Vegetarianism: The original and better way of life

A spiritual look on meat eating

In the beginning, humans were at 4D. But adapting to the energy shift of Earth, they became third dimensional. At that point, they ate only the produce of the wildly growing fruit trees, roots, berries, and other vegetables. In fact, due to the region, they ate a lot of honey and bitter herbs. Later on, advanced beings wanting to enter the environment, did so by entering human form. But they could not continue in that manner permanently. So they used the body that they were in, to mate, eat and enjoy the world around them in the physical pleasures through the five senses only known to the 3D world.

They created offspring with a mixture of the human body and the divine consciousness but the human genetics could not process the extreme consciousness of the heavenly planes. It began to malfunction, making them powerful but corrupt. With more power, they needed more fuel and produce wasn’t filling them. Their senses craved more. They came to the conclusion that heaviness of flesh in the belly could be what they were looking for. They began eating the animals, birds and even humans. Thus, the eating of meat was introduced to the world as people grew in number and began to migrate. Fragments of Spiritual knowledge was also taken from the original land.

As time went by, there came a time when food was scarce. They claimed that this was during the time of the flood. In the biblical story, Noah as told to build an ark and to go inside of it with his family for 40 days and 40 nights. While inside, the earth would be flooded and everything remaining on it, killed. Noah is told by God to bring two of every animal and seven of some of them. After he gets off of the ark, the story claims he was given animals to eat as a new covenant because of there being a lack of produce on the earth, it having just been flooded. However, to make sense of the story, my students know that this so-called flood was actually symbolic of something else. In fact every religion has some rendition of the tale. In regards to being given permission to eat meat, that’s completely false. If there were a lack of produce, then there would also be a lack of animals too. Considering that the only animals that still remained in existence, were right there on the ark with him, then why would God have had Noah bring so much extra food?

If God had permitted for them to eat meat at that time, it wasn’t meant to continue. The hidden stories of the ancient past spoke of the advanced beings who came as being looked upon by God as an abomination for eating flesh of animals etc. God would not contradict himself. If this story holds any truth, meat eating was only meant to continue until everything was replenished on the earth and they could farm again. Even God himself said in the Bible that blood is sacred. Even if drained, all meat still holds some blood in it.  When cooked it still has a trance of blood. Eating meat for so long, leaders could not have their people look back on the word of God and see that he had actually forbidden the eating of meat. They would question their leaders. What is considered secret because it holds the inner universe. It is everybody’s special code. Even animals. In fact, everything in life has its very own special code. We are in the Universe and the Universe is in us. As a breatharian, I try not to eat any living thing as a result, and learned how to obtain the same nutrients in energy that is found in food.  nonetheless, it’s not good to take me into the body because you are taking in the consciousness of that animal and whatever was in its consciousness at the time of death. It’s like I always teach, what you have within your mind, you take with you when you pass on. It’s your heaven for now. That’s why I always say to transcend negativity and shadow self. It is the same for animals. But mankind wanted to continue eating it for its taste. Therefore, people were taught that God had somehow changed his mind. Why do humans crave it?

The cause of the craving: Subconscious blood lust

 After a person has tasted blood, it triggers a place in the brain that is linked to the instinctive nature of man in his “built in” survival mode. This is the part of the brain that makes humans animals-like in certain behaviors. Think of pheromones, and natural reactions to danger. They call this the reptilian part of the brain. Blood because it is like an inner Universe, has an essence to it that when consumed, makes a person crave for more. Blood is sacred in that way. In other words, you are taking in the consciousness of the animal that you are eating. And consciousness is energy, energy is spirit. It’s intelligence. And when a person eats of the meat, they are taking in that intelligence and that energy. Although they don’t have access to what the intelligence is, they can still feel the energy in it that gives them a little bit of that blood lust to continue feeling the essence of the souls that where once attached to the body that they are eating.

