious to get back because I knew that I only had just a few weeks remaining with him.

When October finally came around, my father was very different. There were moments where he seemed completely normal and at other times he seemed to be completely out of it. He was falling a lot at that time too. He had developed so many other problems and issues, that some of his additional health problems had also caused him to gain a significant amount of weight. By October of that year he weighed around 300 pounds. My mother and I were totally alone. Whenever he fell, it was up to one of us to pick him up, we simply just couldn’t do it. I had already gotten three hernias trying to lift my dad. I asked my mother if it were possible for us to call the veterans hospital that had been taking care of him, and see if we could get them to bring him in for some fluids and perhaps maybe he could bounce back? There had already been one other time in August before I had left for my trip, that he had taken a turn for the worse and after a trip to the hospital and some IV fluids, he seemed perfectly normal again. I thought maybe we would have a good chance if they could give him some fluids and proper medical care. For some reason though, my mother ended up calling a hospice hospital. She told me that they were picking him up to take him to the hospital but I thought he was just merely going to the same old veterans facility. I even asked her to make sure that it was the veterans hospital, and she said that it was. The moment I felt a little relieved in knowing that he would get taken care of. However, when I went to go and visit him, the address was not the same veterans hospital that I had been used to taking him to, on the days that they had been my turn to accompany him there in the past. I didn’t recognize the place and so I asked at the front desk but it was. They explained to me that it was a hospice facility and that it was for people that were passing away. I really surprised. Why was he there? Why did my mother tell me? I needed help.

I contacted my older brother and explain to him that something just didn’t seem right. Supportively, he went up to the hospital and met us up there. It was there that they explained to us that this was the last stop for my father. They told us that they did not administer IV fluids because it would just prolong the persons life and at this stage, he was suffering and so it would be a kindness for him to pass on. I don’t understand who talks like that, but my mother was the one who had the power over the situation and I trusted that she would make the right choice for my dad. It was only just a few days later that they told me upon visiting, that he was basically already passed on but that his consciousness was still there. 

I really soaked it all in. I couldn’t accept that I was looking at my father laying there for what could be the very last time. Even though it was my father that was passing away, it seems like my whole life with him flash before my eyes. So many memories of my time with him in my life, seem to play vividly in my mind. 

The person that had come with me for the visit had asked me when I could see that he would go. I replied that it would be the fifth, which at that time… was the next day. 

On October 5, 2019 there had been a festival that happened annually. It was my father himself that had discovered it and urged me to go with him every year. It was on the way to the hospital and so I figured I would just go to honor our tradition, and then stop in to see him afterward. I brought my kids with me, because I knew what day it was. When we finally arrived, I stood there looking at my father knowing that this would be the last day that I had with him on the service. But after a while, I had to get my kids home and I was now a mother of a New baby girl. I couldn’t keep her out for very long. I would have to take everybody home even though in my heart, I really didn’t want to leave him. Going home, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I would receive the dreaded phone call.

It just so happened to be the same moon that my father had been born under that night. I stood on my back deck staring up at it, thinking of all of the mystical conversations that we had had, the hikes that we had taken in nature, and it was already causing me a sense of grief even though he wasn’t even gone yet. I just couldn’t think of a world without my dad in it. I was very close to him and even though I didn’t get a lot of one on one time with him as I would have liked, I always stayed at home, even when I had my own children and was an adult myself. I was grateful to God that he had provided me with the family that he had given me, that I never really saw any sense in walking away from them just because I was an adult now. They didn’t mind me being there either.

It was then that I had just looked over my shoulder behind me toward the living room to answer my daughter Amber who had been speaking to me from across the room at the time. I saw a vision of my father sitting on the couch, where he often sat before. I knew he had passed away at that moment. I don’t remember the exact time so don’t get me wrong, but it was around 9 o’clock, give or take. I took the baby downstairs and suddenly my cell phone rang. My brother was on the other end of the line. He was explaining to me that he had been trying to get in touch with my mom in the last couple of minutes, but that she wasn’t answering her phone. I found that odd considering that she knew that my father was in the condition that he was in. I just assumed that she would keep her phone on standby. Yet he couldn’t get in touch with her and so here he was, calling me.

He told me that our Dad had passed away. 

