Did you know… The Truth About Samhain

As a descendant of the Tuatha De Danaan, many customs come to us from our ancestral lineage. However, I don’t follow by man’s customs alone but rather what heaven has shown me. It seems that a lot of the customs that are created by man come from the gods. However, because of migration and people taking charge over a lot of things, true customs that were originally a part of this world from the original creators and first families have been greatly distorted. Therefore, I have always tried to go by only what heaven has shown me and that which I have seen on my own throughout the world turning in the ages. I was really glad that I have some spare time to focus on this because of my surgery. Otherwise, I probably would’ve been busy using all of my healing energy, I’m doing more work in this article would not have been possible. I thought it would be pretty interesting to tell you all some history for our Oktoberfest or better yet called Grianstad. 

If you’re new to the site and just coming upon this article due to a web search, I first welcome you. Secondly, please click this link to learn more about what holiday I am referring to. If you are already familiar, I thought it would be perfect to go with our “Did You Know” activity for the celebrations which is on the calendar for yesterday. So let’s get right to it.

Did you know that Halloween actually descending down from the Celtic tribes? It wasn’t just about people celebrating the harvest either. There were two ceremonies that were initiated for mating and marriage. And one for sexuality and overindulgence alone.

Our correspondence with Halloween goes into the second of annual ceremonies involving love and mating rituals came sometime during and after the harvest. The harvest time was an important time to all people, even people today. Agriculture is what keeps us fed and for many stores, it keeps the consumer… well a consumer. back then there were merchants and markets, but for those that live freely amongst their people, they grew food themselves. The entire community worked together except those that were dubbed as the rulers. Many times during the harvest all of the best first pickings of each and every family were given to the rulers as a holiday gift. To the king and queen, each family would provide produce and even some select meats from their first hunt of the season. The King and queen themselves represented the God and Goddess.

Many people would take great joy in storing up jams, sauces, wines, wheat and flour, and so much more! They used to dig very deep in the earth to store their food during that month so that it would stay fresh. After collection of the foods from the farming and even from the forest itself, everybody would have a huge celebration. It was like a huge community potluck! Every family would then bring not only one dish to share during the festivities, but they would bring one for each night. Celebrations themselves went on from the time of the equinox and three days after. Then all of the food that was left over from the festivities were donated to the druids. Now the thing of it is, is that time was not calculated by the Celtics as it is today. In fact, I think every kingdom or land had its own way of telling time until organized religion came and people started to evolve as a community into more civilized traditions. therefore the equinox wasn’t always held on September 21. And Halloween wasn’t actually on 31 October.

Halloween was known as samhain back then to the original people who celebrated it. But not everybody in the world did. Of course the Greeks had their very own harvest season but their festivities were more like a carnival following the time of the year. And the Greeks knew how to party! They too, had a whole other celebration for the solstice.

Still, Samhain consisted of beautiful homemade masks made from things in nature, and the celebration of many of the nature spirits including the deceased. They believed their ancestors to become a part of nature even taking a role as a spirit looking after some place in it depending upon their deeds in life. Ancestors who were known to have been wicked and troublesome were deemed as sneaky trickster spirits.  ancestors who had done only good deeds, were considered to be more of the benevolent kind. In each duality the nature spirits included fairies, gnomes, banshees, trolls, Brownies, etc. 

The ritual consisted of not only reverence of these long gone spirits what are the spirits that were born to nature originally. That means they had never been human. So both former humans and non-humans alike, the spirits were given great tidings and gifts. Both ancestor spirits and original need your spirits of benevolent personality, we’re giving great blessings to say thank you for the protection and to ask for more for the upcoming new year months ahead. The tricksters were given gifts as well, because the Celtic’s believed that they would interfere throughout the year behind the scenes causing bad luck and misfortune. Additionally, all couples who had been married for many years and those who were newly wed at the beginning of that year itself,  all got together also wearing masks like the spring celebration. However, instead of marriages, all couples wearing their masks, drank merrily as well as gave into lust. All could bed whomever they laid down with for that night, for that one night only.

