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Water fasting is a perfect way to refreshing and rejuvenate your body. I talked about how I am a Breatharian a lot over the years. I truly have no other intention of talking about it… other than just to inspire other people.

Many people have wanted for a long time, to become awake enough that they could transcend the laws of the third dimensional realm. The laws here definitely have a lot to do with food, and sleep. Could you imagine a life where you don’t need to buy hundreds of dollars of food in a month?

On average, most people spend anywhere from $200-$300 weekly on groceries. Not including going out for a bite to eat or snack in between grocery shopping. Now imagine you could save all of that money? How amazing would it be? Well you can! And imagine also, that every single day you have so many things to do but time flies by too quickly. You’re not able to finish everything that you have to do because you feel it’s hopeless without having enough time. But what if you didn’t need to sleep anymore? This is also possible. I am living proof. I have had so many people think that I am being dishonest about all of this. That’s because they have tried to go without food or sleep. After awhile of trying they realize that they absolutely need food. Because their belly grumbles and they think that it means that they are hungry but that is a figment of the third dimensional mind. Being tired and hungry are both programmed attributes of our third dimensional world.

Many years ago I was high vibrational already yes, but I was also used to being in this world too. I never did have a large appetite and while growing up I only ever just ate once a day to begin with. Food somehow just didn’t appeal to me. But I always liked sweets and citrus. What can I say? That is the angelic in me. Angels love sweet substances and anything with citrus. It’s true! I could eat tons of that stuff, but any other foods, forget it. However, about three years ago… I started transmuting enough energy within, that I could sustain my life without any substance other than energy. I was working so hard and long, that I often forgot to eat and I would be in trance for multiple hours a day. I started to realize that the more I was in trance, the more I escaped this world and it’s laws. My life has always been shifting in frequencies, and I’ve always lived multi dimensionally. However, the longer I stay in higher planes, the less that I align with this world. Over time, I just didn’t need to eat or sleep at all.

I’m not saying that I don’t choose to eat sometimes, because I do once every once and awhile. Like for example, when my best friend visits we go out to eat. I don’t finish the meals, but I order something to pick at and taste. And there were times that my energy would lower, because at the time of her visiting I would have to come down to her level. I tried to balance with her. And that would bring me into a state of craving sugar. Like I said before, it’s much like a hummingbird needing nectar. That’s why angels love sweets. When I felt low, I needed something to get back up, and since I had a visitor, I could not sit there in a trance all day LOL

But now, it doesn’t really matter who is around, because I have decided to not lower my energy to accommodate anyone else anymore. Instead, I hope to raise theirs and help them instead. But water fasting is a very important element of life no matter whether you eat and sleep or not. It’s very important to at least close your eyes for a few minutes a day. Which I do. I am totally awake and running around crazy, all the way through the day nonstop. All around the clock! And I do get a lot more done, that way. But I do stop for maybe 20 minutes to a half an hour to close my eyes. I’m not sleeping, but I shut out the external world. Many people when they go into a trance for readings, they close their eyes. Not me. I do not close my eyes. I keep them wide open. And that is because I can shift the frequency to see that way. The only times that I shut my eyes are for OBE or astral projection or to close off to the 3D reality. And that is because there is something very specific that I do in order to achieve that. However seeing people spiritually, reaching them, channeling, you don’t need to close your eyes for that. Probably one of the weirdest spiritualists you have ever heard of LOL.

With all of that being said, the physical body is not really physical. However if you live in this world and you are used to everything, then it’s very physical for you in some sense And it is for me to sometimes. I will admit that I do choose to operate on 3-D sometimes. That’s only to keep up with my family and friends who are here. Water is a wonderful energy because everything around you is made water. The body is made of water and other elements, the sky is a different type of water that was changed to another element, you were oceans, most of your foods, and your blood…

The air in the sky is an element changed to water, like a plasma, and so is your consciousness in a sense. It’s a little hard to explain. I would need more time. The point here is that everything is water. Water is the reflection in which the rays of light sparkle off of. It’s sort of like a Crystal, which is neither liquid nor solid.