I quickly went upstairs to go and notify my mother, but she had been sleeping. I somehow in my heart felt a little shocked to know that she was sleeping when my brother and I were having trouble sleeping over the last few days out of worry for my dying father. I didn’t judge her though. I’m sure that everyone has their own way of coping with things. And so, I just tried to wake her up and to ask her to get dressed so that we could go over to the hospital before they took my father away to the funeral home. My mother told me that she didn’t have to go, and that the arrangements were already made for him. She wouldn’t be going over there with me after all. For me though, I had to say goodbye to my father. The man held me when I was brought into this world, and I was going to go and hold his hand as he was leaving it. When I arrived, both of my brothers had already been there waiting for me since they had already been visiting my father when he passed away. My knees buckled when I walked into the room. I was shaking all over and I just couldn’t bring myself together inside. I didn’t want my brothers to think that I was overreacting or being dramatic in any way since all of us had grown up with somebody that was just like that… And so I tried the very best on the surface to keep myself together. But inside I just wasn’t doing all that well. I thought I was strong enough to do this, and I wasn’t.

I had never been around anyone in this lifetime that I had been that close to, that it passed away. Of course my grandmother had died when I was 18, but she lived in West Virginia most of my life anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I was sad that we lost her. But this was different. This was my father, my friend. My provider, someone that I looked up to. I wasn’t like other kids. I never moved on. I was sensitive and psychic, and relied on my dad’s protection and security. There were so many things running through my mind. I didn’t send his spirit with us at a time, which usually is the case. Most people that pass on stay with their body for a short period of time afterward. I couldn’t see my father anywhere. Therefore, I couldn’t ask him anything. Did he know that my mother didn’t come? Was he hurt by that? Who was there to greet him on the other side when he transitioned, when he left? I didn’t get to see that. Did he feel any pain? Was he upset when he passed, that I didn’t get to say goodbye properly? all of my children had been around earlier on that day, I didn’t get a chance to have a personal moment with him. Where would I go to find him in the spirit world? How would I survive financially? How would I get through this loss? What would life be like not seeing him every day? Where were they going to take him in the afterlife, after this? Was he scared? My mind was screwing with thoughts that we’re all bunched up like that. I was crushed, confused, and scared myself. In this life nothing really ever scares me except those in the heavens themselves. I had been around so many deceased spirits before. Why was I so scared now?

I had to pull myself together inside. Looking at my father laying there on the bed before we had taken him, it didn’t really look like him anymore. It was the same face, but it wasn’t him. I think only a person that experiences loss can ever describe that.

I had a task to do in my heart, and I was going to do it. 

In those moments, the company from the funeral parlor had come to pick him up. They placed him on another gurney and wanted to transport him on over to the funeral parlor as it had been agreed upon, in the arrangements that my mother had made. My brothers and I followed him down on that stretcher and I held his hand all the way until we had gotten to the car outside. I just kept seeing visions of all of us together when I was younger, in those moments. He had taken us hiking so many times with my brothers walking alongside him, and me carried on his shoulders as his little girl. Now there we were the three of us, walking alongside him again, but for the last time.

I remembered a few months before my father had passed away I had told him that the heavens had told me to expect my brothers not to keep in touch with me once my father was gone. My father told me that he thought that I would end up surprised. Yet, I was right. The heavens never lie to me. As we all hugged one another while sobbing there in the parking lot as the car drove off with our father, in my heart I knew that that would probably be the very last time the three of us wherever together with this last moment our father had been with us.

 I haven’t spoken to my brothers since. I’ve tried to reach out but all things happen for a reason. I knew that they were a part of my story only because they were a significant part of my fathers story. I’ll always love my big brothers no matter where they are, whether we ever speak again or not, and I am grateful for the memories that I’ve had with them. But our chapter in this life closed when my father‘s life story ended. But for every experience, for every struggle, good things come from it.

After my father had passed, I wasn’t doing too well for sometime after. The process of losing someone goes in stages. I truly thought that I was exempt, because I would just inquire about him on the other side and that that would be enough for me to cope. But it wasn’t that easy. My father‘s life review on the other side had been delayed because my father was not ready to fully move on yet. He had wanted to make sure that certain things were taken care of here in our lives, before he felt comfortable moving on. He lingered on for a little while after. I am sure that my father expected certain things to happen, because he had known the people in his life very well. I know that he was just prolonging his transition to the other side because he wanted to protect the people that he loved from some of the people that he cared about as well but that he knew we’re not always responsible to make the best choices. My father wanted to make sure that me and the kids are safe.

He began his official life review in the afterlife in November, a whole month after he had died. It’s not unusual, but for those that don’t go into their life review immediately after their passing, they usually get lost on the other side. My father didn’t get lost, and so it was a little surprising to me that he was able to cling to his living family from the spirit world for all of that time. When I was informed that he was getting his life review, I peaked in on it here and there just to make sure that he took things well. I didn’t want to interfere but I didn’t want my father to end up having a negative after life experience after all. It was really hard on him. For all of the discoveries that he had made in his life in regards to his own lessons and mistakes, and mistakes that were made against him throughout his life by people closest to him, it really devastated him.

