Going Shhhhh!

Hello everybody this is just a notice that from this point forward my blogs and my more in-depth videos will be getting posted to another site where you will have to become a trusted approved member, in order to gain access to the information. Due to many other people having stolen my information over time, I feel a great need to protect a lot of my work now. Things are getting very serious in the world, and also in the area of spirituality. And, after the other courses, Absolution is on its way! I know that there will be a lot of in-depth questions, and it would be better to answer them all together. There will also be the Bible decoding course in addition to the Awareness course that will both be starting in the spring. With that, a lot of my secret teachings about many things will be put into those courses and I certainly have to protect them. Why?

I have seen a lot of underhandedness overtime, and it has really broken my heart. I had started this journey in order to share with the world, personal sacred information that I was given. I thought that it was information that would help many people who really truly had a love of spirit, heaven, becoming a better person and God. My entire intention and mission was to find people that truly carried that unconditional love and Holy Spirit within them, that just needed a little bit of guidance and direction. I dreamed to help them to bring that fully out from within themselves and to understand themselves more. I was sent here to find those that have been chosen for a great mission, and in order to help them to merge with higher self in order to accomplish them. I have worked with thousands of people all over the world from every background, belief and ethnicity, all in the name of finding anyone that was truly really about the real movement. To find those who actually really wanted to become the better change that they had hoped to see in the world. I had many people come to me claiming that that was them. However, I don’t think many understood what that real better change was. And when a lot of them found out, they gave up, because it made it so that they had to be separate from the world. It would make them actually dare to be different, and to not follow the trends. Instead, it would have then follow the divine. Not me. But the heavens, and to be a part of change in what is actually good for the earth, and for one another.

What was that better change? Waking up. Waking up more and more to their full potential. Then afterwards, to rise up as a people together, whether in our own areas, or in one. That would be for the sole reason of inspiring others to be good hearted people that were pure, and forsaking the blemishes of the world that had hurt and tormented people for too long. How many of you had struggled with addiction? How many of you had come from a background of abuse? How many of you had abused yourselves? The idea was to take the darkness and pain, and then to use it as wisdom in order to want the light, and then to fully become the light.

Hello? I’m not talking about some trending new age guru. I’m talking about being a pure light worker. And for all of the right reasons. Not for fame. Not for appearance. Not to appear to be better than others. Not for power, and certainly not for wealth. But while I have found some, I have also come across others that simply only wanted all of this for the fulfillment of the ego. There have even been times in the past, that other readers, hidden enemies or people wanting to come out as a teacher, who had joined my groups to make personal friendships with my following. They would very slowly interact with them to gain their trust, and make friendships with them on the side, dropping little tidbits of what they believed in, to spread interest. And then, they would up and disappear. And all while having a link to my inner circle separately on their own accord. I have many times asked people to respect me, and not to do that. It is a dirty way to go about business, and I would never hurt anybody like that myself. I understand that not everybody is like me, and others are willing to use dirty tactics to get somewhere, and that is why I truly hope that what I have taught my real friends and real students, that they will always keep that in mind. Some, had even bought readings simply to how I did them, in an attempt to replicate my Services or methods too. Someone had even gone to the greatest extent of having played a very expensive company to scan my website, to find out how many people were visiting each day. It also gave them information as to that email as an IP address is of the people visiting my website for help. Then this would help them to then contact those people were even try to find out what services were trending and then to add them to their own website as well. You have no idea how dark the front is, that I would even happen in spirituality. This is about the soul. Someone actually spied in order to compete for your soul, for their own gain. If someone can behave sneaky and deceptive in that way, you can be sure that you will not find the right help from them. I say to that individual; “My website is to help people. This isn’t some competing burger franchise. Shame on you”!

As a person who is truly unconditional and carries their love for others like a torch, as a person who just only loves everyone and wants the best for everyone, you have no idea what it feels like to hear that somebody has finally understood the message that I am teaching. And that having used it, they can now live their life better. Without worry or a struggle, and with out having to feel depressed or lost. And to use that, their new found contentment and the wisdom that they’ve learned with me, to go out there and find others through using their own intuition in knowing from the signs in those people, that they also truly want the same change. But instead, I found some others who wanted fame. Others, they were using it as an ego trip. Whatever the case was, I still embraced them. Everybody deserves a chance. If they came, then there was a reason behind it. And while the process may have been slower, they will get there.

