Welcome to Spiritual Parenting

A part of being Spiritually Awkward, is parenting. I know there are a lot of single people out there who read my blogs and stuff, but I do know that there are a lot of parents as well. It’s really hard to be a spiritual.. I have three children, one 18 years old, one is 12 and one is four months old. I am a single parent as I choose to be. It is very hard for psychic women to maintain relationships because we just pick up on too much stuff in our partners and it can become hurtful. Especially when we need a whole lot of deep emotional sensitivity. I’m not just psychic though. I am a whole other level of being. I don’t say that to boost as I don’t find anything really both about. This life is not fun. The things that you see, the things that you experience, it really can be overwhelming. But trying to get your kids on the same page with you can be even harder. And the way that the world is today, we merge towards a whole new age where the former one is dying away. They promise a golden air but if you look around us, it seems more dark than it does illuminated. Anybody can advance their mind for intelligence and wisdom. Anybody can become philosophical or spiritually well read. But to really be a spiritual being takes having to really become a more virtuous person, and put yourself aside to be the better change that you wish to see in this world. But too many people hear that. Especially, kids. They want to be a part of the world, to be excepted by their peers, and it’s hard to take away from children things that they feel make their generation happy. But how can they even thank you for your protection or security, if they can’t get a chance to see the things out there that you are trying to protect them from? I want to help people parent better. I am not a parenting specialist. I don’t have a license in helping people parent, but I do have a whole lot of experience spiritually. So let us start this new section of Spiritually Awkward and, just for parenting. I would also like to begin a new video series but to be honest with you I don’t even know where to put it. I don’t think it belongs on my regular channel but perhaps maybe it will. Maybe doing one over every other video in parenting, could help. I hope that you will get a chance to learn and if you have a child that is a newborn up to a year old, we can raise our children together. Please follow us at @spiritually_awkward on Instagram too for inspiration and development.