Readings Gone Wrong

A reading gone dog on wrong…

Welcome dear reader, this was actually intended to be just a simple basic Facebook post for my group, but then I realized that I had a little more to say then was appropriate for a post. Thinking about the subject a little further, I thought it was more appropriate to add it here to the magazine so that I could share some of my experiences with you, one more so in particular. I hope that you enjoy reading.

Oops sorry about that…

Here’s some thing that’s a little funny or maybe not, I guess it depends on your sense of humor.

In trying to cover a few things that go wrong with doing readings in this line of work, one of them is trying to make sure that my clients have a peaceful reading. I’m always trying to search for a nice quiet area to record my readings for people so that they can have the peace and quiet in the background away from the kids and any incoming/outgoing traffic. Most of the time, I think that I’m safe doing my readings upstairs since there’s really nobody here, but me and my dog most times and the occasional visit from my cat Charlie or Boo-boo. But just when I thought that I was safe, already now for a few sessions that I’ve had this year, my dog goes and farts in the background. I promise you it’s not me trying to cover anything up, as I know that’s probably what people may think, it’s seriously my dog. Once before, she “sounded off” in the middle of one of my client readings and I just politely explained it away. But then last night, I’m in the middle of doing a spirit melody reading and when I tell you that she did it again, I’m downsizing the statement. It was so loud! Everything in regards to peace and quiet was good up until 20 minutes into the recording. I paced (many know I do walking trances) and walked around the living room making my way back to the dining area where she was sleeping and just my luck, there it was. Yikes.
I didn’t want to waste the reading and I didn’t have time to re-record. I sincerely wanted to say that I was embarrassed that being the normal thing to say in such a situation, but I figured: “It’s not my fault and the world isn’t perfect. Hopefully the person will see it humbly and figure that there wasn’t any disrespect intended”.

“Yea I cut the cheese, and….”?

Nevertheless, I didn’t re-record. I’m pinched for time working from 11 PM to 5:30 AM, and sometimes I don’t even get started until 2 AM to 5 AM. There is a lot to do in the day and it’s a lot of juggling that I don’t even have a moment for my personal life. Even just to go to the store I have to be super fast because of the energies and how they affect me, as well as getting the most out of that hour of time. It’s been a long time since I’ve even been able to sit back and talk to anyone as a friend. But I thought that this was a little bit on the funnier side of “readings gone wrong.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a session. Some are light hearted, simple misunderstandings and sometimes someone creates a big issue. At times, there are some who even try to indirectly stir up trouble too. With any issue, I wish sometimes that some of them were as simple as my dog letting one loose lol

Thank you for reading. I hope that you had a good time reading something funny!