Spiritual Meaning of Pumpkins

Fire and pumpkin for Autumn Equinox 2020

Pumpkin to have long then a decoration in the history of the autumn equinox celebrations such as Mabon, Samhain, and Halloween. This time of year there’s also known as the closing of the angelic year, which begins in April, with its main celebration on 1 May. But with all of the decorations that richly paint the backdrop of our beautiful change of season, why are pumpkins so significant? Is it just merely because they are harvested around this time? Is it because the pilgrims had grown pumpkins around Thanksgiving time according to what the Indians had taught them? No.

Actually pumpkins and many other things that are involved in autumn time, have been used as far back as civilization. Especially, in colder regions. I don’t think pumpkins were use that much out there in the land of Egypt LOL. Actually autumn time celebrations including parts of the Angelic end of the year celebrations, have a lot of rich spiritual history where a lot of the foods and decoration have a lot to do with a very deeply rooted spiritual things. These go back even as far as the old way, which were more nature-based spiritual beliefs systems, even including the druids. The pumpkin and many other things, represent so much spiritually I’m sure that a lot of those things are not widely known.  I want to share what I know about the pumpkin’s meaning. I think they are just very beautiful.

The Pumpkin and its Spiritual Consciousness…

Firstly, we know that this harvest time represents yeah that’s where the goddess is well throughout the summer comes me to an end. She is now handing over the next season to her husband which he will take over the cold, strong, harsh disciplinarian of winter. And believe me winter is punishing! Not for Californians though eh? Just kidding. I’m sure that there are a lot of warm climate places who haven’t experienced winter like the East Coast or those in the UK. We angels/deities in the heavens call winter “the dead zone” since this is a part of the year where time is supposed to be on standstill.

If you think back of days of old to festivals like Saturnalia, then you can pretty much imagine how it worked. It was a time of just staying in, cozying up with a nice furry blankets, furry throw rugs, by your fireplace. It was a time of using up everything that you worked hard for throughout the summer, throughout the winter months. Which meant that nobody really worked during the winter months. It was too cold. It was not really a good condition for farmers especially since they couldn’t really gather any crops from the cold hardened ground.

Jams, sauces, pickled veggies, and jellies are made during the beautiful harvest months, stored in sealed jars. Hunters stripped and cleaned game to freeze it for later. The fur and every part used. Wines, and ales were barreled, and herbs readied for need. Afterwards, everyone would be ready for the winter season where eating, drinking and merriment were predominant. This was what Saturnalia and the parties of Dionysus were all about. Pure indulgence. That was because the Gods were good in providing for everyone great deal of plenty… It also resulted in gift giving, as a show of the gratitude.

“The gods are generous and so shall humans also be.”.

So as we are now storing up our “plenty” for the months of relaxation and enjoyment,  pumpkins are often a huge part the harvest and decor. Think of all the things you can make with pumpkin! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin or squash soup, pumpkin or squash spaghetti, noodles or sauce… Pies, or even salted roasted pumpkin seeds. What’s the big deal about pumpkins? Well, there’s a lot on the subject. It may get a little graphic so bear with me.

Pumpkins represent a woman’s womb. Through the umbilical cord, the Pumpkins vine, a beautiful womb is filled up with plenty such as all of the seeds of life inside. Then there is the nutrition of the pumpkins guts, representing the women’s placenta. This represents the goodness in which seeds of life will bear more fruit in the cycle of life itself. Pumpkins truly have a very deep and beautiful spiritual meaning do they not? Pumpkins are also very important because when you clean them out to obtain the inner goodness, the pumpkin becomes hollow and there is the ability to hold a candle inside of it. This is representing the fact that even though the “womb” has push forth the seeds of life, there’s light still inside of it. this is almost as if to say that the room that will always be the deliver of light to our world. Through that it words of death. Which is why jack-o’-lanterns were said to scare off souls of evil entities, or the lost souls of the deceased.

So as you can see, pumpkins are really important in regards to spirituality in there symbolic meaning in relation to do it, as well as the nutrition that they provide, and the beautiful decorations that they bring in what it stands for.

By the Day: September 15, 2020

Firstly, forgive me for my post of the elderly man who passed out back of my house. My post had no malice in it, but was to show of miracles. Being right there when it happened, the police announced aloud do you want another that he had passed on while driving this vehicle and that they were trying to resuscitate him. However I thought it was amazing that it happened right in my backyard on most, if being that we are very loving and thought immediately to send healing and prayers. The man did end up living which I didn’t get to continue on and telling the story, since the post had offended some. Nevertheless, God does work in mysterious ways and having led him here, he had a family that prayed hopefully for him. Who knows? Had it been any other place, maybe there would not have been? Plus, the fact that it was here at a healer’s house too. It was almost like his vehicle just came to a stop right here at my home. I thought it was a wonderful thing that God to make sure that he was brought to a good place in order to survive. I thought to make it a conversation piece about miracles, but the post didn’t go very far due to comments that people made before knowing anything further about the story, or for those that took it the wrong way. I saw it as ignorance and judgemental. I never jump on top of people whether I agree or disagree with something. Besides, those who know me…. knew my intention was good.