The druids and the priestesses were the ones responsible for crafting the masks for that particular celebration. They had their very own sacred ceremony in which they crafted the masks and had them dedicated to the gods for a blessing to adorn each person wearing one.  The only thing was how much should a woman had conceived a child on that night out of wedlock, the child was to be given to the druids. But only if the conception could approximately be calculated to fall within that timeframe. 

For them, it was an excellent time of year in which lovers got together and no one felt jealousy as they had the right to exchange affections with any one that they pleased for that night, While also celebrating the harvest time in the end of the year. It was a great time to show gratitude to all things in nature and as a result, to see who was blessed more so by the spirits in the upcoming year according to how well they did in the area of expertise they held. It was thought that anyone who had more plenty than others, that they must have been looked fondly upon by the spirits the previous year before. Furthermore is that they believed that the veil or a curtain between spirit world and human world, was at its finest during that time of year as well. They held one feast out of the several celebrations taking place under samhain, to be dedicated to the spirits of the deceased that may be there with them because of the communication barrier being lifted a little bit. Even though they may not have been able to see them, they still set aside a plate just for the sake that their loved one may have returned just for that night only. It was actually a pretty awesome time of year. It falls into the timeframe of the angelic end of the year celebrations which is like a combination of the several fall Holidays that consist of the equinox, Mabon, Samhain, mm me and All Saints Day. Even Thanksgiving is incorporated in a sense but much earlier on with one feast in the one month period of festivities, being dedicated to the heavens as an appreciation ceremony. During that one month one candle was lit each night for prayer but it was also lit to ward off trickster spirits as well as having the flames which also represented the soul of the family’s ancestral guardian spirit.

There’s lots more all for now. Enjoy your year and blessed be!

A Few Autumn Vegan Recipes

In light of the Autumn festivities, life for some actually requires eating. Me, I’m not too keen on food except to taste test a few things or when I have a special visitor where we are snacking together. Gluten and sugar free as can be, I always say. But slipping some sweet substance in there isn’t always the worst thing in the world. I have to cook for the rest of my family and friends. My friend Savannah just moved down the street, which is nice since I now have a friend to do things with besides my daughter Amber who is my best friend in the world too. Anyhow, we tried some of my Fall dishes recently and they were awesome! I love cooking for loved ones. If you are saving dinner for the October festivities, or come across a post where the activity is to cook something, please feel free to try any number of these. I only post a few for now though.

Alex’s Squash Surprize

Serving (4)

Two acorn squash

Split both acorn squash in half.

1 cup butter substitute melted. (I Can’t believe it’s not butter, now has a vegan spread).

1 cup brown sugar

2 cups walnuts

Directions: glad that you acorn squash in half. Smother each half in the melted butter substitute. Take a nice handful of brown sugar and rub it onto each half of the acorn squash. Fill the middle of your acorn squash with walnuts and brown sugar. Bake in the oven on slow cook at 300°, for an hour and a half. Serve with any meat substitute or if you’re not a vegetarian, this would go best with poultry or fish.

Recipe is very good and kicks your taste buds up a notch. It’s very sweet but kind of reminds me of a sweet potato pie. The squash is very good for you with it’s tons of vitamins and minerals. The sugar on the other hand may not be, but it is autumn LOL

Adree’s Breakfast Muffins or Bread

You will need one package of fresh blueberries, cranberries, or chocolate chips. I prefer blueberries or cranberries.

You will also need:

3 cups of flour,

1 teaspoon of baking soda,

1/2 a cup of sugar substitute,

1 cup of water,

1/3 cup of oil

2 tablespoons of Egg substitute

Directions: where are all of the contents above, into a mixing bowl. Blend evenly. Add blueberries, cranberries or chocolate chips, and then stir some more. Fill your bread or cupcake pan. Cook at 350° for 20 minutes or until the middle is solid. Allow to cool for one hour.

