Strange Travels..

What a weekend! I was in Baltimore this weekend for a trip. I saw many things while out there that did not add up, In all areas! It was almost as if a negative, terrible energy, was trying to be a force going against us.  All things went wrong, or did they? Could it have been that my soul parents did not want me to go? Obstacles are often placed in one’s path when something is not right… I did not even try to foresee the events of the trip, I wanted to go blindly if that were even possible. However, I did see many things none the less. At this point, I do not care who believes. Why should I? It is my life, my mission, and my power, coming as a gift from the Creator. So anyone can think what they wish. But for those of you who do believe, I have a tale to tell, and it is horrifying.

On our way,

I had planned this trip to Baltimore months ago. I had a special occasion to preside over, but nothing went right. Coming all  the way from New Jersey, I had no way of getting there at all. My plan A and plan B, both were canceled.So, I had to call Bella. She has great faith in me. Loyal and true. I knew I could rely on her for help. She had been invited anyhow. So, we figured she would fly from Chicago to Philadelphia, and I would meet her there. We would rent a car and drive to Baltimore. My daughter came along. Loving to travel, she was excited. I kept telling the girls I had a terrible feeling. The car rental did not go through, so we had to catch an Uber from Philly to Maryland. It was crazy expensive. but we did not care. God is good, so we knew he would help us. When we got there, we thought to text our friends there to come meet with us, but busy with preparations, they could not come till late, and by that time, I was already feeling Baltimore’s energy, so I just said I would lay down.

The Lord Baltimore

We checked intoThe Lord Baltimore, a haunted 1920’s hotel in Baltimore. Many people had died there during the great depression, suicides, and a little girl was rumored there. We had no knowledge of this prior to checking in. But, when we all got to the room, we felt strange, drunk almost and dazed. Almost as if we had been drugged.  I saw white orbs zipping around, and Bella stared at me while I dodged them  as they seemed to attack me. She thought to herself “what is she doing?”. I told her what I saw. Later on, Bella and I went to the lobby, my daughter stayed in the room. At some point, I started seeing spirits all over  the place. A woman in a long pearl necklace, a pencil skirt, and tiny blazer appeared on the stairs, and I saw an apparition glide past the elevators and disappear into thin air. We sat down for drinks and talked for a bit. I saw a man in a top hat walk by, looking as human as anyone else there, he glared at me and disappeared too. I just tried to ignore it. I am used to those things.

But moments later, Amber came off of the elevator frantic. She and my son were video chatting and Amber said a man appeared in the room. My son had seen it too on the video. She was beside herself with fright. So Bella and I went back up.   I knew it was haunted. But then Amber, after her encounter, decided to look up the history of the hotel. Sure enough, there were deaths there. I was not surprised. I kept saying, “The Lord Baltimore” in an English accent to be funny. I got Bella stuck on doing it the whole time too, although her version of the accent was funnier with her touch of polish in the background. LOL. However, we decided to go check out the 19th floor, as it was said to be the most haunted. I got a terrible feeling from it, but did not see any ghosts up there, only felt the stench of death. We snapped some pics, and sure enough, a small creature appeared faintly. Not enough for the average eye to see, but I pointed it out to Bella and Amber, and having somewhat of a sight, it was visible to them. I told them “Delete the picture so we do not bring it with us”. I know spirits can attach even from pictures. It was uncomfortable, we did not sleep. I astral projected a little, and Bella (nosey as she is LOL) Nah just kidding, but she is rather curious how things work, so she was eavesdropping on my projection LOL. She listened as I vocally said what I saw, much like when I am channeling.

I saw the same guy with the top hat from the lobby, but it was in the 1920’s. He was at a market, and they had a couple of pounds of ribs for sale, that he was looking to purchase, for $15.99. She had to of heard me say,”Ribs for $15.99″ and thought I was tripping LOL. I explained later, though. After she told me she had heard. I was so dazed, not able to keep my eyes open. She tried to hold me up. She did the same while in Chicago on my visit to her too. It must sound crazy to someone listening in on a trance session out of body, I am sure.  I am always embarrassed. Thus,is why I do not channel LIVE. I do, but not always. Anything can come out, and some spiritual things shouldn’t. Anyhow. the next day was the event. Nothing too odd, as I am used to paranormal/supernatural things.

