The New House… Already?

We just moved into a new home, with my business down stairs as it is a bi-level. Lovely home,. and full of good energy. however, when viewing the home before we purchased, I saw something. There was an apparition in the living room. My family only ever hears me speak on spiritual psychic topics, so I only told my daughter who then finished my sentence, because she had seen it too. It was a male, perhaps 50’s or early 60’s, with glasses. He was not fully manifested but enough to see him for my psychic sight.

The week before moving in, I had the family bring me to do a house blessing and cleansing. I was not moving into any environment with my angelic kin to bless it first. So we went the weekend before our move in date. My family walked around a bit, and we showed my “soul” daughter who came with us, the home. Then I asked everyone to exit so I could perform the blessing. As I walked through our new home, I kept seeing an outline of a person in blue energy, ducking behind the corners, and behind the walls as I swept the house clear with sage and another herb that I feel is strong. I noticed the spirit, but continued in hopes he would leave at the closing of the clearing and blessing session. However, it seemed he got agitated towards the end instead. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it, but I had to say something.  Dad seems to think because I am psychic, that spirits follow me, and not the other away around. So, without me actually giving any details, I asked Dad to go back in with me. I pointed into the location, which was right between my new bedroom and office across from one another, Figures right?.. I asked Dad, “What do you see right down in there”?, as we stood at the top of the little stairs leading to my area of the home. Dad looked, squinting his eyes and making sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing. Indeed he was. He said “What?..The guy in blue energy down there”? YES!!!!! I exclaimed. “Yes, that’s him”. I was grateful for Dad to be seeing it without me giving him any details. This meant he saw it on his own without my help. And if he indeed saw it for himself, than I would not look spiritually obsessed and Dad would trust in any happenings that I may tell him later on if that was the case. Dad went down and stood in the energy. He told the spirit, “We can all live here together in peace”. Then, we left.

Now,even with authority as a messenger, I can not break the free will of another being. It is forbidden, unless the Creator says it is needed. The spirit did not want to leave. That is why the clearing did not work. Sometimes, something more powerful is needed. So I would wait to channel him more, when we moved in fully.  He did seem peaceful after all. After settling in, strange things began to happen. We have only been here for one full week, and already, things happen here that only a strong spirit can do. In the same area, my cats, all four of them, go into the “Halloween Kitty” mode, backs arched high and fur puffed out, staring at an invisible force each night. They act strange, and my cat Sadie fixes her gaze intently upon the small stairs from her seat on the washer. None of them want to be in that hallway, and my one cat goes to the bathroom all over the house just to avoid the litter box, located in the laundry room near the area.  I sit up all hours of the night into the morning, as I do not sleep. My vibration doesn’t let me. I am an energizer bunny, and keep going, and going, and going, and, well you get the point. So, when everyone else in this area is nestled snugly in their beds, I am up, praying, doing healings, or writing. After a few nights here, between 4:30 am, and 6:00 am, I have been sitting with my cats in the office with me. My bed has not come for my room yet, (never shop at Bob’s Furniture by the way), so I have to stay in the office since there is furniture there. I wanted to complete the spirit room first out of respect for my clients, and spirit. They deserve to have a nice place for the energy.  As I am sitting there, I usually turn the lights out after a certain time, and light candles  and my oil lamp instead. It truly takes me back to my past life. But as I turn out the lights, and sit back down to continue prayers at that hour, a hard, loud bang hits the upper center of my door.

It is so loud, it is almost jolting. It makes me quake in fright. I slide down to the floor to see through the space  under the door, in case someone is there. But there is no one. It takes me a few minutes to calm my nerves, and the cats sit on their cat tower staring at the door too, frozen in perfect feline observation. They know, as I know, that there is a spirit there.  Walking up on the upper floor starts happening, and it sounds like someone comes in the front door. Why this area mainly though? I wondered. So, being able to read energetic waves and blue prints, I am like a walking EMF detector. I have to be, since I channel so much. Frequencies are never steady, so it is a in between estimate each time for me. Near the bathroom downstairs in my part of the house, the lights and outlets emit something around 27-100 hertz of energy. The upstairs, is about the same. So it seems even in the range of energy from electrical devices. So that is not it. The spirit must have some source to manifest and hit a door as hard as that one does each night. Upon standing in the area that the cats are seemingly afraid of, I picked up a range of 500- 1800 hertz. Only in that spot. I dug around to see if there were electrical cords, outlets, wiring, etc, but I could not find any. The spirit is attached to that area, and able to generate its own force for that moment.

So what will I do, you may ask? Well, I already channeled with him. He says he loves his house, and he is not wanting to move forward at all. He told me that he wishes that we would go away. He spent alot of time in the room that is my office, as it used to be the main family room. And, his work space and tools used to be in the laundry room. And here I am, in his space.. I want to help him, as I can not take being startled each night with his bangs, as I am sure I would get used to it. But, I have many other entities to worry about, and I feel terrible that this soul is lost, stuck somewhere between this world and the next. He is not a bad spirit, only frustrated because his family left their life long home, and he is stuck with new people confined to this space. I am going to do all that I can to help him. For now, I am hopeful that he will get used to us, and I think if I joke around with him, he will not feel as uncomfortable.

I am certain, more stories are to come until this situation is resolved. Never a dull day!