May 2018 Astrology- Mercury Changes Alot

Welcome to the month of May. We are a few days into the month but we can still benift from the knowledge of how our celestials effect everyone this month. Its always good to be advised in what to expect for the month. this will explain your moods, way of thinking, and thoughts as well as issues that arise. Mercury takes the limelight, starstudded, and name in lights. Thats because our friend Mercury took his journey in the stars this month, leading to many changes in your life, relationships, and dealings with others, and it seems the focus is all on him. Let’s take a look…

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It began on May 6th. On the 6th the Sun in Taurus was  sextile to Neptune in Pisces. this energy here, Taurus the stubborn bull makes one fight their emotional self, and brins a great deal of strength towards inner feelings, almost repressing them. This enery is great while working with transcemdental meditation. It helps you to not get overly emotional when coping with thoughts that come to the surface. It also makes you want to explore your subconscious mind more deeply, through more lucid dreams that you may have, behaviors that are suddenly realized, and in trying to put the answers together for a deeper understanding into who you are beyond the just the depth of the surface mind and reality. This also brings you to a place where you want to explore how this affects your spiritual path, and other things that you seem to wonder about that all until now have seem to be a mystery or unknown to you. Hidden truths in your life, others, and your relationships. Even your past and future. It is a wonderful time to seek inside of your emotional self during this planetary setup. The answers will help you in the other energies, when this passes and they arrive. I have had many requests from long term and new clients alike, for Hidden Truth readings on several areas of their lives individually this month. I had said to my daughter: ” I wonder what’s up with all of the Hidden Truth Readings this month?”… She simply shook her head, a bit perplexed about it herself.  Then it dawned on me, “It’s May”….

Mercury made his move when he entered into the sign of  the warrior. Mercury in Aries,  squared with the planet Pluto in Capricorn, on May 7th. The communications in your life with your guides, others around you, and your inner self… may seem a bit heated. You may find at the beginning of the month, that you had alot of misunderstandings or took things too personal at times. Others may have seemed to come on too strong, and there may have been some upset beneath the surface. On another note, Mercury in Aries could had made your communications strong, well received and direct but yet not insulting. Pluto in Capricorn would had in any sense, made your need to explore the mysteries of the mystical world and how it affects your physical life, more desired. This also helps others to look for hidden opportunities and work with higher self in seeking ideas for advancement that may not be as visible.  Lots of innovative creativity for the path into the future financially and in the area of career, will be abundant.

On the same date, Venus entered into Gemini, square Neptune in Pisces. Wow wee, this combination is hardcore. Venus is the translator in the language of wisdom and in love, but Gemini seems to be an up and down roller coaster in moods, as the twins often bring duality into their mirrored relationship. If in a relationship, you may feel insecure and unsure one minute, and then positive and certain the next. If not in a relationship, you may have moments of longing for companionship one moment, and then doubts to whether right now is a good time for love to enter your life at all, the next minute. It makes you think long and hard about the pros and cons of your relationship status.  That can be wonderfully inspiring in the answers that you find in this reflection work. Neptune in Pisces will only enhance your emotional responses to the information brought to the surface in your inner contemplation in love and also wisdom. Your spiritual knowledge may be questioned and weighed heavily on the scales as to whether you truly believe in what you have learned or not. Don’t be deterred though. Doubt is only making you evauluate your beliefs which in the end will bring a stronger conviction in your belief overall. Neptune in Pisces may make you feel like you want to spaz out and cry. Many things may simply come down on you all at once, and it could be overwhelming at times. You will get beyond this, perhaps feeling a little emotionally stressed, but having faith will benefit you once it has passed.

On the 9th, we invited the transition of the Sun into the sign of  Taurus, opposite Jupiter in Scorpio. The energies battle it out, as the warmth of the Sun, enters the strength of our bull. The sun represents your passion, your drive, your sense of self, your self image, and your motivation.  This energy will motivate you to get going on things that you have planned, and make you feel strong as if you can do anything. You will take more consideration positively in your uter appearance too, taking an interest in health and exercise, and well being overall. For those who are on the negative side, you may become a bit overly self concerned and obsessive over your looks, and ego could become stronger. You may worry about how you to appear to others, and feel less motivated for other things but place more emphasis in how your image is perceived.  Jupier in Scorpio brings some goals for success that with the helping hand of the Sun, could lead to feeling some resentment from your past from not having done things sooner to get to the obtainment of your goals. that may either make you feel like it is too late and become less motivated in thinking it is too late. Or, it could make you feel like it is now or never, due to lost time already. With the momentum, and the Sun’s strong motivation this could lead to alot of progress or on the opposite side of duality, it may make you feel lazy and pessimistic.  Be strong, let go of your image, love yourself and fight for your dreams. With Scorpio being influenced on Jupiter, this would be a good time to let go of any grdges that you hold against yourself for past failures, and start seeing that you are good enough and that it is never too late to try.

