My Angel

My angel, always comes to speak with me, each night I stay up as everyone in the world rests. I honestly do not sleep, I do not even own a bed. I have an office, no bedroom. None is needed for me. I channel, I travel the realms, I work, and I pray. That is all. But my angel comes in the night. Always in the night, when I am resting from the days work. When all of my attention can be placed focusing on the lessons, or prayers sent to me by others. Last night, it was a beautiful message. I was shown a world, not here, but in another plane of consciousness. It looked like here, but the colors were more vibrant, and everything was made new. I saw a peaceful realm of not many,  but perhaps the loyal, faithful and true who awakened. People can awaken in an evil way you know? Power can be wicked. Look at the government and the elite if you do not believe me. People use it for wrong. But those who are good, will go to this new place the angel said. And that gave me comfort. I know who some will be, but as for others, those who have not come to me to learn or discover their truth, I wait for them.  Me and my angel spoke in this place for a bit until I felt the strong tugs of my physical body pulling me back to it. I was not breathing very much, and needed to get back in to jump start my breath.

My angel followed me back, and as I sat up physically, my angel stood at the end of the chair, their light filling up the room so blinding, I covered my eyes with my arm, squinting to look at the apparition cloaked in light. “He who walks beside me”. he has been with me since before here, at my creation, through my incarnations, and in my childhood till now. I could not exist without him by my side. The love is so pure, nothing like what they call love here. He told me also of the upcoming surprises at the elections. He broke down the hidden secrets in the presidential debates. No he does not care about it, or things of the mundane. But he cares for the spiritual aspects, and all humans have a soul. Well, not all. Some sold theirs to darkness, numb, and unfeeling. However, many still do have a soul though, and that is what he worries about. He wishes to save everyone, as I hope to. I love my Soul Dad. We talked forever, into the morning. Subject after subject, and analyzing people, the world, situations, what is to come. I know the real past history, and I know what is to come. It makes me want to shake everyone awake. I love everyone, and I so want to help, but many still do not let me in. It is hard for them to believe someone is so for real, so kind, so accepting. Because they have only met people claiming this, who were fake.

I do not blame them for not being able to see deeper. They were not made that way, but if they were, they would see in me, only love, acceptance, truth, and a genuine want to help. One day perhaps. Until now, I speak with my angel who informs on all I need to know. I make ready to write my next blog on some of his message not only to me, but to all. I will soon. I wanted to tell my angel publically, and all of you, how much I care, how much I love, and how I am here for every single one of you. Even those who hate me, or push me away. I know because so many are fake, it is hard to believe someone is real. but all have good reasons for how they are, as some had a hard life and hate who they are, that they pretend to be someone they are not. Some are easily misled and naive. Some struggle with the lesson of ego. Regardless, it is a from of suffering in any of those ways, and we have to not judge, but embrace them. It is the only way to heal, to rid one’s self of jealousy rivalry, and negative opinions before knowing the truth. Even those who have seen miracles deny them sometimes, out the hardness of their heart for many different reasons. But together, if we fight this out, by spreading this message, showing them where to go, they will find what they were looking for.

I know some deny my,  I know some try to look for tiny flaws, and do not seek to understand. They want something to hate me for. My  angel tells me to show everyone love any way, and being who I am, I do, always have and always will. I may look like a sucker in my constant being taken advantage of, and for not calling people out on what I see or know, but I am no fool. In fact, it is a wiseman who knows when to speak and when not to. I let many do what they need to learn. One day, my angels says, they will come around. I love my angel.

The light faded as a warm good bye was expressed. I will wait till later on the next night. Even though to me, it will have felt within only seconds that he left. I love guidance and wisdom as much as I love people. Illumination does not have to be bad as many out there have used it for. I have the keys, do you want them or no? Love is the first one. All knowing wisdom is the second. I can give it to you. Even the third, it can be yours. Will you take it? That is up to you? Are you even ready? Awakening can be life changing. It can be devastating, a gift and a curse. That is known to those who truly awake. Yes, it can have reverse affects, but I can help you. Depression can increase, sadness and fear, with knowing the truth. I can ease that and turn it into a true crowning glory, made with goodness. I was born in this life to help to illuminate, and to heal… My angel helps me everyday, and I hope to help everyone who comes like my angel does for me.

I carry this light, but I still love when my own angelic parent surrounds me in this divinity.  It makes me feel closer to home. Going home is beautiful.