A Guide To Working With A Spiritualist or Psychic…

In light of this site being called “Spiritually Awkward”, I thought one of the most awkwardest situations that I go through, is when I meet disbelievers or even skeptics.  I do not meet many people who are rude to me over the subject often. But I do get some pretty funny reactions.  After thinking about that a moment, it led me to want to write an article on some of those reactions, but it then led me to write this one. I thought, instead of writing about the funny reactions, that I had from those who do not believe, that I would write a guide of sorts, so that others who lack an understanding of psychics and psychic readings, can have some insight as to why they may not have had the best experience with a reader. Thus, their reason for their disbelief. I hope to shed light on how this all works, and give everyone a check list, so that they know a bit more on this topic when going into it.

This article is in defense of all of the other psychics out there, the people who firmly believe in the psychic quantum worlds, and the people who mediate between here and those worlds..Many do not understands Psychics. So, many people try to place their definitions on what is a real psychic, and what is a fake.  I understand the skeptism, I do. If one doesn’t see something too, it is hard to have that realistic feel to it. Most do not place their faith in what they can not see themselves.  That is why the idea of God is fading away too. Many have had their prayers unheard, and they believe in Science because it can be proven. Whatever happened to blind faith? I think that it is not for anyone to say, because there are others worlds, realms, and levels to existence. . No one has ever said this to me. The people who have come to me, I have been blessed by. Why? Because I am not the average psychic. I am deeply spiritual, and in my communications with the higher planes, I have always known that each person that came to me, was sent to me by no coincidence.  Each soul was led to me for a purpose. In some cases, the purpose fulfilled just was simply with  one reading, some will be fulfilled throughout time, or in the future.  However, there are many cases, I have heard others speak against psychics.

I know that there are personal reasons for someone saying such a judgment of psychics. I have been told so many things. I get fan mail all of the time, of new clients describing their former experiences with other psychics. I have read all sorts of ordeals. Here is one of them:

“Dear Alura Cein,
Thank you for all that you are doing for the planet and humanity. I come seeking, because I have been to many psychic readers, and I have not found my answers yet.  I really have an interest in the spiritual and psychic world of mysticism, but my own experiences personally with it, have not been positive. A friend told me of your readings, and I am here to give this one last chance. I hope that you can help me. I am looking for my origins in spirit. One psychic told me that I am a Reptilian, whatever that means, and that I have a purpose of leading a Draconian race here on Earth, towards change. Upon research, I discovered that I do not have any of these so-called Reptilian traits. I also do not have skills or social confidence to be a leader. It did not feel right. Another psychic told me that I was supposed to win 2 million dollars if I bought 100 lottery tickets. I never won anything and spent $200 on all of those tickets for nothing. I also asked one psychic, if I had Aids, just to test her, and she told me yes. She was definitely lying. I only want someone to be honest with me and to stop telling me what they think I want to hear, or a bunch of lies. Can you please help? Sincerely, Ciara

That letter was certainly overwhelming. And it does seem in my professional opinion that this woman had been lied to, once too many times.  Some won’t connect with their origins, but leading a reptilian army as a leader to the entire repilian race, for a very meek 62 year old woman? Yea, that is a bit much LOL.  I did do the reading for her, and she was very happy with it. I did explain to her, to make things run smoothly, to tell me what she wanted to know, as I have alot of appointments, and I try to focus only on one subject at a time. That made the reading run more smoothly.

However, what about others who simply deny readings to disprove psychics in general, because they have a vendetta against them?I have seen alot of people who believe psychics to be evil. My own Aunt who is a natural born psychic, struggled with her gifts for her entire life. She dismissed them. But once, she went to a psychic herself to see what they would say. They were spot on, and she had not told them much at all.  Later on, still having the religious stereotypical opinion, she verbally attacked them publically at a flea market. She called them frauds, and accused them of being evil. It was horrifying. I was there, and remembered how bad it made me feel even as a kid with abilities.  She ended up coming around later on in life, but it really showed how religious fanaticism can really turn people against others, with or without proof.

If you are a psychic yourself who is reading this, do not let disbelief or skepticism bother you. You know what happens in your world, and we are in a jam of not being able to prove it, except through our readings or services. And we are plagued by the lack of insight that is needed within the people who seek out a reader.  However, if you are a person who goes to a Psychic or Spiritualist, or perhaps are thinking of going to one, there are some things that you need to know. It is time to help people understand how this works, through the Rules of Going to a Reader.

Fake Versus Real

Nobody can exclaim that any psychic is actually fake due to not being able to obtain one piece of information, or over lack of a connection that prevents them from getting through. Sometimes, that happens. As a reader, we are reading into the spirit world of interconnected thoughts, and memory. There are many factors as to what could have interrupted the reception. There is the case of heavy karma,  or the person not being as open as they needed but thought that they were. There could also be another psychic energy which is covering a person. When doing readings, you make an energetic tie to your reader, and that lingers if not cleared.

In some cases, spirit does not allow it, due to some important thing that the seeker has to come to realize on their own later. Some times, it can even be caused by pressure from the atmosphere or energies causing interruption around the reader, since they are already a receptacle for all kinds of energy.  In the cases of non-believers or those who were disappointed by a previous reading, perhaps, there is a lack of understanding about psychic powers and how it works, when going for the reading. Or, maybe their Reading wasn’t good? Sure, it happens. However, I have heard many exclaim how a previous reader wasn’t real, for  numerous reasons. The reasons themselves, showed me a lack of understanding in how it all works. I have heard things like:

“The psychic did not pick up on my dead (relative)”.  Another said, “A reader that I went to, told me something would happen, and it didn’t”. Some have told me, “Maybe they were cold reading me”. I also have been told that their previous reader went too fast in relaying the results. “They couldn’t get that info, so fast”. One person had said, that the future predictions over a subject, kept changing over time too. Not only that, but some have even said, that they heard some noise in the background, that made them feel as if there were something wrong with the reader. And thus, dubbed them as a fake, without further explanation.  So to begin, let me explain the above statements, and then go further into this, as we go.

Firstly, a psychic who did not pick up on a deceased relative, does not make them a fake. Using myself as an example to explain, I always pick up on a loss, or grief. However, if we are doing a reading that covers a certain topic, I will not go off into other areas. It is an invasion to go off the requested subject, since it was not asked. Purchasing a certain reading, means they want to know about that one topic. Readings are mainly timed, or it is organized for production for the person to select what they wish to know, so that the reader can go right in there, and move on to the next querrant.  If they wanted to know about their deceased relative, they should have purchased the channeling for it.  Also,  if a deceased relative is lost, or has moved on, there may be a need to call the spirit forth to summon them to reach them first. Without being asked, no reader is going to do that. It takes time, it’s a different method of reading, and if the person requested info on one subject, then we’re not going to do two readings at once.

