Spirit Rant

In my life, growing up in a spiritual/psychic family, was pretty mixed in emotions. There were scares, exciting thrills,  upsetting discoveries, joyful discoveries, strange encounters, and incredible miracles. I have so many stories to tell everyone, and they are all true too. Along with this,having taken my mission of teaching and guiding others, it has been a journey that is overwhelming and fulfilling both at the same time too. I remember when it all started, it goes back as early as the age of three. I will that story for the book, and yes, yes, its coming! I know, the US Copyright that I filed for 3 years ago, took its good old time, I apologize to all of you who were waiting, on their behalf. That is simply awful. My story  also has somehow leaked.

But I am not here to talk about that. I am here to announce, a great new project that I know many will enjoy and benefit from. With my always having so much to talk about, writing in the blogs is just not good enough anymore.

I need to have more time, and more detail, and to reach more people all at the same time. So, my business manager came up with this wonderful idea to do podcasts! My YouTube channel was blocked somehow and only reaches people whose IP’s have been in the loop for a long time, but to reach anyone new? It has grown increasingly difficult. Some videos get views, but other stay within the 1000-7000 zone. And, that to me? Well… With the amount of people that I work with, it just does not add up. it should be way more. So, I am taking my manager up on her idea. She suggested to make Spiritually Awkward a podcast. This way if I do not have time to film and edit, I can just say what’s happening and upload.

The podcast platform is held on the same server as the Truthology Course,  it is free to sign up and listen as well.  The podcasts will include a number of topics, answering some questions submitted, and reading all of your stories too, that you send in. Lectures, stories, it will all be there. I hope you will join! I will also have challenges, spiritual and health tips, and so much more. If you sign up, each time there is an upload, you will be notified, and even sometimes a video may be uploaded instead. I hope to see you all there.

I know I have so many things out there, and have alot of you jumping around to subscribe. You have no idea how much your support means to me, you really don’t. It’s not easy to have the issues that I have. You all know from my past blogs, since I was small, I have tried to fight off watchers and shapeshifters, and I knew that they would try to prohibit my work too. it’s an on-going life long issue being who I am.  So I am doing what I can, to be able to reach everyone that I can. I may not have information that is popular, or what everyone wants to hear, but I do tell the truth. Isn’t that what you were all looking for?

See you soon at Spiritually Awkward: Spirit Rant. Please, if you have any true stories about your spiritual experiences that you feel would be cool, and you want me to read them, or if you have any questions for topics to be answered in the podcast, send them in to my personal email at: Alura’s Email . Looking forward to it. Do not forget to subscribe (enroll). No need to check the page later either, you will receive a notification in emails, and most audios will be uploaded on the same night each week. But just in case, subscribing puts you on the email list so that you do not miss it.

Let’s rant a bit, raw spirituality at its best!