Seeing Deeply

So, not to say much about the event I had traveled there for,  I had a lot of “sight” into the whole event, but it is not my place to reveal, as it was a private party,  I like to be respectful to my friends. If it were meant to be spoken about, I would not be the only one mentioning. However, there were several things there,that  I felt.

I did get to meet two wonderful people,though. I felt so overwhelmed by meeting the girls. I had done so many readings with them! Now, we were all face to face.  One of them, I have a past life connection to, and it was surreal. We both cried! I was emotional to see them in the flesh, after all of that time reading their souls. I was still reading while there,though, I always am. I was exhausted, almost to the brink, from all of the traveling issues in the week, from the confusion, and from the energy of the hotel. But I am glad the girls got to see, that I am nothing to  be intimidated by!! I am really sweet and friendly. I may be awkward, as I do try hard to keep up my guard. When I see something, I am trying to protect and figure out a way around things too. It does get clumsy. Some of the guests avoided me, and there was a lot of negative energy coming at me. I stuttered at first and did not stick to my script. I am so sensitive, and it was not like other events such as this, as I had done before in the past. It was playful, and that made it easier. Not saying any more though, I was happy to meet the people I worked so hard for in the past, and it is a moment I will never forget.

It begins

I had wanted to stay awhile to spend time with the girls I had just met and came so far to see, but they had plans to go out afterward. So, Me, Bella, and Amber headed back. I was overwhelmed, I wanted to stay in the next day to rest but, Amber wanted to go to Washington. This is where the story gets weird.

Everyone thinks I am paranoid, and they mock me for what I say about the archons. Do not think for one moment I do not see the mockery. I am always two steps ahead of everyone, but the difference is, I am kind. So I keep it to myself. But here, I was happy to have a witness finally. Bella and I may be best friends, but I am sure her mind questions some things at times. She is learning. Now, she got to really get a glimpse into the world of weird.

In Baltimore, I had kept seeing people I saw back in New Jersey. One homeless guy was the same homeless guy from my area back home. Then we saw him in Washington hours later too. People kept appearing as doubles, all over the city, same faces, different clothes. I saw terrible spirits all over too. Bella even saw the homeless guy reappear in these two places, miles away from one another. She thought it to be strange.   There was also another lady from my area, who appeared on one corner, and then she popped up a few corners later wearing something else. Out of the hundreds of people outside of the White House, the police seemed to glare at me. I pointed it out nonchalantly, and Amber and Bella saw how they stared at me. No one else. It was weird. Then, all over the city, people stared us down, as if they knew us from somewhere. It was not that Bella was super beautiful either. They were like really familiar with who I was. they stared and seemed to look right through me. Police, guards, random people, and the doubles we saw. It freaked us out.

Riding the rental bikes, I foresaw a storm, amidst the blue clear sky. The Monument had an energy emitting out of it. I told the girls “The monument is attracting all of the clouds”. I felt dazed, and I felt weighed down. I wanted to leave.  So, we went to leave.

In the car, we pulled to the light. A government vehicle was nearby, but I was texting  my friend Dylan, so I paid no mind to it. Only saw it, and went back to my messages. But as traffic started moving, the government vehicle tried to make us have an accident, and Bella swerved off to the right, and we almost hit a pole. (Good thing I foresaw she needed insurance on the rental LOL). But yes, we almost hit it, if it weren’t for Bella’s defense driving skills. Coincidence? No… The same car tailed us for miles, staying two cars behind us, and then when it got too close, it would pull off, and then get back into position. We were all so shook up.

We had spent all of our earnings on that trip. I worked so hard to be able to go, and with the expenses,  my account was drained.  I said a prayer, and a few moments later, someone donated money to me. Not to the charities, but to me, out of the blue! It was a gift from my Creator for persevering. I would be okay to survive, as a single mom, working to save the world. Or as much of it that I can.

Can this trip please end?