As for the two comments on predictions changing, and telling them that something would happen, that didn’t, it is important to understand that there are many variables concerning the future. It changes. It is never set in stone. Truly. Nearer future situations? Those are easier to reveal. Psychics when asked about the future should tell you as I do, that it is subject to change based on choices or sudden decisions that alter the course. However, we give what the most likely prediction is for that time. Many who come for future advice, are not specific on a range of time into the future in which they seek. So, for many psychics, they go into general future.  

Next, if a reader goes too fast or too slow in giving results, that should not determine if they are real or not. Some flow easy. Some flow slowly. There are many factors to the pace of the release of the insight. Every reader is different. Some connect easily, some need some time.

Cold reading is another subject. When I first heard the term, I did not know what it was. I had to look it up to be honest. From what I understand, some think because a psychic is looking at the physical appearance, or a photo, that they are cold reading someone. I am sure that some psychic readers actually do that.  But for myself, I never read the “appearance”.  Online, I ask for a photo, because I have to read one person after the other, and due to the volume of requests, it saves time to have a visual in order to focus on the person. You do have to have some way to connect with their energy after all. But to read based on what you think the person is like due to their looks is foolish. Looks can be deceiving, and to be honest, someone who looks happy enough, could really be suffering.  Having the photo helps me to focus, that is all. Otherwise, I am sitting back and channeling into a huge network of consciousness, such as spirits, and many other people’s energies in the atmosphere of the world, to find this one person’s energy.  The photo, a real one, helps me to visualize, to feel like the person is here with me, and then to use that, to lead to other visions of the person and their life. To stream their emotions or situation.  How can anyone really cold read anyone anyhow? What if the book does not match its cover? Like I said, a smiling person, could be depressed, and it takes a real psychic to see through the appearance.  You have to have some kind of ability to do that.

 Last but not least of the statements, was “there was noise in the background”. How can that mean anything about the person reading you, themself? Many psychics work in networks, there will be chatter in the background. Some, work from home.  Working from home, does not measure the psychics skills. It may be more comfortable for them, if they are sensitive to energy, to be around family in their own environment. Safe from harmful energy. In that, of course there may be a bit of noise.  Let me continue more below..

But, real quick though, there was a woman called, The Long Island Medium. I tell you, this woman does have medium abilities. However, the television network made her exaggerate. She was scripted on TV, and most of the televised readings were set up. I assure you. But, before she got “Hollywoodized” as I call it,  she was a natural medium. Once, she was being tested on stage later on in her career, and failed. Why? Well, too many people in an audience, equals too much energy shifting and blending. Imagine hundreds of people, and their hundreds of of thoughts individually. Of course she would confuse it. Anyone would, unless… they are being fed answers by a producer, which most televised psychics are. I would never do a reading in a group of more than 5 people in a room. I will also come back to this later…

Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Getting a Reading

  1. Be open for the reader

Did you know, people can turn thoughts and feelings off and on? Yes. they do it, and sometimes without knowing it. Being new to readings, they may be afraid secrets will come out, and clam up. Being open and ready, you are surrendering to letting us read you. This allows us to get in there easily, and find answers. I had closed up clients, and I saw things, but I did not know which subject to speak on because they were so held back, that I refunded them. We need energy, to read energy. Be open.

2. Give A Topic For Your Reading, Not Details 

You will want to ask your reader specifically, what you wish to know. No other details should be given specifically, and do not implicate anything. It helps us to at least know where to go with your reading. Some will say “You should know what I want, if you are so psychic”. That is a skeptic. If you are skeptic, then come back when you are fully ready. Otherwise, your energy will express doubts, and make the reader uneasy. That is a cause for a terrible reading. We do get an idea of what a person is seeking, but psychic readings are going into a private place afterall. Places that family does not even get to see.There are many levels to a soul, and many chambers to the heart.   The stronger the energy is on a topic, the more likely we will go off into that subject.  You want to at least lay down the boundaries by setting your subject. That lets us know specifically what you seek, and to stay away from other areas of life. Plus, for sessions, it is like any other session at a doctor, or at a therapist. It is timed. So having one subject, instead of  approaching a subjectless reading will help instead of us having to vibe several. It helps us to get all of your answers in the allotted time. Just a real simple “I want to know about a relationship (divorce, marriage, infidelity)”, “Will I find someone?”, or “I seek to know about my career, will I find a job?”. Nothing else.  If you are so skeptical that is… See the next rule below.

3.Build A Relationship

For the skeptics, number 2 above will help, both you, and your reader. That will show you, based on a very generic request, that your reader went deep into your subject or not. If you had a general reading, then forget it. General readings for anyone, are always very simplified regardless. It covers general answers. It is the safest  reading for a person seeking. But if you are intending the reader to go  deep into life or the subject itself, a deeper reading on a subject, will tell you more. It should really speak to you of your situation in several aspects of it. However, for those of you who truly believe, and have no doubts, those of you who want the best advice that a reader can offer, build a relationship. You do not have to be personal. My clients, I have had for years. And many of them love me. I have become a best friend. Does this ruin the quality of the relationship as a reader? No. If you do not get overly personal in your life’s details, it can be rewarding. Express concerns. Tell your reader what you are seeking. But, let your reader tell you also, what is going on.

An example of what I mean is, I have a client who comes for love readings, who tells me about subjects that she will not get readings on, as conversation. She will  speak to me on her job, and on family life a tiny bit, but she never tells me about her love life. She never mentions it. I do. I  tell her about her love life.. Having conversation, makes the energy stronger between us. She knows that she is only ever going to come for love. How can I know that she met a new guy who is controlling, by her only telling me that she likes her job in computer programming? I couldn’t.  I mention information about her requested topic, after we chat about others. So it does not hurt to have a friendship. The more you get familiar on other terms, helps your reader to accurately read you on others. Talk about other subjects, but not the reading subject. General friendly conversation can help your reader to “feel” into you. That makes for even a better reading. It is not harmful or scandelous. You have to have a feeling of the person you are reading. That is the bottom line. If someone says that that is a scam, then what the heck is their definition of a psuychicreading then? 

