By The Day: Alura’s Motivational Guide To Virtuous Living


Welcome dear reader! If you arrived here, you didn’t find this site by coincidence. You were led here.

In fact, it all started with a greater soul who wanted to grow. As a result that spirit created a “soul contract” or spiritual plan full of lessons to master, purposes to fulfill to prove that those lessons were mastered, and experiences to behold. This was so intricate in detail that it included living as a different character in a huge book of life. Other soul’s would play the “supporting roles” with specific events and locations throughout Earth’s history to serve as the “theatre”. In that plan, you agreed to eventually evolve back into your divine self after living in this 3D world of imperfections, illness, immorality, and pain.

You are not the only soul who decided to take on such a commitment. However, many of those soul’s including yourself have all gotten caught up in the trap that this world has set up in every turn. Over time, you “fell asleep” in this world of illusions. You forgot who you really are and the objectives that you had planned. But the greater spirit that you are did not forget. During a most trying time in the world, your greater spirit decided that it was time to get back on track and to succeed in the main goal to evolve. And so, you began seeking. That seeking has led you here to this site.

The best way to succeed is to be the best versioning yourself while here. There are more steps that are necessary to complete as well. For now it starts with change. You will never be perfect 100%. Yet, you can still try to be your very best. That means that “your best” consists of what you are capable of, in being as good in your character and conduct as you uniquely can be. You can strive to emulate a mentor if you have one. However, if you can’t be 100% like them then accept it by knowing that you are unique. Do your best. It’s really all that you can do.

Still, you landed on here in order to have help in your spiritual evolution. I pray that my wisdom and the wisdom of the heavens propels you toward getting closer to the mastery of your journey, if not toward total mastery! The virtues are mandatory tools or better yet… mandatory “keys” that assist with getting a soul back on track. The virtues when understood and applied, can transform you back into being your true greater (higher) self again or at least pretty close in resemblance.

By The Day

As I continue to add other topics and content to my sites, this area here at “A Life of Virtues Magazine” will be reserved for what I call “By The Day”. It’s a column in which I’ll be motivationally coaching you and other readers by use of several foundations of heavenly wisdom including that of the application of the divine virtues. In everything that is taught here as well as examples of every situations in life, the virtues themselves will be the very core of the wisdom.

The wisdom and motivational coaching will be available only to those who are VIP members on my main site. As a result, until you have enrolled as a VIP member, the pages will be password protected. The password itself will be shared with you only after the process of obtaining a membership is completed.

Why is a membership needed? In the past my mystical teachings have been stolen by individuals who have come and gone on my sites. It’s time to start protecting the wisdom that I have brought and the wisdom shared with me from heaven throughout my life. Signing up for the membership will show who is serious about their growth enough that they work hard to even get the membership. When a person is passionate about losing weight to get healthy and fit, they’ll sign up for a gym membership and spend their finances on healthy groceries. They invest time into meal planning, and working out. Their time and sweat is invested into exercising. The same passion and investment should go into a person’s spiritual health, if not more so. Their body is temporary here but the soul which is eternal should definitely have more focus and dedication for sure.

To sign up for the membership to have access to “By The Day” and many other wonderful works, and exclusive content, you will need to download the WIX app. Download the app by using the Code TTF94E and it’ll take you straight to my site. After downloading the app, sign up to the site as a basic member. Downloading the app and the basic membership are free. Basic membership gives you access to updates, exclusive services, newsletters and raffles that are drawn for free prizes.

After you finish the download and sign up for the free membership, you should see a page that is especially for free members who are on the app. Across the top there will be a navigation menu with a few options of where the app can take you. There is an option labeled “pricing”. After clicking on “pricing” you will see the VIP Membership package. It’s for one full year of membership and includes all of the features mentioned in the description. It’s totally worth it!

The VIP membership pays for itself even with just the discounts alone over that one years time if you are truly seeking to get Services to work on your spiritual enlightenment…but it offers so much more”! Plus, it safeguards my sacred wisdom too!

Stand by!

I’m excited for this project and many other things. I’m here to help others who are serious about growth, wisdom, and having a relationship with both the Creator and their true higher self. In the meantime, stand by. I’ll have new content for both public and private VIP members.

A new “By The Day” activity will be added on the app under the same navigation menus but under an option labeled “Online programs” or “Challenges”. You’ll be directed back here to “A Life of Virtues Magazine” for the lesson that goes with the activity. Every mini lesson will always be found under this label in the menu to this site. Enjoy! I can’t wait!