Psychic Detective and Closure…

In my Life, I have always been able to work with spirit, and through that, I would end up seeing and feeling, how they had died. It is probably the worst part of being able to view the Akashic records. It is true, that I do not think that many people really understand what an Oracle goes through, reading things. It’s like going through the whole ordeal yourself. Nevertheless, when I got older and more involved in doing this on a more professional level, there have been times that I had been reached out to over the most perplexing cases, for missing persons. Now, I am not one to be deceptive. So I cannot say that I have done a lot of them by hire. The truth is, I haven’t. That’s not counting the ones that I’ve kind of done on my own time… But the ones that I have done professionally, have been few. During those times, I had been contacted by a couple of police departments. I tell you, it is very scary to have the police department contact you out of nowhere. Yes, it’s a little overwhelming! And then, and a few other instances, I had been contacted by the victims family themselves. Of course, they had to speak with the detectives on their case, to even see if it were OK to involve another person. In one of those cases, the police department refused to work with me. With that, I had walked with the victim through the last moments of their life, up and to the point of their death. It was a very difficult thing to experience and while I have to go through that often when I do past life reading’s, mediumship, and such, it’s never easy in any case.

I can’t go into a lot of details about the cases that I have worked on, but I can talk to you about a few that I had done personally. Of course, I’m sure you will understand why I can’t disclose details of a legal case, but I sure can talk about my own personal research. I can recall, I have been walking down the street in our center city. Quite a few miles away, I had been up there feeding the homeless. During that time, I had to walk past a transportation center where people boarded for the subway. However, I started having visions of the transportation center but not as it looked during that time. It looked older. The car is parked out front in the vision, looked like they were from the late 1980s. The parking lot there, had not been there in the vision before. I realized, I was being shown something from the past. Perhaps, the parking lot had been at it later. After having the vision of the area, I started seeing the spirit of a young African-American woman. She had been wearing a maroon colored leather jacket, a very tight miniskirt, and some leather boots. She had very beautiful, full hair that looked as if it had been teased into an Afro. I had been seeing her, it’s kind of lingering around outside of the transportation center, outside of the vision. I knew because of that, that she had been a trapped soul trying to show me what it happened to her. I kept telling the person that I had been with, that I was being communicated with from the other side. So my friend had suggested we sit down on the bench for a moment, to find more clues for more visions. As we did, she had showed me what had happened to her, playing out right before my eyes, through the spiritual veil. However, it seemed that nobody really ever knew what had truly happened to her.

When we had gotten back to my house, we started doing a little research but there has been nothing. This was a mission that I had become very obsessed over. I just had to get peace and closure for this girl. But even as we dug deeper, the trail just ran colder. I let it go for a week or two, until I had seen her appearing again. This was something that the spirit wanted very much for itself. So I figured, if they didn’t have anything on her directly, perhaps maybe there had been a “Jane Doe” brought in off the streets,Around that particular time, but I need more clues. I sat down to do the channeling. And she had showed me even more detail this time. I had seen that she had been walking down the street, a girl who had been working the streets to survive, in the late 1980s, as I had originally guessed by the cars that I had seen in the vision. I had known what year it had been, because this time in the vision, I saw an advertisement in a window that had the date on it. I had seen her being hassled by some guys, as she had wandered off into an empty dirt lot. That had been the same location that the new parking lot of my modern day, had been placed. As soon as she had gotten into that space, visibility from the road was very difficult for anyone to have, if they have been driving by. She had shown me the guys pulling her into the car violently. And then she had shown me, that while she was in the back of the car, they had drove for quite a long time down a very long dark road, they had seemed to be going out in the middle of nowhere. It was when they finally had reached a desolate location, they pulled her out of the car, raped her.

