Many people have their reservations about coffee. Some people think that it is bad for you, while others really don’t see any problems with it. There are some religious beliefs who forbid coffee, and some cultures where coffee is a huge part of their daily life.

When I went to Puerto Rico, they drink coffee with everything. It reminded me of medieval times when people drank ale or wine with everything LOL. But it’s true, in Puerto Rico they drink coffee all day. They even give coffee to their infants as they had offered some to my two year old son at the time. I have to admit that I like my morning coffee. It is a sinful indulgence to add extra extra cream and extra extra sugar, but I do enjoy a nice sugary cup.

While having too much sugar is not really good for you, believe it or not… coffee itself has some really wonderful health properties. Let’s take a look.

1. Properties of Coffee

2. Lessens risk of heart disease

3. Protects the liver

4. Helps with depression

5. Provides fiber

Coffee also helps prevent diseases like Parkinson’s, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Not only all of this, but it boosts your energy for a quick pick me up. It’s properties were known and used in ancient culture. The native Indians of Puerto Rico called the Taino Indians (learned about them in someone’s akasha) grew coffee beans naturally and ate them for energy during hard work.

Coffee can also be used for an excellent body scrub. What’s more is that coffee is a diuretic, so even some cosmetic creams have coffee in them to temporarily minimize the visibility of cellulite by drawing fluid away from fat cells, essentially dehydrating the fat cells. It even removes puffiness from your eyes and can protect your hair!

So as you could see, coffee is not that bad after all. It can increase awareness, improve your memory, and it even helps with weight loss. It is also a known fact that drinking coffee will help you to prevent gallstones. It can even undo some liver damage. Drinking coffee is a wonderful beverage for antioxidants used for cleansing as well.

With magical uses, coffee has been used to amplify the energy in a room during séance, when used the right way. It is also used to help psychic mediums out of a deep trance!