The benefits of Water

In order to maintain optimal health, you will want to make sure that you take in a lot of water every day. If you drink a lot of water, it removes fat from your body, it helps your liver and kidneys to flush out toxins much faster. It also helps you to keep your state of awareness in your consciousness. And it helps in so many other ways such as:

It will increase your energy and reduce that tired feeling that many get. Since your brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you think, focus and concentrate better and to be more alert. As an added bonus, your energy levels are also boosted! Dehydration is a major reason that people feel an afternoon slump and a craving for food!

Water removes by-products of fat, reduces eating intake by filling up your tummy if consumed prior to meals it reduces hunger and raises your metabolism since it has zero calories Water rids your body of waste. Waste is released through sweat and urination so drinking water will reduce the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

Water also moisturizes your skin. It keeps it fresh, soft, glowing and smooth. Drinking a lot of water gets rid of wrinkles. It’s the best anti-aging treatment around! Water also helps in digestion, as water is an important tool that the body uses to digest your food and helps to prevent constipation.

Did you know that a water drinker is less likely to get sick? And who wouldn’t want feel healthy the majority of the time? Drinking water helps fight against flu, cancer and other ailments like heart attacks.Drinking water can relieve and prevent headaches, migraines and back pains too! Those issues are commonly caused by dehydration. Proper hydration helps keep a person’s joints lubricated and muscles more elastic so that joint pain is less likely. When the body is functioning at its best, you will feel great and be happy!

Some people may claim that water is costly because of having to continue to buy filtered bottled water. Yes, it can be costly if you choose to drink bottled water. It is really hard to recycle plastic because it’s very expensive to do so. It’s better to filter your own water. Word if you don’t have a filter, you could run water through a coffee pot and bottle it that way? Or you could eventually just boil a pot of water and then bottle it up.

Drinking water has many health benefits physically. But even more so spiritually. When your physical body is in a good state of health, so is your mental, emotional, and physical states. That leads towards having a better “whole”, because areas of your aura are associated with all of those. If your physical body is vibrant, then your mental and emotional health will be too. Then you will have a perfect state of spiritual health over all.

But it doesn’t just stop with water. You have to also stay physically active. I keep up with exercise. I do yoga, Pilates, walking,  aerobics, hiking, and any other exercises that I feel inspired to add. I also like to go to the gym twice a week and use the equipment there. And when I am not exercising or out and about, I pace a lot.

In conclusion, drinking water helps you purify your body. Imagine that your colon still hangs onto a lot of yucky stuff from many years ago, if you have not had any colon cleansing done over time. That’s why a lot of people have some pains in their bowels or digestive track. Also your liver needs a lot of fluids to stay balanced, that way your body can eliminate the toxins that usually come with the aging process.


Food is a privilege obviously, many people seem to think that it is a natural state of life. But the truth is, in old ancient times, people did not have access to food the way that they do today. Back in ancient times, they would hunt and sometimes only eat just once a day, and sometimes if they couldn’t find anything at all, they ate once in a few weeks. Today, food is available everywhere that you turn. And it’s definitely not a surprise that most of it has a lot of poison and toxins in it. No wonder why they make it so readily available! But it’s true that many people take advantage of eating, and that’s why America alone has many people who suffer with obesity or weight issues. Fasting is not only very good for your physical and spiritual health, but it also cuts back in consuming in excess. Fasting shows appreciation for that which you have had plenty of, throughout the years.

That thing helps show that you are grateful for all that you have. But drinking all of that water while eliminating any kind of additives or preservatives and food alone, can really cleanse out the body and help you to balance your light energy. I like to fast often. Every few months I will do a full seven day water fast. But every couple of weeks I will do at least three days. This will help regulate my system so that I have plenty of water for my light to reflect off of.

To water fast: You Need…

1. Filter your own water by boiling some on the stove, and stocking up gallon by gallon. Where you can buy package bottled water, I use smart water or Dasani.

2. You also want to get a bottle of apple cider vinegar. You want to start with taking a tablespoon each day for the first three days. And you were going to raise that to one shot every morning each day. This will help you alkaline your body. It also aids in the cleansing process.

3. Make sure you have plenty of multivitamins. On my Instagram, I added a picture of a lot of supplements that I live on to make sure that my body still receives its health. If you can’t buy all of that, then at least go get a very potent daily vitamin.