I still apologize if it came off as brash to anyone. I should have left his face out of the picture.  I would have loved to had continued on with talking about it in the comments but it seems that people don’t give things a chance and like to jump down peoples throats before they know anything else. For now on, I’ll have to tell the entire story all in one giant sum, without giving people ability to ask questions about things in order to engage with them. I just want to thank the police for the exceptional job that they did fighting for his life, and God for allowing the man to live on. He was taken to the nearest hospital after they found a pulse on him. I was only a few feet away so I was able to hear everything as they did bring him to the edge of my yard. A new beginning for him I hope! Speaking of growth and new beginnings….

Today we think of growth. It’s a new moon after all with lots of magic going on tonight. I know that I’ll be enjoying it with my ritual circle!

Growth is all around us in the cycles of life. We are all one body here on this planet. But in that one body, there exists cells that carry disease. That disease would equal to being the people that are full of corruption. If you can imagine on a greater level, the protests, wars, and acts of violence that are all happening right now, would look like a little tiny dots of illness within a great bloodstream. It’s like cancer and how it appears on testing. Like little tiny black dots dancing across the person’s inner universe. It’s the same here for earth. How did it even come to be this way? I guess that it doesn’t really matter so much now. What matters is, trying to make it better. Just like cancer though, there doesn’t seem to be much of a cure for the corruption and evils that exist here within people on the earth.

The only thing that we can try to do is multiply the good cells! In other words, we can try to inspire other people to be better. The more and more who change for the better, the more and more who are inspired…. Even those who are corrupt may have a chance to become good. We need to override the ignorance and ugliness.. If we are all one body though, then how can one body come to turn on itself? How can all of the “cells” that are meant to help the body run, come to wage war against one another? Would that not tear the body apart?

That’s exactly what’s happening because if you look at the earth today, we have huge holes in the magnetosphere and in the ozone. There are natural disasters happening everywhere at a great magnitude, just as if the earth is screaming for help. And when the earth’s vibration gets negative and is brought down, then the lifeforms living on it will do the same! Even though they’re vibration happened to be the one that started it all to begin with. It just drives the consciousness down further and further. In the Bible there’s a scripture that says:

“Is it not written in your laws that I have said you are gods?” John 10:34

It’s mentioned again at Psalm 82:6…

“I have said: You are gods; you are all sons of the most high. But you will die like mere mortals. You will fall like every other leader.”

The heavens are referring to the gods who once walked the Earth and their offspring. And yes they did fall, as they do time and time again, it being that they pass on and reincarnate over and over in cycles. Up, down, day, night, above, below, to fall, and to rise… It is all the same thing metaphorically. However, mankind in their own right believe themselves to be gods since they rebelled against the heavens and took the earth for their own. Their empires built for the offspring of the gods whom are still here, are vast and glorious.. but yet like it says “they do not live forever”. Even king Solomon himself said that it is striving after the wind that a man build some thing only to pass on and leave it behind for somebody else. However, I have heard many people reference men to being a God, even especially in the science world. I have even seen it referenced in spiritual quotes like the one below.

However, if so many people have recently awakened, then as God wouldn’t they see the terrible situation that our earth is in? But how many people were so ready to flock to the protests? Even though some of those protests were peaceful, many of them were just excuses for people to act out violently. Even for those that spoke about the “black lives matter” movement, there were many in the African-American communities who were hurting others of their very own ethnicity? So really it was all just a bunch of hypocrisy and unnecessary destruction. If many people were truly awake and became godlike, then why would there not be more conscious awareness of things? How many people say that they are awake but yet are so truly unaware that they still litter and throw trash on the ground? How many say that they are awake, and still speak vulgarly to other people or engage in confrontations? How many of them really are just saying that, as a way to glorify themselves? Probably a majority. And that’s because the truly awake person would not act in any of those ways. No, man is not God, but there is a little essence of God in all here. That is where the light that lives within all living things, comes from anyhow. Still, there would be so many changes to the world had anyone had the ability to purely access that light for what it’s truly meant to be accessible for. I mean think about it? Many just want it for vanity. Most people just want to be able to have a spiritual gift or ability, which is why they pursue becoming awake to begin with. Many just want to be viewed as as being superior. If a lot of people like that would just look deep down inside their hearts and be honest with themselves, they would see that that’s the truth. How many can really face the truth? Which is also another sign that they have not fully reached awakening. Anyone awake could face the ugliest part of themselves head on, come to terms with it, understand it, and then change it. They would not run from it or push it far deep away. That is because a God or someone awake, is someone that acknowledges all truth, good and bad for the higher divine purpose in it.

