Ethereal Consciousness Group

I mentioned it sometime ago but very briefly. I have been in the industry since 2004. My work, really started picking back up around 2010. But, it started is booming, around 2012, and onward. During that time, I have met so many wonderful people. I am amazed at all of the different backgrounds, ethnicities, and spiritual foundations that everyone has come from, and having everyone join together! Over time, I have checked my Google analytics page from the time that I started all of this. Altogether, I’ve reached 93 million hits on that website. YouTube has an estimated 700,000 channel Views so far, and the blogs are up there in the tens of thousands. I’ve worked with so many people worldwide. However, the one thing that always brought me the most joy besides teaching everyone and providing guidance, change, and insight… has been the fellowship that I have developed with my closest followers throughout the years. It is true that there are not a lot of people who bond with their following as deeply as I have. As an angelic, I love deeply and unconditionally. I don’t think people really ever understood that LOL. They’re not used to having someone who just loves and accepts them for who they are, or give them that much time or attention. The way that I feel, the planet earth has had too much hate and darkness already. Everybody is seeking change because they’ve been hurt in someway have they not? So, it is nice to have someone that’s not just here to be a professional, but also to be a friend and family member. When somebody claims to care about people, they can’t just say it. Actions speak louder than words. And in truth, I have tried more than anything to show that I was sincere. Everybody that I have come to meet even briefly, has come to have deep meaning for me. But my following on Facebook, they have become like a family.

I have always made it a point to engage with people who took the time out to engage with me. In fact, I would not be where I am today, had it not been for many of the people that I have bonded with. To you have someone as in ascended Master and teacher, takes trust, believe, love, understanding, and if not agreement, at least communication. If people were willing to go out on a limb to give me those things, then they deserve more than anything, to receive the same in return. With that being said, over the years we have all developed friendships. We’ve also lost some people, due to misunderstandings or miscommunication at times. It made it super hard to communicate online for most people. They cannot read the proper vibration behind the comment or message, sometimes things are taken the wrong way, or out of content, and it there are some disagreements that cause conflict. But I have loved every single person and regardless of whether they left on good terms or not, they are always in my heart and prayers. I wanted everybody to get closer.

In light of all of that, I came up with an idea awhile back, that we should all have activities. Still, too many things were happening at the time. We had a lot of changes in the atmosphere and in the world. There were many blogs that I was running. I had a lot of clients coming in for services. And then… back in 2017, I just felt like I needed just a little bit of a vacation to clear my thoughts. Some of the projects that I came up with, for my business, my channel, and my group, didn’t always take off. Sometimes, I just didn’t have the time to commit to them at the time. However, this year I wanted a new start. Everybody just meant so much to me, but I was a little bit at a loss as to how to bring everyone together.

So after years of my work, I took a little time to myself and thought, “I have to be in a good place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, in order to be strong for those who were still with me”. So I withdrew a little bit, just to take some time. But I could not stay away for long. They were my family, and everybody there meant so much to me. it’s not that they needed time away from any person, I just needed time to do some things for me for a change. Something that I never get to do. Most people who are in a “service to others” position, help other people… but they still have lives of their own. Not me. When I vowed to live a life of service to others, I meant it. That means selflessness, and dedication. After taking some time, I really wanted to come back refreshed with a lot of new ideas. I was still trying to think of some things here and there but, it seemed that a few of my ideas flopped due to a lack of time.

Then, one of my girls Jenni, reminded me about the group activities that we had once planned to do. I had remembered that when I had taken the small vacation, that my friend DW had told me that the group really was pretty quiet and a bit inactive when I wasn’t around. He reminded me, that I was a motivation to others, and a leader, and that really I should continue to motivate and lead. So upon the advice of both Jenni and DW, we brought back the wonderful activities that we were going to try before but never got the chance to keep up with. Everything turned out to be a great success. A lot of the themes that we have throughout the week are working for people and getting them to come together, and talk openly about things without being afraid to. We do a lot of wonderful fun things together, and even though we cannot be in person, it is the point of having different ideas to do at home by ourselves or with loved ones, as others are doing them at the same time. It really connects us in the collective web of light In the spiritual family here on earth… that we all are.

So everything is been going really well. The group is flourishing. And everybody seems to play a part together. We have One of my greatest friends Shauna, who often re-quotes me, re-shares and re-posts my things for all to see, and is always there to show support when everybody’s posts even if at times she doesn’t fully agree. Nevertheless, she always makes sure that she says something to participate. She also came up with the idea of making a chat group, where everybody could come together and talk about things. That had been a wonderful success, except at times… There were misunderstandings as well. Still, everybody learned a valuable lesson of just trying to see from one another’s perspective even if they did not agree. They also learned, what I always try to teach them about, which is the fact that we are a family. Any regular family, you are stuck with the relatives that you have, when there’s an argument, everyone has to work it out. I wanted our group to be the same. Everybody was learning, and did excellent in holding back in certain circumstances. The group had its ups and downs, but Shauna was onto something. I’m grateful to her, for having been such a wonderful support system to all of us. Also, Shauna always backs me up by reminding me of things are pointing things out that I need to be aware of this I am into much of a hurry throughout the day. She also, works really hard and trying to be there for others to, commenting and reminding them of what I’ve taught them. there have been times as well, that I posted something but didn’t follow up and Shauna finished for me. She has really helped me keep things going. I’m grateful.

Next, was Tobias. Tobias always made sure that the others have someone that they can have right there, to support them or give them a little bit of their own insight. Tobias really has been there. We also have DW, who is just like the guardian and protector of the group. He is always there to ensure that everybody is safe. Jessica, takes care of our conspiracy theories and world news. She also defends more sensitive members in the group during misunderstandings. Bella… she supports others by encouraging other members, and reminding people of our lessons. She is also very generous in supporting the charity. Lily has contributed moderation to the group at times, ensuring that only the most trustworthy, and sincere people enter the group. As well, as many times that she has watched over the group to make sure that there were not any problems or conflicts. Some of our other group members have also done this too, to make sure that we all get along, and have a happy group life. Lily has also added color in her art, and even took part in promoting the message that I teach. We have also had Ena, who many times, contributed a prayer for our page on Sundays, and has worked hard in sharing a lot of the messages that I put out there for others, so that everybody will have a chance to see them. The beautiful thing is, when she could not do the prayer, we have always had others who were willing to add something beautiful on our “Day of prayer”, to back one another up when they were too busy.

Many of the other people, help in adding creative ideas, personality, humor, philosophy, and participation in our group. Katryn, Dylan, Kat, Katie, Justin, Robert, Preston, Karen, Hailey, Marc, Jonathan H, Jennifer, and Jenni… all have looked out for everybody in the group. Each and every person has added their own unique thoughts and ideas to the page, while supporting one another as they shared their own too. Each person plays a very specific, important, and unique role. We are working so hard together to make this world a much better place.

The group is a great place to gather, another family away from family. In this part of the Spiritually Awkward blog,I want to use it to talk about things happen in the group as far as our activities and projects that we work on and how they work out. I hope that you will enjoy reading about it, and that you will ultimately join us on Facebook if you have not already.