Energy… Darn it.

With healers, psychics and empaths they say nature is our friend. I disagree. I suffer from empathic sensitivity to the extreme. If I’m around electronics too long I’ll start to look like some hospital patient who’s been over medicated, slumped over, passing out and drooling. It’s that way for any energy artificial or natural. As an angel, in the higher planes the energies are high and here, they’re so dense. As an empathetic I absorb it all. Some could put me into the category of being an energy vampire but lower vibrations end of drawing energy off of me for themselves instead, and everything low becomes a vampire for me. The Sun is atrocious as it makes me feel very ill. I get symptoms such as feeling drained, nodding out, and feeling extremely fatigued.

Gravity too! I feel the changes in gravity beneath me and at times it feels as if I’m being weighted to the ground whereas in other days I feel lighter. For an example, the Sun was humid yesterday and I couldn’t go outdoors for long until evening but the moon was a waxing crescent and as it traveled across the sky to its apex, the gravity shifted as it went to its lowest point before disappearing. It was then that I felt as I do on those occasions and others, that there were huge heavy concrete bricks strapped to my feet as I walked. I couldn’t walk. I felt too “heavy”. Then I blacked out and lost my eyesight for a long period of time. As many know, I see multidimensionally anyway, but I couldn’t see at all except the bright blurry orbs of light that were from the car headlights off in the distance traveling toward me. It’s terrifying when it happens but I’m rather used to it now.

As someone guided me home, I couldn’t even see my son who walked ahead. I even got scared not knowing where Noah was walking at, that I thought I saw the silhouette of a stranger walking ahead of us and yelled to Noah to watch the stranger up ahead, but he yelled back that he was the stranger’s silhouette that I was barely seeing. It was scary. The Moon is the usually gentle for me. But not that time, and the gravity was so strong that I am now afraid to go out even at night.

If you suffer from any kind of sensitivity (maybe not that extreme) there is hope. You will need to align your chakras and rebalance your aura as well as your elements. It’s so refreshing and necessary because the long symptoms of an extreme drain are pretty rough. I do my own once a day but if too busy… once a week. Se below for tips and symptoms. Attacks and drains are similar.

What Drains an Empath?

1. Wireless energy.

2. Cellphones, computers, laptops, TV, and lamps using lots of wattage.

3. Cellphone towers, circuit breakers, and transmitters in telephone poles.

4. The Sun, and Gravity.

5. Hot sand as sand is a form of quartz that absorbs the ultraviolet and infrared from the sun and intensifies it.

6. Other lower vibrational people.

7. Psychic attacks.

8. Psychic spies while remote viewing or channeling you.

What can you do?

1. Sit close to a lake, water fall, or ocean. Water relaxes and generates a natural gentle power in its current.

2. Take a sea salt bath with citrus or mint. Don’t use lavender, as it will make you feel better but sleepier.

3. Drink ice water with mint and lemon

4. Meditate in cold air with eucalyptus mist

5. Be alone for awhile in a dim room without electronics or direct sunlight

6. Try my Threefold flame meditation on my Youtube channel.

7. Have a Clearing with Spirit body upgrade!

I hope that this article has helped you! If you suffer the same as I do, many of the people closest to you won’t understand or accommodate you. You have to help yourself or find help with me. But the point is, you’re not alone and I understand. It’s not hopeless. Take care of yourself and each other!