Curing 3D Illness

Divine loving blessings to you reader. If you are here it is more than likely that either you have cancer or someone that you know has it. Cancer is an awful illness that has swept the nation and a very high level of statistics. More than ever before, cancer is at its highest peak and more and more people die every year from it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

First of all, the human body is not meant to have illness or suffering. Everyone was created in the image of God. If you are familiar with my teachings than you know, the body is a crystalline structure made of the same elements of a quartz crystal, the same elements of our planet earth. The image of God, is not a face but the light itself. The light reflects off of our crystalline shark shirt, working with the genetic programming of the third dimensional DNA. As a result of this, you are visible here and we are all interacting on the same programming in the genetics. The eyes are proven scientifically, to only perceived light. So how is it that we all see the same thing? Well in my courses I teach that, we all see the same because the late activates throughout the brain sending signals to the information center is in the genes. Genes are shared with every living thing here on planet earth. And that is why we are all able to see the same objects, and one another. Late is alive and it is the image of the true God.

Latest perfect, pure and true. So how is it that if we are just vibrating particles of elements of earth with light reflecting off of them, that there is such a thing as death and illness? Well, this is something that was programmed into the genetics for all to experience here. Through DNA activation, awakening and readjusting the new vibration in life, one does not have to abide by the 3-D laws any longer. I am living proof. As an angelic, I do not need as much food, nor do I need sleep. I only need to sometimes meditate, and I do like to participate and out of body experience is and astral travel, which one needs to kind a center and take a moment to do. I could sleep if I want to, but I don’t need it and I did go a very long time without it with no side effects. My vibration is high and I see into other worlds, and other things that many people would never dream to ever encounter. This has also given me the insight about illness and the 3-D body and its form.

Firstly, if illness and death is something that has been programmed into the genetics, then there must be a way to get rid of it and my right? Obviously it is a 3-D program, illness and death. Therefore raising your vibration can help you to live above it. However, many people struggle and trying to do that. So sadly, many people have to experience illnesses that are in this world. And obviously those illnesses were created. I feel that nobody should have to suffer especially when they have the right as living light to have a pure bill of health. It is every living creatures right, to live in the perfection of the heavens here on earth. But it seems like an impossible dream. So for now, until others learn what I am trying to offer them in order to grow an ascend above the 3-D realm, I at least want to help as much as I can in educating others about how to at least get better when they have illnesses that are life altering. Cancer is one of them.

My journey fighting against cancer started with my own father’s battle. In the year of 2010 he had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. My family and I were devastated. He didn’t even know that he had it all of those years. One day he had sat on the floor with my son and was playing with him. This toxic overwhelming heavy vibration came over me. I looked over at my father, and I had told him… “Dad I feel cancer around you please get checked out”. At that point, I know that he must’ve had his own suspicions because usually he was a stubborn man, self-sufficient and always living his life by his own understanding. He’s very smart man, always wise and I look up to him a whole lot. But sometimes have a knows more than we do. So when I told him about this premonition, he asked how I knew. I told him that I could see the blueprint of cancer in his aura and that I felt it all around him. I had felt at some point before, but to be honest with you I believe that I did not want to believe it. Nobody wants to believe that their parent could have a terminal illness I could claim their life. But at that point, it had been so heavy that something needed to be done.

My father finally went to go get checked out. The doctors told him that the cancer had been so bad in the one long, that he would need surgery to remove the infected areas before it would spread more. However, because of how bad the cancer was end of heart problems that he also had, they had told him that he only had a 50-50 chance of surviving the surgery. I remember sitting in the car with my mom and dad that day. The three of us praying to heavenly father to help. You see, if any of you know me at all, I did not have many friends in my life. The only people that I ever had was God, my mom and my dad, animals, and my children when they came along. We were very close family, sticking together through thick and thin, always fighting through the battles of life with one another. My father was the strength in backbone of our family. My mother had been with them since she had been 19 years old, and she had only had two boyfriends prior to that. My father was 32 when they met at the time so he was a great year older than her. He taught her a lot in life, supported her and was her only friend and companion. Me and my parents had been through a lot. But nothing broke our faith. Nevertheless, all three of us thought of the horror of losing even just one of us. It was devastating to think that my dad, our friend, would not be here with us anymore. The silence of the worry and sadness filled the car as he had come out of the building from the doctors appointment in hearing what the doctor had said. When he first entered the car it was silent. And he just started to weep, which is something my father didn’t often do because he was a strong man, never showing weakness so that the family could always feel he were strong enough to support us through anything. Seeing my father cry was heartbreaking. My mother and I started to cry too. He told us the news, but I had already known. We started to pray, reaching out to the higher heavens for help and assistance. He was going to go through with the surgery. The doctors had told him that he was going to die either way, so it was a risk that he was willing to take. We stood strong in our faith, and when he had the surgery he came out fine. He had made it. I was grateful to our heavens. Over time, they put dad on chemotherapy. I cannot even begin to describe how awful that was for him. To see my father, the strongest man that I’ve ever known, weakened, and always sick… it was a hard thing to watch. I had sent him healings but even though they worked, he still seemed a bit sickly. I asked heaven for answers. The answers that I received, I will share with you in a bit. But for now let me continue with my story.