Also they would recognize that everyone is a part of God here. Therefore, they would treat one another with the upmost love and respect. Obviously if we are all brought here under the same light, then we connect not only into the consciousness of this matrix, but also from the matrix realities we all come from individually. And don’t forget about the one, that we have all come from at some point in the very beginning and it’s essence of it. Even in celestial lineage.

They would see everything and everyone around them as being a part of that one, no matter how distant or close. It doesn’t matter what reality a soul comes from, everyone of them has a connection in the greater web of consciousness that is the universe. Therefore, there is an all seeing eye above, the all seeing eye here. Everyone is having just another adventure for their higher self who connects together with someone else’s, then someone else’s, and then someone else’s. In the end, we are all a projection of the great “One”. People who are awake know that, because when you are awake, you can start to see where other people come from… a great deal… because they start feeling interconnected. No one would think to be rude, or hurtful to their own self standing before them and another form would they? Even for those that say that they are awakening or have reached a full state of being awake, they still have many of the earthly like traits such as impatience, anger, frustration, jealousy, envy, contentious, hateful, And they don’t have any regard for anything truly sacred. Even when it comes to waiting for my angelic readings, many people like to rush me. Hey look I get it, if it has been over 2 to 3 weeks, that’s kind of pushing it a bit on my end, but what if there’s some reason as to why it hasn’t come just yet? What if there’s something going on with me? Or perhaps your spirit guides think it isn’t quite time yet? Or maybe the schedule is just overbooked? With some thing such as providing divine insight, special time needs to be applied for every person carefully. I’m not going to force the info to come or rush through. You deserve the best. It isn’t entertainment, it’s heaven. Many still don’t look at it that way though. Besides that, look at our world? Look at our society? Look at the generation that is uprising, and how they treat one another? How can anyone of them actually really ever say that they are awake or God like, if our world is an even worse so the state than it ever was, ever before? How can people learn to start getting more interconnected with one another then? That brings us to the “By The Day”.

Firstly, “By The Day” is going to change to “Week By Week. I understand people have other things to do, and some of these posts require a little more time to be spent upon them. So let’s just say instead of for today, for this week… I would like everyone to think about times when they are treating other people in any way unkind or rudely. Or where you may be putting yourself ahead of others. When you realize what you are doing, stop for a minute and look at that person. Imagine if God were living inside of them, how would he be viewing you in that moment? Also if he’s having an experience within everyone, do you think he’d really want to be treated that way? After you make the awareness of this, start trying to treat other people as you would want to be treated… or more so, how you think God would want you to treat them. There is a scripture that does say:

“Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels”. Hebrews 13:1

In other words, treat other people with the awareness that God is always watching even through the eyes of one another and maybe it is in this kind of awareness that one takes on the attributes of our heavenly Lord, that can start a real awakening.

Hint: What is God, for you? Start there!

By The Day: September 7, 2020

What a thing to ponder! What am I talking about? Our last exercise. In that, many thought deeply about where they would be had they not found spirituality. I gave a few ways to question it, to provoke deeper thinking. Today, we start our week on the dreaded Monday! Admittedly, Mondays are not a lot of peoples favorite day of the week. It is a day in which the hustle and bustle of the week begins and everyone is trying to jump back into the physical energy that they need, from relaxing over the weekend. As an angelic soul, one week is but one day for me being here. I never do really know what day I’m on unless I actually seek it out or have someone remind me. And even still if somebody tells me it’s a Monday, it’s still feels just like the Monday that past, and without any time in between that I sometimes get very lost as to anything that happens during the time in between. But I will still remember a lot of things. But for many today? They are forgetting a lot of details. That is especially in regards to the day before. This brings me to our motivation of the week…. memories.

Memories make up who you are. They become a part of the higher self as they’re collecting all of the data of your experiences through you. And therefore, you add more and more wisdom. Each experience you have had, has added wisdom to your higher self is a full record of all experiences from every character you have ever been. That also includes the people, events and places involved. In each individual life, you collect memories that define the character of whom you were, who you are, and who you will become. But time has sped up a great deal and the days seem here and gone in half the time. Why? In channeling Earth, I discovered the exact causes, as well as reasons for many other things. There’s a lot to explain in that regard. We’ll talk about it all at another time on my site The Church of I.M. For now, our focus is on memories.

