Memory of Murder

I sat waiting for a friend to get back to me on my messenger, as we had scheduled a call with very different time zones. I only had a half an hour to speak, because it was getting close to prayer time, and I had my daughters with me. I had my soul daughter, and my Biological daughter, wanting time with me. I am very close with my daughter, but my soul daughter, I do not get to see her very often. Her supposed to have been born to me, makes it hard every time she goes to home, the one she ended up with after not being born into my family. It was fate for me to have she and Amber, and the home she incarnated into, was the next best thing, as her soul knew she would find me there. So, As I waited to hear back from my friend, I listened to the girls laughing over the night’s excitement. We had gone to a haunted hayride earlier. I let them have fun even if I am not interested. Just because I am on one level does not mean everyone has to conform. Life is about living, having fun, and exploring. Therefore, that is what I let my kids do. Especially, with people acting strangely lately as I predicted, I was excited to get out for a bit.

Yes, a few months back during the Venus and Jupiter conjunction, I predicted people acting strangely, as the heavenly host is defining who will wake up, who will sleep, who will turn dark, and who will be light. About 70% of the world will be asleep. 14% will turn evil. The elite, and those for global control, and the every day average people, who are affected due to being asleep, they will be stand offish from those involved with truth. It was said the waters would turn bitter after all. None the less, my friend did not get back to me in time, and with so much to do, I had to go back to work, see the girls, and then go say my prayers for all of you, and it had already been . I did not want the prayer session to run into too early into the morning. I did not get to speak to my friend. My mission, my family, and my own personal time spiritually, takes up most of my time here. I so wish I had just a tad bit more of time to be with the others, my fans, my clients, and my friends. However, if time had not been cut short deliberately,  I would have more time, we all would.

After my prayers, I sat in the dark looking up at the sky. It was about 2:00 am, and the wind outside was harsh. I love the sound of the wind. When I was little we had thunder storms, and I even studied meteorology due to my fascination with the wind. As I listened, I closed my eyes, flash, after flash of a girl appeared. She was well into her early teens.. She had dirty blind hair, and wore a long gown. She had soft waves in her hair, and natural dark pink lips. She was quite exquisite.She was in a public park, and riding a carasol. The picture she projected, as it was how she felt inside, innocent, although her life was anything but.  I spoke to her for a little bit. She was another girl, and she laughed kindly and had a tenderness in her smile as her cheeks lit up in her joyful manner. I heard her, but she spoke to me, (unlike the other spirits who were loud), she was so soft and distant. It was like a whisper, when the imagery showed me that she was speaking in a normal manner. I struggled to hear her. I felt sleepy, and started drifting off into a half conscious state. I then was in what felt like a dream, and it was her world, images of her life.. It was like she no longer interacted, but I was invisible in her world, her memories.

Being a psychic is not always the funnest thing….

I had never seen this girl before, and it was not strange to have uninvited visitors. But something was sad about this girl even though she kept a smile on her face. After a few fast glimpses of her life, I saw the end of it. She had been walking down the street with a boy, and a car came up behind her. It was a man that she knew, dated, secretly, as she knew and he knew, his age was horrifying. She was 13 and he was 32. But he acted like a younger guy, cool, with connections as he worked a barber shop. This little girl had been pregnant before, even early at this age. She was no stranger to sexual conduct. However, as he had been following waiting for his right moment to approach, he decided to just pull over in front of her friend, and act as if he had not known her. She played it off, and got into the car. He had known where she got off of the bus for school. He was a little jealous from seeing her with her young guy friend. He stayed cool, as he pretended to be afraid in front of her friend, and went to the car and got in.

She had been unwanted, a child of foster care, a product of the system. She was no stranger to the world of dysfunction, and the love offered made her feel wanted, unlike in any other time of her life. She was no stranger to experience. Although she had this history, her heart was still innocent, only this older male played on that awhile back, the first time they had met, and she, being as naive as she was, poured out her whole life story.He was in trouble. She revealed he had been married and always made out to be a monster. She felt sorry for him right away. He had a hip hop appeal to him, that she liked in guys, she said. Soon, they had arrived in a secluded location. He would be intimate with her, and later take her home. In the meantime, everyone had noticed her missing, and called it in as a missing child.