4. Do not have expectations, and Be Ready For Truth

Like I said, having a reader, is giving someone access into places you do not let your own family into. A good reader will see places that are hidden. For example, my one client presented herself to me as a perfectly happy person, really spiritual, and living her life in perfect moral. I did not see that it was true. I saw many things that she did, that hurt others every day. I could not say it. For you readers, never play along. It’s wrong. If you feel the person is not ready to hear the truth, leave it for another time. It may make the person wonder why you do not see those things, but I myself drop hints. I say “There is something I see, that you don’t, but I feel you are not ready”.  Or I will say, “I see other parts about you, that you try not to show to me”. It gives them hints that they are not fooling anyone, and that I can see deeper, but it is not place to say certain things to upset them until they give consent to. To do so, would be an abuse of gifts and invasion of privacy.. And, it also makes them  do a self evaluation. Then it later inspires them to be ready to face it. She then later on said, “let’s do a reading on those things you saw in me”… We did, and she said that she could see why I did not want to mention them at first, but that she was happy that I at least made her aware, so that she could decide whether she wanted to know what they were or not. 

As a reader, you can not force anything on anyone. Just leave it for another time. But for you as a seeker, do not expect certain answers that you think are true or want to be true either. If the answers were that obvious, then you would not need a reader would you? Seeking a reader, means that you  feel deep down, something else is there. But perhaps you want it to be not true, or to hear what you surfacely think. An example is, my soul readings. People seeking their soul, read a bunch of soul traits and types online, and find a soul that they think sounds like them. Until the reading, they are classifying themselves. They get attached to the idea. Then, they come to see if it is confirmed. Most accept my results. But there were young people caught up in the New Age movement, who wanted to be this, or to be that. I told them the truth, and they got upset. They came back later on and accepted it though. But at first, it wasn’t what they wanted to hear. Have no expectations. If you are expecting certain details, and others come through, you are setting yourself up to be disappointed. Being ready to hear your truth, is what will initially help you. I always tell my clients, “I am here to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear”. A true loving reader would never judge you, so no worries.  Accept the results.  Be ready to hear anything. The reading could focus on something else important in the eyes of spirit, at the time. Do not be upset. Accept it, and come back another time for the topic you requested, if that happens.

5. Do Not Tell Your Reader, What Another Reader Said

For you psychics, never go along with an idea, only because another psychic told the person something. And for you seekers, honestly…we do not care what you heard elsewhere.  Unless, you have true concerns.. If you really believed what  that other psychic said, then why did you go to another, for the same question? For extra confirmation? No, that can make it confusing. Some,  and I stress some as no matter what belief they come from, there are good and bad readers out there,  but some do not really know what they are doing in regards to soul readings especially. I mean, many of them do not even know the creation codes of other realms, nor do they know that there are other realms at all. I have many say, in the spirit realm, and when asking which, they just say “The 4th Dimension”. Well, where in the 4th dimension? LOL. Many did not know  the way that those places truly looked, the languages there, how to translate them, or that souls can not be classified by one set of traits. If they were a channeler to a higher up realm as Pleiades, they would have known those things.

I met many who got told the trendy titles for their soul, based on trends. Pleiades was one of them. Yes, some souls come from Pleiades, but not nearly all of the 500,000 people who say they are from there, now a days.. If that were the case, many of them would be banning together to fix the planet, from their origin of pure love, instead of sitting on a computer competing with who the biggest baddest Star seed is. Pleiadians are souls who try to save others. That is done in many fields, jobs, and ways. Instead, many try to be a reader. I was born into this, thank you. I did not get involved in 2012, like everyone else did, when it became hot. New Age goes along with trends. You can not be certain your results are true. Many seem to be told the same things. Anyhow, no psychic wants to hear what another reader told you. Plus it influences them. They may be real, but be afraid to lose you as a client, and they could go along with it.  Or, they will deliberately dismiss them as wrong, to get you on board. New Age is a tricky area to work as a psychic, or to get a reading in. I

If I agree, I will tell specifically why, as well as if I disagree. But I always encourage my clients to tell me nothing of their other readings, and I will not be rude enough to put their past psychic down. Rude put downs, are a tell tale sign they are competing for your clientship.  I say, do whatever makes you comfortable, if you want to explore with others do so, just be careful and trust what you wish to believe. It is is your soul remember. Only truth should be given.  If you have concerns, bring your results in the form of questions, without implicating your former reader.  Or, just ask, but if your reader is ignorant about the other person and not understanding, then that is a red flag. 

6. Do not see more than one at a time

It can be so confusing to you as a seeker, to go to more than one reader. Truly. One could be honest, and the other false, and you will get confused. Then, what if you choose to believe the false reader, and you get taken for your time and money? That would stink. It is a shame. I have values, and my own moral code of ethics for being a reader. But unfortunately, not all of them do. Some are just out for your money.  Find one that you trust. See only them. If you want to explore others later on, do so. But stick with one for a bit so that you do not confuse yourself with conflicting opinions. I am sure many will have them. If two said the same thing to you on a topic, without knowing of the others predictions, then that is confirmation enough. Do not over do it.

7. Do Not Rush Your Reader

Spirit is a sacred subject my friends. Some see it as entertainment. I can see how it may be fun or addicting, but it is still a sacred art. In ancient times, psychics were called “Representatives of the Gods” and we are. How else do we get our info? To get a good reading, you can not rush the psychic. Nor the spirits… As a psychic, I know information comes in divine timing. What I see today, I may see more of tomorrow. I have many times, done a reading for my clients, and wished I had not ended it yet, because another revelation came in later. Online, it is the same. You may only see yourself in the psychic’s life, and think they have no one else.  I had a client who told me “Where’s my reading?  Do my reading. You do not seem busy”. I seriously cried. I have hundreds of readings to do in the week, either in person or online, plus a family, and numerous other projects, as well as healings and counseling sessions. That was unfair.

I also have fan mail, questions that are sent in after the readings, phone consultations, and more. It is hectic. Also, I can’t just sit down and start reading. I  have to be in a certain mood and state of mind. If I spent the last hour answering fan mail, or teaching a class, then I will not feel very “light”. And I have to feel airy and light to be open to your spirit. I am always channeling, and I am always psychically open, but I may not be open to you in particular at the moment. Be patient. Spirit too, is not your magical genie. They do not come when summoned always. And, they are not your spirit guides to grant your every hope and desire. You do not tell them what to do, they are there to guide you. In person, I relax with the person, small unrelated conversation to open them up, and then go into the reading. I give them what comes up as a starter, usually details on their emotional state over the subject, and then I take my time in perceiving what I get, how to say it to them, and time to ask questions. Online, it is different. You are not next to me. So I talk as if you are, explain the reading and how it works, and then as I feel more open to you, I will begin the same way, starter details, and into the subject and it’s results. If spirit is not cooperative due to many reasons, or something is blocking my sight like karma, then I will tell the person, and they can come back another time, or wait a bit longer till it is more clear.

