Thanksgiving: A Dark Day

Happy holidays everybody. This blog is a matter of opinion and not meant to enforce mine on to other people but rather to express my beliefs in hopes of inspiring change. Hopefully there will be others who feel the same way. For those that don’t, please don’t take any offense. I thank you for taking the time out to read this.

This article goes into my views on Thanksgiving. Many times I have talked about the angelic end of the year celebrations which end around November 1 to November 3. It depends on whether you want to celebrate the last few days of it. Some don’t. However, when it comes to the month of November, it’s more like a rest period until the winter celebrations come up. As many people know, I go by the angelic year which leaves us during winter in a time frame called “the dead zone”. This is where there seems to be a bit of a floating zone or absence of time… Or, merely just the lack of counting it.

It’s pretty awesome. As a reminder for the purpose of this article, the middle of April marks the year’s start, with the new year festival at the beginning of May. To end the year, holidays are celebrated between September 22 through November Throughout December up until the middle of April, we have the “dead zone”. I call that part of the year “the rule of the winter king”, But it is a lot shorter just say “the dead zone”. Yes, that is how the angelic year goes. It was followed this way in ancient times when earth was early on and still led by heavenly beings. There are so many other celebrations throughout the year that are very important spiritually yet, not observed. Some of them still carried from ancient times but others had changed them or got rid of them all together.

Yet, there’s still the rest of November. There are many people out there that celebrate the festivity in the middle of the month, Thanksgiving. For many years I have gone along with my family who chose to celebrate it. As many know, my father was an old-school type of guy and so he often followed by the traditions of his parents. For me though, I didn’t agree with a lot of them. I didn’t only disagree with Thanksgiving but I also disagreed with Easter.

That’s a whole other story though.

While there are some spring traditions that are done at Easter similarly that I like to carry into the May 1 festivities, Thanksgiving itself is something that I’ve never agreed with at all. In fact, a lot of holidays stem from things I don’t agree with. And with some stuff, I do. On the days that I don’t really agree with because of my own reasons about them, I will make the holiday into something of my own to celebrate. For Thanksgiving, there’s a lot of deception that revolves around it including the fact that I think it’s sad to kill any animals. Animals are slaughtered all around the year in such a grotesque number, not to mention that the number increases around the holidays especially.

Deeper Roots

Thanksgiving is highly associated with hermeticism which originated sometime between 100- 300 CE and expanded up until 1200 CE. These were philosophical teachings that implicated some scientific thought in which people finally expanded its popularity when translating texts or manuscripts in the medieval times. It played a huge role in alchemy and many more things. Today, it is highly regarded as a religious study and practice. Many of the teachings are said to have been influenced by Hermes whom also many say incarnated here as Thoth.

A lot of the explorers that are responsible for the earliest explorations of some of the areas that became the colonies of the United States, come from the Elizabethan court in England. These people included Sir Francis Drake, Sir Francis Bacon, Christopher Columbus, and more. Sir Francis Drake is now highly regarded as an ascended Master whom many call St. Germain. Queen Elizabeth was deep in her interest of magic through Dr. John Dee and his associate. Both of whom studied the Enoch in tablets and the hermetic teachings and philosophies… It was strongly influential to others that remained closely at her side. It is a known fact that Sir Francis Drake and Sir Francis Bacon both, were regarded as her court favorites.

In her inner circle, they created a secret society. Upon founding some of the earliest colonies in the United States, it would only make sense that they would bring with them the religious philosophies that created new foundations of beliefs for their people. A lot of them were very strict religious practices with those who were in the elite circles even in the early colonies, having practiced the hermeticism behind closed doors. This was not for the every day average people. And so it carried on word even into the rulership of king James, who was a devout religious man. Queen Elizabeth I was the one that had executed his mother fear that she would overthrow her and take over the throne. This would have also included I want a new religious way. After the death of Queen Elizabeth I, the throne was handed over to king James. It was a fact that his mother Mary Queen of Scots, and Queen Elizabeth I, were cousins. Still trying to expand and discover more land as well as continue in trade, ships were still going out overseas even during the rule of King James..

After exploring, experiment, more discovery and then settling down, that’s where a lot of the founding fathers began in their expansion of the United States as well. If you notice, there is a lot of sacred geometry in the building of this country.

