Monthly Celebration of the Gods

On my Facebook and Instagram, I have started celebrating and a monthly God with others. While I am not going into the full extent of my practices, I thought it would be fun to share with others, to bring back that spiritual mood and inspiration that many had lost in 2017, and throughout 2018. It’s fun to see others learn and try new things. Besides, it really does go hand-in-hand with the ending of my course, Heaven and Hell. It will soon come to an end, and it would be really interesting to continue with the presence of the realms in our lives by having everyone try different forms of worship and magic. I am going to host this each week in my group on Facebook. Please join us there!

This month? Dionysus. The first step that I had everybody take was, that about a week ago I had everyone make their spiritual altar, to represent our angelic guide for the month, Chamuel. Sometime before that, I had introduced the idea of Tyr, a Norse God. But then I went into a little bit more information in regards to any God who is represented by having horns, and who rules over the life and death cycle. It is because most of these guards who in the winter time. Right around Yule, Christmas or the Winter Solstice. Now this week, we are going to combine a little bit of everything for the rest of the month. Let’s make an altar for one of the horned gods in particular, who pretty much represents a few of them in one, but just goes by different names in different cultures. Dionysus.

You will definitely want to decorate your altar with things that represent him such as, grapes, wine, any kind of nuts and pinecones. His stone is amethyst so you won’t want to make sure that you have amethyst there as well. In addition to this, we are still working with the angel Chamuel. I will provide an end of the month message from this angel. In the meantime, you can still keep some white candles lit on your alter. I will provide an “end of the month” message from this angel. This angel can work with any of the heavenly hosts, and providing messages. Even though they work in a very specific legion under a specific commander, they are not limited. You can use any kind of white candles from votives, pillars, to tapered.

I’m going to write an article about our God for this month. Let me to eat we will have a new celebrations and activities to work with in order to bring a little bit of fun back into our lives and spiritually. I wanna always be able to provide deep information about our subjects, but I will do the best they can to keep everybody well educated. For now our weekly celebration is going to be a feast Dionysus style!

For my platter (feel free to copy), I am going to to buy grapes, a very lovely non alcoholic red wine, nuts, and nondairy, cheeses. I will be adding olives, seared tuna, and nuts too. Last but not least, I will also add, dried apricot and figs. This will all go on a platter that will be served with the non-alcoholic wine. I’m going to post on Saturday some links to some wonderful music. Get into the mood. Even if you’re by yourself who cares! Throw on a toga. It would be nice if you had a couple of friends to have a little toga party with but if you have to go alone, that’s OK too. You don’t even have to wear the toga if you don’t want to. I will also post some games that you can play or try that were played at Greek parties.

Just enjoy your life. Don’t care about what anybody thinks and learn some different things. The whole point in life is to have experiences. Many people have had past lifetimes in Greece anyway. it is because Greece was a civilization that led many people especially Starseed souls, down through their pathway of growth and learning spiritually. It was an epic center of history. It makes sense a lot of people who have been here since ancient times would have been there once. It’s culture lasted a while. Sometimes it helps to connect with your past lives by reliving a small part of them. So this activity is a deeply spiritual practice..


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