On May 11th, the Sun in Taurus went trine Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in this degree, added some oomphf to your financial aspect. While thins may still seem bleak at times, this definitely made you feel more hopeful. It also sent you on a mission to find new ways to make more money, that may not have been visible before. Pluto’s influence in Capricorn has been a long one, and his visit will be for awhile still. Although traditionally ruling in Scorpio, Capricorn seems to be his temporary vacation home. This took place January 27th, back in 2008. According to the heavens, it is said that he will reside there until January of 2024. Nevertheless, the last time Pluto was in Capricorn, was during the American Revolution in 1776.  It was said in the constitution at that time (coincidentally)  that “all may have the pursuit of happiness as one of their intrinsic and inalienable rights”. Personal happiness was hard in the newly growing independent United States. They still followed the strict biblical laws in which the legal system was based, when the Ten Commandments were in all court houses. Happiness was not fully possible due to slavery, lack of women’s rights, etc. It was a start to the idea though. Many influenced by social conditioning, have no idea what true happiness is until they reach higher self. Still,  we all face many trials in our life journey, and many find it hard to know who they really are and to determine what they really want out of life. Many have uncertainty as to what would actually bring happiness. Some think love, some think money. But even when those things are found, there is still some empty chamber of the heart. That is due to the lack of personal and spiritual success in their unique qualities and ideas. Pluto in Capricorn brings the mysteries of the heart to the mind, allowing room for exploration in the things that are discovered. Taurus illuminated with the sun will make you want to grab the bull by the horns so to speak, and take control of your own happiness, through the leadership of higher self. However, do not forget that the bull can be strong, resistant, and difficult. The Sun may shine light on what is making you resist chasing the hidden secrets of your future happiness, but you have to make the choices to go after what they are, once they are discovered, and fight like a Matador through the challanges that come with proving your own self worth to yourself in achievement.

Mercury in Aries square Mars in Capricorn also on the 12th, shows a bigger fight to be had with allowing yourself to take on some helpful constructive criticism. Capricorn feels like a super star with all of the attention lately, but Mars is with Aries naturally, and with Mercury influenced by Aries, the fire starter and fighter of our night sky, and then Capricorn getting a punch from the Martian soldier too, makes this planetary energy one of the most difficult out them all. You will feel like everything that you say is always an issue, or that no one seems to understand your intention. You will feel a need to defend yourself, even at times when really the need is illusionary. You may be just being sensitive. However, you may feel that your goals seem to always bring too many challenges, and that could make you feel like you want to fight for your goals harder, or give up due to difficulties. Remember, your dreams can only come true, if you continue dreaming them and taking actions to make them real.  Learn whether the challenges are obstacles or tests. There is a difference. If an obstacle, learn where the blockage is coming from. If a test, understand what lesson you are being tested in. This helps to eliminate the challnges altogether. A reading from higher self on the area of life that the challenges are found in, can help shed light instead of feeling defeated. The blend of energy will make your thoughts and feelings go back and forth. Just know, that this will pass once the planets shift again. Even when they do, the residual energy of their trail may still be in effect. Try to refocus.

May 13th brought Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries which like I said, will still carry residual energy from the combination mentioned above, from the day before. Mercury still influenced by Aries, now has a partner…Uranus. The planet of philosophy, realism, science, metaphysics, and technology. Uranus adds some positive struggle to the mix in making you question your own views and values in those departments of life. It will strengthen your convictions in them, as you reexplore them yourself during moments where those subjects naturally come up. Uranus also makes you look at others, the world, and society… and after observation, it sends you on a search for the deception hidden in those things as Uranus is ruled by the Archangel Uriel, the trickster of angels. Uriel is always made out to be one of the seven archangels and spoken of highly while others are left out who are made to seem evil but aren’t. In fact, the energy of Uranus here, is seen right now in this example. What is good, may be evil. And, what is evil may really be good. Uriel is a trickster to test the mind, not to really hurt anyone. But nonetheless, he is a trickster just the same. He is an angel of pushing the mind and it’s limits. The energy of this planetary and astrological setup, will have you testing the bounderies of your beliefs and idealism this month in a strong way, espcially with Aries making you defend what you discover, and defending it in the communications of others with Mercury leading. Be careful with that. Share your views, make sure others know you are only sharing, not enforcing. and when they share their own, if different than yours, listen, voice your response, but say: ” Hey I understand your view, and i see where you are coming from, but here is how I see it too”…. This will help relieve some of the communicative tnesion this month from this celestial energy.