Your mental album

Your higher self is made up of all of the elements of your journey yes. However that doesn’t shine through in each individual life as every person is born you’re forgetting who they were in last life and the life before that, and that… You get the picture. I always say, your real soul is not made up of the influences here, nor is it told who to be by upbringing, religion, or even peers who coerce you somehow to get involved in bad habits or trends. Nevertheless it’s not wrong to say that parts of those things become a part of who you are nonetheless. For those who are seeking to find their real self, they have to start with understanding who their real higher self is. Then they have to see who they are as this “Self” in this lifetime in order to compare their soul contract to the life that they are living now. Does it seem as if they’re right on track? Or have they gone completely in another direction? The idea is that the obstacles in this world are projected to add tests and strength to a person, so that they can walk their path of higher self. But a person has a know what the path is, in order to do so. And not everybody ever realizes the lessons behind things. Because people are waking up, it seems to be that now more than ever before, people are starting to lose their memories. If you can’t remember many details of earlier life than you won’t recall as to whether your life was on track or not. You won’t grow from what you’ve been taught, or remember the things that had meaning, simply because life is moving too quickly now. If that’s the case, then there’s a good chance you’re probably not going to reach that awakening that you’re longing for. And awakening means you’re awake, you remember… 

In the amazing photo album of your mind, there are beautiful life lessons, both great and small that have such prolific meaning that you are meant to use that to find your life purpose and understand the meaning of your life. Even those lessons while remembered, are missed as many people seem to think that every day things are just a basic part of life. Some fail to see that certain situations of either a great positive or negative quality, have a meaning in their lives. Most of all, many are forgetting all of that.

Your tasks:

Mediate on the past memories and ask yourself what each one meant. How did it give you purpose. Does it seem you too, have become forgetful? From what you can gather, do you seem to be i I higher self path fulfilling your soul’s contract and purpose? Or not? What is your greatest memory? Can recall your what your worst memory was and why it was the worst? You are an amazing machine with your own flash drive built in and the memories in that are the experiences that make you who are as a character in this life. Get to know yourself and see meaning in so much!

If you don’t know what your life purpose or what you’re soul contract is, come by my website and get a reading to find out more. I also do readings on specific situations in your life to help you find out the purpose of them. The reading is called “Why”.

Weekly Wise: Tarot for the week of September 7, 2020

  • For everybody who’s out there waiting for my “Angelic Herald” issue, it will be up there this week. Honestly, I held back on purpose this time because I was very much worried about how people were adjusting to the information. I certainly have always felt bad predicting things to happen, that caused fear or upset. Still, everyone should know what’s coming up and it’s my responsibility to share info that could be life altering to those directly affected. Wouldn’t you? I came to realize that no matter how some feel, the info still has to go out. Until then, here are the energies of the week ahead.

  • September 7,2020

  • There will come to be a frustrating situation for many. There will be an issue that occurs that many won’t be able to see a way out of. This could be a number of situations as you will find that each aspect of life could be affected or just one individually. You will want to be on the lookout for being a little short of finances, issues at your place of employment, and arguments with your companion or partner. There will also be a feeling of being discouraged by those around you, in relation to your goals. There will be an impulsive emotional nature that comes to the surface. Impulsive energy arises as many are infused with the energy to break new ground. Many may also feel a bit of impatience, and become so focused on their own feelings that they neglect the needs of others around them.
  • Many will want to be sure that they take care that their intuition does not lead them into reckless behavior. Some will act instinctively, and while thats positive since they won’t second-guess themselves, that impetuous emotional nature can also work against them if they assert more intensity than the situation might warrant. There’s a need for balanced feelings and a confrontational temperament…. with inspired action.
  • On another note, some will find themselves organizing for the upcoming fall and winter. Planning events, packing away summer clothes, planning fall fashion, readying for the harvest, and looking into fitness and education. Those will be areas of focus. There may be some financial planning, investing, and saving too. It’s my upmost favorite time of year. Ever since I witnessed the Autumn months from in spirit prior to my Earth journey, I always admired the Autumn. Then being here to experience it! Wow! It’s the best! It marks the end of the angelic year, the colors are amazing, the energy is light, and the smell in the air! It’s even a great time for manifestation and celebration. It was always a family favorite as both sides of my family loved it. Especially my late father who loved this time of year as well.
  • I know lotta things are going to be taking place in the world this far. Like I said I’ll put the predictions in the other website for the things that you need to expect and be ready for. However for now, just because the Autumn is going to bring with it a lot of turmoil in the world, don’t forget that life is what you make it where you are. As a result, you can really allow yourself to enjoy this time of year by putting focus and positivity into all of the areas of your life mentioned above instead. You are what you think of, and what you think of, you attract. Attract what you dream. Good luck.
  • If you need any insight or if things become difficult, come by for a more personalized reading.
  • For anyone who has booked a service, we are backed up a few weeks in orders to due to tech issues, and I am but one reader here. I’m working diligently to get everyone’s services completed. If you have been waiting long already, I just ask that you hang in there. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