Things to know:

Firstly, your emotions are going to become a little unbalanced at first. And that is because you are going through a transition phase when you fast. This is going to affect your mentality. I think it affects the mentality more than emotions too, because this is a great challenge. Your stomach is used to taking in solid food and it definitely is going to rumble and gargle a bit LOL. Make sure that you mentally train yourself to stick with it. If you get extremely hungry, guzzle down some water. But do not drink too much water! You can get yourself sick. So if you feel at all that you cannot keep up with it, and give yourself a break and eat a little bit of something.

You also want to add some juice here in there. You’ll want to stick with juices like orange juice, and pineapple juice for vitamin C. Water acts like a appetite suppressant naturally, so if you do this right, you should not have any problems. But you definitely want to go the entire seven days. Three days is OK, and can be greatly beneficial. Therefore, 7 days completes the transition. I also have even advise people to go out and buy some thing called Slim Fast. You can drink this for all of the vitamins and nutrients while you are doing your water fast. This will help you to do it safely if you have not been accustomed to doing long periods of water fasting yet.


When you water fast, you can get sick if you drink too much water. You want to make sure that when you wake up you don’t right away drink a bunch of water. You could make yourself nauseous. Instead sit back have a cup of tea and add very light sugar or sugar substitute that’s healthy. I don’t recommend any of the sugar substitutes with aspartame. I use Stevia. Honestly, I do not trust a lot of companies so I grow my own Stevia. In a couple hours you will start to feel better. You may still get hungry. That’s when you want to drink 16 ounces of water. Around mid afternoon, drink another 16 ounces. You will do the same at dinner time too. Later on in the evening, drink your orange juice. You could even substitute the tea in the morning, with a glass of orange juice instead. Or a Slim Fast shake. This will give you extra energy and the vitamins will help you to boost your immune system which the water actually does too. It also gives the body the illusion of eating because of the flavor in the orange juice, slim fast, or tea.

If you are on any kind of medication, be careful with water fasting. This is a body detoxifier and cleanser naturally. Therefore, it will wipe out any medications that you are on. That goes for people who take antidepressants, and Anxiety medication, methadone, Suboxone, Ritalin, Pain Meds, Adderall, and insulin etc. Fasting will wipe it right out of your body. And that definitely will not be a fun thing! I work with a lot of people who take those medications every day. Without them, it’s sort of like feeling like you’re dying. So be careful.

If you do take those medications, you will want to continue taking your medication as prescribed. But you may want to add a few pieces of dry toast here and there throughout your day. That way you have a little something to absorb all of the water instead of it just totally flushing out your body quickly. I don’t typically recommend water fasting for people who are on those types of medication.

If you are a diabetic, please be advised. Your body needs food to naturally process sugar and you keep your sugar levels balanced. What are fasting in definitely alter of your sugar level. I would really recommend that you not water fast, but instead just drink only water with your normal every day food diet. You can always feel free to ask your medical physician their thoughts on having you water fast as well. I’m sure they will provide you with a safe alternative.

If you are reading this, and you are under age, please make sure that you speak to your parents about water fasting and what they think about it. You don’t want to do something without their knowledge and perhaps they may know something about your health that you don’t. Don’t take the risk.

Since you are water fasting, you should also know that you are not going feel too good for a few days. It’s just like when anyone stopped eating meat to turn into a vegetarian. They feel withdrawal symptoms. You get hot and cold flashes, periods of weakness, your body feels yucky. And that’s because your body is used to taking in a substance, no matter what it is, on a daily basis. Even food. When your body removes something that’s been a part of its system for such a long time, it does process withdrawal symptoms as a way to adjust. You will also experience this with water fasting because, you are not eating like you are used to everyday. Don’t give up though. It will go away in a few days if you can make it to the full three day challenge. Just know, that it’s not going to be easy at first but it is possible. Once you do it the first time, I’m sure you’re going to want to do it time again. It truly is invigorating, it mentally disciplines you and it makes you vibrant and healthy.

 Good luck everybody. And if you have any questions or needs, please contact me. Good luck with your challenge and let’s see who makes it here!


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