Nonetheless, I cannot take away from the fact that there had been downright dark people who have only used me for my information. I have had people steal from my websites, and I’ve had others replicate my videos for their own channels. I have even had overly competitive people who have also studied my stuff, and then added to it from other worldly teachings, to try to counteract what I had taught them originally. I have had people talk about me behind my back, plotted against me, pretended to be a friend, and I have had people who understandably had even struggled in their trust in me. I know that it is hard to have trust in just one person, when most of your lives you have encountered so many untrustworthy people. Plus, this world is so screwed up, it’s hard to believe that anybody could actually be pure and loving. Most people think it is a façade. But those who know me best, will tell you that it surely is not. The only thing remotely human about me and my nature, is the fact that I get my feelings hurt and I do get frustrated from time to time, but only when somebody is deliberately projecting negativity at me. Still, in my work I have been straight up abused and taken for my knowledge.

As a result, I am here in this blog to say that I am not here for any of that. I am here to find those who really truly want this path. And as a result of my having let others in that didn’t, I and some of my friends have paid the price for it. But the one who had paid the price for it more, is God who sent me on this mission to do this work. The distractions of the negativity and the backbiting, got overwhelming. I was hurt for almost a whole year because of it. It crushed my heart. I should have been focused. In addition to that, letting people in who weren’t trustworthy, also made me susceptible to attacks. And that also had me down in the dumps a little bit. No matter the disagreement or the difference in perception, people have to remain friends, and remain loving. There’s too much hatred in the world. But others do not see it that way. I am trying with all of my heart here, to find people that actually see the world and it’s true condition, and are not willing to just ignore it by turning a blind eye and sit on the Internet all day. In other words…It’s OK to check your social media, but you should be out there doing real things. I’m trying to find people that aren’t willing to turn a blind eye, and just put on an act that they are spiritual, when in their own true lives are doing nothing at all.

I am here to find the true chosen for the anointed consciousness. This really means the world to me because it meant the world to God he sent me. And while others don’t like that I say that, or that I even have a relationship with God, or those who really don’t believe it, that is fine. Because I know that I am OK with my source. I would only be the one to pay the price for making claims that were not true. And since I know that they are true, I have nothing remotely to be ashamed or worried about. God is on my side. And he always will be, because he knows that I try and try all the time, to do the work he sent me here to do. I am who I say, and I know glorious life changing things, soul changing things, for the transcendence that you deserve. But many sell themselves short.

But for now on, to protect the privacy of my work, to protect my own identity as it has been stolen and used by other gurus who copied my work, and also to protect those who are really truly 100% honest and true to the fact that they want to real growth and understanding, and a connection to the divine and what they want will change into actually use it, to do something about it, I am going to start putting my work on another website top-secret. The other websites will remain. I will not be taking them down because there are many others who enjoy them. But in regards to going into any serious subject matter, prophecies, or any activities that we are doing as a group, I would like to keep that separate in a secret area online. Right now I am having someone help me on working on getting that set up. I will definitely post more about where you can find this website later on, once it all comes together. I hope, with in the next couple of months or sooner. With that being said, I will more than likely put up a post on all of my social media’s, when the links are available and you can comment there if you wish to be a part of it. But for now on because of the intensity of what I am going to be teaching and because of the world changing by lacking empathy, remorse or love, it is very important to protect the word of God at this time.

So again I will be leaving of the blogs that are there now, for good. There will be a new website for gathering, as well as learning. They more than likely be connected to the future courses as well and the older ones. I will still be posting on social media but again my time is limited, as I have backed off and social media a great deal since it has been affecting my energy being at this vibration. I only spent 35 minutes a day on it as these blogs are being typed for me, by a typist. If you are trying to catch me by text messaging, the best time of the day to do so would be around 10:00 at night, as well as 4:30 am in the morning. I have to somehow still stay in touch with the people that I work with online. So I do check emails and messages during those times for about 15 minutes each. With the remainder, I have an assistant who is reading messages to me and replying for me. So if you have anything private that you need to say I would suggest that you do it during those times especially. I get very ill being on the Internet, you have no idea. It makes me nauseous and very sick to be around electronics anyway . And I’m even having trouble talking on the phone. But that was always a case of you recall.

Still this is not an insult toward anybody that I know right now, nor is it meant to be an insult at all. I’m sure that those of you who definitely can see and feel what’s going on in the world today, can understand where I’m coming from and why. I love everybody that I have ever worked with, every single one, there is nobody exempt. And please don’t assume in this article that you were one of the people that I am mentioning who have hurt me or that I thought was not in this for the right intentions. Many people have assumed from the articles that I was talking about them for whatever reason when they had done nothing wrong at all. So please don’t take it upon yourself to take the article personally.

Thank you and I’ll still be around and keeping in touch. I will never give up and I will never abandon any of you. I just wanted to let you all know that I think a more compact, private space where we can really talk about things and I have absolute trust, would be a good idea. Somethings just aren’t meant to be mainstreamed. I will still do videos and other blog topics on spirituality and topics that maybe others have knowledge in already but need more? But for the sacred teachings that will be more shhhhhh.


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