It was not until just before New Year’s that same year, that he finished his life review. I was happy to see that he was going to go where he was destined to for a little bit and to see some of his loved ones that had already long passed away. Then he was appointed as a spiritual guide for my brand new son that I had had just the following year later. Alexander was born in March 2020, only a few months after my fathers life review had ended. This gave him a little bit of time before Alexander’s birth, to visit with those on the other side that he had missed. As a spiritual guide, he only just peeks in from time to time, to act as a guardian and to also provide protection to my son Noah. Other than that, I’ve only had a few short communications with him since he passed away. I don’t try to push any communication with him, as I know that once a person leaves their previous life, they are ready to start accepting that they will be a new person, and a new place soon. Even though he would act as a guardian spirit and guide to my sons, he would still also need to prepare for his next experience. I also know that my father was also spending more time spiritually around my brothers after he had passed away. He had told me that he had spent so much time invested on me and my mom and not as much time on his sons that he had had from his previous marriage. He wanted to stay in the background Spiritually, and just watch them in their lives and with their families for a little bit. I haven’t spoken to my brothers but I can almost guarantee that they felt him there.

The process of grief is a hard one. When you first lose somebody, it feels like you really haven’t lost them. In the beginning it feels like they’ve just gone away for a little while. There is this small anticipation inside, that they will be coming back. But they aren’t going to be coming back. After some time goes by the reality of the loss sets in. It was at that time that in my own personal experience, I was feeling extremely hurt and vulnerable that I was overly sensitive to a lot of things. My emotions were completely out of control and I was simply just trying to make sense of life being without one of the major figures that I have had in my life, gone. Nothing really made sense. There were so many times that I actually ran upstairs from my downstairs office, to say good night to my dad as I did habitually every day when he was alive. I would just do it automatically. 

There were also a great number of times that I had been out running errands and would pull up to my house seeing my fathers truck still parked outside and thought; “oh great dad‘s home”! I would have to correct myself afterwards. Then my emotions would start pouring back in and I would start feeling upset and vulnerable again. I definitely had a hard time looking at the sofa where he sat for quite some time too. Even though I still ran upstairs to say good night to him, there were also many times that I couldn’t even look over in that direction anymore. I started to avoid thinking about him as well. And then after time of avoiding it, there would be moments of facing it directly. I can’t count how many times I sat smelling one of my dad‘s shirts when nobody was around, or how many times I went back to the places that I used to live when I was growing up. I must have revisited those homes more than a dozen times that year.

The memories that resurfaced of my life with my dad were very vivid and would just come to mind randomly throughout the day. They would be so clear as if I were looking at a TV screen in my mind. It was just a moment of being frozen staring out into space, having an old memory replay. There were so many triggers too. It could be a song, a place that we used to go to, seeing something that he loved on TV, even the news that came on at a certain time every day triggered me. My father watched Jeopardy as well. Whenever I would hear the Jeopardy song come on, it would just send my emotions into a downward spiral.

It definitely took time to get over the process of all of that. It wasn’t until the end of 2021 that I finally started to come to terms with the loss. I still have moments of difficulty whenever a strong memory comes to mind, but I am coping. It just doesn’t feel the same without the person there. There’s no words that can provide enough comfort to someone who has lost someone close to them as their own parent or their child. It’s like losing a body part. You keep your arm or your leg with you every day, everywhere you go and so a parent or a child is very much the same.

The loss of my father may have been one of the hardest things that I ever had to go through in my life. But like I said earlier, for every hard and challenging time, there is always something good that can be taken from it. And that’s what this article is all about. I wanted to share with you, the reader… My battle with cancer. It wasn’t mine myself, but when a person that you love is going through it, it’s almost as if you have it yourself because you’re going through it with them. This is a very personal subject to me and I have learned a lot from it. But one of the things that I think is most important here, is the gift that I got from this experience. Thanks to my father and his trust in me, we were able to learn many things in regards to healing cancer. Cancer is hard to get rid of. Once it’s in the body, it’ll always remain there. Even when a doctor tells you that it’s in remission, that doesn’t mean that it’s gone. As many you know, being in remission just merely means that the cancer has been suppressed and isn’t spreading. But with all of the medical knowledge and technology that they have these days, why are they still not able to fully cure it?

Part of what I’ve learned is that cancer is a multi million dollar enterprise. Cancer alone brings in so much money every year to treatment centers, doctors, and hospitals that specialize in it. Chemotherapy itself actually makes the patient worse. It kills the bad cells that contain cancer, but it also weakens a persons good ones that they need to fight the cancer naturally on their own too. This basically puts the patient at the doctors mercy. It’s prolonging the persons life but it’s also prolonging the persons suffering. Even with other options like radiation, the person still remains in a weakened state that it’s hard for them to fight the disease on their own. They are given so many different drugs and pharmaceuticals to fight side effects of the treatments for cancer, and then there are even more drugs to fight the side effects of the “side effect fighting” drugs. 