I did not want my friend to leave, but we had to head home. I was happy to get out of there. Baltimore is not such a nice city. No offense to the residents or anything. But yes, I was thrilled to head home. We stopped at Starbucks on the way, and I saw a handsome guy, who I told Amber “He is the type I foresaw you with”, giving her an example of the guy I had a vision of, for her future. Then we started the long drive back.  Bella wanted to come to my house and see where I work. I was uncertain about it, as I have a small zoo of animals and children who grew up in the home.So I brought her in.  She went to my office, my small office for now since I stopped leasing the building next door. I needed to save up for the move. But as she sat there, she finally got to meet Jakey. And she saw how human he really is. She also got to see what I put up with as far as spirits out in the hallway. They were lurking there the whole time. Jakey tried to swat at one to protect Bella and ended up scratching her arm, but she understood.  She did not see the spirits but saw their silhouettes.  She definitely felt the dark presence of the energies lurking, but she also saw the grid in my office protecting us. She did not want to leave, and on the way out, my parents arrived. I was stalling her because I knew they would pull up soon. My poor mom and dad cried so hard to meet her. She is a good friend to me, and they never saw anyone so loyal to me yet.

She caressed my dad’s face, and told him in his eyes, “Please take care of yourself, Ally loves you”. (He has cancer and does let himself heal). My parents  are really spiritual people, and they were so sentimental then with her there. My friend who came all of that way to make sure I was comfortable and protected. She had even bought me an audio recorder and camera for my work, from her own hard work. A true friend. That’s what friendship is all about, though. That is why I always plead with God on her behalf and he helps her. I do that for a lot of people. I only wish people could be true to me, as I am to them. Instead, some out there judge and try to plot against me. Or, they are in denial of who and what I am. I have several good, true and loyal friends as well as Bella. But so far, I have not met them in person, only in spirit. I hope to one day have that opportunity. Many of the girls on my facebook follow first,  are those I feel good with. But I do love everyone. I only wish love was exchanged as equally in return.

So after Bella left, it got even more strange. She texted that she saw the same Starbucks guy at the airport. Another reoccurring sighting! Then, I was emailed about all of my accounts being censored. Just like I had thought. But, to top all of the weirdness off, I discovered a spy in my network who is feeding another teacher the information, as they enrolled in my courses to gain the information to give to her.  People are so dark. There was also a person with a satanic video tagging me too!

Another  strange thing that happened, is that my friend stopped by all shook up. He said, “Ally you know the shadow people you always say that you see?” I said, “Of course”… He said, “I thought you were just paranoid and I did not think they were real, but I just was on my way to the store and saw some in the woods on the way. I thought they were shadows of the trees until they all stepped out and chased me. I drove all of the way here. He lives 20 miles away. He all shook up so bad, he needed me. I saw the goosebumps on his arms too. I comforted him and gave him a blessing, and then paid for a ride home for him.  Before he left, I explained to him, “The devil would walk the earth in the last days”. How do people think spirits will do that? Well, with a body. How do they get one? By walking into one. Many are possessed. I see it in so many. While the last days are not totally here, it is gradually happening, and more and more last ditch efforts are being made by darker forces. Especially against those holding the truth, no matter how insignificant you may feel.

Please be careful everyone. There are a lot of things going on out there, and no one can be trusted at all. All I want is for you all to be happy, safe, and gaining the truth.

Wrapping it up

So many strange things.  Strange behavior and reactions. The obstacles I faced. The spiritual activity inside and out of the hotel. The near car accident and tracking by the government. The doubles appearing all over. A visitor showing up who was chased by shadow people. A false spiritual teacher stealing from me and tagging me. Spies….

Too many oddities for me LOL. It was a heck of a weekend. And I know it is getting worse out there. Now will be the time I am attacked the most. The one thing that scares me is that God says even my own followers will be influenced by spirits to be against me, without any cause. It will simply happen. I pray it doesn’t. But he says they will try to attack me in any way that they can. I hope we all stay prepared. I am just glad I have witnesses now.

Even though the trip was strange leading into when I arrived home, I got to see three friends who mean a lot to me. Bella, and the two ladies whom I went to visit.  It was probably the best thing that happened next to the miracle I got with a donation to help me financially, the entire trip! I think this was a great insight into all of my predictions really coming true about the world, and people. May we all be blessed with love, and truth, and joy!