Ally’s Butternut Squash Soup

2 butternut squash

1 quart of Almond, Rice, Soy or Oat milk. (I liked the almond).

1 large can vegetable broth

1/2 sweet onion

Chopped carrots, fresh corn, chopped potatoes, and chopped zucchini.

Directions: skin your squash and then chop it so that it will fit into a blender. Add enough water, to give it a smoothie type consistency. Put it into a large cooking pot. Chop up your vegetables and throw them in there. Add one can of vegetable broth. Stir. Add 2 cups of almond milk. Stir. Let simmer on low for 30 minutes.

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

1 pepper per guest (I served 6)

Yellow Spanish Rice

2 bags of Gardein Beefless Crumbles

4 tablespoons of egg substitute

2 cups of breadcrumbs

3 tablespoons of Adobo

1 bag of GoVeggie Shredded Mexican style cheese.

Directions: Cut your peppers where the top is just sliced off like a little lid. Pull out the middle of the pepper and don’t don’t worry if there are a few pepper seeds left as it adds flavor.

In a separate bowl, mix together your beef list crumbles, adobo, egg substitute, breadcrumbs and anything else you think is creative or tasty. I also added the in shredded cheese. Blend it all together and start stuffing your peppers.

Make your Spanish rice as a side dish. Cook the peppers for 1 hour at 375°.

I even made the cornbread myself!

Amber’s Vegan Swedish Meatballs

Vegan Beefless Crumbles

Egg noodles (wide)

Vegetable broth 1 cup

4 teaspoons flour


1 tablespoon Black pepper

1 tablespoon Salt

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon paprika

1 tablespoon of thyme

Silk Dairy free Heavy Whipping Cream

Directions: Boil your egg noodles until soft. To make sauce, mix 1 cup vegetable broth with 1 cup dairy free whipping cream, 4 teaspoons of flour, salt, and pepper together. For meatballs, mix the Beefless Crumbles with the salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, enzyme and then mold into your ball shape.

After everything is done being mixed together in their appropriate components, now you can fix your meal. Add your meatballs on top of your noodles and then drench with the sauce according to your preference.

That’s all for now folks. Just a few vegan dish ideas for you, your family or guests. If you try any of these, please be sure to let me know!

By the Day: Winning over negativity

The Lord brings peace into The lives of his faithful followers. When you embrace the Lord’s way of thinking, not much can bother you anymore because you now have multiple ways of looking at things. The divine discernment takes you away from that one perspective that for any other person, would have them feeding right into things. What things? Well, demons for one thing. Demons really have a way of getting around. They’ll try to ruin any little bit of peace that a person has going in their life. I suppose that this post wouldn’t be perfect unless I gave you an example to help you understand. I’ll give you an example for my own personal life since that’s more sufficient.

I have a great life. In it, I find that I have a lot of people that care about me. Yes there are things that have happened throughout the years that were less than pleasant and even though I can see the deeper picture, not many others can. I spent a lot of time trying to educate even my own family, in the higher divine way of thinking. I’m doing so, they have really grasp a lot of things that they had in before, that has brought them a lot of peace themselves. However, there’s always that one person that has to stir up trouble. The other night I had just returned from the hospital, as I had surgery on three hernias. One of them, I had gotten from my father before he had died. I was with child, having my last boy Alexander. My father had fallen and there is nobody else around to pick him up. I couldn’t leave my father lying on the floor like that. So alas, I got him. I pulled out my right side. Doctors couldn’t help me until after the baby came. However, pulling the baby out in my third C-section, they had given me two more hernias. I had one at my belly button and one just underneath of that. Then, there was the third on my lower right. I had not noticed it until late April because by then it had gotten bigger and bigger. I had a bump intruding out of my stomach. It wasn’t very attractive, but I am OK with myself and so I didn’t allow it to bring me down. I still didn’t want to leave it there because it’s very dangerous. With that in mind, I made the appointment for the surgery but because of all this COVID-19 business going on, they were taking a long time getting things scheduled for me. Finally, it was around the same time of year that my father died, that they scheduled the surgery in.

