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  • Shaping a Virtuous Family: Part One
    “Gold is the color of friendship, divinity, joy, clarity, and strength. Family should be led entirely on these things”. Alura Cein If you are trying to have a good family, then applying the virtues is… More
  • It’s deeper…
    I was thinking deeply lately andalongside of my posts on my social media for my mystical work psychic readings and spiritual teachings, I’ve decided that I’m going start using the pages as a diary of… More

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It is a new in fact doing anything in moderation is the best way to do anything. Doing too much of something in excess can definitely become habitual and depending upon what it is it could be unhealthy. Many people around the world develop things like addictions and even over intelligent behavior. That’s why it’s important to still get the most enjoyment out of life, but I do so virtuously and in moderation.

Since a lot of people often ask me what I think is more along the lines of being virtuous or stepping over that boundary, I figured that I would start exploring some things myself and then adding my review here. I’ll even start adding some of my very own recipes so that some of the concoctions that I come up with can also be enjoyed as well. Please enjoy this new segment of the website, and I surely encourage those of you who are reading it, to always be strong and try to get the most out of living.