#fantasticfriday- Time….

Fantastic Friday, is where our group every Friday will come up with something really fun and fantastic to do. It works out because, there are many people who may not have any plans, due to limited funds, family, or responsibilities. Some people have social fears where they don’t want to leave the house. But when they have a support group to back them, and inspire them… We can get people to do amazing things that they never would have thought to do before. It gives everybody something to look forward to every Friday, in their life. Again, that is the reason as to why we have the group activities after all.

So this week for fantastic Fridays activity, we’re gonna do something a little different than last week. Last week we had done a boardgame marathon. These activities really bring families closer together, and even for an individual doing them… It brings a lot of inspiration, and creativity into their life. You could do these activities with anyone really. But this week, we’re going to be making a time capsule. That’s right. A time capsule is where you gather some very sentimental and important items that signify different moments in your life, and items that represent this present time that we are in. You have to write a letter as your present self, to your future self. Once you are done, gather all of your contents together into a plastic Ziploc bag or metal box that is waterproof. Put it in the ground somewhere safe where no one will think to find it. Then just leave it there. One day we’re going to go back and all dig them up together.

Make a time capsule! Be sure to get anyone in your home involved with you, if they’re willing. If not, you can do it by yourself, and we will all be taking pictures and posting them up tomorrow on our creative Saturday. Good luck and I hope that you all have a really wonderful time.