My Diet & Feeding baby

I used to live as a breatharian. That is where a person does not consume food because they can take energy from the environment and transmuted into anything that they need energetically that they would have gotten from nutrition and food. All things are energy anyway, everything shares the same code. However, after having my baby I do have to eat. But even in the past while growing up I have had a lot of issues with food. My stomach really hurts, I have had bouts of IBS, nausea, and because my body does not work the same as other people, I would eat and it would not be easy to rid my body of food that I ate through using the restroom. Pardon me, I’m just trying to relay the experience here. As I had grown, I just adopted living off of energy, and I did that for several years. But while I was pregnant, I did have to take in some nutrition. At first, I wasn’t. But people were telling me it may be wise to do so, just for the sake of the doctors outlook on everything. Living off of energy, I did still very much drink water though. But out carrying my baby I started to add one meal a day. It was hard on my body. With the rarest blood type in the world, I had all kinds of issues that I had even before, start to pop up. I have a lot of allergies. After the baby was born, I had a sugar fit and ate a lot of chocolate and peanut butter. But I I stopped. Recently, going to the doctors, I told him everything. My doctor said that the craving for peanut butter came from being protein and iron deficient. He had told me that it was one thing for me to live off of energy, but as soon as the baby came into my body, she started to take whatever nutrients that I had for myself, for herself to grow. I had something called intrauterine growth restriction to begin with, so she was just taking extra to try to help herself to grow faster and stronger. That depleted my body of any kind of iron or protein that I had to begin with. Well eating the chocolate even through earlier age is in my life, I have always had adverse reactions. As an angelic so I gain weight superfast and I lose it superfast to. But he had told me that the sugar acts like this:  blood sugar will rise as the carbohydrates from the candy are digested. The pancreas can releases a hormone that tells the body to produce glucose from something in the muscles. Then, my liver releases that into my bloodstream. Later on that somehow breaks the protein from my muscles down into amino acids. The amino acids were needed for the baby to grow. That also explains why I had the craving after she was born too, it was natures way of saying I needed to produce amino acids in my breast milk for the baby to grow after birth as well! It made perfect sense. However, I finally got rid of the chocolate and the peanut butter. My doctor told me I have many allergies because my body operates differently from others. I’m sure that is the case for everyone as each person is unique. But I have a lot of sensitivity is here more than likely because of my soul type and my blood type. Apparently, I am allergic to lectun, gluten, iodine and iron. Which most foods contain. Choosing the lifestyle to live off of energy alone, was my own spiritual way of telling myself not to eat because of all of the dangers that were lurking in the foods. It’s really strange though because the body desperately needs iron. So they are trying to help me build a new immunity to this.

Now my diet consists of one small meal a day, for now. I’ll return to breatharian life later once the baby is weened. I am eating a low iodine, low lectin, gluten free diet. I can have onions, mushrooms, broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, leafy greens, squash, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots and asparagus, berries, citrus fruits, pineapple, cherries, apples, fish, seafood, eggs, meat and poultry, as well as fats from olive oil, avocado. But I can’t have the fish due to the iodine and meat or poultry? I refuse to eat. I can also pressure cook to lower the lectins in my diet as well. I’m sticking to avocado, hemp tofu, and pressurized brown rice occasionally. Ehhh. Lots of water. Tea, always! No more coffee doctor says, as it is a bean. Beans contain lectins. I can’t totally avoid them though. They’re everywhere. No more cheese for me either, darn it.

For baby…

Well, generally say to not feed your baby food until 4 months when cereals are introduced. Not me! I flipped the script. I started introducing foods to my baby at two months, feeding banana and applesauce. At 3 months I added cereal into the bottle.

My baby is breastfed. The best nutrition that a mother can provide! However, she did take soy formula too, in between feeds. It’s a good source of proteins which are the building blocks of development. I also now provide tea to my baby for antioxidants. I found a product that now has both soy and tea, and she loves it! Me too! It’s delicious. Bolt House Farms, Vanilla Chai.

At this point, I’m a working, single mother. I need less mess but optimal nutrition. So now in addition to the above diet, Adree also eats one third of a package from Plum Organics.

I squeeze a little into her mouth, and it’s not messy! As she gets older, she’ll eat more of the package but they do have tons of selections. Totally raw vegan.


I have to say, I feel better already and my skin is incredible along with cell rejuvenation healings that I’m doing since I broke out with my hormones adjusting. I’m also losing weight this way with weight loss spells too. My baby? She grew 3 1/2 inches in a months and she’s very healthy. No mess clean up too! Babies feel limited as they are aware to some degree but my baby is angelic too and advanced. She wants to do things herself, feed herself, and try what I eat. So variety helps. If your baby gets diarrhea or nausea then discontinue the trial food. Don’t ever give your baby peanut butter until you have them tested for allergy.


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