Surely the surgery was scheduled two days after my father’s one year anniversary of his being gone. I find it exceptionally strange that a lot of things seem to be taking place around this time of the year now. My father passed right on the cusp of October 4 and 5. October 4 was my grandmother’s birthday, October 5 is Jonathan’s birthday. For those of you who don’t know who Jonathan is, he is the father of my two newest children.  Actually my new toddler Adriel was scheduled to be born naturally on that same exact day too. They had told me that she was going to be born in late August. The doctors always had a different month in which she was due. What I mean by that is, every time I would go in when I was four months, they would say that she was only three months, when I go back in the following month they would say she was still three months but at that point in time I was five months. It seemed like they were playing a lot of games. I knew that she was conceived at the end December of 2018. I even had one doctor’s office already confirm it in stating that she was four weeks along, towards the second week of January. But as soon as I started going to another doctor’s office, they were always telling me she was a month behind, every new month that I went in. Therefore, she should’ve been born in August but she was scheduled to be born by nature October 5, and the C-section scheduled for September 26. So it was really strange that this day always seemed to appear to come up, and yet even after my father’s passing, still continues to create significance.

Getting back to the story, I came home this afternoon and the surgery went well. Nevertheless, I needed help and so we asked for a family friend to come by to help with the kids. It was not long after I was home that petty arguments began between relatives. After calming it down myself, I started to feel a little relieved that the arguments were over with. It was only a matter of time before another one happened. Then, another one after that. In the stretch of four hours, three arguments had already taken place. I could see how everybody was giving into the negativity and so I shouted above everyone’s voices “Hey! Please don’t feed it!!!!”

I didn’t want the “demons” to have that much power over the family. Nevertheless they were there trying to stir up a whirlwind of trouble. Sometimes people won’t listen if you try to get their attention to pull them out of it. I was lucky enough that my family wanted to listen because as soon as I brought it to their attention, they could see what was really happening. They all stopped dead in their tracks and we prayed. The arguing ended for good there.

Have you ever had this happen?Have you ever been in a situation where everyone was trying to have a super positive day but everybody that was around you just kept falling into these really negative pits of unnecessary arguments or every little thing that each other did? Or, everyone got on one another’s nerves? That is another form of spiritual interference. It’s a cloud of consciousness that moves from person to person and tries to set everybody against one another. This is so that whatever spirit is behind the attack can feed off of the argumentative energy.

I know it must be difficult for a lot of families that go through something similar as many people in the family won’t open their mind up enough to listen when someone tries to stabilize the situation by speaking with reason. And trust me it was not always that way because there were times in the past where arguments were going on and I had tried a similar tactic. However, everybody would just look at me as if I were crazy for trying to keep them from arguing, and they would continue on instead. It takes a long time to get your family used to recognizing bad energy when it is around. You have to really be able to point it out for each individual first. There are symptoms that start to attack them which should be shown to them individually. And that way when they are in a group, they can all recognize how it’s moving through them as a collective.

Nobody should ever argue back anyway. In illuminated vision or perspective, it’s important for someone to listen to another person’s perspective and to try to understand that person from their side of things. However, there are individuals that will deliver Atlee try to stir up trouble. There are some who are natural agitators as they love poking at people just for their own sheer enjoyment of it. I’m sure all of you have seen someone like this at some point or the other. Have you known a person or two where they just have a real fun time at getting other people worked up, and they certainly know exactly what buttons to poke at, to do it. What do you do when something like that is happening? What if you try to shout above the noise like I did, to tell everyone to stop arguing because it is a spiritual interference… But nobody listens?

