Thoughts before the herald

My thoughts before the new herald

Sometime ago I had promised to release the new Angelic news on the Angel website. However, I was told to hold back for a bit. Sometimes that happens. There are some things that will be mentioned in courses or articles that need events to actually take place for them to make sense.. One thing is sure though, and that is that the heavens really want the messages to get out there and reach many people. Having limitations as I do, I would have to do a few things before posting the next angelic message. It would not be a huge difference, but it would remove some of the barriers placed upon my work. 


For many years I have suffered at the hands of those in charge of the Internet. It’s not easy having the “all seeing eye”. As I have said so many times before in the past it is quite devastating to see the things that I do, as clearly as I do, when I see them. It’s like standing in the reality of everything happening itself, but at a distant time. There are so many different ways that I can go on to describe it, but even though some movies are based on fiction, they do have some examples if I compare the things that I have gone through.

 If you have ever seen the movie “The Conjuring 3” there are scenes that are meant to show what Lorraine Warren sees when she is tapping into a situation in the past that has happened. It’s almost as if she’s right back at that moment in time watching it happen right in front of her. Even though that’s not really what she experienced and it was meant merely for Hollywood’s way of storytelling, it is something very similar to what I go through.

 I’ve always described it this way though, like a movie playing out in front of me that I step into. Those are the visions that I get. I don’t always get just those though. Sometimes information comes to me in different ways. But a majority of the time, if you were around me in person you would catch me in some far off stare, not blinking and just “watching”. I would appear as if I were just blankly staring out into thin air, but truthfully there is a whole other place that I have gone to in those moments.  There are a lot of people that suffer from mental disorders that put them in a similar stare and so I’m sure that while it’s happening, people question it and wonder if I’m crazy.  I’m not. With all of the visions and communications that I get throughout the day, every single day, I definitely don’t blame the people that are behind censoring my accounts. Knowing what I know, if I were them… I wouldn’t want it getting out to the public either. But because I do have the abilities that I do, it’s my responsibility that I provide people with the insight and answers that the heavens provide them.

Protecting, me

Judgment, hatred, the general cruelty of the world. That’s why I try to stay isolated and alone.  To protect myself. These days, the energies are incredibly rough. I have found myself in my home more and more. I feel safe here  within my EMF grid that I’ve placed over top of my dwelling. I have to stay here. When I go out in public, the things that I see  in other people are so traumatizing these days, that I can barely handle it. Indeed I am truly a sensitive individual. I am super sensitive physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I have a great deal of strength in a lot of ways, but when it comes to mankind and their suffering, cruelty, pain, or unkindness, I simply have trouble handling a lot of that. I also have a difficult time handling the things that I come to learn regarding the deep dark secrets of people that I just naturally read when I bump into them. 

 I always compare myself to a little bird. When holding them you have to be exceptionally gentle. Even just a little pressure can break them. That’s how fragile I am. It’s hard for me to even physically hug anyone, even though I truly love to do so. I just get afraid that even what they think is an average hug, will be too hard or rough for me. In the past, some hugs have been. And so I show my love immensely in other ways now. But I do stay more so to myself. I truly love to communicate with the people that are really serious about their path. There’s nothing more in this world that brings me greater purpose or fulfillment then to teach the people that really want to be taught, those that really want to seek change, and those that above all things crave for goodness again. I get hurt far too easily. That happens also when others fail to appreciate the beauty of the gifts that I have, that they are gaining access to in order to better themselves. I don’t judge others and so I don’t expect to be judged. Even when I see darker things about people underneath of their surface, I still have a great deal of love and acceptance toward them. It still hurts me, but I still have love. Why would it hurt me? Because I know that their secrets are hurting them. They are great burdens to carry. And for some, they act out on them and actually hurt other people too. I don’t like to see people hurt or suffer. I feel that suffering. And I feel it on a grand scale every day from the world.

What the closed off and asleep can’t see….