There had been a passerby, coming by at the time. And he had seem to be disabled. Very deep spiritual man, more of a hippie type. When he had seen what was happening there, he wanted to try to help the young woman. However, the men who were the assailants, had thought that the location that they had picked, would be secluded and without the risk of anybody coming by or interfering. When the disabled man came and told them to stop doing what they were doing to the woman, they had become even more enraged with anger. They had been caught in the act and they could not leave a witness. The one man, grab the woman and through her back into the backseat of the car and sat inside with her holding her down so that she would not try to escape or get away. The other male, stayed outside to take care of the passerby, who had witnessed their act. The poor man had been murdered, His murderer, had left him right there where he had killed him.

Afterwards, he got into the car, and he and his partner left the area, with the woman still in the backseat. She had been driven to another far off location, where they had finally murdered her too. I could not breathe and I seemed to be choking on my air. I knew that to be because of the vision that I had of her suffocating to death. It definitely was a very traumatizing spiritual experience. It was very brutal, after the visions, I just broke down. Now, there had never been any information about it, and certainly looking for the Jane Doe, had not helped . I felt as if I had failed. However, it wasn’to all in vain. I did find the man whose murder had been unsolved. The passerby defending her had gotten his peace at least.

Another instance that I can share, was the story of the missing boy whose parents took him on a camping trip in the wilderness. His name had been DeOrr Kunz. Now that was a situation that when I had heard it, I took it personally. It was an easy one to solve, because the boy had been confused and the soul still lingered. However, when I went to do a YouTube Video about it around the same time that it had been happening all over the news. At that time had been in contact with someone who had been a part of the police department. He was telling me about censorship, psychic assassins, and hired hackers. He was telling me that in spiritual communities competitors often hire people like that or the government will set hired people out to attack a target that they feel is a threat in organized religion structure. During that moment of time, I was already aware that I was going to have a lot of issues. They haven’t told me when I was a kid that during my mission I would have a lot of obstacles and restrictions to get through. But when my friend was telling me all of that, I certainly over looked it at that moment, because I had so many other things going on in my career at the time. Nevertheless, it was already starting to happen! Censorship was slowly happening as they did not just slap it on top of me. The censorship happened progressively overtime. In addition to that, definitely came across hired hackers, and I was attacked psychically many times. It was around that same time that I had a UFO pass over my home and I had been contacted by an organization called MUFON. They were very pressing about getting some details in regards to the siding. I did not want to really talk about it because I didn’t want to gain fame, from having seen something other worldly, in case they were going to try to track it down and do something to it. Therefore, I focused on the case. But because of all of those things happening all at the same time, I tried to upload the video, but every single time that I tried, all of the power and electricity, and Wi-Fi, in my house would go out. It happened 10 times in one day.

My family definitely knew that it was not a coincidence because there were no power outages in the area and upon calling the company, they had said that they did not have any idea as to why there were issues. They said that everything was up and running perfectly. The next day, we sent for someone to come out to take a look anyhow, in which the service man had told us that the cables, connection, and service was all in good condition and that he was actually baffled. Still, everything seemed to be up and running just fine after he left, even though it didn’t seem to work at all when he had been there inspecting. So I tried again with the upload. It was very slow. It was not long after it got to about 15% uploaded in two hours time, I started to hear a little metal tinkling against the wall, tapping away. I kept trying desperately to look around and find out where it was coming from. However, I couldn’t really see anything at all. So I just left video to continue uploading on its own, and I headed back downstairs to see what my family was up to. We had lived in another house at the time.

