Welcome, my name is Alura Cein. Friends and those who know me, call me Ally. I am a psychic, spiritual teacher, and Minister, as well as counselor, and a practitioner of metaphysics. I have numerous sites of my writings out there, all on Spiritual Truths, called Truthology, in which I founded. I teach what I remember as an awakened person, and as I channel new wisdom from above. I conform to no religion but this faith in what the Creator has taught me.

I have done thousands of psychic readings for people all over the world, and enjoy this mission that I have as messenger. That’s right! My soul type is an Incarnated Angel. I have written many things on soul types too, as soul readings are one of my most favored readings by clients. I have been a psychic all of my life, as well as a medium and healer. I love animals, people, and most of all wisdom, and the Creator. I was born awake, with memories of my past lives. I do not present myself for glory, but for others to learn to and to grow. I am a single mother of two children. Amber is my sixteen year old daughter who works with me at my business, Aluras Spiritual Services. Noah is my ten year old son, who you will find supporting me on my YouTube channel.

Life has not always been easy. being psychic in this world during the 1990’s Christianity and stereotypes on “seers” were very predominant. I was labeled as a freak, and no matter what church I went to about “my condition”, I could not find help, support, or acceptance. I thought all religious places were meant to be supportive. Was my gift not God given? Was my ability to predict and heal not from God? With my memory of past lives and being in heaven, I was different. No one felt they could reach out. I hung out with the outcasts instead. This diary is started to give people insight into my daily life. You can learn more about me in my book “Life of an Incarnated Angel” scheduled to be revealed soon. For now, learn from my life. Maybe you will resonate and relate? Maybe you won’t. That is what I am here for, to find something about yourself, and if not, you will know and move on. Enjoy!