Another look on animals…

Man in his ignorance, deemed living things that couldn’t communicate or do the same things that humans could do as a lesser consciousness. Lower on the food chain. The the truth is, everyone on earth was first meant to live off of just pure energy at the fourth dimensional frequency. When it turned to 3-D, food was taken from plants. Although plants do have the ability to communicate and feel in their own way, they are not equipped with the same senses that we or animals have.

Animals have the same senses that humans have. They have extra sensory perception, instinctive nature, and the basic five senses that make them aware of the world that they are living in with us. They don’t just exist in the world around us like plants do. What’s furthermore is that even though animals are a little lesser in consciousness than humans are, they have the ability to be upgraded or advanced through their owner. They learn to also communicate with us through listening to the sounds of our words and associating them with objects that we have used those sounds with. They even have their very own way of communicating back with us through body language. If animals can learn to do these things and also express love, then they definitely should not be considered a part of the food chain since if they can in fact feel love, then they can in fact also feel fear.

Some points on health

One reason why becoming vegetarian is good for your health, is because it lightens the body. Eating meat can make you feel extremely heavy. It’s also good for colon health too. Actually, scientific research has proven that people who eat a lot of red meat have been linked to having colon cancer. Your colon stores food sometimes for a very long time. Most meats take anywhere from 4 to 5 hours to digest and that’s why you feel heavy when you eat it. Vegetables break down faster in your gut. They take anywhere from 30 minutes to maybe an hour to digest. However if you eat meat and vegetables together with a meal, your stomach doesn’t separate one food from the other. It will try to digest them all at one time. The plant-based products or vegetables will slide through the stomach into your intestines sooner and with more ease, while the meat products lag hours behind. and if you don’t go to the bathroom again after you’ve processed the vegetables, then you’re going to get backed up and suffer from constipation which having to much of… can lead to colon cancer.

The human stomach actually adapts to an enzyme that helps break down meat. It’s not naturally equipped with that enzyme until your parents introduce meat products to you through childhood slowly. What you put into your body, your body adapts to. Meat is dead energy. That means that while it is consciousness and seems to link to the blood lust that I spoke of earlier in giving people some sense of power through absorbing some of soul of the animal who was linked to the flesh… Most of that consciousness is just full of fear during the time of the animal’s death. Meat also has some other vitamins in it that plants don’t. You definitely have to supplement before you turn into a vegetarian, so that your body still gets those vitamins. Without some of them you’ll go through a series of different symptoms.

Meat has:


Heme Iron




Vitamin D3

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

If not prepared while switching to a vegetarian diet you could feel sick at first. That’s because if you fail to find another resource for the important vitamins out the ones listed in meat above, you’re definitely going to feel weak, and tired. You could also feel depression, and suffer from anemia. Having anemia will make you feel even weaker. Some people may use the argument that we need to eat meat because of having a need for those vitamins. Firstly, too much creatine through the years could be harmful. Taurine and Creatine are amino acids. Similar amino acids called Arginine can be found in spinach, peanuts, and seeds. Protein similarly, is found in many other foods besides meat.

A diet without meat will help you to feel a far better performance. You’ll have more energy after your body cleanses itself of the meat. You also want to do a colon cleanse too. But once you’re through all of that, filling up on all of the rich nutrients that plant-based foods, and vegetables will help you to replenish your skin, hair and nails. Truly! Compare your skin with before and after pictures and you’ll be able to tell a huge difference. And you will also find that you have far more energy to do many other things. Your digestion will also improve a great deal.  The transformation is remarkable on all levels of your life and yourself. Your mood even improves and you will feel more positive.

It’s worth the transition. Spiritually, without taking in the consciousness from an animal that was feeling fear, will help you to feel so renewed. Turning into a vegetarian cleanses your soul. Also many animals out there are fed all kinds of hormones and other things that aren’t healthy for your body anyhow. It does cost a little more to eat vegetarian but it’s worth it in the end. Animals deserve the right to live, and you deserve to be healthy.

My favorites

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I also have an almond butter obsession!

Good luck in your journey toward becoming a vegetarian. Thank you to those who are already living an animal free diet!