Many couldn’t imagine or maybe they could, that someone like me goes through a great deal of abuse. People take advantage of the gift all of the time because they’re used to fortune tellers or readers that they go to from the Internet or other novelty places. They think they can just demand information from me, and if I don’t tell them every little thing that they want to hear, they actually get quite upset. They don’t realize that the heavens will guide them as they’re meant to be guided and that they should be humble in their hearts to be thankful. 

Others still have an issue with the fact that I charge for my services too. It’s hard to survive and while I’m trying to, I have a lot of people to take care of financially and I do try to make enough that I can get just what we need and still be able to help causes out there as well. I have done a lot of good in the past by giving to places like Haiti, feeding the homeless, giving people money at Christmas for gifts and food. I’ve also given a lot to support Saint Judes hospital, the Kentucky tornado disaster, and more. Just recently, I donated funds to Ukraine. No matter which point in the timeline of my work, I have always given to charitable causes that were in need, and absolutely legitimate. 

Right now, I am working on giving 10% of all of my purchases to the animal shelter, raising money for those that are homeless and suffering in Kensington Philadelphia, supporting Shriners hospital, and saving to find resources that can  help end child sweatshops. Nothing is for free. Living expenses for myself and my family aren’t free. I know that everyone’s entitled to their opinion and so I’m not putting anyone down for theirs, but people do have to realize that I live in United States and it simply isn’t a place that allows a person to live off of a small donation base and survive well enough that they can pay for a house, support four children, and do all of this charity work from their own funds. I truly wish that we were back in ancient times where a person like me could just gain a following, and sleep over one of their disciples’ houses, and live that way going from person to person. I would be humble and happy enough to appreciate whatever was donated to me that way. But during this day and age, it’s just not like that anymore, and certainly not here in the United States.

 I’ve always said that I wish that I could gain enough sponsorship that I could pick and choose who I wanted to work with, and then to work with them for free. But even upon reaching out about that, I didn’t find enough sponsorship just yet. I do have to say there is someone helping me out as much as they can though. For that I am truly grateful. But there are times that in the back of my mind I wonder why with so many people’s lives have been changed with my hope, and that there are so many people out there that know how real I am… Why don’t they seek to help me out in any way that they can? Sponsorship from a few that could add up to a certain amount of income every month for me, would make it possible for so many others to work with me and without having to pay for it. But I know that there aren’t a lot of people out there that can afford to help me, let alone themselves. I’m always grateful for the blessings that the heavens have given me and I know that things are just how they need to be for now.

I’m saying all of this because I never want anyone to misunderstand my work or my intentions. I truly believe that charging for my services is sort of like people giving me the donations to live. I’ve always kept my price low and then when it came to people that couldn’t pay at all ever, I’ve always helped them out for free when I had time to. I do what I can. With what I got, I’m able to sustain a humble life. I’m sure many people think that I make a fortune doing what I do, but it’s not the truth. While I’ve had waves of orders come in at times, a majority of the time I am backed up on working on those same orders for a significant amount of time, that I don’t get any new orders in for a while.  Therefore, I’m living off of an income that I made two months before, and that’s simply not always going to cut it. But I make the best out of what I have, and I still try to help those charities. 

Another reason why I charge for my services is because anything that comes for free is often taken for granted. If a person works hard for it, then they’ll cherish it more because they thought about it long enough to work hard and save up for it. Anybody can go and do something spontaneously for free, and then disregard it later. I feel that people that have really valued the answers and help that they’ve received, were the ones that worked hard to be able to book the services that they had gotten to get those answers and assistance. I also found that they were very respectful in that way, because they realized in their mind that it takes a lot of psychic energy and skill to provide them the insight and answers that I give, and that it takes time out of my own  life. And so a lot of them have said that they felt that it was a great even exchange to pay for the help. I appreciate that.

