Thoughts on the destruction of animal life

Imagine the world being without these cute little guys? Apparently there are just a little under 2000 of them left in the wild. Humanity has to change.

 It’s truly a disgrace, that we live in a world where the heavens have gifted us with so much beauty. Yet, people care more about adoring themselves with material beauty, then to leave the beauty of creation all around us. I remember growing up and going to school, being excited to look at animal picture books at the library. Even though the zoo was an unstable environment for many species there, I still enjoyed as a child looking at the different animals that otherwise you would never be able to see in person. As I grew older, I stop supporting the zoo because of how cramped the lifeforms there are. I know that every creature under heaven belongs to heaven itself and was put here for its divine purpose. For that reason, I have never believed that any animal should ever be taken from the wild, because it doesn’t belong to any men to take from the wild to begin with.

In my work I have strived to convert meat eaters into vegetarian because of my great respect and admiration for animal life. Archangel Ariel is the patron of animals and is set as their guardian and their protector for planet earth. Being a spirit that follows the path of archangel Ariel greatly, I wanted to show people the importance of not eating meat because of the ongoing slaughter taking place today in the world to acquire it.  When you look at different species of animals, they certainly have enough intelligence that they have their own way of loving their children, guiding their children, teaching their children survival skills, and surviving for themselves in life. When you look at some of the documentaries that they have on baby animals growing up in the wild, you can see just how much the mother nurtures and loves the babies. Polar bears for an example guide they’re young until they’re able to fend for themselves in the wild. During the time that they have with their babies, they teach them different types of hunting tactics, where to go for food, where to avoid so as not to step in to danger and so much more. They cuddle together to keep warm, and face some of the most dangerous environments together. It’s the same for many animals.

Looking at cows, they have their own little society. There is a leader and several females that live under his dictatorship, rearing their young with great love and pride. Looking into the eyes of many of these animals, you can see that there is emotion that lies deep within them. Yet, mankind lacks the ability to communicate with them. Man looks at anything that doesn’t walk on two legs and communicates, I was being below them. For so long, they have taken so much of God‘s creation into their own domination, and let it to complete and utter demise. It’s a shame that so many different species of birds have been trapped and then lead to live in cramped environments only to be bred and to have their babies grow up in captivity just so that somebody else can have a brand new baby pet parakeet. The same goes for guinea pigs and hamsters. These creatures live in tiny little tanks at peoples houses, cramps and many times without any love or attention. A small child will ask their parents for a guinea pig or hamster, only to lose interest in it and leave it to sit all alone.

It’s true that man abuses many of God’s beautiful things. Now as we look into the world we see great devastation. Many of those beautiful animals that myself and many other kids love to look at and books while growing up, are becoming endangered. Can you imagine a world where we panda bears no longer exist? Can you imagine having to show your child or grandchild a picture of an Asian elephant only to tell them that they’re no longer here? What about the Siberian tiger? Just like the sabertooth, its day of end will surely come. How truly sad all of this is. 

Even now, man is destroying areas within different states throughout the United States of America, that a lot of wildlife resides in. Something as simple as a few acres of Woodlands is being torn down and they don’t even think about all of the poor innocent creatures that will now be driven into more rural areas not knowing what to do with themselves. There are so many more reports of bears coming down into the suburbs and making appearances in the backyards of many homeowners in areas that you would never even imagine to see a bear in. In my area, there is barely any woodlands left, so we see the bodies of dead deer as they were struck by cars passing by at night, because there’s no safe place for them to graze or venture off to to find food. Planet earth is becoming a concrete jungle and while there will always be some beautiful place somewhere, it doesn’t make up for the loss of all of the animal life that residential zones have been responsible for taking or for the fashion industries murder his need for fur. We can’t forget about how the tusks of elephants are brutally chopped away from them after the poor innocent elephant is slaughtered. Even the poor sea otter is going extinct because of his fur being used for fur coats as well. What a sick and demented world we truly live in.

But what does and kind really truly intend to do about any of this? Can they set aside their great hunger for greed for a moment to come up with a plan they can perhaps maybe save the planet and its wildlife? Can people ever live truly selfless beyond themselves? The answer to that question is probably not. Men will always want more and more and what he wants more and more of his money. If that means to cut the skin off of a poor animal because it makes a decent looking coat, that costs a pretty penny, they will do it. If that means chopping down a beautiful forest area to build more homes that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, then they’ll do it. Man will never stop when it comes to his greedy gain.

With all of the meat eaters in the world, there are so many chickens and cows being slaughtered every single day. This is also to mention how a lot of those times the steaks and meat don’t always get eaten. Eventually the meat goes bad and its thrown away or wasted and so the animal died for nothing. These days a lot of the meat is tainted with disease or with chemicals that are fed to the animals, that’s not healthy. It was never really healthy at all though because the meat is from something that’s dead whereas fresh fruits and vegetables come from that which is still alive. This is where the best energy for one’s body comes from. Yet to feel full and satisfied, man will cut down billions of animals a year to satisfy his hunger and his pocket.

Even today there are so many activists and protesters out there that are trying to stop meat eating and save endangered species. And perhaps maybe their attempts fall upon the right ears. However with those that are running these major corporations for meat factories, or even those that hunt wildlife illegally, there will never really ever be a true end for any of this madness. The only thing that could ever take place that would make a difference, is if every person stands up and says their part in saying no more. It’s more and more people would stop eating meat products, then the companies would have no reason to manufacture it. And therefore it would go out of demand and then out of stock. This would end those types of companies for sure. If more and more celebrities would opt for clothing made out of artificial material rather than seeking for those expensive furs or crocodile shoes, then people would not need to hunt wildlife to obtain it. It’s up to every person to make a difference, but these are the things that bring the wealthy, their wealth. And so with this blog entry I ask you what matters most to you? Money, or creation? With man and his destructive nature added to the weather and its climate change as well as global warming, wildlife will surely be swept away much faster than anyone could ever really fathom. 

I’m not a pessimistic person. Rather, I live with a great hope in my heart over many things. But I’m also one that sees and speaks the truth. To be honest with many of you, we are looking at a lack of help when it comes to saving many animals from the butcher block or wildlife from endangerment. But what we can do is try to inspire others to make it happen a little more slowly. We can also try to inspire one another and make better choices and decisions in our lives that can lead to a better health of the environment and for all of us.

I hope and pray that one day mankind can truly feel sorry for the terrible things that they’ve done and the crimes that they’ve committed against creation here on planet earth. But then again they’re not even sorry for the crimes they committed against one another. Let us just keep in our prayers every day diligently, that the heavens will intervene at some point to end all of these destructive behaviors that their creation whom they say is made in the image of God, and actually start acting like it.