Everybody had gone to bed after some time, and I went back upstairs into my home office to take a look and see where the process of my video upload had gotten too, and yet it was only just a few more percentage above where I had left it sometime ago. I thought to meditate or project, so I laid down on the office couch and started to drift out. However, I kept hearing that tinkering sound again. I started getting an eerie feeling that I was being watched. So I set up right and started looking around, and that is when I saw a bug flying around the room. Now anybody would have just thought it was a bug, but with the metal sound that kept hitting against the wall, I could definitely tell this was not an ordinary insect. I love all of gods creatures so I am not somebody that usually kills a bug. Even if I’m getting ready to be bitten or stung, I will not kill something. And that is because we are all held accountable in the laws of nature. If you could communicate with all spirit like I do, you would understand. Still I picked up a baseball bat that I had underneath of my couch, which I only had there to intimidate stockers that we’re occasionally parking outside of my house after about a month before I had found bones implanted into my flower garden that did not belong to an animal that would have been wild in that area by nature. These huge pork bones, knees, hooves etc. obviously somebody had put them there because I was out my garden every day and had not seen any bones at all. One morning, I had woken up to go and check my cucumbers because I had them growing amongst my daisies. To my surprise they were just sitting right there in the middle of a rounded caged in section of my garden right on top of the ground is this they had been set right there. They had been set in the order of a cross.

Immediately, I recognize this as a practice called Brujera. We disposed of the bones the way that we needed to, but it was strange that my neighbor had said they had seen a figure wearing a black hoodie, creep into my yard that night but before they had the chance to call the police for trespassing, my neighbor said they had taken off. But a lot of the neighbors had said that they had seen the same hooded figure standing out front of my house at night and also at times, parked in a car. So the baseball bat was under there just for me to look a bit scary, not to actually be used for any violent purpose, just in case this person was going to harm me. Obviously magic such as Brujera,Is meant to inflict harm on someone in the mannerism that the spell had been laid out. I didn’t want to take a chance of me or my family actually getting hurt by someone, if they had realize that the spell did not work and they had to take matters into their own hands. Nevertheless the bat was here, and here was this little metal bug flying around the room. It looked exactly like a dragonfly but much smaller. So as soon as it had flown into the center of the room, I swung at it and sure enough it made a metal “ping” against the bat, and then another metal “ping” against the wall when it hit it. It hit the wall pretty hard and landed on the ground. When I picked it up it was definitely wired. Whoever had sent it into the house was definitely trying to listen and observe through it. So I picked it up and I stuck it in a bottle full of water to muffle out the sound. I took it downstairs to my father, who often have trouble believing in these very strange occurrences, although he did believe in what I was saying… It all really just sounded like something out of a sci-fi movie LOL. Well, I told him “that’s what you get for raising an angelic”.

My father Took the little mechanical bug out of the water bottle and started to pick it apart. For sure they were tiny little microfibers in it and some very small tiny wires. Far away it certainly looks like a real damselfly but when we took a good look at it it was certain that this was something that was a part of some kind of spyware. I figured it had something to do with my video in revealing what had happened to the little boy. Even though I touched base on this subject recently in one of my videos on YouTube, I really didn’t get into the entire extent of it because of what it happened before. There’s way more to the story than meets the eye or even more than what I revealed, because I always have this issue of having to be careful about what I talk about publicly anymore, And so I am usually very discreet. But that was another case that I had worked on not professionally, personally. And it was highly disturbing that maybe would be better that I did not reveal all of the details as to what had happened. I don’t know if the mechanical bug, was there because I was getting ready to talk about something that I shouldn’t put it up so just in case, I will just leave this with the thought that, powers in the world do some pretty awful things and they can get anyone in their own family to do it for them.

Another case that really stood out to me was when me and my father were working together on a missing woman’s disappearance. Apparently, the lady had just walked out of her house one day, not to return. It was her niece and her contacted me and asked me if I could help locate her. But we had already seen that she was dead. Murdered. We told her that she could find her body in water. It was not long after the police searched the house thoroughly, and found the woman deceased in her bathtub, having been killed by her husband. He ended up committing suicide before they could charge him. It is very sad to have to see the last moments of the persons life. Even more devastating was that it was hard to break the news to a relative, that their own relative was slain by their own family. Being a psychic detective is a very difficult job to take on, which is why I don’t really take a lot of those cases. It’s true that being a psychic detective is a very difficult job to take on, which is why I don’t really take a lot of those cases. I’d much rather do readings the way that I have been doing them. Sometimes people need a little extra help.