Anyhow, dad were covered, although it took a long time. The chemo did not help us in a speedy recovery. But he did good, after a while he was back to himself, although altered by the Traumatic situation of the illness. It did strengthen his faith though, as he had seen that God heard us in the car that day. Time went by, my father’s face had been so change, that he started joining me in my work. He got ordained as a minister to help other people during that time, and he was helping me to answer Fanmail so that I could at least answer questions for people that needed a helping hand. My father was going out in nature, taking hikes, walking around lakes and parks. He had involved himself and home-improvement projects, and started other hobbies such as making wands and staffs. He even started to believe in his own Starseed origins, as he told me many stories of his own supernatural encounters through life. My father and I bonded more than ever before. He always listen to classic rock on the car radio, but I had him listening to Christian rock every time that we went somewhere. We prayed at every meal. And we started taking family trips together which we had not done ever before. That was as a result of my mother growing up, but that is another story. My father had changed. God had proved a miracle in his life and giving him another chance. But that was not the end of it.

A few years went by… I was playing around with some gadgets that I had purchased just for the fun of it. I had bought myself a telescope, and a microscope to. I am fascinated by things here on earth and want to know as much as I can about this world here. Using the microscope I wanted to study my blood since I am an RH negative blood type. My blood type of all, is one of the rarest in the world. There are only 1% of the population who have the same blood type. My blood type is AB negative,However it is not just the regular AB negative as I have some other factors in my chromosomes and genetics that make it even more rare. It had been an interesting topic for me to study and I wanted to share my findings on my YouTube channel. But in order to do that, I could not just study my own blood. I had to study the blood of others. So at that time, in the year of 2016, I started taking blood collection samples from my relatives of all different blood types. That included my fathers too. He is AB positive. I had studied everybody’s blood and the blueprint pattern in the cells. It was pretty interesting and I had learned a lot. But when it came to looking at my dad’s blood under the microscope, I found something peculiar. Dad had a strange oily cell inside of his blood cells. It was black. End it had only been just one of them but it wasn’t enough to cause alarm. I had not seen this in any of the blood samples I had taken anyone else ever before. I had my suspicions of what this could be. Afterwards, I took a look at his aura. Sure enough the same blueprint of cancer, was appearing in his aura, in a very small amount. There was so very little of it, if I had not really went deeper in my psychic view, I am more than likely would have missed it. But now, I had the two confirmations that I needed in order to go to him and tell him once again like I had many years ago, “Dad, I know that your cancer is back and you better go get it checked out before we have to go through the same situation again”. Dad had been in disbelief. Why would the cancer come back? He had a renewed spiritual outlook on life, and the lifestyle to go with it. He had been taking care of himself, and God had saved him already. He wondered why would God allow this to happen to him again? But, my father knew that my vision was never wrong. So he and my mother even though they had a bit of questioning in doubt, took their trip back to the doctors office to inquire about it. Sure enough, the doctor had told him after testing, that the cancer had returned. This time what the doctor had said was even worse than before. Instead of a 50-50 chance here, they told my father that he was definitely going to pass away and that it would happen more than likely in the next six months. My dad’s face started to dwindle. He had questions of course to God as to why. I had to find answers for him. I soon discovered, that since God had healed him before, that the heavens had felt insulted that my father had started smoking again afterwards. They had felt that he had taken advantage of the miracle and the second chance at life, by just going back to his oldWhere is that had started the cancer to begin with. He had smoked nonfilter cigarettes in Vietnam, and it became a habit that he carried with him for many many years of his life. The first time he had the cancer, God had told him to stop smoking. Period. However as soon as he had healed, he started up again. The heavens wanted to teach them a lesson that miracles are a gift, not something to take for granted. The second thing that I discovered was that dad was meant to have passed on in 1997, during an accident in which he had punctured his lung. Apparently, he had been in an accident to wear his rib had broke, and the broken bone had punctured a hole in his lung. This would had taken his life as his lung had collapsed. He was about 50 years old at that time, and having lived half century. Nevertheless, he had been a strong men, and escaped death at the time. It is possible to elude death. But just because a person E lose it, it does not mean that it will not catch up to them the same way at some point. Obviously, he was meant to die from some problem with the lung, as the first time it had been punctured and collapsed. The second time, it had been cancer and that very same lung. It was in his soul contract. So here we were, facing cancer once again. The heavens told me that cancer was a worldly created illness. I was also told that the chemo, was just a commercialized medication that had been created to kill just enough cancer to keep the person alive, and then to slowly kill them with the poisons and toxins in the medication. This was done because of how high our number of population was.Obviously, they couldn’t cure the cancer, well I mean they could if they wanted to… But they didn’t. This would help for people to pass on so that the population could be managed. But why not make money off of people in the meantime? Cancer medications and treatments are expensive and bring in billions of dollars every year. What a scam! To give a person just enough medication that it kills a little bit of the illness off, but kills them slowly so that they can continue the treatments and collect more money, that is the biggest scheme I’ve ever heard of.

