Strange Experiences..

Last night, I was laying down on my cot. I do not sleep, so I do not have a bed. I have out of body experiences instead. It’s been this way my whole life. Only, when I was smaller, I would at least sleep first, and then leave the body naturally. As I got older it happened instantly.  I never want to go to deep into things,  that is because if a person had one similar experience in their entire life, they all of a sudden think they are exactly like me. I see it all of the time. I love being an influence to them, but one experience is nothing compared to a life time of it. I had this forever now. It has always been a curse. Many wish to travel in the realms, but the dangers, I can not see how.

I left the body last night. Coming out, there was a few people. An elderly man, a small girl, and my Uncle. I speak with my Uncle, and he leaves, back to his own realm. The elderly man cries a little. He says he misses his wife. I tell him “I saw you in the living room the other day am I right? Was that you calling out for Barbara?” He tells me yes, and I now know he was lingering around for a long time. I was so busy, I did not notice him except that once. Working with so many spirit guides for my clients readings, drowns out the other voices and souls in the background. I feel terrible. I cry with him. “What I can I do for you?” I ask him as tears drip into my lips, and the taste of salt reaches my tongue.  My heart is open wide and my light bright. He walks into my light and I feel his passing. It reveals that he has  died of  a heart attack. My own heart wretches now. I cry harder, but as he leaves, I feel relieved. The little girl is next, she says she wants her mommy. She wants to go home. I put my arms out for her to enter. She is afraid. She wants to see her mother. I take her to her home.

Astrally, we travel to her home in the city. This is a small African American girl of 8 years old. She lives in the row homes of Philadelphia. I wonder how she knew to come to me. how do any of them? Where is the angel who is responsible for this job? As an angelic soul myself, I wonder why I went from being a bridge for the prayers of those sent to me for help, to an anchor to the light. In the row home, the family is still mourning. The little girl’s photo is on the shelf with candles. Her family sits in silence. She looks at her mother and goes to her. “Mama I am here”… She cries. I am crying too. I feel so bad for these souls. “Why can’t she hear me?”. “Honey you are deceased”. She looks confused, but then taking one last look at her mom, she walks over to me, and enters into my light, leaving as the elderly man did. She has accepted what has happened. I felt the impact of her accident. And, now I have to work out the energy now within me. I take her soul to the correct realm.

Later on that morning, I sit in the office, still upset from what I felt in the two passing souls that I had just helped the night before. As I sit there, I look behind me.  I have a feeling that I am not alone. There is an apparition who is playing peek a boo behind the hall way doorway. His face peered around the archway. I see him, and he darted back behind the wall. I smile. I know this game!  It’s not the first time he has come by. He does this once a day. I get up and to make go and make a cup of tea.

Downstairs, I sit on the back deck and sip my green tea, made with Brown sugar, and some organic honey. It’s delicious. As I view my garden, I see it is really slipping away with the Autumn. The annuals have passed, and all that remains are a few herbs and cherry tomatoes. I looked up at the sky. The blue made me feel serene. My son Noah came in the back yard gate. “Oh hey mom”. I smile, “Hey bud”. After he grabs his bike, he is gone, so I end my meditation session on the back deck, and return inside of the house. The cabinets in the kitchen keep opening and closing on their own. I had just bought energy saving lightbulbs 2 days ago at Walmart, and now  they are zapping on and off. The cabinets, and the lights acting up , were telling me there is someone trying to gain my attention. I closed my eyes, and let go. I started to smell an aroma. It smelled like rotten eggs. This is not a good sign.

But I am used to it. It happens every now and so often. I am never really “here”. But sometimes I try to be you know? I looked around to see what I could find. I walk the house like some psychic investigator off of a TV show. Slowly, eyes partly closed, only open just enough for me to see. I use my hand method to figure out if a presence is strong. It is. As I went to the stairs, mom asks what I see. She knows my phases, and she clearly sees there is something going on with the cabinets slamming in the kitchen and the awful smell, as well as the way I am acting.

“Do not worry Mom, I think I know where it is this time.” Mom  followed me up the stairs to the hallway, and she got a bad feeling that sends her running. She was always a wuss when it came to these things. LOL. However, I continue. Then, Amber came out of her room and leaned her head into the hallway. “Did you hear that Mom?”  “Shhh”, I say. And  I stare at the corner of the doorway, at the end of the hall. Amber directs her attention there too. We know something is there, but it will not show itself. It is only a matter of time. I speak in angelic language telling it to reveal itself. By that authority, it must. And, it does. The energy fuses together, and standing in front of us in the corner is a man in a dark cloak. It happened so quickly, that as he manifested, he also moved forward, closer to us.  In the blink of an eye, he went from the corner to being directly in front of me.Amber ran to hide in the bathroom next door, I take off running down the stairs. Dad!!!!!!!, I scream.

He isn’t home, so I wait. When Dad got home, I told him of the encounter. He is my spiritual bodyguard. He walks back up the stairs, and there was a weird grid halfway woven in the doorway. I know it is still there. So again, I call it out. I feel safer with Dad there.  I order it, in a nice way, to reveal who he is are and why he has come. He tells us that he is attached to a client of mine. He came because I removed him from the person’s atmosphere, so he needed a new residence. He tells me that his name is Diron. He is from another dimension. Obviously. I asked him first, politely, to leave. But he refused, so I let out a huge pulsation of white light, and as I do, I fall backwards. My dad catches me. He slid me by the arms to my cot in the office right next door to where we are standing. “Al, you ok”? ” I’m okay Dad, thank you”. He goes to get me a bottle of water. “You gonna be okay to do readings later now?” I nod yes,  as I sipped the water. I’ll have to clear and consecrate our home though first, before doing the readings.

After the clearings, I go to get another cup of tea. Its hard to breath in my home. My parents smoke. It gives me a scratchy throat and inflamed lungs. The CO2 in the air on Earth, is awful on me too.  The tea makes it better. My mom asks, “Is there anyway for you to guard our home from spirits entering, unless for the readings”?.  I then explain to her how spirit is always all around us, and that no matter what I do, they will come. I am a psychic medium, an angelic soul, so they follow me for the light. At least the house is clear now though. A few predominant spirits that were here have really made the day a bit tiring. I may take a rest instead…