Mr. Rose…

In my last article on this website, I was talking about how I had moved into my new home with my family just recently. I am so blessed because the Creator makes all of my dreams come true. Many times people will ask me, “why don’t you have God give you everything in the world as well as richest?” I always tell them that I don’t need to be rich. I am perfectly happy and content just having the Creator with me. But he has blessed me with all of the things that I could have ever longed for. I am humble and modest person. All I wanted was my own home because we had rented most of my life. And I wanted a house where I could have a huge work space all to myself for the respect that I paid to Spirit. I wanted a large room where people could come and receive their healing, reading, and counseling sessions. As well as my own bedroom and a bed. Even though I don’t sleep, it would be nice to have a bed to lay on. I used to have one when I was small. But growing up and not really sleeping, I got rid of the bed so that I could have more space in my room. So I was without a bed for a great long time. And I did miss having one because sometimes I like to read or meditate, and wanted to be a little more comfortable. I always wanted my kids to have their own rooms with nice furniture so that they could be happy. And I always wanted to have a very beautiful breakfast nook. So I never tried to accomplish owning those things though. My focus was always on making sure we had enough to survive, and helping other people. The Creator once asked me what I could want for myself. And I told him that all I wanted, was just to be able to survive and make it. There are so many people out there in the world that do not have anything. I am not special, and I never look at myself as if I am. Just because I have a direct connection to the creator, doesn’t mean that I would ever take advantage of it by asking for luxurious things. There is more to life than riches and luxury. It reminds me of King Solomon. Growing up King Solomon did not know that he would be king. His older brother Absalom was supposed to be instead. But Absalom did not want to follow the rules or laws of the creator. So King David decided that he would leave his kingdom to his youngest son Solomon. Solomon had been his son with the woman that he had loved more anyway. Now comma when David died Solomon was still a boy. And he wanted to do a good job like his father and be a righteous person. When the Creator asked Solomon what he wanted during his rule, the Creator we needed to hear his answer. Instead of asking for Renown and riches, the Creator was astounded when Solomon asked for wisdom to look after the people. The Creator was so happy with this humbleness, that he ended up granting Solomon His Wish of wisdom. But he also gave to him all of the things that he did not ask for. He also gave him wealth and he also gave to him Renown and Glory. The Creator felt as though because of his modesty and do to Solomon wanting something for others and not for himself, that this was humility that deserves a reward. I feel that the Creator does this for me. All that I have ever asked for was for the Creator to walk beside me and for wisdom. And now it seems that the creator has blessed me with everything I could ever hope for exactly. I did not want a mansion but just a nice simple home. And that is exactly what I got. Now me and my family can be happy and there is a lot of space for everyone to enjoy. Plus the room that I wanted for the Creator, is also added. So all of the people that say that I am a fake because I cannot manifest great riches, are people that simply do not understand what it takes to actually achieve the things that you dream. In order to receive, you have to have good karma. Good Karma comes with being modest and humble. And I am a walking testimony of this because, as you can see I did not want anything of extravagance, and before asking for myself I have always put other people first. So, that is how the heavens will deliver blessings upon people.
Now back to my story, and the last article I was telling you all about our spiritual visitor. before moving in my father and I saw the apparition of a spirit. But then after we actually moved in here, strange things were happening. There were great things at my door in the middle of the night, and when some water overflowed onto our laundry room floor, I could hear the voice say “whole thing”.  this to me meant that this Spirit wanted me to clean the entire floor, rather than just the area that had been flooded. Upon looking at the floor it was immaculate. It seemed that the concrete was nice and white still, not eat like some concrete not cared for. So that is how I knew that he wanted me to clean the rest of the floor, as a way of showing me his routine of how he kept the house, while he lived here. my cats have been acting superbly strange. My one cat seems to go up in a scaredy cat pose and is very leery of my other cat whom they used to be good friends with. the other cats stare in the direction of my office a lot. They get super strange in the area too. upon my own inspection, I saw that the area had a large frequency of electromagnetic energy. So in this, I automatically knew it was acting as a portal for manifestation of the spirit. When I asked to this. It’s mean I did not get one, which sometimes happens if they do not choose to provide it or if they are not speaking through clairaudience. But I did get to get a good look at what he looks like. When we were looking at photographs of the home in order to review it to purchase it before even coming in here, my daughter and I had seen a man with glasses to begin with. but when he showed himself to me here in the house after moving in, I still the same person. This was a great confirmation that the soul of someone who had lived here and must have passed away, was still lingering in the house.