Hermes is a god that is associated with trade. Upon settling in New England, this would be a very important trade area back-and-forth from the old world to the new. So in other words what I’m trying to say is that there are hermetic influences that where in the Elizabethan court stemmed down into some of those who were remaining at the time, when king James took his position as king. When the settlers came over here to the New World, they brought some of that with them in their secret mystical practices, hidden underneath of their strict religious ways. History is not what you think it is. Even though they actually have a real literal boulder that they claim what is the exact rock that the Pilgrims landed on, it is actually not really so. Plymouth rock is actually the entire area of New England. This rock, or large area of land what is very important to the trade that came in and out of the old world to the new.

Where does Hermes come into play here? November is greatly symbolic of Hermes and this is the same exact month that they pronounced Thanksgiving to be celebrated in. Haven’t you ever wondered why they picked November of all times? it being given that the colony was actually discovered in December as it is historically recorded. And so putting it in the month of November should have raised a lot of?‘s although, a lot of things are hidden in plain sight to many people… They don’t often dig deeper.

Thanksgiving Morale


If lies are involved in the situation no matter what it is, then it’s never for anything good. Thanksgiving was a holiday deemed in celebration of Hermes, the God of trade. And that is because they were going to make that area of the United States that they were settling in, the area of trade for the United States. Even now, ports in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut etc. are still used as trade routes. Also New York as well. Additionally, Indians were slaughtered that day. But yet they have told a different story of its purpose and included tales of friendly people sitting down together for a meal. This was far from the case. Even though they had a tribe of native American Indians that they got along well with, they also had tribes that were suspicious of their intentions. Wouldn’t you be? Imagine that you were native to an area. Nobody had bothered your people for as long as you and your ancestors had been there? But all of a sudden a ship of people come along and start taking over control of where you live that? You already have your own government, your own ethics and ways of doing things within your people. But now people come from out of nowhere and set themselves above you, pushing you around and taking over fast majorities of land that you were people live on. Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine if someone did that to you were home?

What if you had for a house that sat on a few acres of property? What if for many years you invested your money into your property? Let’s say that it was a farm that you had a lot of animals on, and built an expensive barn for. And let’s add that you also invested a lot of money into adding an addition onto your home as well? Let’s go even further in this example and say that the house and the property belonged to your parents, and that it was handed down to you after they passed away? If you had a huge piece of property with all of those features that your parents left to you as it inheritance, that it would mean something to you right? Well what if a group of people just walked up to your front door one day and told you to get out? What would you do? Upon telling them no, let’s say that they started to get hostile and a little bit physical? What if your life was being threatened that if you didn’t leave you would be killed? That’s how it was with the Indians. It can only go one of two ways. Either you’re going to peacefully surrender and try to work with the individuals to keep you and your family safe, where you’re going to fight with all that you have to defend what is rightfully yours. Some Indians decided to work peacefully to preserve their people, while others for tooth and nail to defend their land. Still in either case we’re still looking at a lot of blood shed.

I would rather celebrate the holiday remembering the people who lost their lives, and in giving thanks to the heavens for the family and provisions that I have.

Animal Cruelty

While they aren’t the most pleasing to look at for some people, I think turkeys are adorable.

This also coincides with the fact that there are so many birds that are murdered every year for the holiday. I know that there are meat eaters out there that may not see it as deeply as I do which is fine. But for my own personal reasons, I don’t eat meat. Maybe this video can help change your mind too? 45 million turkeys are slaughtered just for Thanksgiving alone. it’s a known fact that mother turkeys in print on their young and so when taken away from the mother they feel any emotional distance that they call for them. If an animal can express emotion that way, then what would be the point and eating them? With that many turkeys being killed, think of how much food gets wasted at Thanksgiving dinner as well? It’s so in a sense it’s useless.

In my spiritual opinion, anything that has the ability to love shouldn’t be eaten.

It’s a known fact that mother turkeys in print on their young and so when taken away from the mother they feel any emotional distance that they call for them. If an animal can express emotion that way, then what would be the point and eating them? With that many turkeys being killed, think of how much food gets wasted at Thanksgiving dinner as well? It’s so in a sense it’s useless.

Cats and dogs are the most popular of pets, but people keep turkeys as pets too. You wouldn’t eat your cat or dog would you?

And so as you can see, my point is that Thanksgiving seems to be a holiday that marks the celebration of not only something founded upon a lot of deception but also upon a lot of death of people such as the Indians and for animals… year after year. This should be one of many holidays and we switch up a bit.

You can stand with me and change your views on the day.

In Closing…

And so I leave you with those thoughts and I also wish you a happy holiday in hopes that you have a good meal with your loved ones and keep in mind that it’s out of thanksgiving for your loved ones and for the heavens have provided.