From my experience in helping my father and many others who have had cancer, I have learned a great deal in hell the disease can even come into the body, where it hides, and how to help eradicate it for good. Part of this involves very special healing techniques as well as a proper diet that is based on the person individually.

 It is a time-consuming challenge, but it is worth it when a person who has been working with me on healing their cancer, can come back and tell me that it’s gone. Even then though, there are some people out there that can’t be healed of cancer because it just may be their time to go and coincidentally they have cancer around that time which assists them in leaving earth. There are very specific things that need to be looked at and worked on, in order to help a person heal from cancer. From this experience here and a few others, I have learned that every person is unique. What works for one person isn’t going to work for another. With that in mind, the treatments that are offered out there in the world to fight cancer, are not modified uniquely for each individual. Yes the dosages are definitely adjusted for each person, but the treatments still remain the same. This is why some people have luck with it and some people don’t. But whether it works or not, it doesn’t seem to be of any concern to the medical field. They make so much money off of people with cancer, that even if there were a cure out there… They would not be willing to reveal that one existed.

Look at other illnesses such as HIV/aids, and hepatitis C. Aside from cancer comedies diseases are just as deadly. Yet for a person with hepatitis C to get a cure, it would cost them almost as much as it would to buy a brand new car. It’s a shame that the world we live in focuses mainly only on money and not on human life or the value of a person’s existence.

In my journey with my dad through his battle with cancer, I am proud that I can now offer people help in their own battle with it. If it had not been for my father, I would have probably learned what I know now, much later… After having helped many more people. Simply because he got it when he did, I’ve been able to spend the last 12 years of my life figuring out a way to cure cancer. I think that allowing me the honor of practicing my healing techniques and in allowing me to modify his diet, my father has given a great gift to the world too. It was in that experience that I’ve been able to help to a few people from then up until now. I’m not going to reveal my methods or my discoveries in regards to the subject since I know that there are a lot of people out there that would take the information and use it wrongly. I will also be quite surprised if this article gets any views. What I have discovered could certainly innovatively change the face of cancer treatment in the world, but like I said money is what makes the world go round.

At least now, instead of the thousands and thousands of dollars that a person or their insurance company will have to pump into getting any kind of help or treatment for cancer, they can just merely invest in a few sessions with me and actually find a cure rather than having their cancer go into remission. That would only just make them have to go through it all over again, again and again. My treatments, don’t do that. I’m very thankful to my father for all of these done for me in my life and for what he helped me discover for others. I hope that he is proud of me every time I heal someone of this vicious life-threatening disease.

In closing, I hope everyone out there who is reading this as lost someone knows now, that I can relate. Even though I can find out anything I need to about any soul whether alive, or deceased, I’m still here in a human body, and with feelings. No matter what type of soul you are or where your soul comes from, being here in this world you still live as everyone else does, it’s a part of the family, loving the people that you’re with. And honestly, losing someone that you love hurts just as badly as it was for anyone. It’s not an easy thing to have to go through. My mission on earth is to enlighten people so that they don’t have to continue in the reincarnations cycle in this horrible world full of suffering. But another part of my objective is also to ease some of their suffering while they are here.

If you or anyone know is battling with cancer and you would like to know whether it’s possible for you too successfully be healed, please don’t hesitate to contact me. The consultation is completely free. Yes there is a high potential that we can have success in the healing services, then we can move on to the next steps after the consultation itself. The consultation includes a free reading that I’ll do on my own, to find out whether there is a good possibility that you’ll be healed from the cancer with my sessions or not. If there isn’t a high success rate, then I will let you know honestly at the time of the consultation, and this way you’ll know whether it’s worth it or not to even try or continue. I honestly have  to say that being healed of cancer spiritually and holistically, is far more healthier and far more successful than doing it the traditional way in medicine. If you happen to be one of the people that I am able to heal, I ask only that you fully cooperate and commit to what I’ll advise. I can only help you  if you help me to help you.

Please reach out: Go to My site and can you look at where I display my products. There you will find a package named “cancer healing”. If you can book the package, I will then contact you for the consultation and reveal the results of the reading that I’ll do upon coming upon your request. If I can’t do the session because the success rate won’t be great, then I’ll happily refund you the entire payment. If everything looks good, then we can continue on word and the payment itself will have already paid for all of the services that you’ll need for the cancer healing sessions, in advance.