One of the other reasons why I charge,  is because if there is anyone out there that truly wants to reach their enlightenment, then there is something that they need to understand about enlightenment. What that is, is that change, hard work, and self mastery are needed to reach it. A person can find answers about life, yes by having experiences. But to go into deeper knowledge and understanding, it takes having to find the truth in themselves. In order to do that, they have to bypass their own fears, overcome their own weaknesses, and having a job definitely helps you do that. Working may be miserable, but it shows self discipline, and a willingness to want to start somewhere in your life. When you work hard, you realize that you’re more capable than you thought that you were. Learning what your life purpose is next, will take you from that basic job,  perhaps to even fight harder for an even better career. And so to get answers, they work and they purchase them. Getting them to work, gives them incentive and motivation to work harder for what they learn with me, and build their own future. Imagine if a person wanted spiritual answers but didn’t want to work all day. They would be sitting around doing nothing just asking questions, they would never really understand the full meaning of the answers. Idle time and lack of self discipline, a lack of applying oneself, definitely does not help in getting them to see the bigger picture that I paint when I teach them about mastering their own lives. To master oneself and become enlightened, that includes doing so on a multi dimensional platform. You are a multi dimensional being after all aren’t you? People have to first learn how to get through the gripping trials of third dimensional life. That includes hard work, saving, building a structure, and then bypassing even their own accomplishments. It’s to strive for the very best in himself. And so, charging for my services is also to be more of a motivation for them to do that.

In explaining all of this, I’m trying to show everyone that’s reading it that it’s my greatest intention behind everything that I do,  to always strive for the best for those that come to me.  I’m always appreciative of any support that I get even from those that purchase the services. I realize how much those people are doing for me just by  putting their trust in me and purchasing a reading or healing. You are helping me to put food on my table, and for that I’ll never forget it. But where would I like to be?

What I wish for, to make it better

 I have envisioned some wonderful dreams. I always wished that I could finally love as I’m meant to as an angelic. I would own a little school somewhere on a beautiful property that had a home on it with a few different apartments attached. This way even students that wanted to work with me in person, could stay. I’ve always wanted to have my family with me of course, but I also longed to bring my spiritual family along when they wanted to come or had the time. People learn so much more with me in person then they do online because I’m an Oracle. Just walking alongside of them in conversation personally, I am putting in parables, examples, and stories that seem like basic conversation,  but have everything in the world to do with their spiritual journey and their path. Just even in my example of how I look at life or go about it, they learn so much more about the heavens and God. It’s easier because they can ask questions. 

I’ve always wanted to live somewhere where the air was cleaner, and I could be close to nature away from the busy world. I’ve always dreamed of being able to have someone there that would take care of me while I took care of everyone else. Perhaps that person could consult with those who wanted to talk with me first, and then come and talk to me themselves about who they felt were serious. Afterwards, I could ask the heavens which people really wanted help, and then have that person bring them in to see me. They could protect me against the people that treat me badly and just make sure that life is a little bit more pleasant for me all around. I always wanted a person that knew me, inside and out that they could know just what to do, what to place in my environment to bring me up, simply just someone that could be my second set of hands when I needed them to be. Like if I had to be in a trance and I couldn’t go off and do normal things every day at that time. But I don’t think I’ll ever find exactly what I was looking for, nor do I think I’ll ever have the opportunity to have a beautiful place like that to live in. 

I’m so thankful for the help that I have gotten and I am working very hard every day to try to reach my goals, but right now there are just too many responsibilities on me and I have to always put myself last. As I do, I give so much of myself. My father try to provide a safe haven for me like that. I was so lucky that my dad didn’t get tired of me living with him as an older child. He was such a loving guy that he enjoyed having me and my kids around. He didn’t have much of his own family outside of us anyway. He would always make sure that I felt OK, talk to me after I had run into a spiritual issue, send me some back up energy if I got drained from a service, and he would listen to my readings to make sure that I didn’t go too deep into trance that I got lost. However, we never really did live in the location that I always really needed, and I can tell you that I still am very much affected by the world around me.  It puts me in so much pain sometimes, all of the bad energy. But I don’t think I would have it any other way. All that I ever hope, is that others can understand where I’m coming from. I truly get heartbroken when people misunderstand me or even misinterpret me. My heart only truly wants people to ever see the love that I feel for them and to not be blinded by their own thoughts or reasoning that may be set against me for one reason or the other.