If a service is needed to help it, I will have my assistant suggest it before I close out the case, in case they want me to go back in after it is cleared out of the way. Karma, Ancestral or Generational Spirits, an intense subject other than the desired topic, or another’s psychic energy covering the person, can all affect the reading… That brings me to the next subject.. More help.

8. Be prepared to apply more assistance, if it is needed

If you have an honest reader, and they suggest something else is needed, listen to them. If you want a good life, or clear path, then what they are suggesting will be a good option to move on. Karma is a good example. If someone is covered in karma, it is hard to get past it, as it may block growth into the future. I will suggest it be cleared, and then try again if it is a reading on a future event.  If it is a reading on your present day, and you are struggling, I will also suggest it to help you out now and into the future. But other things come up. We make a connection in a reading. Or better yet,  connect to you. If your chakras  or energies are low or unbalanced, I may tell you and leave it up to you to do what you wish. However, one thing that is important is, if another reading is needed, get it. We are on a time schedule here, and if you need another reading to cover it all, then go for it. I always say when it comes to magical spell services, you may need  to clear out blockages, or amplify the intensity of the spell, if it is not working immediately. Also, there may be other things that need influencing. If you got a basic spell, and it did not work, go easy on your caster. They may need to work on it, and time and power are valuable.. The point is, take suggestions. I know many are out to make more money off of you, but some are genuinely trying to help, like myself, and it would be in your best interest to be prepared to apply more assistance if suggested. We would know, we’re seeing the situation and its energy after all. 

9. Do not Ask Things Like:

Please never go to a reader and tell them to “tell me something only I would know”, or If you are so psychic, tell me what I ate for breakfast yesterday”. That is rude, and honestly, I will refund you.  I feel, I do not have to prove myself to you. Although, I try to, because I want everyone to be comfortable.. I am here to help you instead though.. You can not put a psychic on the spot, and expect us to get it right. Do not expect to tolerate it either. It is mocking our gifts. I will tell you something personal about yourself as it comes up in the reading, not as a first question. I have to get into my groove first, and being like that may take me right out of my groove.   Usage of these gifts are for important things. That is why we were given them. Like I said, I am not here to prove myself. I could care less who believes in me. I am humbled and honored by those who do. That’s all. If I have to try to convince you, then you obviously do not believe in me from the start. And that is a bad start. I only care about those who really place trust in me, and those who are serous about this enough, to let me do my thing. I deserve respect not only as a psychic, but as a human being.Even if a person does not believe in me, they should still be human to me. Respect me as a person, unless I harmed you. And no one will ever be able to say that about me, as I love too much. But, I care about the opinion of the Creator only, and the people he has sent to me, to help. And by the way that they treat me, I will know who they are.  Also, please do not ask your reader to tell you what you are thinking. or what color is on your mind. Nothing like that. Like I said, I respect my gifts and I am sure other readers do too. Let us do this how we need to. This goes into the next rule.

10. Do not control the situation

As a reader, I am sensitive to energy. I do not want to be distracted, nor do other readers. You have to respect how your reader reads. All of us, have our own way. Being psychic is not something you can really train to fully become. A person can enhance gifts that they already have, not develop new ones. It is true. Like for example,  someone that I sense has a bit of empathy, I can train to be fully empathic. But a person who is not empathic, I can not train, as they would not have even a slight inclination of what to start to look for. How can one describe something spiritual, unknown to that person unless they know a tiny bit of what it is or how it feels? New Age says everyone can be super psychic and awakened. I think they see themselves as mini Gods, here to open the mind and reach a higher dimension in order to have those powers. They do not realize that not everyone can. Those who rule this reality, have it so controlled, that it is extremely hard to make it beyond this plane;s understanding. Living in the same routine, and lifestyle each day proves that they have not reached what they claim, and that it is harder than they make it seem.  Those leading in the higher planes know what psychic power and higher wisdom can do to a human, as they have seen it time and time again over the history here.  It gets used for self advancement, and it becomes corrupt.

So, if they who made this reality, see that a person has the potential to turn out like that, do you truly believe that they will not intervene and deliberately prevent  development? Of course! They will protect the other planes with all that they are, from people who wish to use it for their own gain in the 3D.  An example of this is in the Bible at Thessalonians 2:11, “and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie, in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness”. This shows, that the heavens will not help someone gain insight, power, or wisdom, if they have bad intentions, or disbelief.

But I do agree, that every human has intuition, and with a bit of that, it can become something powerful if trained. If you can not see, you will never see. The visions may come slight as everyone has a bit of a mind’s eye, but they may never have full blown visions. You cannot do a reading on a semi vision.  A psychic who has multiple gifts, is called a Master psychic, and as one, they will be ultra sensitive. Let them do things how it makes them comfortable. You are seeking them out for help anyhow right? More than likely, a psychic will not approach you. We  dread the negativity of disbelievers, so we wait for people to seek us out. Everyone will have their own gift, and method of using it. If your reader says they need to do it somewhere specific, go. If they need music or an assistant, allow it. Do they need a few minutes to warm up somehow? Some readers do.

Make them feel at home with you. Whether by your friendly demeanor online, or in your home in person. Don’t rush right into it. And once you are given your results, follow protocol. Some readers give you the opportunity to ask an ending question or two about the reading. Some do not.  If they are done, they’re done. Some may say, “But I paid, and I want more answers”. But this is a sign of disrespect. Your reader should respect you enough, to let you ask an ending question. However, this somehow always leads into another reading, trust me.  I tell my clients if that is the case, and they can choose to come back. But, if it is an easy question or two pertaining to the reading we just did, then I respect my seeker’s feelings, and answer. But, we need respect too. if we are done, then we are done. With no offense meant, we do not have to have additional questions. The reading should provide enough insight. An additional reading will give more. Your reader may need to rest after the first though. Schedule a new session, instead of pushing your reader. Our gifts are sacred. Without us, you would never know the things that you seek ahead of time, or not at all.

11.  Respect Your Reader’s Abilities and Know Them

Like I stated, all readers have a gift, some many. Regardless, understand how the gift works before you obtain a reading.  Understanding how their gift works, will help you understand your reading. Those who do not understand,will end up dismissing.  I try to talk about mine in the beginning of the readings, with new clients. Sometimes, I even repeat to my regulars or occasionals. It is a pre-result consultation. My gifts are many, and they all work at different times, some stronger than others at other times. And, sometimes, only one at a time, if I am drained. Mainly, I use them all within the reading at certain points for more angles to the wisdom. Discover  your readers gifts.

