A life of Virtues…

Entry One: Perserverence

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I want to start with informing everyone of the wonderful news, that this blog will soon be combined with angels blog. I find that a lot of the things that I talk about on here would probably be just as beneficial as read along with the angelic information on the other website. With that in mind, you will probably find a copy of this there, once that change takes place. I just have to figure out how to make a whole other section in order to bring it all together so as not to have everything blend in in the blog area. Usually when you combine blogs all of the entries that are being exported on over, will end up in the blog.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to figure that out as we’ve been working on it this week and the change should be complete by the end of the week into the new year. Additionally, I mentioned that the angels website will need to have memberships. We are also working on getting that started as well. I have had so much trouble with computer devices throughout the years as well as electronics that it hasn’t been easy and getting things I’ve been running. Most of my delays from my courses and ratings often come from the fact that I have had a lot of difficulty in using technology. Even my YouTube video uploads. I also get very sick sitting in front of the computer or cell phone and so he has not been easy to get a lot of things done. I had heard people would understand throughout the years as I’ve mentioned it so many times but I understand that if people come to me for help, I’m obligated in finding a way to provide it. I just want everyone to know… To those of you who do try to contact me on a daily basis it has been rather difficult in responding merely because of the sensitivity that I have to the artificial intelligence. I greatly apologize as it is in my heart to always reach out to you. In fact a long to communicate with so many of you like we used to. Hopefully I can find a way to get a hands-free device that only requires voice command. Then I’ll be able to stay on top of things a little better. I hope you look forward to the changes to come this year. We even have a new course coming up after Indignation is complete. The Bible course will also be starting by that time. We will be reading the Wisdom books. Now on to the wisdom of this article.

Wisdom on Perseverance

A lot of the time my daughter has been around me because we are very close. A lot of the time too, she gets to witness how I interact with others which is often not as easy as many would think. I have had people be so cruel to me in the past and have tried to put another personna to who I am in their communications with me, that it has been highly disappointing. All I have ever shown is love. I truly am starting to think that text has had more to do with broken relationships then voice.

The word perseverance is one that many do not understand in full. Firstly, the path toward becoming more divine means that you must accomplish mastering all of the virtues. That is because the word divine means that you are godlike. And we all know that our supreme consciousness, is one that is perfect in every way. The path toward illumination means that one will become godlike because they are illuminated. They are in their full capacity of light. it’s not an easy path to walk and it is certainly not for everybody. Only those that still have the purest of heart, and the longing in soul will make it. People who are to attached the material world and the things in it will find that they have to face a battle with their own ego self. During that battle they will find themselves facing them self in the mirror and when he gets to clear of a reflection, many run away from the truth. They never do reach the fullness of their journey. But what does it mean to actually live by virtues? It’s not as easy as just knowing their name or the definition. It’s not as easy as acting as good as you can be in thinking that you are living by them. You must fully master them. In that your soul will somehow balance itself out.

Let us understand what it means to persevere. Many times my daughter has asked me how I can continue on with people that I have brought into my life to help, when they treat me so badly. She has asked me when I am going to open my eyes and see that I deserve better. But that’s not the way to look at it. I don’t deserve better, they do. They deserve to know what love feels like. They deserve to know what type of person our heavenly parents are through my attributes. They deserve a chance to heal from the hurts of their past, or even of their ignorance that they have been taught while growing up in this world. In doing so they may find a chance for salvation. And every person deserves that.

Those that are closest to me know that I do not speak for any other reason then to instruct. Even just in conversation I am always teaching. I have a unique way of doing it but at some point the person will realize that what I’m saying is teaching them something into their surprise, they thought they were just having friendly friendly talk. I am not here to live nearly as other humans do. I am here as a mirror, I am here as a teacher, and I am here as a person who acts upon the voice of our most high to help others see themselves and want to change to be the better version that they can be. They maynever be perfect but truly what is perfection defined by? Perhaps maybe what others think is perfect might be different in the eyes of our heavenly host, for each person. What if a person was a thief, a liar, and cursed vote early all of the time? Let’s say that that person was working on themselves and stopped stealing and lying but still cursed? Many would say that person did not reach perfection yet because they still had a bad mouth on them. But that’s not the case. Heaven may see that that is that person‘s version of perfect and what they are capable of. But if it is in them to stop cursing as well and they don’t, then heaven will see that the person has only picked and chose and what they wanted to change instead of what they really could. Mini just don’t understand how heaven works or how the angels of judgment even reach their judgments at all. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that the virtues are parts of the keys toward heaven. It is true unconditional love and reaching one’s better self that they can get to the gates. But how does one learn what unconditional love is or even become their better self? The virtues.