Ah!… The New Moon Taurus. this actually just took place, as I started writing this at the start of the month but only now on May 16th, have gotten around to finishing it. Many say my articles are too long, but hey… If you want to learn, you will want more information right? The new moon in Taurus is a great energy.  It gave ujs some stubbornness, but it also released some of it too. You will hang onto the things that matter to you stubbornly, but you will let go of the un-neccessary clutter within your mind, your emotions, and you life where needed as well. This will utterly strengthen you in your needs of coming to terms with your emotions over things in your life that you may have not fully come to acceptance in. This also brings rebirth, as Taurus shows courage, strength, power, determination, perfectionism, and high morals. IT also delivers the need to be one’s best always. Your natural intuitive senses may also be extrememly in touch right now too!

Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus, on the 16th, allowed Aquarius to bring in some logical applications of information from your life and surroundings, while making you use what you came to terms with in your morals and beliefs in the influence that Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries had brought. Here, Aquarius makes them a solid foundation and leads you to want to share all that you have discovered. Be sure to not come off self righteous though, as some do that in aha moments like the Mercury/Uranus conjunction.  Taurus also influencing this makes the wit, cleverness, analytical qualities, and superiority in wisdom even stronger. Be careful. this energy caqn make people come off as a know-it-all, and some may take it wrong, or they may view you as being overbearing. However, now your planet of Uranus being influenced by Mars, and Taurus both, may provide a bit of a feisty way of coming off in your communications with others. Also, you may be extra hard on yourself in your thought process, as Aquarius rules over. You may be sharper than a tack this month with what you observe or see, but always remember that others perceive life differently and there is no use trying to get others to see what you see. try not to let this energy make you seem emotionless, insensitive or inconsiderate. That will add fuel to the fire of misocmmunications and the Martian energy may intensify the debate.

May 18th will have Mercury in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn. This will provide another shift in your month of feeling extra blessed and wanting to show this to others. You will voice out your dreams and new understanding in your perception of things previously learned. You will keep your beliefs, but the perception will enhance. But your desire to shre this will be grewat as you will have a desire to motivate and encourage others that they too, can make it to the attainment of their goals and aspirations if they try like you have. Your virtues may be communicated even more in showing more patience, being more dependable, and even more loyal to those worthy of your loyalty. However, Mercury is ruled by the twins. Again, this could have you flip-flopping back and forth in your own duality, up and down in moods as a result of your thoughts. This could have you working on practicing your virtues more. The moments of impatience will lead to having more patience. The moments of not being reliable, may lead you to want to even more reliable the next day. You may see others who are patient and reliable to you, and others who are not. This will help you, because in learning in your duality this way, it will help you to move forward in great speed into the future, having more luck in your manifestation of the things that you wish to attract into your life. What you put out into the Universe is what you get back. This will teach you to give what you wish to receive. Seeing how others react to your good and bad aspects of the virtues, as well how it feels coming from others towards you too, will help you to be cautious in always trying to provide the better side so that you can also receive it. The two sides of you and two sides of others, teaches you alot in your own physical life and material achievements.

May 19th delivers Venus into Cancer. this will slow things down a bit and balance them out. The homebody within, will come out.  You will prefer staying at home rather than going out, even during week-ends. Venus is all about relationships, not just romantic ones. Venus is also all about wisdom, also known as the truth and the light. Venus will help you to obtain lessons not only spiritually, socially, romantically, mystically etc… but also in family life. If you use the information and wisdom that the other planetary influences deliver, mentioned above throughout the article, you will also apply them to the time spent at home with your loved ones. Cancer is all about emotion, sentiment, loyalty, support, being family oriented, and strengthening family ties. This will help you to understand the ties that you have made, the lessons or signifiance in them, and the emotional attachments that you have made and why. Where does the attachment, sentiment, and spiritual connection come from? this will help you to see your loved ones as reflections of yourself in either side of duality, and it will help you to understand yourself, and them both at the time. This is excellent deliverance of insight and transcendence into one’s life. Make time to do things with your loved ones while the emotion is there to support you. Life is short and anything can happen in it, without expecting it to, and loved ones are gifts from above. However, they who mean the most, are the ones who are often taken for granted due to putting other things first in thinking that they will always be there. Spend time with them this month and grow within yourself, both at the same time. This energy offers the opportunity.

Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus on May 19th, takes the above lessons to a whole other level. Uranus in Taurus sextile to Venus in Cancer will have you feeling a bit overly analytical with your loved ones though. You may start feeling negative from reading or overly analyzing some of them. This may have you feeling disgusted at times, even disappointed. You may start to see your relations with others as a blockage in your journey in seeing how some of them do not share the same insight, morals, or dreams. You may notice tendencies that they have, that will make you question what their purpose is in your life overall, no matter what you came up with before in your first analysis during the reflection work of Venus in Cancer alone. Romantic relationships may start to seem bothersome, and smothering as they may feel more sentimental, and your absorption of Uranus in Taurus starts making you feel more independent. Do not cut anyone off or out of your life during this time. You may find that you again change your mind once this passes. but at least you will know what direction you will want to go in with loved ones and your sgnificant other, afterwards.  Be careful not allow yourself to get to overly gushy, but then at the same time, too critical. Uranus can do that.

On the 21st, the Sun enters Gemini. With this transition, you will be more curious, sociable and open to new experiences. „There are no foolish questions, and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions. In other words, asking shows a willingness to learn. When you assume things, this can confuse you. It can also hurt relationships and make you feel down if you have the wrong assumption. It is a beautiful thing, one who seeks to advance in knowing that everyone is a student at some point in life, and to accept that they are still learning. You are still learning too. If you feel an interest in something, go deeper. If you have whim to go spontaneously explore something, go do it. Gemini is represented by the twins. Also in tarot, Gemini is represented by “The Lovers” card. Your curiosities may be on both sides of the spectrum in dark and light. this may make you feel like two different people, back and forth with your interests, moods, and thoughts. It may also have you hopelessly romantic one minute, while making you fine with being alone at other moments.

May 23rd leads Mercury into Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces.  This leads to emotional high strung anxious energy that you may accidentally communicate to others if not careful. You wil lhave a desire to travel or get out,  but you may feel the other side of your inner self telling you to stay at home. Be sure to get out. The longer that you stay in, the more emotional energy will build up around you. this can later clog your aura and the aura of those in the home with you. It could result in an unhealthy atmosphere, and ubalanced chakras and auric layers in yourself, your family and even pets. Time at home though, is good in a balanced way. At home when you are hanging around, use the time not only for family, but also for exploring the world of your inner self. Neptune in Pisces is great for that. But if you do get emotional, just find someone at home to talk to, in a lovin and calm manner. They will listen and show understanding.

On the same day of the 23rd, Mercury in Taurus will be opposite Jupiter in Scorpio. Great energy again as Jupiter motivates many to let go of the old, to allow room for the new, and it may require going deep inside of yourself. This means the layers of your consciousness and higher self included. This may be where your artistic temperament comes in while you are working on this, that Mercury in Taurus may make you stubborn and at times even stubborn in your communication of your realizations and thoughts. While feeling connected to family, you may very well feel liek you are getting no where with trying to make positive changes in the atmosphere at home due to their lack of cooperation.

The Sun in Gemini goes trine Mars in Aquarius. Yikes!. On the 24th, this trine energy will provoke the twins and their sunny day into a state of defensiveness and a hypercritical way of life.  You may use this to fight off people who threaten your beliefs or standards, and you just may have the wit to come out in the arguments on top. However, are the arguments really worth it? We all want to be heard and understood, but sometimes that need comes from ego, and if others do not want to understand us, then we can not force them too. Even if we explain with great clarity.

Image result for moon pngLunar Changes

It is a much better month, this month of May. Escpecially if we compare it to last month of April. wow, that was intense. Still, the energies will continue shifting, some will lessen in intensity, some will strengthen. The planets and the signs all work toether to provide us all with the lessons that we all need, but we will all experience them differently and with different people, places, and events on our paths. These planets and signs will continue to have affect on us until next month, and that is okay if we learn how to make the most of the energy. The only thing that is different from the above energies staying with the same influential bodies, in the same same signs… is that they change position and degree. This either lessens their influence, or it enhances it. Nevertheless, the lesson is there either way. Take the time to learn from them so that you can grow, gain good luck, success, good relationships, and joy, as well as perhaps enhancing your achievements. Go with the flow, and if you need help, ask me. I am here. but it is true that this month, the energies are paving a road going forward to where you have confidence, certainty, self belief, understanding, great support, and success in the may areas of your life in exploration, observation, duality work, family time,  releasing the old, accepting the new, and enhancing your wisdom while balancing your emotions. However, whether you are successful in all of that, is totally up to you.  Self awareness, spiritual awareness, is not as easy as you think. That is why having a life coach can really  help you to work through things like tthe energies of this month delivers.