12.  Types, To Know Of Your Reader

So, not only is there a certain gift and method, to your reader. but, there are what I call “types” to the reader and readings. What kind are you looking for? What type of personality does your reader have? What is their moral type? What type of spiritual or religious belief do they do by? Which are you looking for? A loving, kind, gentle, but direct  reader, who befriends their clients? Or, a strictly to the point, down to earth, worldly type, who gives you the reading, and forgets all about you? There are readers who curse during the session, and speak in modern day slang. Some, are very stern. Some are more showy, role playing, or portraying a certain type of personality for their career.  Then religion has a huge role in it too. There are psychics out there with all sorts of beliefs.  Wiccan, New Age, Hindu, (Rare) Islamic, Theosophical, And even some Christian. Plus, many others. Some readers live their life for wealth and riches, smoking, drinking, and other things. Some choose to remain pure, for their gift and art. I myself, am very different from all others I feel. I am extremely moral. I am a vegetarian, do not smoke, do not drink (maybe one with a meal occasionally), I am celibate, and I live my life very recluse with only those I have soul connections with. I am also non-religious, but extremely spiritual. There is a difference.

Reading types are also important. Are you in search of a reading that gives you the emotional aspect for answers? Mental/logical? Spiritual Only? All? And what type of outlet do you want the answers to come from? Cards? Angels? Spirit Guides? The Psychic’s own gifts? Or, perhaps you want the results from your own divine part of self (higherself). Some even ask the deepest depths of their subconscious.   Some look for answers beyond the grave. Or, paranormal answers from something bothering them as far as an entity. 

Find out what type of reader you have. What is their gift or gifts? How do they present the info? What is their personality, belief, and morality?  What type of reading is it, and what source is the reader using to obtain your answers?  What path do they see? Past, present, or future? All? Some only read the past you know? Some see them all at one time, as if there is no time at all, like myself..  What qualifications, interests, skills, and other skills besides spiritual ones, does your reader have? It will tell you alot about them.  What type of reputation do they have? Also, are you looking to be guided, and advised, or just told an answer directly? This is your check list for your next reading.

I will describe mine at the end.

13. Do not judge the surroundings of your reader

In the above paragraph, I stated, we need to do this how we feel comfortable.  I say, having a private and quiet space, with some nice peaceful music, is a good way to do a reading. At the the reader’s home or yours.  The reader should have a routine that they do before each and every reading to ensure your safety though. But yes, some like to work in their homes. I had a nice house that I rented, near my own residence. It was comfy and cozy, and had lots of space for many spiritual sessions and activities. However, recently I wanted to downgrade. I wanted a new home, that had a private section for my spiritual business. I had to downgrade, in order to combine in an upgrade, so to speak. So, I moved the operations into my residence to save up.  I am moving into my new space soon. I did work at home for a few months though, and it was not easy. Of course, being a mom, there was a bit of noise. I always gave my clients a heads up though. I did have a lawn mower that my neighbor started up while working outside once. It was horrible. I could not stop, because I already was deep  into  the visions.

If I had stopped, I would have start again, and in this something else could appear instead, or I could get drained by having to start over. We need energy to generate, to channel higher planes of consciousness. Any plane actually. Having to generate, and then redo it moments after again, can be tiring. The only things that you should judge your reader’s surroundings from, are if there is utter chaos, extremely loud noises that could be helped. Like a loud radio that is playing fast music or rock, hip hip, basically anything but peaceful meditation music. That is being rude to you. You paid for the reading, and while your reader will need to do things how they feel best, they should always respect your needs. A reading should be peaceful. Even if a reader is amped up on energy, which sometimes occurs if channeling higher planes, a higher ranking spiritual being, or channeling alot in general. Yes, it can reverse effects too.

Either too much can drain, or too much psychic work can overly work the reader up. It happens to me all of the time..  Judge for yourself also, if they do not look presentable in their appearance. And, I do not mean if they are not good looking. All people are beautiful in the eyes of the Creator. I mean, if they look unkempt. If they do not care about themselves, then they do not care about others. Face to face sessions, your reader should looked hygienic and groomed.

13. Do Not Oversdo Group Sessions

Back to Theresa Caputo. While I am disappointed in her, in the fact that she allowed Reality TV take over and control her gifts, and then to go as far as to make her script them, I do have to stick up for her, on the Live Audience situation.  As Psychics we are channeling the consciousness, it’s layers, memories, thoughts, emotions, guides, guardians, secrets, fears, motives, love, health, family, past, present, and future. It is overwhelming for us enough. Having a group reading, it usually turns out that one person will be the focus out of the group. None the less, we’re looking at all of things double, thrice, or sometimes  even more times over, in a group session. You need a good amount of time for a group. I give around 2-3 hours for a group reading,no less. This gives me time to slowly discern whose energies are whose, and to address each person,and their questions. I would not go over the 5 people limit in a group reading if you want a reading for you and your friends that has clarity. A huge audience, I pity the psychic who is thrown into that situation! Too many people, equals too much energy, mind chatter that hits the psychic mind, and most people will be demanding in a huge audience, unless it is an audience of those who love their reader, and respect them. Those willing, to let the reader have their space, and take their time. In that case, it is still overwhelming, but better. I like small groups though. 

14. Do not dismiss readings or answers that do not make sense.

I heard that someone had told a seeker, that if a reader exclaims that if a reader tells them that if something did not make sense now, and it would later, that they are lying. I strongly disagree. As psychics, no matter which gift  we have or use mainly, we are reading into alot of elements. One thing that goes against us, is that sometimes we do always have a vision that clarifies if it is the recent past, or the future, that we are seeing at that time. If the person looks similar as they do now, int he visions, than we can not be sure if it is now or later, that the prediction is set to occur. I wish we came with a built in calendar or clock. Trust me!  Even I myself, see the past, present, and future as if it were all one, and that is because I am awakened, and realize that this is a reality made out of consciousness, and it is an illusion. So is the concept of time. To spirit, time does not exist. They are not bound to the laws of physical growth and death as a spirit, so they do not have to count their days of life. They live in one state depending on the realm or their consciousness. So one can gain the answers, and the wisdom, but how can they be blamed for not knowing exactly when, if it was not shown to them? We obtain what spirit and our gifts allow us to, at that time.

You do not want to dismiss any reading that does not make sense at that time.  For me, I see the past, present, and future blend all at once, because of the type of soul I have, and my own vibration of consciousness. It is above this world’s illusion of time. All things are parallel. Spirits are the same in lack of time, while some in 4D do see more into your time although having none of their own. In my readings, I speak in present tense, but I or spirit, could be referring to something that already happened or is about to in the future. If you look similar in the visions as you do now, and spirit does not indicate specifically to me when in the timeline of your life something is happening that I am seeing, then I will not be able to tell you.

