Love Dictionary

There are many forms of love. You can love a person in so many different ways. As an angel we love everybody equally and the same. The coming year to earth it has been quite an adventure in learning how to love people in the many different ways the earth the defines love. There are forms of non-love that resemble love. And what about when love changes its form? I wanted to have an article here on this magazine, for other people to read and to learn from. Studying love here, experience, compared to the love in the heavens… has taught me so much. All throughout my life I have asked the heavens about their thoughts on love and this is what I have learned with them, firsthand, and through psychology.

Infactuation versus True Love

Infatuation resembles love a lot. Did you know that when you fall in love your body releases hormones such as oxytocin? That is the very same hormone that helps mothers breast-feed. It also amplifies your adrenaline. When that happens that chemical makes you feel so good that you just want more and more of it. Many people end up falling in love with the idea of falling in love, because of that. Infatuation is a form of desire that many people often confuse for love but what is it? Well it’s very hard to tell a difference. Both in love and in fact tuition, you feel passion, I desire to be with that person constantly, some insecurity set an of not wanting to lose that person, so overprotectiveness and jealousy set in. All that you can do is think about that other individuals so much, that everything that you do revolves around them. You rush home to call them or see them. Every song on the radio remind you about that person. Things that you see in the world remind you of them, even people on TV LOL. But the difference between love and infatuation is the fact that in fact tuition can either in hands and grow dangerous, or it ends. After the highs over their relationship is over. And that is why many people out there in the world desire to fall in love. Majority of the time, they are experiencing infatuation and most of their encounters. As a result of that they feel that high, and then the relationship ends and they go seeking for that same high again with somebody else. That will take that person down a very long list of lovers. If it is such a habitual pattern it turns into obsessive love disorder. Infatuation, people will become so increasingly jealous that they become controlling, or very possessive. When it turns into obsessive love disorder, that individual may become a stalker. But not always. Usually relationships are based on infatuation because people release those chemicals in meeting someone that they are attracted to, and therefore they automatically confuse it with love. They jump right into the relationships, and the. they do not last. Because of that, many people are left out there in the world feeling like there is something wrong with them. They feel like a failure in love in relationships. They’re not failing in love, they’re feeling in their ability to fight off infatuation or to at least recognize it in order to avoid entering a relationship setting based on infatuation. If they could try to get to know a person over a longer period of time and not jump right into things due to the high that they feel when meeting someone, they would have a better chance of securing a relationship.

But with true love, the feeling never ends. He continues on and it doesn’t go away. Many marriages fail because they say that that spark has died out. But in true love, the spark does not fade. I always say to become friends with a person first. With infatuation, people jump right into things, not really knowing a person. They love what they see about the person at the time and they are head over heels. But then as time progresses they learn things about that individual, that they may not like it all. Then it all comes tumbling down upon them when they realize that the person that they thought that they really loved, isn’t the person that they thought they were after all. Many people base their relationships off of their physical attraction to another individual and the fact that they get along. There are so many other things that need to be analyzed and evaluated when entering a relationship. In true love, you get to know that person over time. Imagine your best friend growing up? The both of you have stuck through it thick and thin. Even through arguments, you are still the best of friends. You can tell each other anything, and you can talk about things without one another getting jealous. For example, if you think someone is attractive for a few seconds when they pass by. You could tell your best friend that, and they’re not gonna get upset about it. In fact they may even agree or disagree with you. All relationships are a lot like that. True ones anyway. This is a person that you can have a lot of things in common with. You both enjoy the same hobbies and activities, but yet you respect one another enough provide space for each other to take part in your own personal separate interests too. Lotta times people try to hinder their partners from doing the things that they love because they want their partner to be with them and do the things that they like instead. That’s selfish. We all have to take time out for one another when we are committed. Infatuation does that a lot. Infatuation can last quite a long time. Making last year’s even. And during relationships based off of infatuation, there is a lot of control. But in true love that is not the case. You’re not afraid to lose the person because you know that you are so good at being friends, That you don’t have to worry about that person doing anything to hurt or harm you. They know you and you know them through and through. Therefore, a little space is not gonna be that big of a deal or cause any insecurities. And that is based on trust. Even though it’s really hard to trust other people in this world, in a relationship you do have to have some trust, at least in the very important areas. And if you feel as though your partner is going to go cheat on you if you give them space, then you shouldn’t be with that partner. Overall though, being best friends with your partner would include being able to do everything together, with each person being open minded to the other person’s activities whether they truly like them personally or not. True love is friendship, but it is also desire. There’s a physical attraction there that makes you long for your partner while at the same time as being the greatest of friends. You can tell them your deepest darkest secrets and they won’t judge you. And they’re not comparing you to others out there in the world either. In relationships based on infatuation? They love you for how you make them feel inside at the time based on their attraction to you physically, chemically and energetically. But when that starts to fade, you will notice that small flaws make you feel insecure around your partner because they no longer feel the same way. For an example if you got into a car accident and for some reason your face had some burns on them permanently that cause scarring. Your partner would still think you were just as beautiful because the friendship would be so deep that it wouldn’t just be based on the physical attraction but instead the devotion as well. True love can get through anything and they can work anything through. And that is because the love is deeper than just the chemical and energetic reaction.

