Home Remedy for Congestion

In regards to nature’s magical corner here at our online magazine, it’s not just the use of herbs for spells that matters. Herbs are also wonderful for taking care of many ailments that are person may suffer from. So I wanted to include some of my own home remedies based on the use of herbs, for everybody to try so that they could save some money paying doctors bills and go about their own healthcare in the very best way possible..

I don’t really believe in going to a doctor. Nowadays, doctors do not give out antibiotics like they used to because they want your body to build it’s immunity against illnesses. I believe that you can heal yourself with the use of herbs, or instantly through having the right energy healer. This month is bringing about the cold and flu season with it. Already just during Thanksgiving, I had four members of my family that got sick. Some of my friends also got the same cold but they lived in different states. I just goes to show how widespread illness can be. Most of the symptoms were:

1. Sore Throat


3. Stuffy/Runny Nose

4. Low grade fever

I had performed energy healings on two of the individuals, and those had turned out successful. I had tried to send another healing to someone else but they were still working on their ability to have faith in the healing so it only worked for a little bit before the cold came right back. So I had gotten the idea that maybe it would be a good idea to share some of the herbal home remedies, for people that could not get a healing, or for those still struggling to believe in healing’s being real or actually working. It does take a great deal of faith in order for them to work after all. And with the specific symptoms that were being experienced, I have the perfect home remedies that can actually get rid of quite a few of those symptoms without having to use too many mixtures of things. Many people avoid their own home remedies because they have to always go out and buy a whole bunch of ingredients or use a different home remedy for each and every symptom. I want to make it as simple, easy and available for everyone as I can.


With mucus, it can be really hard to breathe. It gets stuck in the nasal passageways and in the chest. That is how a lot of people end up with a sore throat. The mucus will drip down the back of the nasal passage ways and into the throat which then causes irritation. If you can relieve the mucus, then you can relieve the congestion, and avoid the potential sore throat. This home remedy will also not only help with relieving the mucus, but the ingredients will help ease and relieve a sore throat… if you do end up having one.

Chamomile, lemon and honey!

It’s that simple! If you make for yourself a cup of chamomile tea adding 1 teaspoon of honey, and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, this will help a great deal with relieving mucus. Chamomile is a natural antihistamine and anti-convulsant. Just the right elements to help in mucus relief. Chamomile also helps to calm the mind so that you can get a good night’s sleep! Adding the lemon only helps more! Lemon is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial fruit. As an antibacterial and antiseptic, it can really help you to eliminate the bacteria and germs caused by the cold that are infecting your passageways. You can even use the essential oil in a humidifier, which help break up mucus and ease congestion. You can derive the oil from the citrus peels which contain the fruit’s essential oils.

This is indeed a home remedy that anyone of any age can benefit from. Even infants! I would highly recommend using the essential oil in a humidifier for your babies who are from ages 0 to 1. That is because their digestive system is still rather new that making the tea, could be a little bit harsh on their intestines, leading to their developing diarrhea. However, if you do not have a humidifier and you still would like to use the tea for a baby of that age, you could give them about 5 ounces each day, no more. It will still help.

From ages one to adult, you can give them just as much tea as they like. It’ll help with the mucus and sore throat symptoms that come from the cold. I have some other home remedies for this that I will be discussing soon on a new episode, as we are working on new discussion material for our YouTube channel. Hope to see you there! And most of all, I truly hope that this very simple, cheap and easy remedy helps. This is actually one of the most popular remedies and that is because a lot of people have really come to have knowledge of the benefits of chamomile. Chamomile can be used for helping with insomnia too! Good luck and get better soon!