I bet a lot of people didn’t know that when I do healing‘s for those that are ill, I’m not just sending their illness away and then sending them light energy to make them feel better. That would take longer. Instead, I absorb the illness out of their body and into my own so that it’s gone much faster, and then I send them an angelic healing before the symptoms of that illness hit me. Afterwards, I am tired and drained for a couple days.  I did a lot of Covid healings  for people and felt a lot of the symptoms. I even did one for a student of mine that was beloved and cherished, and that person ended up not talking to me anymore for whatever reason afterwards. I thought; “what a wonderful way of thanking somebody, to abandon them”. it wasn’t easy to do those healings. I can suppose a lot of other people don’t know that when I do healings or any energy services for people, that  I’m using a lot of my own spirit. I’m taking from my own life force to do these services for people and it just amazes me that anyone would think of them as being any less worthy then any contribution or a thank you. Even loyalty is a great show of appreciation. I’m only here this last time, in this lifetime, and I don’t know for how much longer.

I’m still here

Back in the year that I turned 33, I was meant to move on. But I didn’t. I felt as though I hadn’t reached the entirety of my mission, nor had I met all of the people that I was meant to meet to help. I also felt as though my life had lacked a few things that I always really wanted. I always wanted true love. But it’s not something that you can find easily unless you look for it in the most innocent places. Being of the spiritual mother that I have, animals and children have always brought me great happiness. Just to watch them enjoy life and the great discoveries that they make when they’re learning about it… brings me so much cheer. I had already had two kids, and I felt as though I had never really been loved by any one in my life, not the way that I’ve ever loved them. I felt a little robbed of my experience in this lifetime. 

I considered all of the horrible things that had been done to me, The abuse that I had to go through as a sweet and innocent person, and the evil that I’ve had to go up against many times. For all of the sacrifices that I made for the heavens in my life and all of the battles that I had to fight for them, the only thing that I ever wanted for myself was: 

  1.  a safe place to live that was comfortable for my energy,
  2. To have  as many children as I could have, and to be surrounded by animals.

 I wanted to have that all after completing my mission. But by the age of 33, I felt as though I could still do a lot more than I already had done and I still hadn’t gotten a chance to live comfortably without the pain surrounding me..

I extended my soul contract but I never put an end date on it. I only just asked the heavens to allow me to have a few more kids and to allow me to  help as  many people as they would allow me to do so, in the time that they would extend to me. At that time, they had  told me that I wasn’t finished yet anyway. I could’ve gone him then, but they agreed that even though they would’ve liked me to come home and to put out all of the prophecies that I needed to earlier on, that I still needed to stick around to make sure that the prophecies got out there to the world at least at the right time. Especially if I hadn’t put them out there publicly at that moment yet. 

Believe me, I was working on it. I have been talking about a lot of things to come, for quite some time but I had never put them into a prophetic form directly, as I had in the Angelic Herald. And since I’m still here, they are going to walk with me as a prophet of the times, so that I can help more people as I truly dreamed too. And that’s why I’m here writing this today. 

New Prophecies

I know that this entry seems to be a little erratic and all over the place, but I promise you that there is a point. The point is that I’m still here, and then I’m doing the best that I can being who I am and for what I go through because of who and what I am. 

I still have a lot of people that I could still reach, and there are still a lot of things that I would like to see and do. I still have a lot of things to tell people in regards to what to expect in the future, and a lot of things that I still desire to teach people as well, that are serious about their spiritual journey. Thinking of prophecies again, that’s really what all of this is all about. I gained future insight from the angels sometime ago and I was hesitating to putting it up. What would be the use of my accounts that were still greatly restricted? What would be the use, if I wasn’t feeling very well from all of the healing zone readings I had done? The heavens had revealed to me that there were some things that they wanted to happen in the world as well, before I put the message out there. They had said that once those events had taken place, that the new message would work well with a lot of questions that people had. 