By the Day: September 3, 2020

Today’s thoughts:

I think with this new project being started, many of you who are following along are probably just beginning the project from the post on the 1st of September. That was for the activity which asked you to write to someone that you care about. However, even with some still working on it or even just catching up… we can’t neglect that motivation is needed daily.

Today, I want everyone to think about how far they have come in their growth. Even if you haven’t come to the greatest extent in your journey, you have grown a great deal. Many people focus upon how far they haven’t gone, or how far they still have left to go. Often times people are their very own worst enemy. Stop listening to shadow Self today, and list all of the changes that you have made within yourself throughout the process of your spiritual seeking.

Additionally, Who would you had been had you not been led this way? What if you had never started a spiritual journey at all? Or what have you had had another teacher? Who would you be today? How would life be for you? How would your relationships with loved ones be? How would your awareness be? Grab a journal. Sit down by a lake or under a favorite tree and write down the answers in your journal. This will help you to see a great and positive realization that you need to remind yourself of, from time to time. What realization? That life could’ve taken you in any direction without awareness or pursuit of your spiritual path. The spiritual journey and the awareness developed in it, lead you to making more positive choices and in becoming a better person. Imagine had you not ever opted for that opportunity? Think about the habits that you had? The attitudes that you carried? Think of how you went through life each and every day back then. Even though many people still want to go as far as they can, you can never forget how far you’ve already come.

I hope you’re following the French theme too , for fun!

By the day: September 1, 2020

Affirmation: “I am love but love can only exist if it’s spread. I will spread my love today.”

It’s true the world is falling down around us. As the Bible says you cannot put New Wine an old wine skins.

“And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.”~ Mark 2:22

But I say similarly, that you cannot build a new house on old foundations. If you try to expand your life in a more positive direction then that means you’re going to have to allow the old life to die away. Becoming a new person means allowing the old person to fade just as well. It also applies to knowledge. When are you taking in a new form of knowledge, you have to forget what you think you’ve known all along.

Jesus was the new wine of that time. Hopefully, many can see who the new wine of today is.  But getting back to the world, it’s the same for this system of things. The new foundation and house that they are building, will not be one of great moral value. We all know that. For those that follow me, they know exactly what to expect. Still, you can continue building your “foundation and house” so to speak, in a better way. The more people who do this, the better chances we have of changing the direction in which the new system will be built. Our thoughts for today lead us to do something that will help lead us in that direction. Spreading love! did you know that something only exists when you look at it? Some thing is only real when it is acknowledged? Well, the same goes for the people in your life. If you don’t acknowledge them then the relationships begin to fade away.

Considering the virus and how it sent America and other countries spiraling into a state of lockdown… then adding the power outages being predicted, imagine for a moment that you could not get in touch with the people that you love any longer? How would you feel having to silently and emotionally say goodbye? Often in life we take the people and things that we love for granted. We will touch base on this a lot throughout this month.

Continuing, many times people say things they don’t mean, or they say what they mean, in a very ignorant way. What about all the times that you were invited to go somewhere by somebody that you loved and you simply just didn’t feel like it and put your own feelings first? Many people don’t realize no it makes other people feel when someone takes the time out to invite them somewhere and they’re rejected. Even if it’s not a person’s intentions to make anyone feel badly, it still does. Or how many times were you supposed to call somebody back and never did? You’re a busy person with a very busy schedule that’s different. Of course it’s expected for the people in your life to be understanding. However if you have the time, how to put the people in your life first. Doing so makes you feel wonderful and makes them feel wonderful too.

Today, write a letter to someone that means a lot to you don’t email it or text it. Don’t call them on the phone either. Write how you feel, with old fashioned pen and paper. It makes people feel so good to receive something in the mail by surprise. And it makes people feel thought of too. Make a note that as you continue forward not just for today or the week, but the month in the year as well… That you try to send a little something to each person that you love. Mark it on your calendar to send a little card or just a few lines of a hello. The main idea is to stay in touch with the people that you care about the most.

Don’t take them for granted because you may not always have them.