Back to my daughter was asking me about, yes I may deserve to have respect and be treated kindly. But is that why the person was brought to me in the first place? No. People are brought to me to learn and change for who they are, not to live trying to please me for who I am. And even though it would be righteous to show love and respect toward me asA messenger here, it is still wrong to think that I should give up on anyone just because they didn’t show respect. Year after year I have trudge through the mud with my students. Not every single one of them as deeply as others, but there have been a few that have just gone through some really awful times. I stood by them no matter what. Even through decisions that they made that may have been the complete opposite of what they knew better to do, I still stood by them unconditionally. The word perseverance means that you will stand by a person no matter what’s going on or how long it takes to get them through it… And that their problem becomes your own. You will face any difficult situation or issue with another person just as if you were facing the same thing yourself. Even if it takes years or to the end of the persons life to get through it, perseverance means that you will go with an unlimited amount of support and understanding in order to stand by that person 100% better how long. But to get to perseverance one must first understand patience.

It’s truly amazing how each virtue leads to the other just as the deadly sins do. The deadly sins in fact are the opposite version of each virtue.There is a lot of speculation on just how many virtues there really are. Some say seven, some say thirteen… I know how many there really are in truth. But just to learn the basic and most important for now, patience and perseverance are two of them. Patience means that it takes a lot for you to get upset or frustrated. A good example would be a mothers love. In my own situation my children are very sensitive to energy and the thoughts of moods of other people.. It seems that whenever they are uncomfortable they start to act up. They’ll cry or whine for a long time until the person goes away if that individual is in a darker place. They can definitely sense if someone is loyal to me or not as well. The crying and whining could go on for hours depending upon the situation and how long it lasts. Still, most parents would get pretty upset and freak out if their children kept crying and whining both to see him time for several hours at a time. You would catch them snapping at them or yelling at them ferociously to stop it. Patience is how I handle it. I try to come down to my children’s level and ask them what’s bothering them. If they can’t express it verbally, I will read them telepathically. I think they prefer the telepathic version though. Telepathy makes it easier for them since they may not know how to express what they’re experiencing since you are still learning what different situations contain or what things are about. It might take me a few minutes to figure things through and if the situation can be helped and they still are whining, I will just laugh at their little faces all scrunched up in discomfort and tell them it’ll be okay.

To be honest with you though, my children don’t really cry or scream when I’m around them. Only when others are here. That’s because they don’t like the interference. As a messenger I carry the energy of heaven and our creator. The only thing I can say is that if I were around those in the heavens, I would probably always want them to myself as well. I wouldn’t intend to be selfish on purpose, I would just wanna spend as much time with them as I could since they were here in the flash. That’s how my children are. Because they’re so use that heavenly vibration from their origins and the time that they spend with me, they definitely aren’t used to outsider energies that are in vested with astral entities or parasitic entities at that. So truthfully they don’t really scream or wine much at all. They just like they just like to talk a lot and they are kind of loud since they are small and don’t know how to turn their voice down. That’ll come a little later. But when people are here and it’s hard to get them settled, I don’t get mad at them. I do feel hurt at the situation though. I wouldn’t want anyone to be uncomfortable especially them or my visitor. But I don’t feel frustrated and I don’t feel angry. In fact I don’t feel any anger at all in my life unless I am reflecting a person back at themselves for them to see what they look like in their own behaviors, my acting as an Oracle.

Another example of patience and perseverance would be in regard to a particular situation that I have been going through for a few years now. Everyone knows I’ve had a little difficulty with one particular religious group. I Cantel sometimes whether I’m being targeted out of hatred or love because I have come to work with so many of them throughout time but yeah I do find a lot of obstructions positioned around me and social media by them. Nevertheless I ended up having a person in my life that came from that particular group. I found that there at times were a lot of disagreements and beliefs.Not only that but the person even though they were very religious, still failed to understand things in a divine way. I have to teach them and to also show them through my example. The human perspective is not at all near to what the divine will think or see. We have had a lot of moments of arguments having been infused because of their actions and in my just trying to explain to them gently the more holy thing to do, say or think. Now this is the type of person that had been subjected to a lot of drama and spite throughout their life. They tend to think that anyone who claims to be sick, may just be lying for attention. I’m definitely not someone who lies and if somethings wrong with me, always telling the truth. Even if there is something going on, I always get up and still do my daily tasks because I know that life goes on and I have to be strong. It’s very seldom that I ever claim to not feel well and most of the time it is nearly just energetic. I heal almost instantly. I just know that the individual seems to not care because of how they were brought up, tends to make my children feel sad that I don’t have anyone there to support me. There have been a lot of disagreements over the person not trusting people because of something in the past, and their accusations toward me of being someone that might be disloyal and hurt them. I always tell them that they found me through my work and that they should already know who I am and what my intentions are.

