A new fast for the renewal

OK, so as you all know I always obey the heavens. As an angelic, it is very important for me to live not according to my will, but that of the divine. I have not eaten meat throughout the duration of my life, because it was forbidden for me uniquely, to not eat the flesh of anything that walks, uses the restroom (so to speak), or any form of Consciousness very close to human like. Out of respect for all life, I learned to live as a breatharian. To live on energy alone.

However, during my pregnancy I had to eat a bit to maintain nutrients for my unborn child. Still though, I had some cravings. One day, I had really wanted a burger really bad. I had the craving towards the end of my pregnancy. I had already surrendered any earthly pleasures. I felt I could indulge and get a veggie burger deluxe. Going to a fast food restaurant, I knew that they had veggie burgers on the menu. Upon ordering, I had told the woman that I wanted a veggie burger with cheese. I did rarely eat some cheese and maybe occasionally fish my pregnancy. I think the cashier must’ve misunderstood me. I believe that she had only heard me say burger and cheese because she had given me a regular cheeseburger. Not knowing, and not really inspecting the food… I took a bite out of it.

Afterwards, I realized it had been a regular beef burger, I was wrought with guilt. I prayed to the heavens for help. In the meantime, my own daughter who had been vegetarian upon her own choice, had been eating steaks and burgers for almost six months to the day. She had broken out with a terrible rash all over her body from the enzymes the protein of the meat left in her stomach. She was getting a bit of a punishment from the heavens to teach her not to eat the flesh of living creatures. But I had bitten into that burger and swallowed, only just that one horrible bite, and I begged for forgiveness. Heaven had told me that for my atonement, I had to then surrender anything that I had in regards to any new or old path and it’s weaknesses. I only had one thing left. Candy.

After my baby was born, I got hormonal cravings for chocolate peanut butter cups. As my last and only self indulgence, I was told that I could not have sugar at all. None. Just bland foods. Blah! With that, it’ll be May before I can have sweets again but it doesn’t matter because I’m going back to breatharianism anyway.

I have so much to share this year! So many experiences and stories but for now, to revert back to my breath are in lifestyle, I have to do a seven day water fast. Is anybody else up to do one with me? It would be really wonderful for your body. I know that people eat a lot during the holidays, so it would be a good idea to flush out the system and start new for the new year. Here at Spiritually Awkward we are doing a mind, body spirit and life renewal anyway? Join me!


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