It’s true that most relationships fail because they do not realize that they are actually feeling infatuated with somebody rather than falling in love. The two are very very similar, but you can definitely tell because over time, the relationship will start to die down and feed away. You will start to long for and desire somebody else. Your partner will no longer fit your needs. All that suffer from obsessive love this order or even others who just have a little bit of trouble with having the habit of wanting to fall in love for that high, they often go through many phases and what they want in a partner, what they are attracted to, and what they think they need in the relationship. It’s true that going through the cycle of infatuation with others can teach you what you actually are looking for in life if you look back over the partners that you have had and you gather the data, of what you liked and didn’t like. However, those relationships really never work out and somebody always ends up getting hurt in the end of them. Truly better to get to know a person or several people overtime on a friendship basis. Then later on after time you can look and see which ones you have lost interest in on a romantic level and you will know who you were infatuated with and who you were actually falling in love with. And in that case, the person that is left at the end truly better to get to know a person or several people overtime on a friendship basis. Then later on after time you can look and see which ones you have lost interest in on a romantic level and you will know who you were infatuated with and who you were actually falling in love with. And in that case, the person that you still feel a bond with and still feel attracted to you… Is the right person for you.

Love in general

In this world many people based love in general, off of conditions. I don’t think that human beings really understand what the concept of unconditional love truly is. To love somebody unconditionally means that it doesn’t matter what they have, what they look like, or what they can offer you or even how they make you feel… It matters about just really caring about that person because you just do. Other people will love their friend because their friend makes them happier and they make them laugh. They will love their family because their family helps them or because they have always been there. If you really think about it those are conditions. You can love other people whether family, friends or lovers, just for no reason at all, just because you love them… Then you know you love them unconditionally. And obviously that means that you can love a complete stranger too. In heaven we love everybody. It’s a little easier for me to love others that I don’t know in person or haven’t met yet, because I already know they’re soul in heaven, we love everybody. It’s a little easier for me to love others that I don’t know in person or haven’t met yet, because I already know their soul. But in truth, the world should start to open up to loving one another without any reason. We are all brothers and sisters here on this planet. Strangers can’t offer you anything, there’s no particular thing that they can do for you, but you can show them love. And that’s the definition of being unconditional.

Sometimes when you are a part of the family, your family may not be on the same page that you are. When that happens, it may be time for you to move on. But that doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore. It just means that you needed to do something on your own independently. When it comes to romantic relationships, it is true that many fade in their intimate love over time, and turn into just a caring relationship. Usually that is because the relationships were based on infatuation only. However there are many other reasons as to why relationships can feed and it doesn’t mean that the love wasn’t unconditional at the time at all.

Signs of love

1. You know this person very well and you love everything about them even the flaws.

2. You are willing to go through any obstacle with this person together.

3. You find this person attractive in every single way. The way that they talk, the way that they walk, the way that they stand. Their looks, their energy, their soul, their personality.

4. You both have a common interests and different interests but you take part in all of that, together excited for one another and with each other.

5. You can be with that person every moment and not argue.

6. You communicate, considering your words for one another.

7. You seek to make each other happy, not for the other person to make you happy…. equally.

8. Your heart is full of joy when you are with them, or think of them.

9. You are secure with them and the relationship makes you feel safe.

10. You see yourself in their eyes.

11. Intimacy is about satisfying one another.

Signs it’s over

It’s possible to love somebody like that, but they may not really love you the same way. You may be the type of person to love people naturally with all of your heart, and when the romantic side kicks in, it just seems like true love. But if the other person is not on that level, they may not treat you as you need to be treated because of it. Leaving is the best option. You cannot stay in a toxic relationship just because you love them. When a person has their relationship coming to an end there will be major signs. Usually this happens after that has been a lot of trauma in a relationship that have forced the two lovers apart.

1. You can’t look each other in the eyes.

2. When you talk it only consists of arguing.

3. You start feeling alone.

4. Either one of you or both, start thinking about finding somebody new.

5. Flaws are starting to surface when you had not realized them as much before, due to the ugliness of the relationships condition.

6. We’re both making excuses as to wanting to break up. Or you are breaking up every week.

Usually people break up every week because they really don’t want to stay in the relationship but yet they cannot let go because of attachment issues. The attachment is probably the hardest thing to break, when the relationship has run its course. Break ups do not mean that you did not love the person unconditionally, it just means that something important is missing from the relationship that serves as a healthy element, for one of you or both of you. If you simply don’t want to be with the person just because you don’t, then that was not unconditional love to begin with.

Love is a very difficult and complicated area of life. We love people in all different categories although we love them with all of our heart. Sometimes due to circumstances the way that you love somebody can fall into a new category then which you had started. But the point is to always love the people in your life no matter what, but that does not mean that love cannot change forms were that you have to stay in a situation that isn’t right for you. And always remember, there’s a huge difference between infatuation and love. Relationships based on infatuation really never last.