So the heavens had told me, tell my father to not take chemotherapy this round. Of course he had reservations about that because he didn’t want to take the chance of not getting chemotherapy and dying. It was very scary. But I told him to have faith in what heaven had said. So he turn down the chemo. He was not going to be ill like he was the last time, not on my watch. Next, I started doing healings regularly. I started doing them each day, a very specific type of healing at that. It was a combination of healing techniques remotely, that the heavens had given me instructions on how to do. After a while, I started to do them only once a week. I also made him a very special bracelet and talisman that had some of the healing energy in it. Then I was given special instructions on a routine, lifestyle, and nutrition, that would help boost the immune system so that the healings could work with it. Staying on chemo would not have helped. Doing the therapy sessions myself, if my dad would have continue taking chemotherapy, it would have just weak and him as my healing sessions fought to strengthen him. If a person is going to receive healing, they cannot be on drugs that are made to week in a persons life and shorten it. I also, had to alter my dad soul contract. Every soul has a contract where they have lessons to learn, lessons with specific people to learn, things to experience, a way to be born, family to be born into, a purpose in life, as well as a day to die. There is a designated a way to die too.

Apparently, I could not extend his life if he stayed on the chemo, because then I would have been doing the healing sessions and extending his life, but the chemo would have kept him in a state of suffering. It would not have made sense. So with all of the elements that haven’t had given me, we had wonderful success. My father didn’t take the chemo, and he followed the advice and instructions on how to live, and eat, in order for him to work with the healing sessions and the contract change. My father’s cancer was spreading rapidly in several areas throughout his lung. With the healings that I had been doing, I was able to heal most of the areas and read him of the cancer there. However, there has still been a small little spot that remained. Still, it wasn’t going to get bigger or spread, and now he had longer life. They told him in 2016, but he only had six months to live. It is 2018 now. I not only saved his life with heavens help, but I also extended his life by that six months, and an additional year. It was hard to make the changes that he did but he did it because he knew that he had to. My mother was a wonderful help to my father. Without her I don’t think he would have been able to do it either. My family and I are very close and we always stick together. My mom and dad had believe in me and God, to where the healings helped. Mom went with dad to his appointments to show support. They still do routine check ups to where they go together once a month, to see how the cancer spot is doing. The doctors are astounded. My father told me that he went in there, and the doctor could not believe the report. Dad had said that the doctor had spoken out loud, saying that he was amazed and he did not know how the cancer had healed and isolated into such a tiny area, or that my father had lived beyond the six months they had given him either. When my father heard him, he told him, “it’s my daughter. She healed me”. My father had held up his arm with the bracelet that I had made on it, for the doctor to see. The doctor wanted to know as much as he could about what we were doing, but my dad didn’t want to give him too much insight. God is good because he does remarkable things for people that have faith. My dad is doing much better now, he has lived a lot longer than they had thought originally. God has the power to do anything in your life. If you follow his instructions, he will always lead you to the better outcome in things. It is a gift to be a healer, and to have been given a cure for cancer, humbled me as a healer that I was trusted with it.

I want to help people as much as I can. But people that come to me for the healing, they have to listen to the advice as they are receiving the healings. I know that it’s scary to not receive chemotherapy. However, this has worked on several people before, other than my own father. With that being said, it can work for you or your loved one, if you’re willing to put your heart and soul, and all of your faith into it. Cancer is an ugly disease nobody should have to die that way. The healings that I do and the regimens that go with them, can be used for any illness. I was given very specific healing techniques and instructions to go along with combating any illnesses blueprint or program. As a heavenly creature myself, I know all about consciousness. However it is in my own terms. The only illness that I have not been able to figure out a way to heal, is HIV or AIDS. I am still working on that as we speak. But I have worked on someone who volunteered to try out a new healing technique for that disease, and it has improve their quality of life. I hope to find a cure for it soon.

The healings will not work for everybody though. If you have doubt, if you don’t follow all of the instructions, and if you don’t try to have faith, it is not going to work. It’s a person receives the healing but gives up on their end, then their inner will is not going to give consent for me to provide healing. And that goes with any healing at that. Also, there are other things involved such as karma and this whole contract, that we would have to look at. So there is a lot invested in this. You have to be willing to go all of the way. But the reason why I write this is, to say that there is hope. And I just wanted everyone to hear what we went through and the gracious healing that was provided for us as well as the healing that was given to me that I can use for other people in the same or similar situation. Anything can happen. Reality is an illusion.

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