The next best thing to do is to try to communicate with the most open minded person out of the bunch. It’s usually the person that you spend most of your time with and by now, you have already helped them understand spirituality a bit. Try to make eye contact with them. Tell them that you feel as though the arguing is being influenced, and that they should just walk away. Most of the time the person will heed your advice unless they’re so upset that every little thing that the other person says is just antagonizing them. If it just happens that you can’t calm the situation down, it’s best to just walk out of it yourself. Eventually, the situation will reach its apex and settle itself later, but only after tearing through each person, which is why it’s best to try what you can first to avoid that.

You can also prayer this prayer, but when you do be sure to say it with heart and soul.

By The Day: Octoberfest

Grianstad, the days of many names. There’s a time that can be called many things due to the multiple meanings surrounding it. I have heard those in the spiritual plains above call it:

“End of Year”

“End of Sun” time.

Days of the Sleeping Goddess

The Coronation of the King

Return of the Hunter

And so many more. What I love most about this celebration is, that it incorporates several of them. First we have the celebration of the equinox. During the first week of October, we have the feast of Tabernacle ‘s. Then there is Samhain, and the very next day after there is All Saints Day. I’m so starting from the day of the equinox on September 21, all of the way up until November 1, it is a month jam packed with festivities. It’s always been tradition since Celtic tribal times to make our own decorations, tools, potions, oils, herbs medicines, tinctures, and toxins. That’s right! I said toxins! It’s true that back in those days, people keep poison someone and get away with it. A lot of people would pay for such a poison, to be rid of their enemies. And we weren’t talking about somebody that they just merely didn’t like either. We’re talking about a full on adversary. Since there were laws against murdering your fellow man even back then, one had to be very careful in well they eliminated their enemies. Poison was probably the number one pick up that time. Back in those days, people paid for medicines and tinctures of all kinds. If a woman had gotten pregnant out of wedlock, or even outside of her own marriage bed… She would pay for a poison that would only read her of her baby. Someone to the baby and would pay for potions that could help them become pregnant. There were also people that saw after oils for extreme injuries that seems to never heal. Injuries I speak of are very similar to the one that came Henry the eighth had on his leg. It was a wound that every now and then would get agitated and then fester until it broke open, and was weeping. It just seemed to keep doing this and was unhealable. Oils and so on, helped.

This month will be a month of making all the spiritual tools we need for my work. I’ll also be harvesting all of the herbs and wonderful vegetables that I grew my garden. I’ve actually already started, except my pepper plants are coming in little bit sporadically. It’s not really a good thing to just have one pepper grow every few months that you harvest off because if you leave it there, it will rot. Therefore we had a nice growth spurt during summer and autumn brings slow growth. I’m excited about the habanero peppers though.

For the festivities, I’ve added them to the Spiritual theme calendar for this month below. Good stuff!

I’ll be more descriptive about the events but be creative! Life is really abnormal nowadays and you deserve to have a good time. Your family will appreciate the fun too, believe it or not. When I forewarned about the upcoming indoor generation, I wasn’t kidding. Everything will be as the angels have said. But we can still make life a ton of fun! Look for my social media posts on the activities and more! You could even really get into the spirit and book a session with me for a tarot, Ouija, or a channeling with a spirit of the ancients. What about your past lives? Get a memory on one Halloween night from your past. Ooooo! What was it like?

Get ready for an entire month of excitement!

Spiritual Meaning of Pumpkins

Fire and pumpkin for Autumn Equinox 2020

Pumpkin to have long then a decoration in the history of the autumn equinox celebrations such as Mabon, Samhain, and Halloween. This time of year there’s also known as the closing of the angelic year, which begins in April, with its main celebration on 1 May. But with all of the decorations that richly paint the backdrop of our beautiful change of season, why are pumpkins so significant? Is it just merely because they are harvested around this time? Is it because the pilgrims had grown pumpkins around Thanksgiving time according to what the Indians had taught them? No.

