Raising Psychic Children: Angel Adree’s First Readings

A very short blog here. So, since my newborn is going to be more psychic than I am, I can already see that she is reading into people deeply. She connects with people telepathically too but with reading… I noticed that she definitely gives a facial expression after she reads them, to let people know what her initial analysis is.

Everyone that has met her so far, has said she is captivating. I have had to kind of shelter her so far now, as people easily attach to her, and she feels uncomfortable with it. Her soul bond is with me. She will only ever attach to me since she is my soul child, descended down from Archangel Ariel. I made her with Ariel’s help and permission and the heavens gave her to me. I am to teach her, and in loneliness in life, she will be my companion and then take on my work later. The soul bond is stronger than anyone that I know. And I’m not just saying that because she’s my own daughter. I have two other children whom I have very strong soul ties with, but this one definitely trumps all of them. It’s stronger than I’ve had with anyone. She is going to be like an avatar for me when I am gone whenever that will be. I love all of kids equally though, absolutely.

I was born as an awakened angelic. That made me a master psychic while growing up. It wasn’t an easy life. I know it must be hard for other parents raising these types of children, or even children with some gift or the other alone, but my parents really did not help as much, except my father. I made a vow to help my kids, when I had them. For my daughter Amber, I have always helped her through her abilities while growing up, but she did not have the same abilities that I did or that I know that my new daughter has.

So here are a couple pictures and I will tell you what she was reading at the time, to give you an example. She won’t do professional readings until later in life but will use her gifts naturally while growing up. For a little while, I think it is best to not have her read openly. If she’s doing it naturally then fine, but it already gets overwhelming sometimes for me myself as an angelic to be asked 100 questions, let alone have to interpret for her too. At least she can enjoy her gifts privately as they are a gift from heaven and should be kept sacred, until her mission begins. It’s still interesting to share, and maybe I can help other parents raising “special” kids too somehow.

After she was born, (and she’s only a few weeks old now) we have had a few people visit long distance by webcam. We stopped doing this though,as I’ll explain later… Adree was reading someone whom she saw had some narcissistic tendencies and was hard in feeling emotions but yet feigned having them. This is her “reading and analyzing” face.

This is when she knows a person has bad energy and intentions and is looking deeply to find their hidden motive.

This her face when realizing that she has just picked up awkward fakeness. As a loving angelic, it baffles her to see lack of sincerity.

This was Adree reading someone who pretended to be happy but was in truth, depressed. She empathized with their pain, and sent healing right away. She gave her angelic love, which melted the person’s heart and made them feel better. The person replied “it’s like she knew”… with that I told the person that: “Yes we both know that you are sad and that you are trying hard to hide it. But she felt that and sent healing to you”. The person cried in relief.

So far, some have said: “There’s just something about her”. “Ally that baby is otherworldly”… and other things. A renown parapsychologist having met her, is seeking my permission to test her Consciousness activity as she grows, when reading. For now, she won’t be meeting anyone else for a little bit. But soon. She’s very delicate and needs protective energy, from this world and the next until stronger. I was attacked as a kid and I’m sure she will be too. There are a few people that she wants to meet when she’s ready though, I’m just waiting for the okay. 😊

She is my pride and joy. She use definitely wise and aware. She’s a true miracle. I Just wanted to document this for her, for when she gets older and for other moms out there experiencing psychic activity in their kids too. She’s definitely intimidating because she is on point and watches others carefully.

🙃☺️Many blessings.