It is up to you, to not just look on the surface, all of the time. Take the reading seriously anyway, and after look at your life. You can put some insight in too you know? Did what was said happen already? If not, then it will be a future situation.  Many who have worked with me, had this take place. But months later, they reviewed their readings again. I give a live recording to my face to face clients, and a recorded video or audio to my online ones. After listening later, they saw many things that I revealed, had come to pass after all, only later on, when they thought I was speaking of that present time. They caught on to how I did things, and knew to review their readings again in the future. What does not make sense now, maybe is not meant to. Maybe the answers you seek, your guides or mind, are not ready yet to take in, so it sounds a bit off. But when the time comes, or when it is right, it will be crystal clear.

15. Do not give up, if they do not have the connection right away

Like I said, not everyone one of our visions will depict an image of when something is set to happen. It all depends on what ability it is, that we are using at the time. For readers with only one, ask yourself, “Does that gift work with what I am seeking”? Sometimes, the reader does not even place awareness of the extent of their gift. They may have good intentions of trying to help. But, to be an honest reader, they should try to understand how far their gift can go. They should discover what type of insight it can be used for. Each gift has a great amount of insight, but if the person is inexperienced as a reader, then it may only go so far, or even for a reader long int he business, they still may have never fully developed it. It is true. Some were born into the business, or some discovered it one day. For the born-psychic readers, it is usually tradition, that if born into it, that they join in the family business, and think nothing else of it, except to use it. I have also known some who believe in allowing their  descendants to do readings, and to grow into their gift naturally. For the cases of people who realized the were a bit psychic, they will usually jump into things too at times, or they go to another psychic to confirm that they are coming into their power. Some will eventually take a development class to expand it more.  I know when my daughter came into her gift, I did not take to her anyone to confirm, as I did that myself. I would not had even if I had not had the gifts myself either. My grandmother was a psychic, and she did not do that. She waited for one, out of her grand daughters to realize it. It being me, out her four grand kids who had it, she talked to me about it, but she never interfered. She saw it had been there all along,but when I was ready to come out of the closet so to speak, she  thought it best to let me handle it. I know that she did not believe in training, as another psychic’s training would influence my unique gifts.  I agree with her on that. A trainer, will teach a psychic student how to use their gift, in how they  have used theirs, and I feel that this takes away from authenticity.

There are so many things that can block tapping into spirit. It could be the angle that their gift perceives.  It could be that their gift/gifts, can only reach a certain extent into the information. Karma, can also act as a cloak, revealing to the reader that there is a huge amount of it.  Curses, generational spirits, voodoo, and heavy disbelief, can all prevent us from going further. The will of the subconscious protecting itself, may not allow them self to be read, without even realizing they are doing that. There may be guilt or shame, that they do not want anyone to find. Guardians, and in some cases, spirit guides, can also block us, if they felt that having any insight or answer on a topic would somehow alter the person’s path. I myself, in my abilities, can get beyond those elements. However, I still like to respect the person or the will and advice of their guides, and not invade their sacred space, if there is an indication not to. I never want to take advantage of my abilities.  I am simply one who has the power to override those limitations, but choose to not abuse it. I love people, and put myself in their shoes. I would not want anyone digging around in places I do not want anyone to see. In some cases I have done it though, but only  upon the pleading of the seeker that they really need to know, and as long as it benefits them in some profound way.

Also, if something is not visible right then and there, there are other reasons for it. So do not give up on your reader. Perhaps there wasn’t enough time to dig deeper, and the session needed to end.  You could have caught them on a day where they were a bit dazed. When doing too many readings, a psychic can go into a state that I call “dazed”. This is where we get stuck in haze, and lost in the stares, due to there being too much psychic energy. That would force them to take a small break, and if on one, you could probably ask simple questions,  but not anything too deep at that moment. In some instances, the spirit guides may have a certain time, date, or way, that they wanted the message to be revealed, due to the person’s frequency of their consciousness. Some wavelengths, with the right environment, on the right energetic day, and after something specific has come to pass in their life. This is your life. Anything that happens in it, will effect you in a big way, and your guides may want to be sure that all of the elements are in the right place before a truth is revealed. The point is, do not dismiss your reader. Be patient with the spiritual world, and follow the advising of your adviser. If he/she tells you it is not time and they see a block of some sort over a person, or answer that you were seeking, then ask when it may be possible, and come back then.  Perhaps, your reader is kind and will allow the question to be proposed again later without an additional charge, since you already began to cover it and it could not be revealed.

Many oracles of the past went through the same thing. However, they still revered and taken seriously, as their people saw many times, the truth uncovered, in other instances. I once heard a seer say, “It is not the will of the Gods to disclose this to you”, to one of the seekers who came to discover about their near future.  I agree, it is up to the will of the spirits who preside in the higher planes, what is revealed and what takes place in the lower. I use alot of parables in my readings, and even some riddles, this way, if the person figures it out, then so be it. If not, then it was not time.

16. Respect your readers boundaries, Personal Privacy, and Privacy Policies

Keep your readings, information in sessions also private. Your relationship with your reader is sacred, as it is sacred with spirit too. I say, it is not everyone who gets the chance to hear from spirit, and find life changing or life saving answers. It is for you only. Otherwise, a group reading would have been done. Share with family, personal friends that you know in person. But not with anyone online, or who you do not know well. Be sure to ask your reader too. I know my methods, and way of revealing things, what I reveal, and my emotions during it, are  protected by copyright and trademark, as well as confidentiality. It is personal to me what I am doing, due to my love and connection to spirit, and it is personal what you are hearing in regards to yours… Keep it that way.

17. Never ever give false information in your readings, And Do Not Give Too Much True Personal Info

It is one thing to be a skeptic, but to try to deliberately trick someone too? That is a diabolical thing to do to someone, who is only out to help you. It is a little harder to fool someone in person, as the reader will feel off vibes from the beginning with you there. A fake name to protect your identity is okay, as long as you provide the proper picture, for the reader to at least have that, in order to pick up on your aura.. Even though, complete honesty, goes a long way. A true first name, is all you need to give. If you are having an astrological, or numerology reading, then your date of birth with the time, and location of your birth, is needed. But if you are getting a channeling, or tarot, even a past life reading, then your date of birth has nothing to do with that. It is not needed. Your last name is also not needed. The reader is not reading your family lineage are they? No. They are reading you, the individual. Even in family readings, you do not need the last name. First names are good enough. A photo as I stated, may be asked, to make it easier for the reader to visualize in order to get to your energy for the reading. I prefer them due to the high volume of requests, it makes my sight work faster, and to the point.