Actually pumpkins and many other things that are involved in autumn time, have been used as far back as civilization. Especially, in colder regions. I don’t think pumpkins were use that much out there in the land of Egypt LOL. Actually autumn time celebrations including parts of the Angelic end of the year celebrations, have a lot of rich spiritual history where a lot of the foods and decoration have a lot to do with a very deeply rooted spiritual things. These go back even as far as the old way, which were more nature-based spiritual beliefs systems, even including the druids. The pumpkin and many other things, represent so much spiritually I’m sure that a lot of those things are not widely known.  I want to share what I know about the pumpkin’s meaning. I think they are just very beautiful.

The Pumpkin and its Spiritual Consciousness…

Firstly, we know that this harvest time represents yeah that’s where the goddess is well throughout the summer comes me to an end. She is now handing over the next season to her husband which he will take over the cold, strong, harsh disciplinarian of winter. And believe me winter is punishing! Not for Californians though eh? Just kidding. I’m sure that there are a lot of warm climate places who haven’t experienced winter like the East Coast or those in the UK. We angels/deities in the heavens call winter “the dead zone” since this is a part of the year where time is supposed to be on standstill.

If you think back of days of old to festivals like Saturnalia, then you can pretty much imagine how it worked. It was a time of just staying in, cozying up with a nice furry blankets, furry throw rugs, by your fireplace. It was a time of using up everything that you worked hard for throughout the summer, throughout the winter months. Which meant that nobody really worked during the winter months. It was too cold. It was not really a good condition for farmers especially since they couldn’t really gather any crops from the cold hardened ground.

Jams, sauces, pickled veggies, and jellies are made during the beautiful harvest months, stored in sealed jars. Hunters stripped and cleaned game to freeze it for later. The fur and every part used. Wines, and ales were barreled, and herbs readied for need. Afterwards, everyone would be ready for the winter season where eating, drinking and merriment were predominant. This was what Saturnalia and the parties of Dionysus were all about. Pure indulgence. That was because the Gods were good in providing for everyone great deal of plenty… It also resulted in gift giving, as a show of the gratitude.

“The gods are generous and so shall humans also be.”.

So as we are now storing up our “plenty” for the months of relaxation and enjoyment,  pumpkins are often a huge part the harvest and decor. Think of all the things you can make with pumpkin! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin or squash soup, pumpkin or squash spaghetti, noodles or sauce… Pies, or even salted roasted pumpkin seeds. What’s the big deal about pumpkins? Well, there’s a lot on the subject. It may get a little graphic so bear with me.

Pumpkins represent a woman’s womb. Through the umbilical cord, the Pumpkins vine, a beautiful womb is filled up with plenty such as all of the seeds of life inside. Then there is the nutrition of the pumpkins guts, representing the women’s placenta. This represents the goodness in which seeds of life will bear more fruit in the cycle of life itself. Pumpkins truly have a very deep and beautiful spiritual meaning do they not? Pumpkins are also very important because when you clean them out to obtain the inner goodness, the pumpkin becomes hollow and there is the ability to hold a candle inside of it. This is representing the fact that even though the “womb” has push forth the seeds of life, there’s light still inside of it. this is almost as if to say that the room that will always be the deliver of light to our world. Through that it words of death. Which is why jack-o’-lanterns were said to scare off souls of evil entities, or the lost souls of the deceased.

So as you can see, pumpkins are really important in regards to spirituality in there symbolic meaning in relation to do it, as well as the nutrition that they provide, and the beautiful decorations that they bring in what it stands for.

By the Day: September 15, 2020

Firstly, forgive me for my post of the elderly man who passed out back of my house. My post had no malice in it, but was to show of miracles. Being right there when it happened, the police announced aloud do you want another that he had passed on while driving this vehicle and that they were trying to resuscitate him. However I thought it was amazing that it happened right in my backyard on most, if being that we are very loving and thought immediately to send healing and prayers. The man did end up living which I didn’t get to continue on and telling the story, since the post had offended some. Nevertheless, God does work in mysterious ways and having led him here, he had a family that prayed hopefully for him. Who knows? Had it been any other place, maybe there would not have been? Plus, the fact that it was here at a healer’s house too. It was almost like his vehicle just came to a stop right here at my home. I thought it was a wonderful thing that God to make sure that he was brought to a good place in order to survive. I thought to make it a conversation piece about miracles, but the post didn’t go very far due to comments that people made before knowing anything further about the story, or for those that took it the wrong way. I saw it as ignorance and judgemental. I never jump on top of people whether I agree or disagree with something. Besides, those who know me…. knew my intention was good.

