The Telepathic Kid

My son and I are extremely close. Maybe not as much anymore, because now he is coming into his teenage years where he wants to kind of explore himself. He has made more friends and his new school, so good old Mom over here has been put to the side LOL. Nonetheless, I was remembering back on a time when me and Noah had a funny situation. I was reminded by this because my baby and I communicate telepathically while she is in utero.

Today I was in the store and while I communicate with my unborn all throughout the day and night telepathically, on this particular trip, I was walking around a crystal store looking for some basic tumbled stones that I could make for her crib sachet. Well I had found some of the Stunz that she had requested, I walked past a small little display and a quartz crystal with a tourmaline inclusion in it, caught my eye very briefly. All of a sudden I heard a little tiny voice say, “please mom”? Then I laughed, because it had reminded me of an incident with my son. It was rather comical and one of many, in our funny but yet spiritually awkward experiences. It was a moment that we retell to others when asked about our adventures.

My son Noah and I were in the Uber, returning from a short trip to the store. I try to be careful with spending money as we are not wealthy and have a lot of bills to pay like most people. However, on the ride home he had asked me if he could have an additional $10 to purchase an app on his phone. I held my ground and told him no. He must’ve argued with me about it for about a good five minutes, begging and pleading for this $10 app. I told him it was the end of the story, that I had said no and that I did not want to hear anymore about it. So he went silent, and I turned my head away from him to look out the window, and just get a moment of peace so that I could block out the aggravation that he was trying to create in order to make me say yes LOL. He often knows how to get me to say yes to get his way due to aggravating me a little bit with his persistence. He is not really a bad little boy. But he does like to get his way, when he wants it. As I was looking out the window, I was just gazing up at the sky. It was later in the evening so we had some beautiful clear skies with the stars twinkling above. Really brought me some peace of mind. All of a sudden, I hear this little voice in my head saying “please, please, please, please mom, please mom???”.

I thought to myself “am I losing it?” LOL… I certainly had not expected that it was Noah deliberately implanting thoughts in my mind. As I heard “please mom” repeating in my head a couple of dozen more times, I turned and looked at him because I wanted to make sure, that I had not been hearing things. I had expected that he would be listening to his headphones and lost in his music by that point. However, when I turned to look at him he was staring at me intently. I asked “are you really pestering me telepathically”? He laughed so hard he had snot coming out of his nose. The entire time he had been staring at me and thinking in his mind, “please mom, please mom”? All in order for his thought to reach mine. I was astounded because there were many times that I had deliberately tapped into his thoughts telepathically. I have that capability to do that. But for him to have done it deliberately? I was amazed at his proficiency in delivering a telepathic message. I thought to myself that I kind of knew we had that ability but I didn’t think he did. Me and Noah laughed so hard all of the way home because it had been true! He had been mentally pestering me ever since I had told him that the answer has been no, and I did not want to hear anymore about it. He laughed and he said, “no mom you did say you didn’t want to hear anymore about it, so I thought maybe I would send it to your mind instead… least you were physically hearing it anymore”. LOL… I thought to myself, “this little wiseguy”!

My children and I have some pretty keen psychic abilities. I was quite shocked at the telepathic abilities in my son though to be honest with you. I had trained him a couple of times with some exercises when he was about six years old. But I had been a few years back. We hadn’t really talked about it or done anything about it since then. But it was a good laugh and I told him that if he didn’t get his way, that I was doomed as a mother because if I told him no was no and that was enough, I would still have to be mentally tormented LOL.

My unborn will truly surpass me, and my children, in her psychic abilities in her life. And I must say that it is more than an honor and a privilege to be able to communicate with her telepathically now before she’s even born as I do with my children who are here now. It’s one thing to channel with once higher self or with their spiritual guides, but I actually get to get pictures and images with my new baby. So, today when I was at the crystal shop, I was trying to make some plans for her spiritual path in purchasing some stones so that she could have them already when she arrives.And I guess she felt the vibration of the quartz with tourmaline And that’s when I heard her little voice just like I had heard Noah’s, say “please mom”. It took me back to a very happy memory, and happy ones that I will come to create soon with my new child.