The other side?

I always cover the light side of things literally, but seldom do I ever cover some of the other spirits out there, who are not as nice. In my life as a psychic, having the “sight” was never easy. I have many stories in here, and in my Spiritually Awkward site, of my numerous issues with this ability. I have it totally under control, but that does not make it any more pleasant at times.

Not what it seems:

First of all, if you could see through the veil, you would know, that many spirits are tricksters. For instance, a random person may have an encounter with an apparition. They may see only the figure of a person. Nothing else is visible, except for that of a poor wandering soul, transparent, and seemingly harmless. A bit frightening for anyone at first, but still, seemingly harmless. Right?  Especially, in this day in age when things are coming to their peak. The reason I mention this, is because one thing that I always knew was this, an apparition, may not be just an apparition after all. And, it certainly is not harmless.

People, even psychics, can not see deeper. Inside of those apparitions, behind their spiritual masks, on an invisible level, there is something else. An entity of great negative agenda. The secret societies used these spirits for a long time, in their deception of mankind. Roger Morneau, a man who came close to being a full member of a secret society, even exposed this truth when he came out in his interviews. He specifically said, he was brought to see the spirit of his deceased mother. He swore it was her and would have continued to believe this, until the leaders finally revealed that it was a wicked spirit in disguise. He got away from there luckily.

In my life, I have seen apparition, after apparition. Being a medium, attracts all kinds of spirits to me. In that, there have been times that I saw what looked to be a deceased person’s soul, and looking beyond the trickery, I saw a creature hidden well within. For instance, in a haunted hotel, I saw the outline of a ghostly figure. It was a little girl who had died there at age 8. I felt the energy, but it is true even with a benevolent spirit, one can still get off vibes, due to the energy. However, I still wanted verification, and took a deeper look, and right there int he background of this girlish image, was a little entity which had a face resembling something much like a gremlin. I have no other word to describe it. I shuddered at the thought that this entity was using the image of a little innocent girl who died tragically. Any other regular psychic would have saw only the ghost of the girl and tried to communicate. Then, they would have had a spiritual attachment later on, to follow them home. That would lead to all sorts of trouble. But many wish to have these powers, without thinking of what is needed to be safe, and to be sure.

What is there?:

What is on the other side of the veil? Being in 3D, humans are confined to a physical perception. Here, there are good people, and then some are bad. Even worse, we have humans like serial killers, pedophiles, sadists, and more. Then, there are normal deceased who just simply could not move on.  Now, imagine the same on the other side, only without physical limitation. Sad and Scary right? Can some take on a physical appearance? I’ll talk about that in my next article on Church of I.M, as there is much to speak on. for now, a simple answer, yes. Some. It takes a great deal of spiritual power to take on the feeling and appearance, of being a physical form, when only a spirit. But who are the spirits on the side?

There are so many, I would be here forever naming all of them, and the ranks are set up, like the government is set up here. My new course at Heaven and Hell will go into the spirit world, and how the physical world holds their hierarchy as the higher planes do. “As above, is so below” after all. There are souls of the deceased, those who have passed from this life, to the afterlife.This means that they merely have only shed their physical form. And we know, all types of people die every few seconds in this world. Imagine all of the types of souls there. There are spirits of the elements, who are not so nice, and ones who pure and benevolent. In that world beyond the veil, there are thought forms, positive, and negative that can float into your aura and influence your way of thinking. There are extremely intelligent souls who lived on earth who are now in spirit world too. Some, criminal masterminds,  and some, kindly geniuses. Those criminal masterminds, will try to get a living soul to take part in criminal activity. There are also people who were addicted to things like drugs and sex, who even after death, can not shed the longing for those things. So they too, can influence a living person to get involved with those habits, so that they can get enjoyment of getting to live their old life, through what they make the living soul do, what they used to do when living themselves.

Some spirits start out nice. they are merely just someone’s Aunt, or Grandpa. But, those who die tragically or suddenly, they do not fully realize that they are dead. So they are in a state of black out for a bit. However, once they come to their senses so to speak, they get upset. Then, they seek out a beloved relative. Not being able to communicate, they try to knock something over int he home for attention. The relative is not thinking it is their dearly departed, because they do not recall their lost family member, doing things to scare people. So the person will automatically assume it is a bad entity, and try to ignore. The spirit tries over and over again, but to no avail. Now, their desperation has turned into frustration and anger. They are a bitter spirit, one foot in the realm of spirit, and one foot still trying to stay in the land of the living. Many psychics try to lead those souls to the light. But, if they do not want to go, they won’t. Then, they become a haunting, or worse, a poltergeist. Once a spirit is known to be confirmed, or they realize that they can communicate, but only through fear tactics, they will stick around. The once kindly old Aunt or Grandpa becomes a demon. An entity who is now angry, and the anger turning slowly int rage. This energy can be noticed, or go un-noticed. It depends on how sensitive your are. Usually, the spirit will go for children or pets first, as they are more open to notice their presence. Or, they will go for the most spiritually sensitive in the house.