After being with her older lover, this child went on her way home, but on the way she was approached by another vehicle. Someone who had been out looking for her, knowing of her disappearance. He somehow knew where to look, and he caught her on her way home. Yelling at her to get in the car, she rebelled, yelling she hated her life loudly, but still getting in. To her surprise, they did not go home. His rage of knowing she was with an adult male, and he could not find a way to give into to his own sick perversion with young girls, his anger over it made him take advantage of the situation. He found a secluded place to pull over, and forced her into the back of the car. He used his belt around her neck, and had tied her feet up with some cord he had in his car. He did terrifying, horrific things to her. She was so in shock as I experienced what she did, that she almost did not even realize what was happening. She showed me what she saw, as she saw it. This male, his face still blurry to her out of her mind repressing it already, someone she had trusted.  He yelled he was tired of her drama, and the responsibility.

Her defiance, and rebellions. He pulled tightly on the belt, and I felt a feeling of fire in the stomach, and it rose up to my head. I could not breathe as I coughed when she did. I went through what she went through. I saw a glimpse of her reflection in the window as she tried to fight back in final moments. Her hair up tightly in a bun, and a grey seat shirt. Then, it went dark. She had died. I tired to channel more to see what happened next. I was in utter shock myself. Where was this coming from, and why was I chosen to see this? I wondered to myself.

I saw him take her clothes for evidence, and then take her to a near by park, where he left her. In the morning someone going by saw her laying there. Flashes and glimpses came faster. I saw he older boyfriend being charged with her death. I feel I know why they believed him to be the monster. He was older, he was already being stereotyped too due to his race. And, he had been with her intimately first. He must had left some DNA. The visions stopped.

I was devastated, and now her apparition had gone. I sat a few moments in silence gaining my composure. I was drained from this event. After what I had seen.  I went to sit in my chair, too afraid to close my eyes in fear I would see more. Curse these visions sometimes, curse them. Thoughts ran wildly through my mind. Who was she? Why did she come to me? I wondered randomly what sick 32 year old would be with a 13 year old in the first place? Him getting blamed seemed to be his own fault of course, for being with a girl so young. I felt sorry about the whole thing. I fell asleep from the upset.

Later on, it was 4 am. I kept hearing whispers. It was the voice of a young girl. I supposed it was her again so I jolted up upright, wanting to ask her so many questions. She said she missed her brother and her friend.  I wanted to help her, but she gave me no name. She just told me, “I needed to say that”. I asked her, “That you miss your brother?” She nodded yes. I saw flashes of her with her brother in foster care, and I saw how sorry she was for everything. I asked why she had no moved on as it seemed a few years she was in this state. She said she felt guilty. I told her was okay, and to go on to the light so the time could by faster till she saw her brother again. She smiled her beautiful smile.  I did see some more details, but I am not here to gain publicity off of this girl’s tragedy nor her family’s. So I will not say what I discovered. I only wanted to vent a bit on a surprise visitor, who came from the West Coast, to say she missed her brother. It was very sentimental. Her soul is  sorry for mistakes, even at the age of 13 year in her physical life.

Her soul drifted away and I sat contemplating things. Who had she nee? I found out later, like I said, my intentions are not to gain any thing. I only want to help, and I did. She found some peace, and that is what mattered. I saw, that she was found, and it was her older boyfriend who got into trouble for the crime. I feel she wants peace for him. However, I will contact them privately myself, and not make such a public announcement about it. Although I am mentioning some details here, I do not want to make any attention for myself with this poor child’s name. So, I hope you can see how terrifying the world is sometimes, and how we need to keep an eye on our children more and more, even with those we know. People only let you see what they wish for you to see. They do not show their true selves, and who they really are is so unexpected. I send the family love.

Keep your children close to you…