I haven’t given my phone number to really anybody since I’ve changed it the last time. It’s not because I want to distance myself from anyone, it’s because I always end up getting a hacker on my phone. That leads to them having access to anyone else who is communicating with me on that particular device. There are only two or three people that have the number, but that’s only because they have been working so closely with me to an extreme level of change and enlightenment, that I have to be available for them in case of specific situation so I can arise that they may need insight for. In regards to anyone else though, I have a lot of people that I love and I know that a lot of people have felt pretty bad in the past, not being included in having my phone number. I want to treat everybody equally. And so I have stayed with communicating with everyone, through the same exact platforms, and I don’t spend more time with one student over the other. Again, I have to be there for the people that have gone 100% of the way. But even they don’t communicate with me often. They also know that I can have a conversation with them one day, that may not finish until a few days ahead. That’s because I might not answer them right away in the middle of the conversation because of getting quickly busy with something. not everybody has that kind of patience or understanding with me. 

Speaking to my one of students via messaging today, they had a lot of questions. Some of them pertained  to their own personal experiences of things that they were going through themselves, and some questions had to do with things that I had prophesied about in the past that some  of the events of today related to it. As many know, some of my prophecies were direct, and some of them were put into parables. Thank goodness for that. Parables are designed help to shield holy writings from those that may not take the Holy Spirit from within them. 

If a person is truly meant to understand the prophecy, they’ll take something from it, especially the Holy Spirit if not the whole meaning of what the parable is trying to say. As time goes by they’ll start to get little mini revelations from things that are happening, and see how they relate to the parable. That’s how you know that they were touched by it. But others, they’ll just read it and not have a clue. This protects the Holy Spirit from those that don’t truly know it or render it as sacred. This student of mine has always understood the prophecies to some degree and watched as many of them unfolded. 

Of course there are always questions for those that are hungry and seeking truth. I was amazed because a lot of those questions pertained to answers that were provided in the most recent message that I had channeled from the heavens but had not yet released. I was reluctant to release it  because of the censorship issues that have been placed upon me because of the subjects that I speak on. It sometimes can be quite infuriating because there are so many other people talking about conspiracy theories and so many other things, but  they still get views and reach.

 I’ve always known who the people were that were secretly against me and those that were behind censoring me. But I’ve always had great hopes that once they got close enough to me to get to know me, that the  unconditional love and acceptance that I showed them would help them to maybe want to help me, rather than go against me. I guess that’s my innocent hope in mankind and that they may still have the ability to do the right thing. Sadly some of them didn’t, and I had to ask heaven for insight and advice all of these many years on how to get rid of the blockages myself instead. I’m now in the process of trying to eradicate the issues so that I can finally be heard.

With that, I felt it was time to put this information out there. There are so many things happening in the world and people deserve to know what to expect or what to do at least. After that conversation that I had with my student, I immediately went back to the Herald that I had previously typed from the Channeling. I edited, and now have it posted. In the meantime, I just wanted everyone to know that for everyone that did not stand by me, those that doubted or questioned me, for anyone that was truly against me, I still have a great love for all of you. I may never reach the fullness of my own dreams coming true but I truly hope that you reach yours, and that you always live with good health and happiness.,. as close to happiness as you can find.

Someday I know that I’ll be in a better place either here in the physical world, or going back home to the heavens. But I definitely don’t regret any of my decisions along the way. My gifts may cause me to suffer and I may have special needs because of them that I don’t get filled, but it’s all worth it. certainly don’t regret anything. From charging for my services as incentive, helping the charities that I’ve helped, talking about all of the things that I have exposed, and making the choice to stay longer on earth, I think that I’ve done everything just as it was supposed to be done.

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