Once noticed, or felt, the spirit will not leave. Being there, the spirits attracts more spirits,of all kinds, and then it is an infestation. Many do not even realize when they have an infestation, because the symptoms mirror much of what every day life has become. In the instance of an infestation, the spirits who came to reside in the home with the living, will attach to a person in the home. One spirit, to one person, sometimes even more if there are not enough people in the home for each to have their own host. Depression, drama, anxiety, feeling uneasy or cold, having nightmares, and avoiding certain areas of the home without knowing why, are the first signs. Home will not feel so homey anymore. There will be a strange feeling to it, like a dread, or dark cloud came over it. The feeling of being watched, and mood swings, will come next. The people in the home, will even start acting differently. They will have aggression, irritability, and become snappy. Many get quiet and withdrawn, wanting to not be bothered by anyone and retreating into a world of their own. Some will feel tired and fatigue, un-motivated, for no reason. That is when a home and it’s family, will need help. All that will come after that, will only be hardships. Money issues, not getting ahead, feeling stuck and held back, creative blockages, not being able to see the future for themselves, as well as their being arguments between relatives, are the aftermath, as the spirits slowly tear down life all around them.

Not only do thought forms, the deceased, and scary little entities exist there. but, some pretty strange astral entities live there too. Some having been created there, they know nothing of this world, and their ways of existing are completely different, strange, and science fictional. Spirits like those, can affect dreams, and even thoughts. It can get strange too! Beyond the veil, also contains beliefs in beings spoke of here, with all of the energies of every person who believes in it, adding together to make it an identity all its own bringing it to life.  An example of this would be Mothman, The chupacabra etc. This goes for good entities conjured by the imagination too. But for the negative and frightening ones, all one has to do is think of them and get a spark of fear, and it will appear to scare the person even further, and take some of their energy to continue existing.

There are also forms of consciousness that travel through there from the living who project either deliberately in astral projection, or by accident while asleep. Then, there are interdimensional beings in the  huge mix too. With the duality of it, there are good and negative energies beyond the veil, and many do not know what they are looking for. What really tops this all of is, with the scientific and Quantum research into energy for technology, the government discovered how to use this realm for themselves too. They can send highly trained psychics into that realm to astrally spy on someone, to alter a person’s mind and their thoughts, and make them behave any way that they wish. If they have mastered  wireless energy that they made to crosshatch through the air for the internet, then you should believe, and ought to believe, that not only is internet streaming through the air, but your thoughts and emotions are too. There is a whole other subject I could make on just that.

It is very important to be careful when working with spirit. You may not be able to see as deep, or you may think that you can, and in reality, you may not. Believe me, you would know, you would not be able to live normal ever again if you could see beyond. But it is true, you have to be safe. Make sure you are not just going to any random psychic reader, or healer for that matter. Not having insight, they could end up being who causes an issue for you to begin with. Yes! If a psychic can not see, and is very open anyway, they may lead the spirits around them to you. They should provide some form of protection too, like a prayer before the readings. That should be good. Cleanse yourself weekly too. If you find that any of the symptoms that I listed above match your life, you may need some big time help. Contact a trusted spiritual adviser.

It is a fantastical, surreal world out there, and it can be a dangerous and frightening one. The bottom line is, what is seen may not be what it actually presents itself to be. And for those of you out there who can not see anything at all, does not mean that it is not there. I assure you, there are spirits out there.

In the world of soul types, we have many spirits that roam the planes. Good and bad. Like there are good and bad people on Earth, so shall there be in the planes too. Many who passed from this world exist there, and depending on which realm it is in the plane, or which plane itself (yes, they are two different things), there are many other types of spirits.

Lately, portals were opened. I spoke of this in Battle for the Soul… in my Truthology site. It’s true and if you go outside, you will finally see what I am talking about. I predicted this years ago. Back in 2013, I spoke of there being a “veil” being placed in the air, to suppress thoughts. Some say the Mandala affect, is a part of this. I agree. As a messenger, I love in the past, present, and future all at the same time. I have memory from my time being created and into the future. Not just for me, but for everyone who allows me the humble honor of accessing their records. However, I recall everything, only do not see it in this time. With the Mandala effect, it is different. People are forgetting all together. They forget even yesterday, or where they put their keys five seconds ago. It is all a part of the same situation. In the atmosphere, the portals were opened in tiny little holes that look like miniature black holes. Spirit only needs to seep a tiny particle of their energy through and then gather it all back together, once its in. As a result, many are gathering together, and making people so negative, to feed on their energy. Some of these beings are visible.