Enter the Void…

You will also want to be aware of forgetfulness, short term memory loss, and misplacing things on the void course of the moon this month too. You may forget information, or conversations too. Appointments could also be overlooked accidentally and time may seem to go by so fast, that it seems that those days will have flown by. the void course of the moon is said to have negative effects magically, but this is not true. I find this is one of the best times to do magic. However, your sleep may be disturbed with lucid dreams as the moon is not there ot balance the subconscious which it rules over.  May is my new year while others celebrate theirs in January. In knowing this from a different spiritual perspective, I know that this time is to release for rebirth, which what a new year is all about. The planets even show their support in this. The moon will assist it in its void course, with dreams that have prolific symbolism that is confusing, and even nightmares hat try to provide insight into karma, fears, old trauma, and traits of the ego that all need to be released. You may need help with understanding this. Being aware of the void course of the moon, can at least help you to know when to expect these symptoms though. The moon will be void on it’s course:  May 21st, the moon will be void of its course all day until late at night. On May 23rd, it will be void of course all day and night. May 25th, has it void of course from 3:05 pm  until 7:41 am the next day. And, on May 28th it will be void of course from 11:26 am  to 4:30 pm that same evening. It will still trigger the symptoms that I mentioned above. but at least if you misplace your keys, or forget your child’s parent teacher conference, you will know why LOL.

In conclusion… last but not least on May 29th, we have a Full Moon in Sagitarius as well as the Sun in Gemini opposite Moon in Leo. The closing of the month and all of its lessons in “waking transcendental work” which was what the month of May is all about, actually brings some beautiful ending energy to work with to make the month lighter from all of the hard work and shifting back and forth between energies and their intensities. I would say that it leaves us with a good 36 hours for a spiritual experiences, ones that transcend the senses and average perceptions. The intuitive, emotional, sensitvie moon being in the fire sign of Sagitarius can be intense. Imagine water coming to a boil if not managed. But you will be watching your “pot” so to speak in your inner work astrologically, throughout the month that at this time, you will have had many realizations and longings for change that it motivated you to do so, bringing positively wonderful manifestations into your life. When the moon enters Sagitarius, it may heat you up with a hot passion for a steamy evening of love and romance, or if you are like me having transcended 3D needs to satisfy the senses with the material world, this energy will lead you to have a deep passionate desire to use your intuition to go even deeper into the meaning of life, seeking for an adventure either in spirit body form, or out there in the scenery of the world only in a spiritual, visionary type of way. You will feel deeply towards your life purpose and this will lead you to want to be an inspiration of change to others too. It will make you more pragmatic, knowing that it is important to see the big picture, before letting go of aqny piecew of the puzzle that makes up the bigger picture. Needing all of the pieces may be the drive to your passion. the obstacles may be challenging but will force you to come to erms with facing polarity in your life. That will help in finding the missin pieces that you need.

 In heaven’s highest truth this month, this is a month to especially practice the virtues for sure. Without true absolute. Exercise  patience, kindness and thoughtfulness. If not, please be advised, the counter outcome will be that the various planetary energies will more than likely influence you to be on edge and to over-react. I see that happen alot. I provide the advice, and someone will fail to take it, and then something happens. Spare yourself the trouble, and make thid month a month of growth instead by using this monthly horoscope here, as a guide. If things get too intense, go out in nature. this always helps me to balance the turbulence felt in life, in others, and what I know is troubled in the world. As an angelic I take in all of the issues. You may not be on that scale yet, but still life itself personally can be intense for some, I know.  Don’t see things as hopeless or negatively. Instead, anticipate your improvement and shift out of negative or anxious thoughts into productive action. Respond to life with positive and confident thoughts and actions.

Good luck everyone! Please stop by the website for personal astrology as everyone is affected uniquely while sharing the similarity in experiences described in my above article. Like me, you may want to always be prepared for everything in order to be many steps ahead on your path and to avoid trials. Having your own report can positively affect your life by providing indepth insight and direction during challenging times, even if they are here to bring the greatest growth. Love and Light!

All of the astrology in this article is from the uniques methods and wisdom of Alura Cein, and  is protected by the copyright and trademark of Alura Spiritual Services. Any copy/paste of this information or use of it without mentioing the author, is subject to the protection under copyright laws.