However, also not mandatory. (I say they are, to get people to cooperate). But no, a sentence of what you seek, and your first name is sufficient. If asked for a photo, that means there is too much energy around, that the reader can not get beyond, and they need a focal. However, your last name? No. Never give it. If your reader has it, no worries. No biggie. But it is not needed for a reading. Maybe for payments etc. But if someone needs it for the actual reading, they are lying. Do not give false information either. It is a waste of time. For you, and for the reader. Why would someone really do that anyway? Bored? A skeptic? If you are that skeptical, that you have to make up a false identity with a fake picture and name, and then to project a fake personality to throw someone off, I say that is not only a skeptic. That is someone who wants to hurt the reader. They are deliberately playing games to throw them off, so that they have the satisfaction of saying, “They were so wrong, they did not even know who the real person was”. That is someone who really needs to find something to do with their life, and they should not be interested in the psychic world, if they are such a disbeliever that they have to do something like that. Some psychics in the industry do this, to try to sabotage another reader. I saw it before with someone. A reader, especially online, is trusting you enough to go into your energy. You as a person could have negative energy, evil spirits, generational spirits, negative emotions, or thoughts, a dark history, karma, curses, etc, that can harm the reader as a sensitive to the spiritual world as we are. But we are opening ourselves up to you,  taking a chance to help you, at least be real.

Not only this but online, it is different. You are not face to face, and readers are going by the energy that you present. The persona that you project. So for instance, let’s say you are Jaime, a 21 year old male, who is out of work, and living with parents,  but you one day decided to go to a reader, give them a fake picture of a girl, say your name is Amy, and then in the form tell the reader that you are a 30 year old single mom, who works as a nurse. In the thought energy that was generated to project that, it creates the energy itself. What do think is going to happen? If you know anything on the power of thought, or the quantum world, thoughts manifest intent. So in this ,the reader, even some of the best, may read the personality that you gave.

What I used to do is this, I would feel already if it is not the real identity, and since there is a reason that the person had done this, I did not not say “Hey you are fake”. Instead, I shot right beyond the fake energy, to the real energy, and I based my results on what I picked up in that. I then would say, “I am basing this reading not on your name or picture, but on the energy that I picking up on your directly instead”.  Only if I felt there was any falsehood. A false name, a fake picture, or false situation. Sometimes too, to mess with them, I used to do the readings anyway and then say at the end, “Hey, this was based on the persona that you gave me”. That was back in the day, when I first started online readings. I did not have a team. I had an occasional accountant or receptionist, but no one full time. Now, it is a bit trickier. I have my daughter working in the orders, and email department full time. She reads the requests, and schedules them. Afterwards, she confirms the session. So, she is the one who comes to me and says “Hey mom you have so and so, and they are (eg: gender), looking for a message from their guides about money because their house burned in a fire and they are struggling”.  She puts it in a file for me. In her energy and explanation of the case, I feel her sincerity in wanting to help and how she believes the person.

Once I start the reading though, I will immediately feel something is not right.  I get saddened, because I cherish people so much, and can not understand why someone would pay money simply to deceive me. They must hate me.I respect people’s privacy so much, that I did not even entrust a stranger to take their information, I got my innocent and caring daughter to help. Its more personal to know a mother and daughter who become potential friends, than to go through an automated system, or a network agency. So, I am not going to play those games. If I feel it is unreal and , then I will send in a refund, and not do it at all. If you want a reading, be yourself. If you want your reading to turn out with another reader that you go to, do not make it have the potential of being a false positive result, by making up who you want them to “see”. That is called “cloaking”. You are cloaking your identity, and masking it with a false one. It is not right! And although I pick up on it, I say that in defense for other readers out there, they may not, even if a true psychic. 

18. Do Not Ask For Specific Dates or Names, Out of Readings

In truth, it is possible to give a date or name. But it is hard. In psychic visions, we do not have the privilege of there being a calendar of that specific date of the time, to show up. It happens, and I have done it in past life readings. but imagine all of the time it took me to scan for a date to pop up, or a vision of a document, to give me a name. In all of the memories within you and your past lives, there may not be an indication of the date available to appear right away.  We are on a schedule here. This is why I do Akasha Readings, and take my time with them. However long it takes for me to channel and get extreme detail. is how long it takes, no rush, no exceptions. I focus on the main events. if there’s a name or date, then I give it. If it does not show up predominantly, then I will assess the landscape, fashion and period, to see if I can estimate the time period. In future readings, I am going by your over all appearance. How you look at the time, to find when it may occur. but with the future, again, it is never set in stone, except very close in the near future. Things without a doubt, that will not be altered or changed in the meantime, by choices, other people, events that interfere or decisions, that can all happen to change the outcome.  Names will be the same. I can use clairaudience to try to obtain a name, or a vision to see if it is recorded somewhere. But most of all, it is all in appearances of the person, you, the area, atmosphere, fashion, and what is taking place, that we need to be more concerned about.  If names and dates are revealed, then they will be given. It is always my greatest joy to be able to specify an accurate name and date.

In regards to spirits, they say, a fake psychic will say something like, “A person with a letter “L” name is wanting to contact you. That was obviously not a true psychic who wrote that. Because, spirits if not using clairaudience to communicate, will use images instead. Sometimes, an image will be a letter of their name or yours,  a person, a random object that had meaning to them, or  other symbols that only your reader will be able to interpret. They do communicate in that way. Even in channeling too, when a reader is streaming in the message, it comes in emotions, images, and thoughts. Those thoughts are more vivid images.  Most spirits in the veil beyond, do not have a whole lot of energy to communicate. Imagine a deceased Catholic relative. Do you sincerely think that they will have the knowing of how to use their spirit body to communicate in this world easily? Just like you can not see there, they can not see here. No. Not unless they were psychic themselves. They are in a whole other place, with its own scenery and moving on, whether there, or into the light. For you to communicate and for them to communicate back, you need a medium. In this, images,  emotions, and memories, as well as some objects will come through. It is uncontrolled. So some will say, “Tell me a memory only we knew of”. It is possible, but only if the spirit knows how to project to your consciousness. Some of them do not realize they are gone, and it is upsetting to them to try, and not yet know how. In past lives, they come into life forgetting all of that. It is like they have died again for the first time. It is a learning process for some of them. be easy. Let them guide the session in the way that they know how to. For the most part, names, emotions, memories, and their state at the time of death, and at that moment of the reading, will come through for a willing spirit and your reader. Keep in mind, sometimes no one comes through. And for spirits in limbo or purgatory they are stuck,lost. it is hard to pull them out of that, and more work is needed. Karma clearing, more time to “wake” them up. Etc.. Don’t dismiss your reader.