Good ones get through too though. This, I assure you. Spirit guides, and fairies etc, they also can enter here. I see all of them. Imagine walking down the street with a friend, and getting ready to walk right into a scary spirit. I jump back, and dodge, this invisible being before me, that clearly I can see, but my friend can not. She looks at me like I have been attacked by some invisible bee that was trying to sting me. I look upset, and as my eyes go from inspecting that spirit, I look around, and there are more. All around. I cry, and tell her we have to leave, we have to go back and return to the safety of my sanctuary, blessed and consecrated. She does not understand as she is not aware, but she knows me, and when I say something, she listens. We go home.

At night walking with my son he says “Mom,  feel like I am in another world”. I tell him that is because of the dimensions gates being opened at night, “This is why they want to brainwash everyone to stay in their homes son, they do not want anyone to realize what is going on”. A shadow figure darks across the street, another goes passed to our right. Suddenly, we are being chased across the street. My son, not psychic fully yet, sees it, and is so frightened, he almost runs into the stop sign trying to get away.

Even on nights, sitting outside, trying to look at the stars, (my daughter does not come out anymore), we sat looking up in the sky. Pretty stars, but wait! Some are moving. The tiny specks in the distance seem to disappear, shift in position, or they zip across the sky.

During the day, I see black shadows zip across the sky from the corner of my eye. I look but it was so fast it is now gone. None the less, I know to anticipate another appearance, so I wait and stare where I feel it will appear next. I am right, and it does. It looks like an enormous flying bat. But it is so fast, my camera on catches a tiny black speck, not worth showing anyone. Everyone in their skeptism will merely  dismiss it as nothing. However, they did not witness the entire event.

Just a few examples of how strange reality has become, and clearly a lesson on who rules here. I am not the only one who sees them. There are many others. Not to mention the low frequency humming through the air, and the strange sounds outside of my house at night. Other are having the same experience. I am the only one who really knows what it is though. In the planes of spirit exist many beings who look that way. Jinn are light beings. Smokeless fire, fire without smoke? Sounds alot like light energy to me. Jinn I know to be made of light, a lower vibration of energy that is red, yellow, blue, and sometimes they turn the light off to be invisible, and will appear as black.

Demons, the name demon  comes from Daemon, which in Greek meant a “nature spirit”, if you recall, fairies, and elementals are spirits of nature. Jinn are also considered an elemental being. The call some devas.  So no. Not them. The daemon/demons got confused with something else. These beings are called in our angelic realm Sepsatra. But here, they would be wicked spirits. It is known that they wicked spirits are evil people who were promoted at death to the hierarchy of the wicked realm. But, those running that realm decided they would make the wicked spirit, to not look as they did while human, but to look like the animals or mixtures of them, that their sins resembled. This is why in the Ars Goetia, they have animal like tendencies. Someone greedy would have a pig for a head, stubborn and self centered, would have the body of a bull. To add to that, if the person had been good at corrupting souls, they wold make it to a Duke in that realm and be sent out to corrupt more, all who would become a part of their legion. Another example, is that if the person had been vain, and raped others, they would have half a human form, mixed with an animal, and some other perverted additional trait would be added. No offense but there is a spirit who has a male genitalia on his head. It is true.

In all, the spirits flying around the air are none of the above. they are spies. These spies are  from another dimension and watching people everyday. They also thrive on negative energy and from where you are standing on the ground, they do not look too big, but they are way up high which makes them appear smaller in distance. Up front and personal, they are about the size of a two-story home. there are so many spirits and appearances to be aware of, but what is worse, is that many have no idea what they are tapping into. If I were not an angelic oracle, I would not go to just any psychic or reader. I would have to ensure that they were not channeling lower entities, and that they did not dapple in magic in Earthly based training. I would seek an ascended master. I am glad that I can assist others in this knowledge and in providing safe answers divinely from others. There are some really great readers out there, but you have to be careful that nothing that is attached to them, attaches to you, because if one is not born as a reader, then they have spiritual interferences helping them to become one.

If you knew what was on the other side, it would motivate you to change for sure.  Nowadays, I see people who are giving up on trying to be a better higher self, and they are opting for the worldly lure of things. It seems to hard for people to want to make good choices, and instead it is easier to turn to other things. I can only hope that as the heavens have said, many will come to realize that they need goodness in their lives, that it happens truly. I know many are shifting into the dark consciousness and are feeling attracted to darker things, but they will not find the happiness that they are actually seeking. Just lies that appease, and hardships. That is something that I tfy to help other avoid in the light of heaven guiding my way.