I still apologize if it came off as brash to anyone. I should have left his face out of the picture.  I would have loved to had continued on with talking about it in the comments but it seems that people don’t give things a chance and like to jump down peoples throats before they know anything else. For now on, I’ll have to tell the entire story all in one giant sum, without giving people ability to ask questions about things in order to engage with them. I just want to thank the police for the exceptional job that they did fighting for his life, and God for allowing the man to live on. He was taken to the nearest hospital after they found a pulse on him. I was only a few feet away so I was able to hear everything as they did bring him to the edge of my yard. A new beginning for him I hope! Speaking of growth and new beginnings….

Today we think of growth. It’s a new moon after all with lots of magic going on tonight. I know that I’ll be enjoying it with my ritual circle!

Growth is all around us in the cycles of life. We are all one body here on this planet. But in that one body, there exists cells that carry disease. That disease would equal to being the people that are full of corruption. If you can imagine on a greater level, the protests, wars, and acts of violence that are all happening right now, would look like a little tiny dots of illness within a great bloodstream. It’s like cancer and how it appears on testing. Like little tiny black dots dancing across the person’s inner universe. It’s the same here for earth. How did it even come to be this way? I guess that it doesn’t really matter so much now. What matters is, trying to make it better. Just like cancer though, there doesn’t seem to be much of a cure for the corruption and evils that exist here within people on the earth.

The only thing that we can try to do is multiply the good cells! In other words, we can try to inspire other people to be better. The more and more who change for the better, the more and more who are inspired…. Even those who are corrupt may have a chance to become good. We need to override the ignorance and ugliness.. If we are all one body though, then how can one body come to turn on itself? How can all of the “cells” that are meant to help the body run, come to wage war against one another? Would that not tear the body apart?

That’s exactly what’s happening because if you look at the earth today, we have huge holes in the magnetosphere and in the ozone. There are natural disasters happening everywhere at a great magnitude, just as if the earth is screaming for help. And when the earth’s vibration gets negative and is brought down, then the lifeforms living on it will do the same! Even though they’re vibration happened to be the one that started it all to begin with. It just drives the consciousness down further and further. In the Bible there’s a scripture that says:

“Is it not written in your laws that I have said you are gods?” John 10:34

It’s mentioned again at Psalm 82:6…

“I have said: You are gods; you are all sons of the most high. But you will die like mere mortals. You will fall like every other leader.”

The heavens are referring to the gods who once walked the Earth and their offspring. And yes they did fall, as they do time and time again, it being that they pass on and reincarnate over and over in cycles. Up, down, day, night, above, below, to fall, and to rise… It is all the same thing metaphorically. However, mankind in their own right believe themselves to be gods since they rebelled against the heavens and took the earth for their own. Their empires built for the offspring of the gods whom are still here, are vast and glorious.. but yet like it says “they do not live forever”. Even king Solomon himself said that it is striving after the wind that a man build some thing only to pass on and leave it behind for somebody else. However, I have heard many people reference men to being a God, even especially in the science world. I have even seen it referenced in spiritual quotes like the one below.