19.  Do Psychics go to other psychics?

It is true, as psychics ourselves, we are reading everyone else, the spirit worlds, people, places, things, and the atmosphere, so much, that our own energy will be somewhat clouded by those things. Emotional attachments to situations or people that they are seeing into for themselves, can most definitely make some psychics doubt themselves. If it is that serious, or emotional an issue, then I would say that the wisest thing to do, is to go ahead and seek out someone to confirm it too. This means, that instead of addressing another psychic for an actual reading, they would go, present the situation, tell the other reader what they had seen, and then ask something like, “Can you please give me a little advising on what to do”. At that point, they may or may not decide to help. I know that some would fear a confrontation if their insight did not match theirs. I have spoken to a few people who came to seek a second insight to confirm their own psychic insight. I felt very awkward having to tell them, they they were not completely accurate. One of them had wanted my answer to match theirs so badly, because it had something to do with a lover returning. They wanted this to happen so much, that they confused the fact that they were visualizing what they were hoping for, and not having a vision. Awakened psychics usually do not go to another psychic though. I don’t, but it would be fun to try. 

20. Do Not Deny Us What We Saw

We see, we feel, we hear, we know. If we reveal to you something that you do not want someone else to see, do not deny it if it came up. Its not fair to us, to lie, and make us feel inadequate as a result of your denial. A master psychic especially, will see all things.

That is it. I will give you a psychic check list at the end. This way, you will not forget and you can be prepared, comfortable, and pleased, in your reading. And, your reader will most appreciate that.

Summing it up..

So now that you know what to do and what not to do, and what you want to consider in your reader, and in the reading itself, I am sure your readings will go smoothly and get you those answers that you seek in a way that is comfortable for you, and for your reader. No one can classify a reader as a fake, since there are all of those things to consider. What kind of reader. What kind of readings. What tool or outlet in which the result will come to the psychic. How the results will be delivered. It is not for anyone to say if that person is real or fake because of comparing to another reader, or the typical stereotypical opinions of people who wrote articles on how to spot a fake psychic. Or, even from other psychics who tell you how to spot one, as they may be trying to draw you to their readings, by making you think you had a fake psychic by what they say in the article. If you follow my advice above, you will be able to find your answers, and judge for yourself. 

What Type Of Reader Am I?

After all of that, you may want to know more about me as a reader. I will tell you so that you can see if I am the right reader for you.

To begin, I was born into my gifts. I did not train to be a psychic like I said. I come from a long line of ancestors and relatives who have gifts. On both sides of my family too. My Dad’s mom was into magic, spirituality, divination, palmistry, and visionary work. My grandfather on my Mother’s side was a paranormal investigator and demonologist. My Mother’s sister is a medium and channeler. My cousins are both intuitive and magical. I have anacestors who are from Ireland, and had come from Israel to settle there after their people wanted to abandon their deities for only one. They took their lineage and magic with them. My father’s ancestors come from the AB Rh negative bloodlines, out of Basque, and then into Europe. Many of them became Ministers, including to this day, my father’s brother, my own father, and myself. I am what is called, “An angelic Soul, with  Holy Grail blood. Only 1% of the world shares the same blood type as myself. It has genetic characteristics in it, that connect me psychically and spiritually, to my spiritual ancestors,  However, my soul is one who lived in a higher plane before coming here, and lived in sacred service to our Creator, and those who were placed in charge under the Creator. My soul was sent here,  into the families  and bloodline that I have, to activate the gifts in both soul type and blood type. I am extremely spiritual, knowing spiritual truth from “just knowing it” and having communicated with the Creator and angels. I do use some Christian, some Gnostic, Some Magical, and Some kabbalistic teachings, to find examples in what I know to teach others. I believe in God, and Angels, and many other types of spirits in the spirit world. How can one say they are psychic and not believe in things that exist in the spirit world? 

I was born with the wisdom, and my gifts. I have many abilities such as traveling out of body in the spirit worlds, communicating with spirits, angels, the Creator, and the living animals who do not have voice. I can read palms, tarot cards, crystals, and crystal balls, as well as objects, elements, energies, emotions and thoughts. I can see the past lives, soul journey, and future of people.  I see their creation codes, their origins, and the many potential outcomes of their futures. I have many other gifts,here… About Me.. My Abilities and Qualifications.

Most of all in my readings, I like to cover the spiritual aspect, as well as emotional, but I do include the logical as well, in most cases. I can use any platform to channel. I do like to do things at my own pace, and in my own way. Since I work with many energies, I sometimes can deliver the information super fast, or slowly. But I always am kind, understanding, and loving. My reputation is one that many will tell you, that I have been spot on. Helped them to understand when they did not, and I have a deep wisdom. Many will tell you that they have become a friend with me, as I invited them to an unconditional love. I deliver my info gently, and always ask, if they are ready, or wait for them to come to me with big issues or things they are in denial about. I also offer a wide range of topics individually on my website, to help you decide what you seek more easily. I offer many specialty services as well. In my readings, I liken myself more to a Spiritual Guide in the flesh. This is because I not only give you results, but I educate and counsel you too. Many come to me for advice as a friend as well, through fan mail too. I have extreme morals, and virtues, and try to keep myself clear of all worldly influences, for the benefit of having a clear, mind, heart, body, and soul, for all of you. Check out the link for more. But whether you choose me as your reader, or someone else, please follow the advice provided here. It will help you, and it helps other readers out there too, by educating you. This way, if there is something you do not get, or some thing that some other reader wrote about, in regards to fake psychics, this will  give you the chance to decide for yourself. It helps, instead of basing it on someone’s opinion  that perhaps they do not know much about in regards to this world of psychic gifts. Or, perhaps you have been confused  by another psychic looking to make you doubt your reader, in order to go to them instead. I hope this article also helps you to have respect for your reader, and vice versa. Whether reader or seeker, who is reading this.

Checklist For your Readings

Know what you want, state it generically without details.

Give a first name, and real photo

Know your reader,their gifts, methods and how they present the insight.

Respect your reader, and their bounderies.

Be open, willing to accept truth, and don’t deny anything.

Have no expectations before the reading

Be specific in what you are seeking, select the topic, and be patient.

Be respectful to spirit, your reader, and yourself, by keeping your information confidential.

Don’t dismiss readings, they may have value later.

Develop a relationship.

Let your reader flow in their work, and make sure you have a chance to ask a question at the end, if you need to. Do not go off the topic.

Don’t reveal too many personal things before the reading, unless you are confident in your reader.
Good Luck in your search.

Alura Cein,