I’m not capable of hurting anyone, and if I ever have it wasn’t on purpose. People will perceive things in their own judgment. I can only explain what I meant in the way that they can understand, should there be any disagreement. Still, there have been moments of great selfishness with the individual where they had always put themselves ahead of me as well. Speaking about all of this to them year after year, they didn’t start to change until recently. My daughter Amber always asks why I continue to put myself through great difficulties in helping a person that it’s taking so long to help? And I tell her, it’s unconditional love and the virtues of patience, perseverance and endurance.

Just as our Lord in heaven stands by every individual no matter what they are going through, I must always show the same. People may say that it sometimes feels as if God is not there for them? That’s not the truth. He’s always there for them. It’s just like with parents they have to teach their children hands on and showing them things so that they can learn when they’re very small. But even in the latter learning stages, when they are making mistakes, a parent must learn to sit back and let them make their mistakes in order to know what the consequences feel like sue us to understand why it’s wrong. And so sometimes yes it does feel like God is not there, but he is. He is allowing people to make their own mistakes I have a learning process so that they can just like little kids, learn. I will stand by anyone for however long it takes if I see the potential for real change to happen. This means that I will have to feel with them when they are feeling. I will have to cry with them when they cry. I will have to feel passionately to a deer situation just as much as they do themselves. And that’s because perseverance means taking on the persons burden with them, for however long it takes to release the burden or heal it. There will be millions of frustration and outburst coming from the other end of things but even then will still stand by them. Even if they repeated the same mistake over and over again for a decade I would have to be by their side. And that’s why patience is definitely needed with perseverance. If you are impatient you will get frustrated easily. These days you’ll see many people look at others even closest to them who are having problems to only tell themselves that it isn’t their problem and walk away. But then that means that they don’t really love the person at all because, if they did then they would take that person‘s problem on with them side-by-side loyally.

Patience is showing that you don’t get upset or angry easily by anything. You don’t get agitated quickly when waiting for things or waiting on other people. Obviously if you’re going to persevere truly through another person‘s issues, and you certainly can’t go getting all angry or agitated waiting for them to resolve it. So as you can see, patience and perseverance are very important. These are very godlike attributes because this means that nothing really gets under your skin to begin with and so in your true unconditional love for that person you can get through anything. You would want to naturally because you care about and you would not want them to face things alone. I treat all of my students, relatives, friends and even enemies the same way. Throughout time no matter how much time has gone by, I do you see people making strides towards change. It doesn’t happen overnight as some would like it too, but it will happen if you are diligent and full of perseverance.

Perseverance though, also means that you are loyal and full of unconditional love only divine level that you are willing to put yourself to the side always for another individuals better interests. That’s selflessness and of course another virtue but will get into that another time. Just always remember that one’s soul cannot utilize its unlimited consciousness while they are still stuck in the 3-D perspective.you have to transcend that and it isn’t easy. When you were becoming illuminated which is what unlimited consciousness means, then you are rising above the third dimensional perspective of things. And the more and more that you do that, the closer you get toward the design. It is a path for those who truly have a love for others and are willing to learn how to rid themselves impatience, judgment, anger, and selfishness in order to love others as God loves them. It is through that that a person will then learn how to truly love himself. This is called mercy.

A person who is showing perseverance does not throw it in the persons face with they are doing for them. They don’t continuously bring it up in order to remind them consistently that they are being a support system. They just merely do it. That’s because it’s genuinely in their heart to, if they aren’t even seeking any recognition for it in return. It’s only when the person finally gets through their trials, that they can look back themselves and say thank you.

Once all of that love and mercy is experienced and expressed at the same time, then a person can say that they have reached a great deal of true growth toward being more divine.

“Perseverance means walking a person through any trial and for however long it takes to get them through it.” -