So, I started to communicate with him and he did not want to get into his personal life too much, but his main concern was that the home stay Immaculate as he had left it. Funny thing, to think that a soul would linger around in the afterlife just to make sure his old house was kept neat. So I asked him why. He told me that he had been so proud of owning a home. He had bought it when first built in the 1970s. He raised his children here and had many wonderful memories. he had some military background which made him a bit of a perfectionist. the house was a great achievement to him, so he was always on top of his family about taking care of it. he had told me that when he passed, his son was put in charge of the home for his remaining wife. He said that when his wife grew too old that his son had to take her in and find a new place for her a little smaller, where she could be safe. You see she was disabled, and living in such a large home, anything could happen to her while alone. so when finding a new place for his mother, this man’s son, sold the home. And apparently he had put a lot of money and work into fixing up the place. He told me that his son had fixed the place up in the way that he had spoken of in the past while alive. He had told his son through many years, of the renovations that he wanted done here. For an example the entire downstairs of this by level, was wide open and it was just one large room. he had wanted to divide sections off to make it into a few rooms. He also wanted to install hardwood floors throughout the house to match the ones upstairs underneath of the rug. And his son had done all of this. Upon thinking of his father’s wishes, he repaired the home one last time in his honor. And this Spirit wanted me to make sure that we took care of everything.
I want to keep the home nice for him, but all of this really did sound crazy. my relatives believed me because they know who and what I am. But they cannot see it as I do. So while they believed me and they have seen something themselves, they still do not pay attention to things as I do. I really wanted to be able to prove to my family what I was saying. I know that I should trust in their belief in me for. But I think it makes me feel better to know that I have proven myself some way. So when the neighbor was outside earlier today, I greeted him just to be a good neighbor. Then I invited him in to take a look at what we’ve done with the place since he had said that he was watching the handyman fix the place up. When he came into the who he started saying to me and my parents, that he had knowing the people who had lived here. He exclaimed that they all had moved in when the development was built in the 70s. so this was my perfect opportunity to get him to verify things that I have been saying to my family about the spirit. I told him what I did for a living, knowing that there could be a chance he would be shocked or reject me. But it was worth a try. He was not shocked though. I told him I was a minister, psychologist, and a psychic. He smiled and he said “why are you telling me this”? I told him because I was sensing something in the home already. I put my hand out to stop him because it looked as if he were going to say something about that. I said “let me tell you first instead sir”.  And I told him that there had been an old man with glasses rooming about. And I told him what he had told me about keeping the home in good condition. My neighbor left. He said, “that is Mr. Rose”. And then he told me that Mr. Rose had died in a car crash, at a four-way stop sign just down the road. Apparently, he and his wife had been driving and a car smashed into them. Mr. Rose was taken to the hospital, but he was in and out of the hospital, but he eventually passed.  he had a lot of health conditions prior to the accident, and they contributed to his difficulty in healing. So then my neighbor told me how Mr. Rose loved his home, and that he had told him many times before how it was his pride and joy.

 My neighbor did not seem to be shocked that I was seeing the ghost of his old friend in the house. But he did ask me why he would be lingering still? He felt himself at times when he looked at the house out the window, that maybe his Spirit was visiting. But then he would tell himself that there would be no reason to, if the family had left. I told him that if a spirit has put a lot of energy into something or someplace, that there is a good chance they will remain there. I also found out that the woman was also disabled as the spirit said. Apparently she had trouble walking and so they had taken the carpets out and put the hardwood floors in, so she would not trip or get hurt. Everything that the spirit told me matched up.

 I never doubt my abilities. I just doubt and how much people believe in them themselves. So it was nice to hear my neighbor verify this information without me having to urge him. It really showed my family how much I was really reading into things here. I feel just awful about what happened to Mr. Rose. It’s sad that he had to pass away in fear. But it makes sense, because spirits that stick around are usually ones that have died tragically, suddenly, or very much afraid. Like I said in my last article, I am not going to try to push him out of here. If he is not ready yet and wants to stay, then he is more welcome to. I certainly feel that with him here though, that it’s still just as much as his home as it is ours.

 it was definitely very awkward approaching my neighbor with my profession. I never know how people will take that I am a psychic. Especially if I were to tell them I was a messenger to? They would totally think I was off my rocker. It gives me a feeling of wanting to hide what I do sometimes. And that is how I felt for a long time growing up. pretty soon I will have a sign up out front of my house stating that this is a place for Spiritual Services. I am sure all of my neighbors will see it and some of them will feel very uncomfortable living down the street from a spiritualist. But with more and more people getting into the very trendy spiritual things, perhaps there will be one or two on my street that are a little bit more open to the idea than the others. It certainly never feels good being judged. In one of my articles I was talking about how I have not had that many people say bad things about me in my career. My daughter says that, for what I do as a profession, I am lucky to have such wonderful reviews. But what I also say about that, is that everyone is a skeptic. You’re going to have people who are cynical. Some will believe and some won’t. However, I will always have to deal with some kind of scrutiny. And I am okay with that. As long as the Creator knows that I am for real, and I have please all of the people that have come to me, then I am content. I can’t make everybody happy and I have come to accept that. But as an Angelic, I have made so many people feel so loved, in an instant. That is the greatest quality of an Angelic being.  This week, I will go knock on everyone’s door and introduce myself. This will help me to know who will be my allies and my enemies. I want them to know though, that even if they do not like me, that I will never be an enemy to them. For now, at least I know that I have my neighbor, and even the spirit of Mr. Rose, on my side.

I think the spirit can be rest assured that I’m going to take care of this home for him, because to me it is a blessing from the creator. I think he and I will agree that it is a wonderful place.