The Tribulation Planetaries…

Oh boy, some of you are fighting within yourselves for sure! Tell your negative thinking to knock it off!.  It is not a product of your own mind, it has to do with the planets. This is the tribulation period and in that, this means that any energies within this matrix are going to effect you somewhat in contrast to duality at times. Like a roller coaster , the luminaries seek to make you go crazy, testing if you are strong enough to perservere.  Show them you control your own fate!

With Mars in retrograde, there are going to blockages for sure. Feeling at war with yourself? That’s why. In my last article, I explained why the Warrior God himself is going to make you feel a bit defensive, but that goes for you, with yourself too.  On July 9th, Jupiter went direct in Scorpio which draws the emotions out of the person, but also  grudges that you hold against yourself, making the war with Mars, even worse within you.  Jupiter is about where you go, and how you get there, the King of Kings is not a King without cause. He trumped over obstacles, and always will, which you have to do also. He leads with his brother Saturn, the entire planetary solar system, with the illuminated sun at the core. Jupiter is the idea of protection, being strong, having the will and determination, and making things happen. But Jupiter in Scorpio, and with Mars retro, this will make you question alot of your choices. For example:  “can I even do it?”… and it will make you wonder why you prevented yourself from other things in the past…”Is this one of those times too”, you may ask. Yes, keep going forward. This is to see if you have the strength and determination or if you will fail yourself again.

What’s worse, is that there are three rare eclipses. Two happening soon. July 12th, in Cancer, and also Lunar eclipse on the 27th, and then another solar in August. This means that your Consciousness is going to shift. Will your goals, your longings, your beliefs, your mistakes, where you went wrong…will they be revealed to you during the eclipse in Cancer? Yes.

Cancer is a place of senstivity so beware. It will shed light into those areas, and you may be a bit emotional, or those of you who are advanced, may grow more strength,. But then, what you discover will play tricks with you, as the revelations are overshadowed by the lunar eclipse. Emotions heightened, counter intuitive insight comes forth as your darker side fights to win over your consciousness, drawing back into a place of self disbelief. Then… your discoveries will come up again and they will be reevaluated, once the light comes forth in the August eclipse. This is a great time, as my child is said to come with the eclipse energy. She will help in both dualities in her mission. I have some info on her, coming up. But for now, check where your dualities are.

July 26th, Mercury is going retro too. Oh boy, this is going to be a sensitive time. Please be strong. you are either going to let yourself slip backward into a trance as you view life as hard and too trying. Or, you will break free in your awareness and growth. I have a Heaven and Hell course, being released on the 15th, after the first eclipse to help in learning about the dualities, and to keep you busy at this time. It is exciting but at the same time touchy.

Don’t let yourselves fall into a pit of battling with yourself. This is deliberate, as the energies are trying to shut people out of their imaginative qualities, and their hope for the future… as you all have worked so hard for. It will try to disrupt your family life, your friendships, your beliefs, and your goals, and slowly slip you back to sleep. For others, this could be a great period of realization in how far you have come and that you have some ways to still go, but the fact is that you can, still get there. Glorious three eclipses in a sequence and new messenger to come not long after! Your own realizations. Waking up more at realizing all of the wasted time before, and a renewed sense of wanting to never let that happen again!. Make this work for you. Otherwise, you may fall back so much, that you end up just another old rendition of your old self, and then all of this was for nothing!

Its hard, but the choices will ultimately be up to you, now…having this knowledge. The moon eclipsing in Cancer shows that you are going to need to be with family, true family at this time, not seeking much information in them, but having them there as support. Whomever you consider to be family. You may feel more motivated more than ever before, but you may be mad at yourself for things that you see now, could had been done differently. Or, you could end up just giving up. Don’t end up the latter.

You will have some moments of confusion, doubt, feelings of sensitvity with others, and moments of fighting the negative thought process within, in contrast from feeling wildly positive, and motivated and having insight. You could go in either direction. If in the negative side, you may forget things, not recall the wisdom obtained, and you may feel out of it, in a daze, and like you are in a while world of your own. And the scary thing is, it may last permamantly. On the other hand, your realizations could be made out of this process , but either way… you may still question yourself. For sure. the past is hard thing to cope with, especially if you do not understand it.

Funny, speaking with a friend on the phone this evening, I saw she already was working these things out in her mind. I was amazed at the positive reasoning that she came to, within herself. I hope you all will too. Still though…be easy on yourself and do not let spiritual war within you, bring you down to where you can not release yourself from negative thinking that happens within. Simply learn from the past.

The consciousness is shifting to produce even more, or even less awareness in some, depending on who you are. Don’t be a victim of imposed thoughts within yourself. Your mind is a place for privacy. Fight to keep it that way during this time. For students in my courses, listen to them. There are clues, as well as in the solstice message too! Balancing out your inner power with outer powers, is sure a hard thing to do, and you may question those who lead. In politics, in spirituality, etc. But try to see, that right now is a time of radical change in the world, as the old way passes away and a new one is introduced. This simply moves the energy as a new portal is opened by the three eclipses, for the changes to be introduced into the system that we are in, here on Earth. This will try to close your mind and eyes to it all, but if you stay aware, you will seek and discover many things going on in plain sight, that mark the end of the world, as we all once knew it.

You may not see it as much as I do, but the message of the solstice message, my former predictions, and the ending of the period for the call for awakening… is coming to the perfect end, as it started ending some time ago. However, this finishes the cycle of what is going to be out there in the world, and the plans are already set as to the info, belief system, laws, needs, and forces that will be, for the future here. This sorta seals it, while releasing energy with it, in pushing people in one direction or the other, if the Dark Consciousness, had not done it already. Good luck!