However, if so many people have recently awakened, then as God wouldn’t they see the terrible situation that our earth is in? But how many people were so ready to flock to the protests? Even though some of those protests were peaceful, many of them were just excuses for people to act out violently. Even for those that spoke about the “black lives matter” movement, there were many in the African-American communities who were hurting others of their very own ethnicity? So really it was all just a bunch of hypocrisy and unnecessary destruction. If many people were truly awake and became godlike, then why would there not be more conscious awareness of things? How many people say that they are awake but yet are so truly unaware that they still litter and throw trash on the ground? How many say that they are awake, and still speak vulgarly to other people or engage in confrontations? How many of them really are just saying that, as a way to glorify themselves? Probably a majority. And that’s because the truly awake person would not act in any of those ways. No, man is not God, but there is a little essence of God in all here. That is where the light that lives within all living things, comes from anyhow. Still, there would be so many changes to the world had anyone had the ability to purely access that light for what it’s truly meant to be accessible for. I mean think about it? Many just want it for vanity. Most people just want to be able to have a spiritual gift or ability, which is why they pursue becoming awake to begin with. Many just want to be viewed as as being superior. If a lot of people like that would just look deep down inside their hearts and be honest with themselves, they would see that that’s the truth. How many can really face the truth? Which is also another sign that they have not fully reached awakening. Anyone awake could face the ugliest part of themselves head on, come to terms with it, understand it, and then change it. They would not run from it or push it far deep away. That is because a God or someone awake, is someone that acknowledges all truth, good and bad for the higher divine purpose in it.

Also they would recognize that everyone is a part of God here. Therefore, they would treat one another with the upmost love and respect. Obviously if we are all brought here under the same light, then we connect not only into the consciousness of this matrix, but also from the matrix realities we all come from individually. And don’t forget about the one, that we have all come from at some point in the very beginning and it’s essence of it. Even in celestial lineage.

They would see everything and everyone around them as being a part of that one, no matter how distant or close. It doesn’t matter what reality a soul comes from, everyone of them has a connection in the greater web of consciousness that is the universe. Therefore, there is an all seeing eye above, the all seeing eye here. Everyone is having just another adventure for their higher self who connects together with someone else’s, then someone else’s, and then someone else’s. In the end, we are all a projection of the great “One”. People who are awake know that, because when you are awake, you can start to see where other people come from… a great deal… because they start feeling interconnected. No one would think to be rude, or hurtful to their own self standing before them and another form would they? Even for those that say that they are awakening or have reached a full state of being awake, they still have many of the earthly like traits such as impatience, anger, frustration, jealousy, envy, contentious, hateful, And they don’t have any regard for anything truly sacred. Even when it comes to waiting for my angelic readings, many people like to rush me. Hey look I get it, if it has been over 2 to 3 weeks, that’s kind of pushing it a bit on my end, but what if there’s some reason as to why it hasn’t come just yet? What if there’s something going on with me? Or perhaps your spirit guides think it isn’t quite time yet? Or maybe the schedule is just overbooked? With some thing such as providing divine insight, special time needs to be applied for every person carefully. I’m not going to force the info to come or rush through. You deserve the best. It isn’t entertainment, it’s heaven. Many still don’t look at it that way though. Besides that, look at our world? Look at our society? Look at the generation that is uprising, and how they treat one another? How can anyone of them actually really ever say that they are awake or God like, if our world is an even worse so the state than it ever was, ever before? How can people learn to start getting more interconnected with one another then? That brings us to the “By The Day”.

Firstly, “By The Day” is going to change to “Week By Week. I understand people have other things to do, and some of these posts require a little more time to be spent upon them. So let’s just say instead of for today, for this week… I would like everyone to think about times when they are treating other people in any way unkind or rudely. Or where you may be putting yourself ahead of others. When you realize what you are doing, stop for a minute and look at that person. Imagine if God were living inside of them, how would he be viewing you in that moment? Also if he’s having an experience within everyone, do you think he’d really want to be treated that way? After you make the awareness of this, start trying to treat other people as you would want to be treated… or more so, how you think God would want you to treat them. There is a scripture that does say:

“Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels”. Hebrews 13:1

In other words, treat other people with the awareness that God is always watching even through the eyes of one another and maybe it is in this kind of awareness that one takes on the attributes of our heavenly Lord, that can start a real awakening.

Hint: What is God, for you? Start there!