Facing Fire and Ice

In our Facebook group, we are a close bunch. Never in my ordinary physical life have I ever made such wonderful friends, like the ones that I have met online. I spent most of my childhood alone and outcast, but gratefull I had the Creator and my guides for sure.  I have not only had the wonderful experience of helping many in my line of work as an oracle, but some of those people became by bestest friends. Lily, Shauna, Bella, Jenni, Jennifer, DW, Jessica M, Tobias, Dylan, Marc R, Natasha, Mezz, Valerie, Federico, Mark E, MarkS, Justin, Robert, “All Three Jonathans”, Whitney, and no matter the misunderstandings and trials, Kelli, and even “Kristen”. How can we forget Chelsea and Kristina too? Yes, even them too. In a family, there are misunderstandings, things that are disagreed on, miscommunication, assumptions, and sometimes small arguments. But families are families none the less, even if they seperate and go their own way. Those who have gone their way are still very much in my heart, even despite any of those things.

We have been together for some time over the last few years, most of us.  Some have come and gone, but the friendships remained, no matter what direction some went in, or not. I have been humbled and honored by their presence on my path. To be honest, I do not want to lose not a client, but another friend. That hurts. With life as it is today,  the hardships and ever increasing cold state that drives people to withdraw, led me to attempt to do many things to keep the group together. I admit, I was very busy at times and did not produce or come through. I had hoped one of my people would fill in, but I understand that they will not do it unless they are asked, and I never did… out of being humble and not wanting to ask anyone to do a job for me like in filling in for me in group leadership. I learned from that. Now, I want to ask everyone to take turns or at least participate. We need to stick together. Jenni suggested that we try to do those activities again. Therefore, we are! This is the list so far.

With that being said, I am okay at drawing, but I am no Lily Todd, Valerie or DW. that’s for sure. Check out their art by the way….. When you get a chance. DW can be found on instagram at @kifarion and Lily is found on Facebook under Aurore Terese. Valerie comes offline and online at random times, but if she wants, she can comment her link below in the comments if she wants to share her artwork. I hope that you enjoy.

Back to the topic here, “Creative Expression Saturday” came last week, and the subject was for everyone to use their own talent, whatever that may be… to recreate a dream that they once had. I am out of body mostly when i should be sleeping like normal people, so I do not have many dreams without much sleep. But I do have a story to share which I felt would be good to add here on the blog and something close to recreating a dream of sorts.

Facing Fire and Ice

Once, out of body, I was travelling here and there within the spiritual realms. I often try to control my journey in using what some know as the merkaba. I don’t personally call it that, but I reference the term since many others do. However, on that particular occasion, I chose to allow myself to drift whereever I so happened to go. I learned quickly to never do that again! But hey, everything is a lesson right?

On that night, I wandered into a scene while in out of body state, that had snowy cliffs all around me. There was no ground. The only thing that I could see beneath my floating spiritual body, was a ravene of blue fire and a bridge of ice. Looking upward, I saw a huge circumference of tall walls of  hardened frozen snow that had jagged edges at the top, way above me. These cliffs seemed to reach several hundred feet up. There were no visible entryways or exits in this ice valley, only the walls expanding above me, and miles upon miles in front of me and behind me. I went to continue moving forward in this experience, and to do so… I had to cross over the bridge of ice that had the blue fire beneath it. While the walls were made of white frozen snow, this ice bridge was clear transparent ice. I could clearly see the fire as I took my first “step” onto it. There were no edges at the bottom of the snow walls that I could have went on. No… Only a steep drop into the fire, and the bridge the only visible passageway. I moved forward slowly, analyzing the scene. I had never been there, in that particular realm before. While I have seen some of the firey realms, this one was very different in the fact that fire was mixed with snow and ice, yet did not melt.


I recreated the scene in some of my own visionary art, but that was a long time ago. As I went forward on the bridge of ice, I seemed to transcend time andf space and ended up in a secluded area somewhere beyond the snow walls and bridge. The bridge had led me to a small shack in the middle of an artic scene. I did not feel as though I was alone though. The whole time, I had felt as if there were eyes upon me, or some unknown force that had some invisible awareness that I was there. I felt uneasy and entered the isolated and bandoned shack. Inside of the shack, and I saw many stalls therein, that I had some confusion as to what they woudl had been used for since this place seemed void of inhabitants. It was then that I felt cold for the first time, believe it or not…in this wintery atmosphere. It felt as if my breath were being held, and I was doing it, but not upon my own will. I felt a presence behind me, and when I turned around to look upon the entity, instead there were three.

Behind me, three haggish old women had snuck in silently after me. Their presence was horrifyingly breath taking, and an energetic signature that I had not come across before in my line of work, or even in the afterlife. They were all the same in appearance. Three women, elderly and skeletal. All three of them had a boney skeletal face, with black eyes, and scraggily black hair down to their shoulders. They looked almost as if they were unrotten but withering zombies. Their skin was so tight on their face, that you could see hollows in their cheeks, and eye sockets. They floated in front of me as they inched closer and closer, backing me into one of the stalls. They all wore a white gown, but gowns that were plain.  I recall, that as they got closer and closer to my face, they seemed to be trying to suck my soul out of my body through my breath. I was terrified.  I immediately started to pray out loud for assistance. I was being spiritually ganged up on, in a spiritual realm that I had no experience in, with spirits that I had never personally encountered. I felt a slingshot sensation and then felt myself slammed back into my body, sitting upright immediately gasping for air.


I did some research in my channeling and while they are called something else in their realm, here in the physical plane they are known as Hags. These are often sent by practicioners of black magic to someeone to sustain them, psychically injure them, or worse make it hard for them to get back into the body, or for those are only sleeping…making it hard for them to wake up.  I likened them to Dementors because in the movie Harry Potter, they had similar spirits only cloaked and hooded, who tried to suck out one’s soul. So I have always called them that myself. None the less, it was an experience that I had never had before, and one that I certainly do not want to have again. And that is the experience based on a “dream” that I had, even though it was not really a dream.

I hope that those of you who read this will participate on our Facebook pages with the group for motivational coaching through the posts, unity, and friendship.